Travel blogs #4: Turkey adventures - summer 2016

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Turkey adventures
summer 2016

It has been a wonderful summer this year, a long one, spend most of it in Turkey, in our little place by the sea, woodworking has not been there too much, partly because we were busy settling in and playing in the water or hanging out in the hammock with good books and a cold beer.
But I will share a little of the joy along with the little woodworking and inspiration.

This is the hide out, a stone throw from the sea in South West Turkey.
We have rented this place for a couple of years and enjoy the locals company and kindness.
It is situated in a small village of thirty houses or so.

View from living room.

Here our house, with the 1 kilometre mountain behind.
The trees are orange and mandarin and you might see our little kitchen garden in front of the house.

I made drawings for some simple farmers furniture, inspired from the locals we have visited and these were made from a local carpenter from local wood, just in my spirit.
Here it is the kitchen frame where we added a marble section recycled from some old steps that were trashed in a nearby village.

The local carpenter, it was a joy to work a little with him, I felt he really liked getting this strange Dane as a client, to make things as they were used to be made and in the old houses spirit.

For me this is to respect the house and place.

Bedroom is same song; less is more than enough.
Old local bee hives as chests for clothing.

In the living room a traditional divan, made in three pieces so it can become three guest beds or a spare double bed.
We had the mattresses and pillows made from Bedouin tent fabric and cotton filling as they make it traditionally here.

He also made us the little table and the dinner table outside, after my drawings inspired from old traditional furnitures here.
All in all I am really happy, my fear that it would become seventies with all the wood was put to shame. I feel it has become light, timeless and respectful to the house and local tradition.

Ok, let’s forget about the house and focus on life and dead… after all a house is only a machine for living!
The death of this beautiful octopus after meeting me with a harpoon, is a dinner worthy of a king for me.

Here the old dinner table, the wood beetles here are serious!
There were practically no wood left in that leg, so I made a quick fix, so it could be used outside by the toilet.

Just a simple lap joint after cutting of the worst part.

Then some footworking.

Was lucky to find a piece of trashed wood that I could use for the repair.
Just nails and wood.

Have to admit it was not all fun, here I am at the local barber, please notice our faces, as he is pulling out hair from my ear, with warm wax.

Some people don’t believe in miracles, I have seen them!
Every day we woke up the locals had left us green and fruits on the porch.
Imagine two months we had this stream of fresh food in the kitchen and fish from the sea.
Yes I am a blessed man.
Thank you.

Here is one of the locals, he is a neighbor two houses away, Ahmet, this day we brought him with us to the marked and when I looked in the mirror he were sitting on the back seat laughing with one of my hats on my head.

Nature are also close when you live here and nature seemed to be interested in our world also.
Wonder if it were looking at the tree.

Here we are at one of the farmers markets, this day we bought some garden tools, a few axes and other stuff for the house. You can buy shit from China, but you can also buy traditional Turkish handmade tools really cheap and for a tool fool like me it is always interesting to buy and use tools from different cultures.

Here a man selling wooden things, while carving a traditional Turkish spoon.

Always a joy to watch a man working with skilled hands.

Ahmet were interested in things for his wife.

Perhaps selling carpets are not a bad business…

Kayaking is also just what you need on a hot day.
Here on my way out to look for fish in the basket trap.

Or together up coast, just for the joy of it.

Ohh yes while we were there, there were a coup d’état in Turkey, so I got a message from Tayyip Erdogan…
To be honest we almost did not feel the coup, air planes over flew the area once or twice a day, a few road blocks since some of the soldiers were hiding in the woods close to our house and a few police officers checking out the area. But the locals were quite affected and spoke a lot about it. In turkey most people seems to take it as a blessing since it will mean that the military power over the government since 1923 are finally history, even the same people at the same time see Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as the country’s father. All this is complex but not hard to understand if you read the history of Turkey. Personally I hope this will become a chance for Turkey to become a real democracy and that Erdogan will work on a free and open Turkish democracy from now.

