Making an ancient bucket MaFe

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Blog series by mafe updated 05-19-2011 09:57 PM 13 parts 84448 reads 198 comments total

Part 1: Materials and tools

01-19-2011 11:37 PM by mafe | 13 comments »

Making an ancient bucket with StefangMaterials and tools Before you get into this project watch this video,k103004,1,f,103007 it is what we are making here, not only the bucket but also the tools. Ok not much done…I went into fixing the old tools mood… My conclusion: WoodI’ll use pine also, (cheap) perhaps some pallet wood, 3,7 meter, 7,5 cm, 2 cm thick. ‘Wond...

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Part 2: Hand plane, binding lever, lag knife

01-20-2011 10:58 PM by mafe | 12 comments »

Making an ancient bucket with StefangHand plane, binding lever, lag knife This is the plane I made, and here you find the DIY hand plane blog: So time for some tool making – hmmmmmmm – I do have a soft spot on this… Hand plane Trying to figure out a design… (Never did a plane, so…) The idea, and facts (yes I’m old fashion, I draw and calculate).Press here for pdf of calculation. My conclusion a...

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Part 3: Scandinavian lag knife DIY

01-30-2011 03:50 PM by mafe | 10 comments »

Scandinavian lag knife DIYOr Mike meets Mads again… Updated 1 Februar 2011. So my go on the lag knife, Scandinavian style: The lag knife.I cut it roughly to shape, turned the round part for the ferrule on the lathe, added some curves and shaped it with a spokeshave, finish with a sraper and then linsed oil and beeswax. I added a ferrule, and then drilled three holes next to each other with a long drill.. Rasped out the wood between the holes. Even out of focus… ...

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Part 4: Binding lever...

02-02-2011 04:11 PM by mafe | 8 comments »

Binding lever…Or Mads acually listens to Mike once… Here it is my binding lever: Here it is, not oiled and waxed yet, but shaped. And here are a PDF you can doenload to print the design. Hope the PDF can be useful. And Mike thanks for the ancient bucket project blog. Best thoughts, MaFe

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Part 5: The bucket - making the boards

02-04-2011 07:54 PM by mafe | 18 comments »

The bucketmaking the boards. Once again I will try to go my way, sorry Mike I’m a pain in the bucket… I will make the stafs different width, and set up the angels by eye, and not by math. Here is the PDF I made to show the principal. This because it is my guess that it was done like this in the old days. Stafs cut up in different width, now ready to plane with the new convex hand plane.Before I could start I had to adjust the plane, the mouth was simply to narrow, a...

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Part 6: A simple angel marker

02-06-2011 10:30 PM by mafe | 13 comments »

A simple angel markerLess is more. I had decided to make the stafs different width, and set up the angels by eye, and not by math.But all our talks here made me think, and today I think I had a good simple answer! First we have the ‘problem’, how do we determin those angels?Here in PDF download version Second my solution, a simple angle marker.Here in PDF download version So why do I thing this could be the answer; It’s easy to make.It’s low tech...

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Part 7: The bottom, the side angels and start of the handle.

02-07-2011 02:53 PM by mafe | 19 comments »

The bottom, the side angels and start of the handle.just before a week of. Now I will see if I can get to make the bottom and lit I said in the fourth blog, so I better get there. I will make the stafs different width, and set up the angels by eye, and not by math. Since I made the sides of recycled pallet wood, I thought I better go on with the recycle concept; here are some boards from a trashed IKEA bed found in the street.Laying side by side, trying to avoid as many knots as poss...

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Part 8: Planing the outside, shaping the mandle and start of the lid.

02-13-2011 12:42 AM by mafe | 12 comments »

Planning the outside, shaping the handle and start of the lid.First day back home. So Mike, I’m back!. Spend a little shop time today, not a lot, but a good beginning. So first staf rounded on the outside, and from here I take a pen and draw the thickness I want from the curved inside and out. I used a compass as marking gauge, since I had no rounded gauge. First side done, a few stafs needs angel adjustment after. This is my rounding setup. And now all the way around....

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Part 9: Lag time... Lagging and joining with dowels.

02-15-2011 12:07 AM by mafe | 20 comments »

Lag time… Lagging and joining with dowels.not as easy as it looks… So finally time for that lag knife!. First mark the thickness of the bottom on the stafs. When you have a marking knife like me, send by a fellow LJ, then it’s impossible not to smile while doing this. Then mark the stafs. Like this! And now the other side. And time to lag! It’s not easy to avoid tear out… So if I should make a new knife, it would have a flat side. And c...

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Part 10: Lid - while I wait for the willow tree!

02-16-2011 10:21 PM by mafe | 17 comments »

Lid.while I wait for the willow tree! I had all of a sudden become in front of the timeline, have no idea how…So I had time to make a lid for the bucket.I had made an extra set of boards like the bottom, so these were the start point. This is what it became.A Japanese inspired lid, in one of my favorite colors, Japanese red. First I cut it in size, and made cut for the handle bars.Then a tour on the router, as you can see I made a primitive circle jig of a piece of plywood and ...

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Part 11: The binding (back in business or solving the Gothic knot)

04-24-2011 09:44 PM by mafe | 21 comments »

The bindingback in business or solving the Gothic knot! Ok Mike, I’m back, was actually afraid the willow would be useless now, but I put them in a bag of water, and they even started to make roots… Hmmmm, øhhhhhh, baaaaa. Someone help me!!! Ok, if I close my eyes and try really hard… First take a knife and divide the willow branch in two.It might sound easy but it takes concentration, and that you take full control of the knife. Take the branch and bend it...

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Part 12: Finale - there is a hole in my bucket!

04-27-2011 07:01 PM by mafe | 19 comments »

Finale there is a hole in my bucket! Ta-taaaaaaaa… Plingeling… Swirrrrmmm… oooooopen. Closer. Even closer. Ready, steady - GO!!!UPS!!! If I should pick up water in this bucket, I should be running.Ok it did not hold water, just as I expected. The bottom is perfect and the fit to the sides seems also perfect.But my bindings are too loose, and the bucket should be soaked with water before the try.So why did I do it?I like my bindings and I will not u...

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Part 13: Certificate of achievement

05-19-2011 09:57 PM by mafe | 16 comments »

Certificate of achievementbelieve it or not! I had a wonderful mail today from LJ Debbie, it was not just a chit chat but an official certificate of achievement for my participation in the class of making an ancient bucket with our wonderful Mike. Here it is. And here the bucket. I’m really touched and give all the credit to Mike who gave me this wonderful time on the bucket class.Thank you Mike. All the best of my thoughts,thank you to all the followed us on this wonderf...

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