Allotment projects #2: Observatory - let’s reach for the stars!

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let’s reach for the stars!

Part two of two.

So this was where we ended last.
The observatory is up there, so now it’s all about a lot of finish and details, before it’s a wrap.
But it makes me smile each time I walk up to the tiny red house, so it already proved it’s worth to me.

Had a few rainy days, so it was good I got the roof closed up.

And every evening I’m up there, watching that sun go down.

Time to make some shavings and send some thoughts to Thomas (Madts), who was so kind to give me this wonderful plane, many years back, it has now become my best friend here in the allotment, as I wanted a proper plane here. The more I use it the more I love it’s simplicity and it’s just a plane that are meant to be used and lay well in your hand.
Tak Thomas, håber alt er vel hos dig.

I have to step up the game a wee bit…
Making a new step for the recycled ladder.

Also gluing up a few recycled floor boards…

But we have to get back to finishing up the outside.
Routing the drip cap, on the window sills.
In Denmark we call a drip cap, a drip nose, kind of sweet yes?

Planing the outside edge, so it’s smooth and water will run off easy, after sawing it to an angle on the table saw.

Happy I am.

Window sills mounted, caulked and first layer of paint is almost done.

Starting to look like I dreamed of.
The blue plastic is to close it up for the thunderstorm that came that night and it held tight even the house were almost shaking from the wind and rain.
Here you can get a view of the flashing, that connects the observatory to the house and goes app 15 cm up, behind the facade panels, to secure waterproofing.
The facade panel on the observatory were cut with a backward up angle of 30 degrees on the bottom, to form a drip cap also, I always do that, like this the panel will last so much longer, than if the bottom is soaked, each time it rains.

The devil is in the detail.

I’m not proud of my flashing, but it was my first and it will be good, not so easy to form this modern alu / rubber as the old lead versions.
It looks just fine from the ground though.

More details on flashing.

Another tour after materials, this time some profiles for the windows.
I will use these plastic profiles, directly on the frame and sills, to keep it simple.

On the inside new things happened.
The glued up floor boards, has become a small table top.

That can fold down, when needed.

The weather is too grey to work outside…

So let’s finish up the inside.
Templates for the side panels, marked up on thick painters paper.

Taped to the rest of the facade panel board and cut out.

Also bought some Plexiglass for windows, as I already had enough for two, from some recycle here at the house.
This was all cut to size, so I had four windows ready.

Internal panels screwed in place.

Roof rafters cut to size for the bench and lifted to best height for a good view.

Windows version 4.

Got some wonderful cushions for next to nothing at the local super marked, so it will be really comfortable up there.

Starting to look like a good place to hang out.
Bench screwed in place now.

Cutting window profiles, but ended up using an electric miter saw, after powering up the generator, as it was difficult to control the cut in the plastic.

Nails are pre hammered into the profiles.

Here you see the miter saw in action.

Made nice fine cuts.

Using a piece of scrap alu, to not scratch the windows, when hammering in the nails.
The outside window profiles got a rubber seal all around, before I put in the glass, so it will be water tight.

Honestly, it’s better than I had hoped for, I feel it brings charm to the house and became a little fine thing in it self.

Wauuu it made a big difference to get windows, suddenly it’s a cosy hide out, a place every kid would die for and a perfect place to hang out and read a book, with a cup of coffee.
Yes it’s a lot like being captain on a ship, looking down the roof.
And the fact that I can go and hang out with the birds now, watching the natures changes and the farmer work the fields, is nothing less than wonderful.
The state are removing all the electricity poles, so in some time this will be gone, but I think I will kind of miss it, as it brings perspective.

Even the neighbours was ok with the observatory, I decided to put some film on the sides facing them, so they and I will not disturb each other.
Then after a few days:
Believe it or not some alotters several houses away, came and were really rude at me, calling it a pussy tower… I had to ask what they meant by that and the answer was that I might look at naked woman from there… What!!! I told my one neighbour and she answered with a big smile: ‘well I’m not the worst to look at am I?, honestly it says a lot about them and nothing about you Mads.’. This calmed me a wee bit, even I were sad, that so many people had shared their joy, were happy as children, when being up there and then a few people should try to destroy the happiness, but yes that’s life… and allotment community is just a reflection of the real world around, people are just so close, that it’s hard to ignore the few, that are not kind to one another. I sat down after a few days, sending them love in my thoughts, I have found out, this is a wonderful way to dissolve negative energy. But enough about that. ;-)

My little sketch got a frame, so it will be up there.

Workshop with an observatory, isn’t that kind of Mad(s).

Job done.

For me it looks like it was always there, so I’m pleased.

Also a perfect place for bird watching.