Ohhh yes sometime nature comes really close, as when I caught this rat on the toilet…

Every day a new image when looking at the sea.

The hairdresser invited us to his sons wedding.
It was a wonderful evening, my daughter and her friend were with us, since they came for holidays.

Here four generations of woman dressed for the wedding.

Filiz and I with our landlord. She can smile from the heart and are so happy that the house are again full of life.
She live with her husband and family on the mountain, so it is a drive one kilometre up hill, on narrow gravel roads to visit them.

Also had time for trying out some old motorcycles.
Kind of fell in love with this 1969, IZH Jupiter 2, a 350cc 2-stroke made in Russia by the Kalashnikov Concern, but some vital parts were missing and so it was not possible to know if we could get it in order and if something broke to get spares from Russia were hell.

Then a ride on this IZH Planeta 5 sidecar motorcycle but this was not for me, I have chronic pain in my arms and riding this was like riding a angry bull…

Finally I saw a old Jawa, in Turkey this is like a Vespa for a Italian, it was hugely popular for many years and was affordable, so it became the workers motorcycle.
But either they were too expensive, or they were in too bad condition, so we kind of gave this one up.

So back to the IZH.
1980, IZH Planeta 5, 350cc 2-stroke made in Russia by the Kalashnikov Concern.
Kind of like driving a tractor in a good way. they told us this was like a horse and used to be the favourite of the farmers.

Hmmmmmm not easy to let the sidecar go, liked this feeling of adventure!
MaFe goes Indiana Jones…

So time to distract the brain.
Here back to the mattress man.
He is cutting foam for a mattress for a divan and it is also made to fit our trunk in the car for tour purpose.

I build this divan out of pallets on the top of the roof, like this we could sleep there at night and just hang out when it’s not the hot summer months.
We also bought the beautiful old wedding chest you see on the photo, it was used to deliver newspapers in, in a nearby town and the owner seemed happy we would pay next to nothing for it.
I will post later about the pallet divan project.

Here my wonderful mother in law hanging out, she were sleeping there on the days she came to visit us.
(She have a family house in Turkey, 9 hours drive from where we were).

Woodworking inspiration, this is a traditionally old kitchen ‘cabinet’, that used to be a common wedding gift.
We bought it on the roadside from a farmer selling oranges, that had it hanging in his little place and also here the owner were surprised that someone would buy it, even we paid less for it than the oranges.

Different friends of Filiz came for visit, here from Istanbul and we enjoyed to have the house full of life.
The fabric with stars in the back is our shower, we shower outside by the kitchen sink and our guests all loved to have a evening shower while watching the stars.

Breakfast and reading the Koran.
I have read the Bible and so I thought it would be right to read the Koran, when I have now decided to spend time in Turkey. Also I bought this Koran some years back out of interest in the Islamic culture.

As a part of this trying to understand, I also went with my neighbours and other locals a few times for friday prayers.

This is the local mosque, a simple building in a small village up the hill.

So what did I learn?
Understanding, respect, compassion.
But to explain here in short words would not be fair, so I will make it short and say that what the media is trying to tell us is far from the truth. There are NO blood thirsty Muslims to be found in the local population, just as you don’t find soldiers with bomb drones when you visit the West, what I see is peaceful, loving and caring humans, that wants peace and who brought us food without ever asking anything in return. I meet open minds and souls that were strong in their believes often due to the fact they were used to struggle for a living and so they were helpful to one another.
Also I learned that the Koran and the Bible have much more in common than I knew and to be honest after reading both books I have become less and less religious…
I believe in that there are something bigger than us, I fell that in the wood when I do woodworking, let’s call it God, but this is not something that would ever kill to be spread, so any one calling them self religious while wanting others dead, don’t believe in the same as I do.
Ok, hope I don’t start a war here now, please just read my words as mine and don’t argue if you don’t agree.

