Clamps Clamps Clamps #3: Pads for Japanese clamps and a black dog...

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Blog entry by mafe posted 01-17-2022 10:21 PM 1491 reads 0 times favorited 16 comments Add to Favorites Watch
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Pads for Japanese clamps
and a black dog…


This is a short one.

Of course my big size Japanese clamps also needed some pads, now I were in the padding mood, smiles.

For the extra long version with thick bar.
A piece of ash wood, a slit that fits the clamp and a rare earth magnet.

I think that they make these beautiful clamps look even better.

For the medium size with square bar, I the same type, but no magnets (for now).
They can be used as stands also.

Less is plenty.

Stored with a rubberband.

For the small brass clamps (two sizes also), I just have a bunch of fitting cork pieces, wrapped in rubber band, as they are not usually tightened very hard, but on delicate projects, it’s nice to have the option.

A friend of mine, noticed that there were a picture on my workbench in the first blog here, a scary one.

I call it the black dog.
Tried some weeks back to illustrate, the black dog that was there, when I had a deep depression ten years back and that I can still sometimes hear breathing, or running behind me, when I cycle to the workshop.
Guess that once you have tried to be that low in your life, you never fully recover, if you make it, you come out as a new person, but with the knowing that that place exists and therefore and open eye and mind, when you start to feel heavy or the dog is barking, at your back door.
I thought I would share this, as I think it’s important we share these taboos, now that someone noticed.
I had a couple of mild depressions, during the last ten years, but were lucky to not be eaten by the dog again.
If someone wonder, then I’m fine now, don’t worry, not even a light winter depression, but really tired of the Covid solitude as every one else – the painting were just made for self therapy, smiles.
For that reason, I made the dog look a little like a bat also.

Special thoughts to those, who went through a depression, are going through one, or were close to someone, my best advice is to talk openly, it was that for a big part this, that me able to get out of mine and with the help of medicine.

Hope it can be to some inspiration, a talk about clamps or depression.

Best thoughts,


-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect.

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#1 posted 01-17-2022 10:36 PM

Nice pads Mafe.
Good picture of the demon dog. Don’t feed him. Convince him you are not the droid he is looking for.

-- Galootish log blog,

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#2 posted 01-17-2022 11:06 PM

The clamps are very elegant. Even the small clamps we have can leave indentations in our material if we’re not careful. That pads are a good and simple solution.

The dog, well he reminds me of a very dark time in my life. A time that, thanks to the grace of God, has passed. Praised be the name of the Lord!

-- Doug

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#3 posted 01-17-2022 11:06 PM

A little work on some Japanese clamps as beautiful as those may be enough to keep that dog from nipping at you. Thanks for sharing both. The sun is coming back!

-- --bch

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#4 posted 01-17-2022 11:30 PM

Nice little project Mads, you did well. The handles on those japanese clamps are interesting, they remind me of the hand crank can openers. I bet they work well.

Interesting about the demon dog, at times we need reminders as not to go down those roads. I have been down some of those bad roads myself. Do not want to go back. Life can be a wonderful treasure, and a box of wonderful memories. It sounds like you are there making those wonderful memories in your life.

-- Eric, building the dream

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#5 posted 01-18-2022 12:08 AM

We all have to face our demons eventually…. Glad you won…

My shop and projects are where I fight my demons…Fighting daily for reason…The only power I find is in myself and the example of nature, to survive at all costs…Even when it hurts…

Cool drawing…Best to you…

-- mtnwild (Jack), It's not what you see, it's how you see it.

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13534 posts in 5215 days

#6 posted 01-18-2022 01:15 AM

More outstanding ideas!

Thanks for the reminder to keep the Black Dogs away.

-- Lew- Time traveler. Purveyor of the Universe's finest custom rolling pins.

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Dave Polaschek

10290 posts in 2041 days

#7 posted 01-18-2022 03:10 AM

Nice pads for your clamps, Mads! Are all of you clamps upgraded now?

Sorry about the black dog, but glad he hasn’t visited recently. I like nearly all dogs, even though I am allergic, and most dogs like me as well. Our neighbors have a black dog named Atticus who is very threatening to almost everyone, but he comes up to me to get his ears scratched when they are out walking. It’s very hard for a dog to be fierce when he is getting scratched behind his ears.

