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Blog series by mafe updated 06-04-2017 03:26 PM 26 parts 989036 reads 575 comments total

Part 1: Japanese hand plane KANNA setup

07-29-2011 01:30 AM by mafe | 29 comments »

Japanese hand plane setupFitting, tuning and sharpening. If you are looking for ‘ready out of the box’ just leave this blog now!This blog is for those who want to understand their tools, to trim, adjust and become the master of your tool.It is not a show off, not a tool gloat, but two basic Japanese hand planes going from useless to being used. Reading Toshio Odate’s inspire ring words in his book ‘Japanese woodworking tools their tradition spirit and use’ where ...

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Part 2: Japanese chisel NOMI setup

08-05-2011 10:43 PM by mafe | 22 comments »

Japanese chisel NOMI setuppreparing, fitting the hoop and sharpening. If you are looking for ‘ready out of the box’ just leave this blog now, and forget about Japanese chisels!This blog is for those who want to understand their tools, to trim, adjust and become the master of your tool.Traditionally new Japanese chisels will need a setup before they can be used, for us in the west it might sound strange, to buy new that need setup… But the truth is that after you have done...

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Part 3: Eight old Japanese chisels NOMI get back to life.

08-17-2011 02:20 AM by mafe | 22 comments »

Eight old Japanese chisels NOMI get back to life.A little travel from trash to treasure… If you want tools that do not need some sweat before using them forget about old used Japanese nomi (chisels)!This blog is for those who want to understand their tools, to trim, adjust and become the master of your tool by understanding it to the full. In the last part of this blog series you can read a lot more about Japanese chisels, in this blog I will only show my restore of a handful of o...

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Part 4: Japanese chisel box (urban recycle project) gift...

08-18-2011 08:30 PM by mafe | 14 comments »

Japanese chisel box.Urban recycle project. Ok he lost it! This box was actually made as a gift for a very special friends birthday, her name is Lulu, Lulus father is a cabinetmaker and so she grew up with the smell of fresh shaves, she love that smell and for this reason it was for me a must to make her a gift that smelled wood and that was made with my hands. Is not only a box, it is a little box that are a reproduction of one I made a long time ago and call the Japanese chisel box ...

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Part 5: Sumitsubo I (Japanese ink pot)

09-24-2011 04:00 PM by mafe | 14 comments »

Sumitsubo I Japanese ink pot. The Sumitsubo is the Japanese counterpart to our chalk line.Here a drawing of how I wanted mine to look. It is used to mark long straight lines on wood, and used together with the sumisashi (pen made of bamboo) the Sumitsubo was traditionally made by the carpenter himself, and where the Japanese tools in general are really simple and free of decoration, the Sumitsubo is usually a carved and even ornamented tool. It origins from China and perhaps this is why...

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Part 6: Sumitsubo II (Japanese ink pot)

09-24-2011 10:44 PM by mafe | 11 comments »

Sumitsubo II Japanese ink pot. This is part two of the Sumitsubo blog. This is where we ended last blog. What I do here might seem destructive to some.I dye the Sumitsubo black.Why? Because it will be used with black ink and I then will not have to worry for stains later, and also I think it will be a beautiful contrast to the light colors of the plane bodies. Color the wheel and smoking the pipe. Hanging to dry. Here the handle. Then some layers of shellac, I think I gav...

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Part 7: Sharpening station for water stones the base

10-21-2011 09:13 PM by mafe | 16 comments »

Sharpening station for water stones the base. I have tried most of the sharpening methods by now, sandpaper, water grinder, oil stones and diamonds, but water stones were still a black page in my book. At first it was because I had too little knowledge to know what to buy and it was just too expensive to just test and throw away, later because I was kind of happy with my water grinder.But after i started my journey into the Japanese tools it became clear for me that it was a road I had to ...

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Part 8: Sharpening station for water stones the pond

10-22-2011 07:15 PM by mafe | 26 comments »

Sharpening station for water stones the pond. This is part two of the Japanese sharpening station blog. Today no ‘funny’ comments… Sometime ago I brought home a pallet, pine, it was as good as new.I cut it up into short boards thinking I could use it for small boxes or so one day.Now was the day for some of that wood to meet its second life. First the boards were flattened, and the clamped together and planned to make them the same height.(The drawing in the ...

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Part 9: Japanese planing board / Japanese workbench

05-16-2012 10:22 PM by mafe | 32 comments »

Japanese planing boardJapanese workbench Ok as promised I will continue the Japanese blog series.It all started by me reading Toshio Odate’s book ‘Japanese woodworking tools their tradition spirit and use’, and now since I have moved to a new location where I at least for a while will have no workshop, the story will continue since I plan on using Japanese tools and methods in the meantime. Get started MaFe. So to work with my Japanese tools, I needed Japanese ‘set ...