The The wrote the song, Slow Emotion.
The more I see
The less I know
About all the things I thought were wrong or right
& carved in stone
So, don’t ask me about
War, Religion, or God
Love, Sex, or Death
Everybody knows what’s going wrong with the world
But I don’t even know what’s going on in myself.
You’ve gotta work out your own salvation.
With no explanation to this Earth we fall
On hands & knees we crawl
And we look up to the stars
And we reach out & pray
To a deaf, dumb & blind God who never explains.
Every body knows what’s going wrong with the world
But I don’t even know what’s going on in myself.
Lord, I’ve been here for so long
I can feel it coming down on me
I’m just a slow emotion replay of somebody I used to be.

I had the luck to have the local Imam working on the field next to our house, this meant we had weekly talks about religion, being a human, love, compassion, temptation and much more. Further more it was wonderful to be able to question while reading the Koran, since I often felt confused and found double meanings just as in the Bible. The Imam is one of the kindest and most modest men, one of his first words to me when I told him I were reading the Koran was; ‘if I had grown up in your country, I would have been a Christian’, this made me calm and made me realize he had no intention of pushing me in any direction. So yes I feel I got a good understanding now about what it is to be a Muslim, that just as I as a Christian don’t follow the Bible blindfolded and word by word, then a Muslim don’t follow the Koran like this also. But yes extremists comes in many forms, confused Christians that ride horses with red crosses killing anyone that will not become Christians, Muslims with bombs strapped to the body, school kids with machine guns killing other students, people with white hats killing people with black skin and so on, crazy people will always exist, but we should never make them as an example of a whole population.

So let us leave the religion here and watch the sun go down with hope and love on our minds.

A good reason could be that we love our children, here my daughter and her friend hanging out in the hammocks. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed their visit.

Ok my sweet daughter Mathilde had to visit the hospital after she came too close to nature…

This scorpion kissed her foot as she were walking in the dark.
I got it and will post how it got a box later.

Luckily most animals were more friendly, some so friendly that you could feel their personality.

These are kind of my favourites.

And it was the first time I saw the crickets that sings so wonderful.

Sadly not all of them were alive, like this sea turtle that washed in.

Ohh here he is again Ahmet, here with his horse.

The richness of Turkey.

Passed this fine workshop.
He were working on a turning.
But as you can see he are working on all kinds of woodworking.

Also these wonderful birdcages.

I have to admit I loved his order.

The Jawa were following us like a ghost!

Talking of woodworking…

Two Muslim girls, hand in hand, walking to the beach.
Some how this is a good image of what i was talking about.
Difference don’t need to be a problem, it can even be beautiful.

Nature and food came right to the doorstep.

Making tea the traditional Turkish way.

Serving it for and sharing it with some of the locals.
We enjoyed so many wonderful moments like this this summer.

Ohhh yes and while Filiz mother was visiting us, she were spreading her wonderful happy and relaxed mood, here laughing over a small cake.
Also she had heard I were looking at motorcycles and she said; ‘buy the best one, buy the Jawa, I will pay’.

So that made the choice!
We had stumbled across this wonderfully restored one at a local restaurant, the owner had a heart operation and could not drive it. He had just three years ago had it restored for three times the prize I ended up paying for it, so I were more than happy, even though it was a long process to get the papers done and it had a broken generator that needed to be fixed before I were able to give it a good ride.

Do I need to say I love it?
1968 Jawa 250, at its heart, an air-cooled, two-stroke, 246cc, parallel twin powerhouse paired to a four-speed manual transmission, and can produce 17 horsepower.

Had some wonderful rides and Filiz love it also.
It’s a small motor, but plenty of life for the little mountain roads here and the sound is nothing less than wonderful.

Filiz mother love sea food, so I was happy to shoot some octopus and catch some fish for her, to make her a wonderful thank you dinner.

You want dinner?

Did you ask for walrus?

