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Blog series by mafe updated 12-24-2021 12:17 AM 16 parts 47156 reads 101 comments total

Part 1: Festool stop flag / fence stop DIY - usefull on all T-tracks.

12-04-2019 10:18 AM by mafe | 4 comments »

Festool stop flag / fence stops DIYusefull on all T-tracks. I got tired of moving my fence stop from the table saw to the MFT3 table and was about to order a fence stop the other day. But…, I decided to try and make one my self instead, why not… It will be fun to try, I got plenty of time, to fool around. Laughs. It’s on the back fence here on my MFT3 table, that I would like to have a stop permanently, so I don’t have to get it from the table saw, where I use it most of the time....

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Part 2: Track saw repetitive cuts on the go - FS-PA - DIY alternative.

12-14-2019 12:36 PM by mafe | 3 comments »

Track saw repetitive cuts on the goFestool FS-PA – DIY alternative. Once in a while I need a number of repetitive cuts with my track saw, when I’m out of the house. Of course I can measure and mark again and again, but I wanted an easier way, especially when it more than just a few. So let’s go to the workshop and make things happen. ;-) This is what we will be making – the two arms attached to the track, that has stops so they can be set for a fixed distance. If you d...

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Part 3: Track saw track hold downs - using the scraps..._

12-14-2019 01:03 PM by mafe | 2 comments »

Track saw track hold downsusing the scraps… This is just a little extra, made from the left overs from the repetitive cut’s jig.When I made the attachments in the last blog, I made the first of them a wee short, so I trashed them.Then I remembered I saw somewhere this alternative way of holding, the track to the table and made me a pair.(I think it was on the Festool owners group page, so there’s credit for someone there). This is how it works, but it will be especiall...

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Part 4: Shelf pin holes for track routers - Festool LR32 alternative.

12-14-2019 02:39 PM by mafe | 3 comments »

Shelf pin holes for track routersFestool LR32 alternative. I am planning to make a bookcase wall for my allotment house and would like moveable shelf’s, so it was time to take up an old project idea:Making a jig that can be used with my Festool tracks and router, to make repetitive shelf pin holes for cabinets.Yes Festool makes one, but you have to buy the jig, a special track and so the price is close to madness, unless you make cabinets for a living.Here a video in French with the ...

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Part 5: Bench dogs for the 20mm holes - reviews, 3d printed, upgrade and ramblings.

12-14-2019 03:56 PM by mafe | 12 comments »

Bench dogs for the 20mm holes reviews, 3d printed, upgrade and ramblings. I bought some new dogs for my worktable a few weeks back, some 3D printed plastic and some in precision made aluminium and wanted to make a short review and share some thoughts on this.Nope it was not Chihuahua…Wrrooouuuffff!The plastic version was mainly bought to use for fixture of jigs and other stuff to the table and because I was curious to see them. ;-) Here they are.Green 3D printed plastic dogs, fro...

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Part 6: Vac hose holder for MFT3, or any work table

11-20-2020 11:47 PM by mafe | 5 comments »

Vac hose holder for MFT3or any work table. Just a tiny practical project, I actually made while making my systainer router table.Decided to make a workshop version for my MFT3 worktable, or where ever I want to use it in the workshop, just connect the shop vac, when ever I need suction while working on a project, to avoid chips or dust all over the shop and be kind to my lungs. At first I just gave it a simple swivel base, using a bench dog to keep it together. Scrap piece from a vac...

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Part 7: CMS cross cut sled fast mount, easy to use.

11-21-2020 01:23 PM by mafe | 17 comments »

Festool CMS cross cut sledfast mount, easy to use. Here a little idea I got the other day, to make my latest cross cut sled for the Festool CMS table more easy to use. Normally it was screwed in place, with two wing nuts, to secure the sled to the fence, but it meant that I found it time consuming to take it on and off, what lead to often not using it… So I came up with this little mount, that simply clicks in place and where I don’t need to fine adjust the fence to fit to the screws. ...

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Part 8: Fence and rail dogs - updates to the workshop

11-29-2020 04:52 PM by mafe | 5 comments »

Festool fence and rail dogsupdates to the workshop. Let’s just get started: The postman brought me these wonderful aluminium things, all the way from UK.(Once they are out of the EU, that kind of shopping will be over again). I had decided to replace my home made fence dogs, made from steel pipe, with some new and fancy dogs.Actually the old once worked fine, but they were so tight, that it was a struggle to get them out, when I needed that, also I just found the new dogs kind of sex...