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Part 10: Japanese saw horses - floor horses (blog)

05-24-2012 07:47 PM by mafe | 17 comments »

Japanese saw horsesfloor horses This time low saw horses, these are for Japanese woodworking, and so they are meant to keep the items in good position for sitting work and for bend, standing jobs like rip cut with a Japanese saw. Once more a roof rafter that a friend gave me nice thick wood and wide also, the same as I used for my shaving horse (thank you Jakob).First step is to mark up careful with pen and Sashigane (Japanese square).And do not forget a cold beer…. Now sin...

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Part 11: Japanese toolbox - thoughts

05-31-2012 10:48 AM by mafe | 35 comments »

Japanese toolbox大工の道具箱 I have been looking forward for a while to make this blog, this because the result is one of my favorite woodworking projects, it was like a sum of skills leaned and also a design and history challenge that I enjoyed.The result is something I am proud of and that I think will stay with me for as long as I live. At first I made this small one out of trash wood in Paris, meant for chisels. Later another as a gift for a friend

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Part 12: Japanese toolbox - making the basic box

06-05-2012 07:16 PM by mafe | 34 comments »

Japanese toolbox大工の道具箱 As I wrote in the first part – I have been looking forward to make this blog, so here we go. My conclusion was:Low price light weight wood: pine.Thin planed boards for low weight.No hardware.Size that I can easy carry.Proportions slim for elegancy.A drawer for small things, and for giving myself a challenge of traditional Japanese drawer making.Finally I choose to buy a bag of bamboo nails, this to try the traditional way, for beauty and again for giving mys...

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Part 13: Japanese toolbox - drawer, making the wood drawer lock

06-08-2012 09:55 AM by mafe | 28 comments »

Japanese toolbox大工の道具箱 Here we are part two of the build.Last blog we made the basic box parts, now it’s time for handles, drawer and another little challenge. This was where we left last blog, the basic box. Ok a piece of wood same as the box for the handles. And some spacers also.(This time cutting on a German saw). Gluing spacers to the back of the handles. Clamps, clamps and clamps…Gluing the batterns to the lid and spacers to the handles. Top and end ...

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Part 14: Japanese toolbox - finish drawer, wood nails and final details.

06-11-2012 09:39 AM by mafe | 50 comments »

Japanese toolbox大工の道具箱 Here we are part three of the build.Last blog we made the drawer lock parts and other stuff, now it’s time for drawer parts and the nailing of the box. This was where we left last, right there on the floor. Drawer parts ready, front with wood lock made. And here is the drawing I made for the drawer, following traditional Japanese cabinetmaker ways. The drawer back gets its rabbet.And I get to test my Veritas mini shoulder plane (it works fantast...

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Part 15: Japanese woodworking videos - just for inspiration

06-19-2012 10:08 AM by mafe | 22 comments »

Japanese woodworking videosJust for inspiration Here some of the most interesting videos I ran into on my YouTube searches.Please feel free to post more in the comments if you have some of interest. <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0” height=”315” width=”420”></iframe> favorite Japanese cabinetmaker.Tools, floor, workbench. Cabin...

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Part 16: Japanese tool tray - for the toolbox. (blog)

06-30-2012 09:25 PM by mafe | 14 comments »

Japanese tool trayfor the new toolbox To complete the setup for working with Japanese tools I wanted a little tool tray that I could use to hold and carry tools while working, especially to keep the chisels off the ground. I decided it should be made so it could be stored and transported in the toolbox when not in use, that it should be made with the same joinery as the drawer and again no hardware.For the beauty and the joy of the eye I wanted a handle made of a branch like I have on m...

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Part 17: Japanese toolbox - update.

07-05-2012 04:23 PM by mafe | 34 comments »

Japanese toolbox – update大工の道具箱 Just a little update for the toolbox part.A few people asked how the lid worked, so here pictures, and others asked where Shave has gone to these days, and this will be answered also, along with a few other details. Here you see the box with the lid open, and the hangers in action.I cut the video clip so it could not be seen sorry. I had a mushroom I have turned on the late some time back and this became a wonderful organic hanger.Just a stro...

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Part 18: Japanese cutting gauge

12-31-2012 08:12 PM by mafe | 17 comments »

Japanese cutting gaugeby mafe’san So we are back on the Japanese road.I decided that on the day of New Year’s Eve I needed to make and finish a little wood project that would make me smile. Here first a drawing I made the night before and then made it after. This blog starts here.A wonderful piece of wood from our LJ friend Jusfine Randy.And not just a piece of wood but also a little message on it for me.Here you can read about the gift story.Thank you Randy, and a happy ne...