Here from another day with fish on the table.
we came to love a fish with poisonous spines, so I had to be careful when catching and cleaning them, since I learned the hard way that it was like a mild bee sting when it happened…

Grrrr Ahmet again, now with my glasses…

Also time to see some of the ancient story of Turkey.
Amazing these carved out buildings.

And Turkish local food.
(Ok perhaps not all local).

Did I mention I bought a Jawa?

Building site sign.
Guess it means: Scream with dirty hands!.

Building site sign.
Guess it means: Work only with stylish hat!.

Building site sign.
Guess it means: Tom Jones tell you this!.

Ok I have to admit I love my new Jawa.

Beauty of nature and dinner.

Evening fire just for joy.

Shopping in a nearby town. Mügla.

Prince MaFe of Turkey going to the Turkish bath.

Like a new painting every day in front of the house.

Fitting handles for garden tools, that’s kind of woodworking or?

Ok cutting a hole then to fit a box on the back of the Jawa then?
No as I said, not much woodworking, but sometimes working some wood.

Sewing some leather sheaths for some knife I made back home in Copenhagen.
While having Turkish coffee and a brandy.

The results.

Ahmet again, now with my Stetson…

Evening on the terrace.
Diamonds on the sea.

I smile.

Did I mention a Jawa?

Our house, grapes, orange and mandarin trees, Jawa, old table by the toilet, kayak, hammocks, roof divan, corns in front and olive trees behind.

Well the summer came to an end and we had to pack up.
The owner will put a extra window in the bedroom, so we had to cover for dust.

This guy is the one to ask if you want to know what it is to live a honest life and never compromise.
He walks several hours with his horse two times a week to pick up water from a spring, this even though he have a water tap in his house, only because he only wants his family to drink the best water, direct from nature. He sleeps on the floor in a barn, to give room for his children and grand children in the house. He grow food in his field and walk to the coast to give some of it away for free to people passing by, just because he have learned from the Koran that you must share and because it feels good to him. This man have a clean heart and we are so many that can learn from this.
Also we had so many laughs together and talks of what it meant to be a good man.

The moon kissing the sea.
With this I will say thank you if you read this blog, it means that you have patience and that you unlike most people still have the ability to read a longer text and not just headlines.
Perhaps, that you like I enjoy many facets of life and therefore know, we have to learn to let go and just be.

Did I mention my Jawa?

(Shut up MaFe).

Hope it can inspire, perhaps bring some light, smiles and understanding.

The best of my thoughts,

-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect.

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#1 posted 09-19-2016 02:38 AM

Wrote this while I was in Turkey, trying to explain my thoughts.

Friday prayers under state of emergency.

Turkey at this moment.
Mads Felding, Tournavalle, Mügla, Turkey.

Reporting directly from Turkey, while the coup has been beaten and the Erdogan government now are trying to wipe out resistance and gain power, reports from Istanbul tells soldiers are beaten by the public, 1500 wounded, 250 killed, 60.000 judges, policemen, teachers and academics fired, 3000 put to jail for questioning. Here in our local area photo planes are crossing the sky, coast guard on patrol, soldiers searching the woods and road blocks are set up to check all cars coming in and out to look for the ten runaway soldiers that attempted the coup. All this and not only all this… also death sentence might again become a reality and this will end the hopes of Turkey as a part of the EU. Yes in many ways the arrow points in bad directions, but also this could end up creating a stronger and better Turkey, at the end of the day only time can tell if Erdogan will use this to strengthen the country of himself, personally I always believe in the best, so I see a bright future for Turkey might be ahead but will sleep with one eye open and advise to make no investments in Turkey before Erdogan have had his chance to show what he is made of…