-- Dave - Santa Fe

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woodshaver Tony C

8639 posts in 4812 days

#8 posted 01-18-2022 04:29 AM

More clamp pads! Got to protect those fine fibers!

The things we don’t know about our lumberjock friends! Happy to here you pulled out of that low time in your life Mads. I lost my brother because of depression many years ago when he was very young. He was a great kid…family problems took it’s toll some of us as kids and it always stays with us. Depression is not good so stay strong my friend it’s fight you can win! Never give up!

-- St Augustine FL, Experience is the sum of our mistakes!

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Jim Jakosh

27706 posts in 4565 days

#9 posted 01-18-2022 05:17 AM

Hi Mads, get a pellet gun and plug that dog every day until is disappears!!!!!!!!!

Cheers, my friend….............................Jim

-- Jim Jakosh.....Practical Wood Products...........Learn something new every day!! Variety is the Spice of Life!!

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#10 posted 01-18-2022 08:08 AM

For the extra long version with thick bar.
A piece of ash wood, a slit that fits the clamp and a rare earth magnet.
- mafe

Like your magnetic touch, nearly as much as you magnetic personality… enough kiss-arse…

Could be a good modification for my useless Kreg clamps... I used my nerdy office worker’s bluetack

(OK, blackish tack due to my dirty finger prints)... to attach the pads.

BTW. How do you manage to upload such large photos? What are their specs, size (pixels/DPI)? Do you have a secret metadata setting unknown to the common LJ member?
Your original spans the full width of the available space… your “quoted picture” above, even has a larger dimension than the poopsie one I managed to upload… increasing the size of my photos don’t seem to affect the displayed size.

Hope that black dog incident wasn’t a doomed prediction that you may meet a black duck later in your life.

-- If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

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#11 posted 01-18-2022 12:59 PM

HI Mafe.
I have been there too. For many years! What turned the whole thing around, was an accident where I got shot straight through my head/brain. Luckily I survived! But I had to change my whole life, and find a new identity, because I were a professional speedway rider, actually when the accident happened I was tankning no.7 in the world and suddenly i was doing nothing, and i had been doing it all my life. It took 2-3 years before I felt better. Right now I have never felt better in my whole life. Keep the dog away, and remember “everything always get better again at some point”

Hvor I landet er du fra Mafe, jeg bor selv i Odense. Bedste hilsner Kenni

-- Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

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#12 posted 01-18-2022 01:05 PM

Well done on the pads Mads. And we all have our Black Dog. Thanks for sharing yours :-)

-- I collect hobbies. There is no sense in limiting yourself (Don W) - - - - - - - - Kenny in SW VA

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#13 posted 01-18-2022 04:29 PM

Is that water colors ? . Nice ! I like the blending and your style ! Very mystical !

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13872 posts in 4548 days

#14 posted 01-19-2022 12:42 PM

Hi guys,
First of all thank you, for the way you choose to read my words, I were hoping that the openness could put a light and perhaps even open others and I feel we here seceded to have a open talk, big smile.

A special thanks, to those who shared they also went through a period with a black dog, as this makes it so much easier for others to go though one, when knowing you are not alone, why I think awareness is important.

swirt, Thanks. I promise I will do my best not feed him, these beasts seems to find the food them self, smiles.

Doug, I also much too often found marks on my projects from clamps, so I guess we learn, smiles. Yes some of us goes through a waltz with a dog, but luckily find our way out and back to a new life after, glad to hear you found your way. Thanks for sharing your story.

bch, Yes to move our focus, is often what can lead os back to the good path, at the end it’s all happening in our heads. Thank you and yes the sun always come back.

Eric, yes the hand crank handles are lovely on these big size Japanese clamps, I think of the wind up bird, by Murakami, they work really well. Somehow it’s all about roads in life, sometimes life push us of the one we were on, what’s upsetting, is that we can’t get back again, we have to make a new, where the detour is included and that’s often the hardest part, acceptance. I believe life is a miracle, so I remind my self as often as I can and try to fill it with little miracles. Happy you found your road again.

mtnwild, Agree we have to meet our demons, if not we die inside. The dog that visited me, had me pretty hard back then, so much that I almost left with him, but yes thanks, I decided to stay and kick his butt.
My shop were also made for that reason, to not be eaten by demons and dogs, to keep moving when life seems to want to suck me backwards. I have learned that the dog is lazy, so if we keep moving, but in a slow speed, we win and yes life hurts, from time to time. Thanks for sharing, thanks for the kind words.

lew, Thanks Lew. We are only humans, so we need reminders, to not just repeat or loose track.