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Part 19: Kiri hand drill (gimlet)

01-01-2013 04:49 PM by mafe | 11 comments »

Kiri hand drillJapanese gimlet In my last blog I used a kiri and promised to make a post on this.Quite some time ago I actually made the pictures for the blog so here it finally is.It is a mix between info on the types, photos of mine and finally how to make a simple DIY Western version. I have to warn you, you can get really sour hands using this tool until your hands are used to it. Here you see the kiri’s I have in my tool box, a mix of new, old and self-made. I can’...

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Part 20: Japan meets Krenov - MaFe style Kanna jointer (Handplane).

09-12-2013 08:51 PM by mafe | 23 comments »

MaFe style Kanna jointerJapan meets Krenov For quite some time now I have had three wishes that I wanted to fulfill in one project.1. To have a Japanese Naga-Dai-Kanna (jointer plane).2. To combine the Krenov plane building style with Japanese planes.3. To find use of a beautiful old hand forged Japanese plane iron that I had purchased some time back. Here an example of a Japanese jointer plane I saw on E-bay. On this link a seller in Germany, I think the price tag huts a wee bit: http:...

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Part 21: Dai-Naoshi-Kanna - Japanese scraper plane (Krenov style build) Blog

09-13-2013 03:55 PM by mafe | 18 comments »

Dai-Naoshi-KannaJapanese scraper plane I posted the plane quite some time back (July 2011), but forgot to post the blog…So here it is finally. Time for learning a little Japanese… What!:A symbioses between a Japanese Tachi-Ba-Kanna (standing blade) and a Krenov style scraper plane, made for the purpose of tuning the sole of Japanese hand planes.I have now also build a Naga-Dai-Kanna (Japanese jointer plane) in this style: Why?:My kind s...

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Part 22: Ki-zuchi - Japanese plane mallets Blog

11-08-2013 08:29 PM by mafe | 16 comments »

Ki-zuchiJapanese plane mallets Blog Since I have quite a few Japanese planes now and they are more and more in use, I wanted Japanese plane hammers or mallets to make adjustments.This especially since some of my planes are vintage and I could see how much the irons were damaged after years of use.They are also used to strike on wood or delicate tools.The Japanese chisels are used with a hammer not a mallet. As so often Toshio Odate has been a source of inspiration, also sucking the web ...

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Part 23: Bunmawashi - Japanese beam compass

11-12-2013 05:21 PM by mafe | 26 comments »

BunmawashiJapanese marking compass I post my blog no 200 here, amazing how time is running and that so many blogs have been made from me playing with wood and trying to understand how to work it.I will like to thank you all here on LJ, for all the inspiration you have given me, good advice, friendships and kind words that kept me posting. In this blog I make a Toshio Odate inspired compass. I dedicate this blog to all my friends here at LJ and since it is my 23 blog on Japanese tools...

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Part 24: Japanese kanna-mi (plane iron) restore - MaFe style Kanna jointer

03-23-2014 03:04 PM by mafe | 9 comments »

Japanese kanna-mi (plane iron) restoreMaFe style Kanna jointerI finally got back to the Naga-Dai-Kanna this week, some may remember I made the Japan meets Krenov jointer plane when I visited my friend Jamie in Scotland last summer. A beautiful plane, but then my shop had to be restored and were closed down for months. So it never got going, this week I finally did, I will post two new parts, first here the kanna-mi and then the final setup and shavings. Time to bring life to this beautiful...

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Part 25: Japan meets Krenov II - MaFe style Kanna jointer (Handplane).

03-23-2014 04:33 PM by mafe | 17 comments »

MaFe style Kanna jointer IIJapan meets Krenov In this part I will fit the kanna-mi (plane iron) into the dai (body), to the Japan meets Krenov Naga-Dai-Kanna (jointer plane) I build when I visited my friend Jamie in Scotland last summer. Part one I build the kanna (hand plane): the kanna-mi (plane iron): up a kanna (Japanese hand plane) This is the kanna I build in Scotland, but never had th...

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Part 26: Bunmawashi with pen holder - Japanese beam compass

06-04-2017 03:26 PM by mafe | 18 comments »

Bunmawashi with pen holder Japanese beam compass Last time I posted a Japanese compass it was back in 2013 on my blog no 200, now we are in 2017 and this is blog 331 I think, so it must be about time to do one again.This time the Bunmawashi was not for me though, but for an artist friend who do wall paintings and did a series for elderly homes, where they have dementia, she told me she needed one, normally up to 120 cm, but at times big circles also and also she needed to be able to us...

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