Back to Friday prayers.
This morning started slowly after a few days of intense neck pain and migraines, two long drives and sleeping in a car were more than this retired architect could handle. So a slow start, dark Nutella on egmeg (bread), coffee, loads of water and a smile from my beloved Filiz.
While having the breakfast, I enjoyed the local Imam and his kind wife work in the field, while their Intellectual disabled daughter was entertained by our neighbor’s wonderful granddaughters. As so often before the wife came to our table with a big bag of vegetables and asked if we needed something… We asked her to come and sit, but she insisted to sit on the staircase but was happy to have a cold glass of Ayran (buttermilk) served and said ‘this is our drink’ with the most wonderful smile on her face. Soon her daughter joined us, her parents have a wonderful way of involving her in everything, the talk about her being Intellectual disability are no secret and this don’t make her less of a human, by the way she would only drink Ayran if the mother thought it was a good idea, where a candy were more easy to talk her into and she had the most wonderful smile as a thank you. At the start of summer I took a picture of her sitting in the field and the parents were really happy for this, since now she have teeth’s… Reminds me how our neighbor Ismail took his out and showed them around last night and we all laughed – but that’s a different story.
After the breakfast I started cooking a local dish, inspired by Ismails daughter in laws cooking yesterday, while we had popcorns, water, laughed and finally this wonderful dish of hers. I will post the dish at a later point, for now I can just tell it was a joy to cook it while remembering her moves and ways as she prepared all the vegetables. Just as I was close to having the dish done, Ismail stood on the door step asking if I was going to join him for the Friday prayers. Had to listen to my neck and it told me; ‘yes you can’, then to ask Filiz if she could cook the potatoes and close the fire once the dish was done simmering and she said ‘yes’ also. So no time to waste, changing clothes and getting ready in few seconds and then drive up to the local mosque. Well not just going there, Ismail insisted we should gather water at the local water spring, where I was challenged by having to open a tap where loads of wasps and bees were sitting and being allergic to these fellows I have to admit it tested my limits, but someone held his hand over me, it might have been Ismail, so nothing happened…
Well no more talk about water, we drove back to the mosque where we meet with a kind old local man and sat on the bench for a long talk, me understanding absolutely nothing but we enjoyed it and laughed a lot together. Soon we were 3-4-5-6 and 7 on the bench, all old men, even I’m close to 50, they called me really young, guess all is relative. Time went on, think we sat there for more than an hour, the Iman should have been there but something must have come up and no one seemed to care even though some of them looked at the watches once in a while and said the word Imam. Once he arrived he was completely relaxed, smiled with his deep and kind smile, telling the old men to take it easy, that he would not start the prayers until in a few minutes, the impatient men then started going for the wash room, the rest stayed and talked. The Iman sat next to me, gave me his welcome and as always we both put our hands on the heart to show our love and respect.
(Last week when we had a talk about religion on my porch, this because I am reading the Koran now in my attempt to understand the people I am with here, just as I read the Bible to try and understand the once back home, have to admit both books makes me less religious and more interested in who the people are who follow the religions instead. Filiz were taking part in the conversation and translating for us, he said the words that made me realize he was a man with the heart put in the right spot; ‘if I were born in your country, I would have been a Christian – in my eyes all beings are Gods creations but only Jesus was his son’…).
Like this we all sat for a while then he left for calling out the prayers and Ismail said ‘bak bak’ (look look), so I followed him to the wash area, here we washed in a specific pattern, hands, arms, mouth, nose, ears, head, skull, feed and lower legs. Like this we were allowed inside the mosque but stayed outside for another fifteen minutes listening to the prayer songs and resting under the olive trees, drinking water from the spring.
Once Ismail thought it was time, we went inside the mosque with our other neighbor also named Ismail he’s married to the beautiful old lady we call the mouse. Ohh yes and Ahmet who also came from out of no were as he always seems to do.