Ok, luck ran out, got this home with me, as I went to the dump yard, with the trash…

Then I stripped out the inside and my shirt, just to go bananas, as I decided I wanted it all red inside, so it will be like being inside a Japanese box.

Yep that’s better!

With the wooden bench and table top, there will be plenty of warmth.

Now just waiting for the paint to dry, so I can call it done.


And from two houses away.

Fish eye view looking down the workshop.

Happy monkey in the observatory.

The view.
As you can see I’m not looking down in any bodys gardens.

The film makes it private and more cozy.

Is that a pussy………………… Laughs.
Amazing to be able to follow the birds and deers now.

Photo from 1972, can you find my house?

Finally got the hinges fixed, so the roof can open up for star watching at night.

It’s officially an observatory now.

Can’t wait to do some star watching, as on of the alloters gave me a really cool MAEDE telescope, that I can use up there.

Made a small beer hoist, so I can get a cold one from the kitchen, important to be able to service guests.

Time to go to bed and tomorrow, invite some guests for a grand opening party.

That thing brings smiles, here one of my allotment friends, we also kayak together.

Room for two, even it’s small.
Notice I finished the hardware also, so it can be open in a safe maner.

Brings smiles and imagination, I really love that.

I welcomed the guests from the roof.

Here my sister home from Washington DC (where she lives), for a visit in my wee allotment, she also found it a joy full place and I enjoyed having her home.

For those of you still wondering what an allotment is, this is it.
One of the neighbours had a drone up and offered me this wonderful picture.
I might call my house the path work from now, laughs.

First night watching the moon and the stars.
Also the bats were flying close.

Never get tired of watching the horizon.

And the sun go down, together with the birds.

Every day is a new day up there.

The house and I agree, this is the icing on the cake, that were missing.
Thank you for taking this ride with me, dreaming big in a tiny house, while reaching for the stars.

Hope it can be to some inspiration, or an observatory…?

Best thoughts,


-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect.

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View Dave Polaschek's profile

Dave Polaschek

8802 posts in 1867 days

#1 posted 10-15-2021 09:35 PM

Excellent, Mads! A tiny cupola on a tiny house, for a man with a huge heart!

-- Dave - Santa Fe

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8457 posts in 4127 days

#2 posted 10-15-2021 10:43 PM

It looks amazing. I can imagine that is a great place to chill.

-- Andy - Old Chinese proverb says: "If you think something can't be done, don't interrupt man who is doing it."

View lew's profile


13442 posts in 5040 days

#3 posted 10-15-2021 10:56 PM

Enjoy your new “tree house” my friend!

Love that aerial view from the drone.

-- Lew- Time traveler. Purveyor of the Universe's finest custom rolling pins.

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Jim Jakosh

27002 posts in 4390 days

#4 posted 10-16-2021 02:11 AM

That is so cool, Mads. You are like a kid with a new toy. I can tell you are very happy with the finished project! That was a lot of work to get that far!!

The naysayers are just jealous that they don’t have a brain to be so creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cold beer and a telescope and you can fall asleep there at night!!

Cheers, My friend…..........Jim

-- Jim Jakosh.....Practical Wood Products...........Learn something new every day!! Variety is the Spice of Life!!

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1435 posts in 3784 days

#5 posted 10-16-2021 08:42 AM

Certainly not as intrusive as drones.
Inviting the naysayers might dissipate their fear.

“In Denmark we call a drip cap, a drip nose”
In French: “larmier” or simply “goutte d’eau”
“larmier” has the same root as “larme” (tear).

-- Sylvain, Brussels, Belgium, Europe - The more I learn, the more there is to learn (and that is nice)

View doubleDD's profile (online now)


10799 posts in 3328 days

#6 posted 10-16-2021 12:38 PM

I find it a pleasant place to kick back and unwind. Add a little soothing music and you can get lost up there for hours.
Nice work Mads

-- Dave, Downers Grove, Il. -------- When you run out of ideas, start building your dreams.

View Brit's profile


8457 posts in 4127 days

#7 posted 10-16-2021 01:12 PM

Just don’t fall asleep up there. You might loose the power of your legs and then the ladder would be a challenge. The neighbours would have to call the fire brigade. Imagine how embarrassed you would feel being carried down the ladder by a burly fireman. LOL.

-- Andy - Old Chinese proverb says: "If you think something can't be done, don't interrupt man who is doing it."

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1385 posts in 2998 days

#8 posted 10-16-2021 03:42 PM

Despite being hard work, this blog has a feel of inspiration and doing things just for the joy of it. I can realy feel the energy and pleasure to make something unique from the images.

A tiny castle in the sky

-- "Do or Do not. There is no try." - Yoda

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21313 posts in 2269 days

#9 posted 10-16-2021 08:48 PM

super cool my friend, always a fun ride on your blogs,i always feel like im their with you.hope you have many star filled nights.