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Part 9: Adaptor, for Makita 18V circular saw on Festool rails._

11-28-2020 11:03 PM by mafe | 6 comments »

Rail / track saw adaptor, for circular sawMakita DSS501 LXT 18 V with my Festool rails. UPDATE, a new version with zero clearance can be found here: I simply love the little Makita 18V saw, it is a gem and a joy to work with.But once in a while, I would have loved it was a rail saw, so I decided to make it into one, by making an adaptor. This is not a full build, just an inspiration tour, for others to use. The saw connected to the rail...

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Part 10: Rail square DIY - can be made for any rail

12-09-2020 12:44 AM by mafe | 9 comments »

Festool / Makita rail square DIYcan be made for any rail. When doing construction work, it’s useful to be able to make fast straight board cuts in many situations, these cut’s don’t need to be furniture precise, but within a mm or so pr. Meter, is more than fine. This is where these rail squares are brilliant, no setup, just a pencil mark for the size and you can make a nice straight cut. Decided I needed one of these for my allotment house and that it would be a fun project, to make a MaF...

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Part 11: Simple speed square rail square - easy peasy

12-09-2020 02:55 PM by mafe | 4 comments »

Simple speed square rail squareeasy peasy. A quick and clean, easy peasy, no nonsense rail square.As I were looking for inspiration, for rail guides on the big www, I saw this clever version, believe it was at Festool owners group, but could not find it again – but thank you to the guy, who came up with this clever idea.A short rail square is not as precise of course, but for a lot of construction work, it will be plenty and it can be made in a matter of minutes, all you need is a bolt, w...

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Part 12: Rail square acrylics DIY - can be made for any rail

12-09-2020 05:23 PM by mafe | 5 comments »

Festool / Makita rail square DIY this one an acrylic version- This is the first version, I started on, as I went on, I found out, that a plywood version would make more sense, as it was easier to make, cheaper, more sturdy and could be made by every one, but I decided to finish what I started, so here it is. When doing construction work, its useful to be able to make fast straight board cuts in many situations, these cuts don¨t need to be furniture precise, but within a mm or so pr. Met...

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Part 13: Makita rail / track adaptor - with zero clearance.

12-18-2020 11:00 PM by mafe | 5 comments »

Makita rail / track adaptorwith zero clearance. Makita DSS501 LXT 18 V with Festool or Makita rails, but this idea can be used for any table saw, if you want to put it on all types of rails.I simply love this little Makita 18V saw,it’s such a joy to work with.But once in a while, I would have loved it was a rail saw, or at least that there existed a proper rail adaptor for it, so I decided to make one. I’m completely aware I made another rail adaptor, but I was not really happy with it…...

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Part 14: Engineers vice mount plate, for the MFT3 table.

12-30-2020 11:59 AM by mafe | 5 comments »

Engineers vice mount platefor the MFT3 table. When I make stuff like jigs and so in the workshop, I often find my self running from one end to the other, as my engineers vice is in an other room by my big workbench, but the other day I had it! Since I have several vices laying around, I decided to dedicate one to my MFT3 workbench, like this the running can come to an end and I can focus on the work. I had an engineers swivel base, clamp on vice that I found good for the project, as it ...

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Part 15: Router template square - Festool MFS type

10-23-2021 12:13 PM by mafe | 6 comments »

Router template squareFestool MFS type. Yet another jig… a template for routing square holes or rabbets, with any router. Inspired by the Festool MFS, I wanted a simple template, to use with my routers, so I could make a easy fast setup and didn’t have to make a new template for each project.Why not just buy the Festool template? Well a price tag of 3725dkk / 580usd / 500euro… Do I need to say more? There are hundreds of these DIY versions out there on the web, the...

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Part 16: Table saw joinery jig DIY - Festool CMS LA fence (blog)

12-24-2021 12:17 AM by mafe | 10 comments »

Table saw joinery jig DIYfor my Festool CMS LA fence Merry Christmas must be my first words, as this blog post is on Christmas day, here in Denmark. I went to my workshop today, thought it was time for some hot wine, fire in the stove and well…I had no idea what, were just in the mood for a little woodworking, the smell of wood, machines running and creating something useful – as I had no idea, I thought of what I have been wanting to make and here came up a table saw jig, for my...

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