Perhaps I should explain the scene, a house, just a house, white walls, tile roof, size of a villa, olive trees, white wall around the ground, crickets singing in the back ground, now 11 old men, 1 imam and me. Inside a smaller room first, carpets all over the floor, the a second larger room carpet all over the floor, some wood panels, simple decoration in form of some plates with text, a niche in the wall with a neon light over and two spiral low energy light bowls on each side and a small stool / table in front for the imam to rest the book on, prayer beds laying casual by the side of the walls and next to the imam, two prayer bed strings lined up, then a flyswatter and again a prayer bed string but this one more casual put, also a staircase in the right corner behind a curtain, where the Turkish flag are hanging where the staircase ends at the top… We are now 17, two young men and a few middle-aged has arrived also.
The imam sitting in the niche, same clothes as in the field, praying, reading from the book, scratching his nose calmly, looking who is calling when his cellphone rings but not answering and still praying as it happens – all this in the same wonderful calm way as when we sit and have a talk.
Now we are 21 and that’s it, guess it’s not bad when the village have 15 houses, I know the faces of app half of them, no one looks at me in a strange way except a man I know from a small road ‘café’ he seems in a coma why I am there, then we look in each other’s eyes and then continues his prayers as if nothing happened and smiles to me.
I don’t remember all rituals, but I participate in them all and Ahmet makes sure I do it right by pushing me and showing me what to do when I do wrong, Ismail always do things his way even the prayers so he sit on a stool (bad knees and hips), he don’t seem to mind if I do it all right but smiles with his warm smile once in a while, making sure I am ok. Not sure I really understood the pearl counting thing, but it was a way to practice my skills with the prayer beds, I like to use them for anti-stress purpose.
Part of the ritual was the imam changing clothes, now with a white dress and a white hat with some red in it, again casual, the dress open so the normal clothes are visible and the imam had no change of face after wearing this, just his normal kind self and reading glasses half way down the nose.
Before we ended we were down to 19 and no one looked strange at each other if one came late or went early, everyone seemed to be with them self but also with an open mind towards each other.
For a man baptized as a Christian even I’m not calling myself religious, it is not the usual stuff to put my head in the ground for God, but it was actually not strange when I first started and soon it felt even nice, kind of made me think of my yoga class and how it would be nice in a Christian church to move some more not just sit there on the rows, looking so dead serious.
Don’t know how long it took, but it took three hours from I left home before I was back, making me think of how this must be a wonderful pause and way to start a weekend for the hard working nomads here. Also the social aspect stroke me, everyone gave each other hands, said hello, if they had meet me before they gave me a warm hug. Suddenly I understand why everyone in the town knows all about Filiz and I, even what brand of air-condition we bought; ‘because they meet each other.’! Also because they care about us, they care if we are well and feeling welcome, they care of us as human beings and they don’t care about if we are religious or what religion we believe in, even I wear a tattoo of a cross on my arm, no one ever asked me.
Yes, this makes me think of how we welcome people from other cultures and with different religions in the west but I will let you make your own thoughts on this now…
After the Friday prayers we all said goodbye, I went back and thanked the Imam, then picked up Ismail and Ahmet to take them the one kilometer back to the coast in the car (thank you Selcuk), on the way we saw the other Ismail and picked him up, even he had to sit on the floor in the back of the van since I took out the seats… but the old man just smiled and gave me thumbs up and a warm hug as I drove him to his house.
Back home Ahmet, Ismail and I walked back to our houses – me with a light heart and a smile – kissing Filiz as we meet and saying; Aleykümselam, then we shared a little of the dish I made in the morning and I put some aside for the imam and his wife to taste if they show up on the field tomorrow.
Ahmet, the laughing man with my hat, came to Filiz in the evening and said; ‘He is a Muslim now!’. I will not correct him, I can be whatever people want in their hearts as long as I am allowed to be me and they don’t start telling me how to be. In my heart he is the kind little man with the bad manners and the wonderful laugh, who sleep on the neighbor’s roof just to see if he can get a glimpse of Filiz and I if we sleep on ours – not because he is curious, simply because he wants to be a part of the joy. If only we could all keep that child intact inside us.