Dave P, Thanks, yes all clamps have got a upgrade and I know they are ready for the moment they are needed.
I love that saying; I like nearly all dogs, even though I am allergic, I actually love my black dog in a way, he taught me to be more grateful, that live was not something I should or could take for granted, I learned to see it as a precious gift and that my life is just like a short flash of light, when compared to the story of mankind. That’s how I have domesticated the dog a wee bit.

Woodshaver Tony, Uhhhh yes those precious fibers. Smiles. Sometimes we get surprised, that when we think we know people, we learn new that disrupts what we thought. Sorry to hear the story of your brother, sadly depression is that serious, if we get lost in there, I were close my self, had even chosen a tree bak then, but especially the fact that I was a father and my daughter needed my love, kept me from it and when I got medicine to help me out, I succeeded to find a new path in life. I also grew up in one of those families, it left me with PTSD, this was why I fell apart, when I lost my ability to work after my neck operation, the stress level became so high, that it pushed me into the depression. I sadly agree with you, childhood trauma can never leave us, they become a part of us, I can still wake up in sweat, reliving scenes of my fathers violence, but I have chosen to forgive him and let our paths split. Thanks for your kind words and sharing your story.

Jim J, laughs, yes that’s a way, but I like a challenge, so I’m slowly domesticating him instead. I believe the best way to fight deamons is with love. Cheers Jim.

Little black duck (not dog), A laugh with gratitude for your kind words. That would be cool on the Creg clamps, I used bluetack for some other clamps and the magnets are better. I don’t upload photos, I link them from my own server, in that way I have the control (when LJ was sold, they suddenly tried to take intellectual property of our photos, but they took it back, I were never worried, as I could just rename the folders on my server and they would have nothing, exactly the reason why I did it in the first place). I save my pictures in 1000 pixels on the long side, that size seemed to give best results… I use a auto function to do that to all the pictures in a blog and I write my blogs in word, just pasting links to the server, where I want a picture, once done I paste the text into LJ and press post. In this way I can write even long blogs in a short time. Laughs I enjoy meeting the Black Duck.

DanishKenni, Hej Kenni, That is a tough story you carry, but at the same time full of light, what an amazing luck, that your survived this and beautiful that you managed to make it a turning point. You had the depression before the accident and then the accident turned it, as I understand, that’s quite a story, really a double miracle in a way, after years of darkness. To loose our work identity, is a serious change, when it happens with illness and depression, where we also loose our financial base, then we are threatened on all parameters, so we almost can’t be pushed deeper down than this. A clever man said to me, we are like a a chair with four legs: 1 health, 2 family and network, 3 economy, 4 Identity / job – if we loose one we can still sit quite comfortable, if we loose two, we have to use both legs to hold us up, but can balance, when we loose three, it’s a constant balance and eventually we will fall, when we get tired. Luckily you and I prove that even after such a fall, we can raise again, it takes time to rest, to build new legs on that chair and it can never be the same chair, once we understand that, we can get back to life and when stubborn and lucky with a deep gratitude born from the fall. Respect for your strength and choice of life.
I have sweet speedway memories from my childhood on Travbanen in Copenhagen, watching these guys fly by, with a wild sound and dust all over the place.
Synes nok det navn klingede velkendt, København her, giv lyd his du kommer til byen, så kan du se forbi mit værksted. Thanks for the fine words and courage to share your story. I’m truly happy, to hear you have never been better.

Hokieken, Thanks with a warm smile, wrooouuufff.

woodchucker1, yes watercolor wet in wet, thanks, I get a little scared each time I see it, so I like it, smiles.

Best thoughts to you all and a warm thanks,

-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect.

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9454 posts in 2280 days

#15 posted 01-19-2022 10:40 PM

- mafe

-- If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

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