-- working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

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6426 posts in 4414 days

#10 posted 10-20-2021 04:09 PM

Another mads blog – always a treat!

Wonderfully creative project.

-- Steve - Impatience is Expensive

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9133 posts in 1997 days

#11 posted 10-20-2021 05:44 PM

jealous HATERS have to hate you built this for your enjoyment so enjoy it my friend GREAT JOB :<)))))

-- Tony---- Reinholds,Pa.------ REMEMBER TO ALWAYS HAVE FUN :<))

View mafe's profile


13404 posts in 4374 days

#12 posted 10-20-2021 07:53 PM

Hi to all of you,
Hi with a smile, as I have really enjoyed reading all the comments that has come to this blog, this because I can really feel how people haver been able to dream along and be full of compassion – thank you.

Dave Polaschek, cupola that was the word, I could not find the English word, thanks. Big smile thanks, straight from that heart of mine. I’m not as tough as I would like to believe. laughs.

Brit, Yeps, I hoep you can come next summer and chill there. ;-) Big laugh, love your imagination, I’m more worried if I go through the roof and into orbit… But at least I can call the observatory spacious… Ok stop MaFe. Big smile with a laugh thanks.

Lew, That’s how it feel, like a tree house, I really get that feeling of being a kid, enjoying a secret spot. Me too that photo are amazing, I were so happy and thanked the guy a lot. It’s a photo of my tiny world, where I usually walk around and suddenly can do it like that. Thank you my dear friend.

Jim Jakosh, Ohhh yes totally a kid with a cave and I am pleased, there are nothing I would change, except to use real glass, the acryl will wear out, but then it’s easy to replace. Laugh yes I think also it’s jealousy and even worse a lack of being able to feel joy for others, it’s a poor life, if one can’t that, but compassion can be trained, so there are hope for them. ;-) Smiles, it’s a wee small for sleeping up there, or more so I’m too old, laughs. Cheers my friend.

Sylvain, I did invite the nays, one of them actually went up there and were a wee disappointed to find out there were nothing to complaint about, so he said; ‘in principal you could look to my garden, if i were sunbathing naked’, I replied ‘dear x I promise you, that if you did, I would never look that way, under any circumstances and besides that, your hedge is 60cm tall, so anyone could see you…’. Laughs. The others did not bother to go up there. I think patience is the word. That’s really beautiful a tear edge. Thanks, for the advice and thoughts.

doubleDD, Yes it’s a place to get lost in time, to just be. Thank you dear Dave.

Kaerlighedsbamsen, kæft hvor jeg elsker dit navn her på LJ. Big smile thanks, I love that image ‘a tiny caste in the sky’, I’ll hold that in my heart. Yes it has been a project, that were created entirely on intuition and pleasure, so I’m soo happy you can feel it.

Pottz, big smile, I will bring you up there with me next time, I’m there, in my thoughts you will come. Thank you for the wishes.

sras, Thank you for those kind words, I take that as a touching compliment. Big warm smile here.

GR8HUNTER, Yes, that is the point, the lack of empathy. I have been sitting up there sending them kind a loving thoughts, hoping for them, that their lifes will be full of happiness, so they can learn. For me that is the best way to neutralize that kind of behavior. ;-) Thank you, I promise I will do my best and add a couple of cold beers, to double the joy.

Best of my good thoughts,

-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect.

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3563 posts in 3923 days

#13 posted 10-21-2021 01:15 PM

A very nice thing you have there! I have a book, by an architect named Susanka, entitled “The Not So Big House”. She/He (can’t remember) says we shoulid think about spaces rather than rooms. You have made a very nice space. Actually the world is the space and you are intruding into it from your little houise.

I like the photo with the power-lines (two pictures below the moon). There is a lot in that, if you think about it. The wires are real and connect some things together – and there must be people at both ends of those wires – making and consuming electricity – perhaps now using electric stove to cook their dinner and electric lights to light their houses. But also, there is the setting sun – a day completed – another to look forward to… and trees that grew under the light of the sun .. and a bird resting on the wire who has the power of flight but chose to sit, like you and look at the sunset.


-- I intended to be a woodworker, but turned into a tool and lumber collector.

View Brit's profile


8457 posts in 4127 days

#14 posted 10-21-2021 02:35 PM

Wow, that’s deep Paul.

-- Andy - Old Chinese proverb says: "If you think something can't be done, don't interrupt man who is doing it."

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1184 posts in 1793 days

#15 posted 10-29-2021 05:30 AM

So very cool Mads. I bet the women that complained was unattractive and so she was worried about nothing. ;-)

-- John D, OP, KS

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