-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect.

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#2 posted 09-19-2016 02:49 AM

Just a wonderful blog Mads. I will have to read it several times.


-- Thor and Odin are still the greatest of Gods.

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#3 posted 09-19-2016 02:56 AM

Thanks for sharing. That was a very enjoyable read and great photos!

-- Ray

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#4 posted 09-19-2016 03:17 AM

I almost feel as if I shared some time with you there. Thank you for sharing your summer with us.

-- Dave, Downers Grove, Il. -------- When you run out of ideas, start building your dreams.

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#5 posted 09-19-2016 06:03 AM

As usual, always fun to get a quick peek into the world of Mads.

-- Bob in WW ~ "some old things are lovely, warm still with life ... of the forgotten men who made them." - D.H. Lawrence

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Mark Wilson

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#6 posted 09-19-2016 08:20 AM

Mads, you are a delightful human.
I have this to say about that: (Just a few notes to prove I read the whole thing.)
Ate Octopus, once. Didn’t like it. Reminded me of Alligator, which I also didn’t like.
Mathilde? One of my favorite girl names. My late dog, Sadie’s, middle name. Scorpion? Scary!
That’s a sharp looking scooter.
(I’m not making this up.) When I sat down at my desk here, tonight, and started reading this, a Mantis came strolling across my mouse pad. I gently snatched her by the neck, after telling her there’s nothing in here she’d find too interesting, and tossed her out the door, where she spread her wings and flew off.
Burger King? In Turkey? Try the chili cheese grilled dog, if they have it there. It’s a thing of beauty.
It was lovely meeting your family, finally. Thanks. (Baby’s gonna hate you for posting that hospital photo. Sorry. It is what it is. Had to be said.)
And one more thing:
Life of Riley. That’s what you have going on there. More blessings upon you, Beloved Buddy.

-- Mark

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Combo Prof

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#7 posted 09-19-2016 08:31 AM

I very much enjoy reading your missives and look forward to the next one.

-- Don K, (Holland, Michigan)

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#8 posted 09-19-2016 10:28 AM

Another really awesome glimpse into the ‘life of Mads’.....pretty special.

-- “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

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Jim Rowe

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#9 posted 09-19-2016 10:33 AM

It’s easy to understand from reading these observations how much you have enjoyed and assimilated into this new life, albeit a temporary excursion. You’ve given us all an insight that we would never get from TV reports or the press. Thank you.

-- It always looks better when it's finished!

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#10 posted 09-19-2016 10:46 AM

Just made two corrections in the post:
I wrote foodworking and meant footworking.
And more serious I wrote: There are now blood thirsty Muslims but meant there are NO blood thirsty Muslims.
Sorry and thank you to those who wrote me to help me get this in order.
Best thoughts,

-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect.

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#11 posted 09-19-2016 12:38 PM

I am so happy that you found love, peace and tranquility in your life and in such a wonderful place. Many blessing on you and your loved ones.

-- Every cloud has a silver lining

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#12 posted 09-19-2016 01:05 PM

Bike! What bike?

Glad you’re enjoying Turkey Mads.

-- Andy - Old Chinese proverb says: "If you think something can't be done, don't interrupt man who is doing it."

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#13 posted 09-19-2016 01:40 PM

Big smile Mads!

-- Paul M ..............the early bird may get the worm but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese!

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#14 posted 09-19-2016 02:10 PM

Thank you for a great read!
Especially enjoyed the part about the old, local imam. Allso I have traveled in arab countries a lot and often met modest, vise people who had newer left their hometown and yet with an impressive outlook at the world.

Thank you for sharing your travels with us!

-- "Do or Do not. There is no try." - Yoda

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#15 posted 09-19-2016 02:30 PM

Thank you, Mads, for another wonderful trip to your beloved “new home”. I hope all there are safe.

-- Lew- Time traveler. Purveyor of the Universe's finest custom rolling pins.

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