Blacksmithing from a woodworkers perspective

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Blog series by mafe updated 03-16-2020 12:01 AM 14 parts 51769 reads 173 comments total

Part 1: Anvil stand

04-18-2016 10:07 PM by mafe | 27 comments »

Anvil standworkspace for blacksmithing After taking a blacksmithing class I realized there were no way back for me, I needed to have this possibility in my workshop, the ability to make, repurpose, restore tools for woodworking on my own, to forge the blade, then give it a handle or a body and finally make shaves with it, is for me the feeling of a full circle. Ohhh yes and then it is just another chance to learn new, to open new paths and get a wider perspective, so yes the child in me ar...

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Part 2: Forging a iron age knife - first wood working tool made

04-24-2016 11:44 AM by mafe | 19 comments »

Forging a iron age knifefirst wood working tool made Will jump right in to my first blacksmith tool making project in the work shop, I decided it should be the most basic tool for a Woodworker, Lumberjack or Lumberjock – a knife. As a Dane I felt it made sense to start here, this type of knife are often mentioned as Viking knifes, but they are dated back to the iron age.(The truth is that even I thought it was a Viking knife type). The type has ben found here in Danmark, in a plac...

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Part 3: Crooked and hook knifes - from steel to tool I

05-05-2016 12:27 AM by mafe | 11 comments »

Crooked and hook knifesfrom steel to tool (Part one). To get a forge was a wish of being able to make tools when I needed them, tools I would love to try and use or that I could not get.So first project was to make me a crooked knife and a medium sized hook knife, that is what this is about.The hook knife just for the joy and to have a medium size after making the small version on the blacksmith class I took. This knife will join me on the Turkey travels in the future.The crooked knife ...

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Part 4: Crooked and hook knifes - from steel to tool II

05-05-2016 11:09 AM by mafe | 10 comments »

Crooked and hook knifesfrom steel to tool II (part two). Last blog ended with the crooked blade in the forge, so we better start here by getting it out. But first I heated the oil that will be used for quenching the blades, just up to a little over room temperature. Simply by dipping a red hot piece of iron into it a couple of times. Taking of happy, this was a happy way to start the day.Filiz brought croissants and just baked sour dough bread and put fresh strawberries on top....

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Part 5: Anvil stand from a solid block of wood.

05-07-2017 03:35 PM by mafe | 13 comments »

Anvil stand from a solid block of wood.and a gift from a LJ friend. A new anvil stand from solid wood, friendship, a router sled and fine moments with smell of wood. So here I am back in the shop, with some wonderful wood.Lately things goes slow there, life keeps going different paths and I follow with a silent smile.My friend Thomas was kind to offer me a beautiful hunk of wood and I had the chance to visit him in his shop. When Thomas visited my shop, I had the old anvil stand and ...

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Part 6: Froe for splitting wood - Swedish sled runner steel

02-10-2019 01:36 PM by mafe | 10 comments »

Froe for splitting woodForged from Swedish sled runner steel Back at the forge again and once again to make some tools for woodworking, since this is the reason I started forging.Have to say it again; ‘there are no greater joy in woodworking, than using a tool made by your own hands’. Lets burn some gas in the little forge!Heating up some Swedish sled runner steel, found in an old barn up there. Trying to bend a curve, to make an eye.(I wrote trying). This was acually ...

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Part 7: Pocket drawknife - One for the road

04-20-2019 09:20 PM by mafe | 19 comments »

Pocket drawknifeOne for the road Once again a tool made by your own hands, to be used by your own hands, this time a pocket size drawknife, that will be my tour buddy, when I’m out there with my hammock, playing in nature, as a part of my tool set. So let’s start making some noise. A piece of Swedish sled runner steel again, roughed out, with an angle grinder.(The Swedish did make amazing steel back in the days). Some heat in the forge. And banging that baby into sh...

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Part 8: Swan neck carving gouge - from tractor rake spring steel

05-17-2019 01:42 PM by mafe | 11 comments »

Swan neck carving gougefrom tractor rake spring steel This could be the fairytale about the Ugly Duckling, by H. C. Andersen. Making another tool by the forge, this time a swan neck gouge, intended for making Kuksa’s or hand carved bowls.Made from an old rake from a tractor, this steel is fantastic for cutting tool making and the joy of recycle is always a joy in it’s self. Here the tractor rake and me working on the tang of a small carving knife. At the forge, heating...

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Part 9: Hot cutter - from bricklayers hammer

05-22-2019 08:46 PM by mafe | 10 comments »

Hot cutterfrom bricklayers hammer It’s time to make some updates on my blacksmithing for woodworkers series, have a load of stuff, that was never posted, so I’ll try and get up to date again, by posting some of all that happened, show some of the tools I made for the blacksmithing and also some of the projects made and how to do it. I’ll start by the tools for blacksmithing.There are a few basic tools one should get or make, besides your hammer and tongs. When we wa...

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Part 10: Hardy tools DIY - tools for bending and making shoulders

05-27-2019 11:09 AM by mafe | 3 comments »

Hardy tools DIYtools for bending and making shoulders. As promised a follow up, on the tools I made, for my wood working toolmaking, at the anvil.This part is about tools for bending, to put in the hardy hole (square hole) on the anvil. The reason I made them, was that I have made a few spoon knifes by now and each time, I desperately needed a good place to bend the curve, while being able to see what I do and I found this difficult at the horn of the anvil.For the shoulder tool, I use thi...

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Part 11: Hold fast - two types - one also for woodworking.

05-27-2019 11:57 AM by mafe | 5 comments »

Hold fast – two typesone also for woodworking. Once you start banging some metal, to make your own woodworking tools, you quickly realize, that often, two hands are not enough…So time to make hold fasts, here I’ll make two types. First we have a quick and dirty spring loaded version.Just a bend piece of flat bar, with a hole drilled into it and a eye bolt and nut on each side.(The spring was just a long one from the trash, think it was from a lamp). Here on the anvi...

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Part 12: Blacksmiths basics - you don’t need a lot.

05-28-2019 02:45 PM by mafe | 5 comments »

Blacksmiths basicsyou don’t need a lot. Quite a few of you, have shown interest in making your own wood working tools, by beating up some steel and shaping it into this.I get the impression, that some of you, just like me, thought of this as black magic and something that takes a lot, the truth is, that it’s not difficult to make your own tools, by shaping some warm metal, I’ll claim it’s easier than to learn, how to do proper sharpening of tools… So to get those...

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Part 13: Froe for splitting wood 2 - The disaster...

02-29-2020 04:10 PM by mafe | 12 comments »

Froe for splitting wood 2The disaster… First part: The first part of the blog ended here, with this picture of my finished frog and me really happy.But also with this text: Hmmm perhaps I should harden it… and make a sheath… and….This was where things went wrong… First of all a froe is not supposed to be sharp, then it will cut into the wood, instead of splitting it, so after sharpening I rounded the edge again. ...

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Part 14: Tools and a knifes - wonderful day with a good friend

03-16-2020 12:01 AM by mafe | 18 comments »

Tools and a knifeswonderful day with a good friend. Hi,Thought it would be good to keep my brain busy and give you all a chance to do the same, now where the COVID-19 is putting the world under it’s spell, so I’ll give you a little walk back in time, to the summer (it’s winter in Denmark now), where I spend a wonderful day with my friend Flemming at his little man cave in the Copenhagen harbour, fooling around with some tools, steel and fire. At the moment, I’m in voluntary quarantine i...

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