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Blog series by MC updated 03-16-2018 06:44 PM 21 parts 31008 reads 60 comments total

Part 1: The Beginning

02-07-2017 01:03 AM by MC | 8 comments »

I have started a project that for me is enormous. A kitchen remodel with me building the kitchen cabinets. First came many weeks of planning and many drawings. The cut list has 294 parts just for the face frame and doors. I have purchased 19 pre finished 4×8 sheets of plywood and 250 board feet of 5/4 rough sawn cherry. Before I could do anything I needed to build a rack for all the plywood. Note: would have been better to do this before delivery. This weekend I ...

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Part 2: A lot of sawdust.

02-13-2017 02:24 AM by MC | 1 comment »

For spending as many hours in the shop this weekend it does not seem like I got much done. I did finish rough dimensioning the 294 Parts! This took much longer than anticipated. I had a lot more waste than I thought I would. I budgeted for 25% scrap and barely had enough lumber. One 4’ by 7” board left. If I make any mistakes I will need more lumber, I think I will order it now. I built a rack with saw horses to start organizing the lumber and started to work on ru...

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Part 3: Weekend # 3 dust collector about to give out.

02-22-2017 12:25 AM by MC | 1 comment »

I do not have much to post this weekend. Spent the entire weekend jointing and planing the lumber and I am still not done. I have about three more hours of work before I can start building. After three yard bags and one full trashcan can of sawdust my dust collector is near done. It was given to me and I got a couple of years out of it so no worries. Will pick one up in another week. I also solved the lack of space situation by renting a storage pod; anything not related to building cabin...

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Part 4: Demo Day

02-28-2017 01:24 AM by MC | 10 comments »

I did not spend anytime in the shop this weekend but instead spent the weekend tearing out our old kitchen, there is no going back now. We have taken everything down to the studs so that we can move electrical, plumbing, gas, and HVAC lines. The floor will come out next. When planning our kitchen I transferred measurements from my sketches to story sticks. This helped me find a couple of design errors before completing my final drawings. Story sticks were then updated with th...

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Part 5: First face frame!

03-07-2017 02:06 AM by MC | 1 comment »

Good weekend in the shop. After hauling away the last of the old cabinets and pulling a few nails out of the ceiling I treated my neighbors to the sound of my planer. I finished planing the rest of the face frame parts and built a new cross cut sled. I next built an assembly table for the face frames. Nothing fancy, two hollow core doors joined with biscuits, pocket screws and attached to lumber I had jointed. I took time to make sure that the bottom and right side were perfectly squ...

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Part 6: Infrastructure

03-19-2017 11:20 PM by MC | 2 comments »

I have not got much done on the actual cabinets but have still done a lot of work over the past two weekends. After the plumbing, electrician, and plumber were finished I had work that I needed to get done before the drywall and floors went in. The story sticks I made helped identify areas that I needed to add blocking to support the new cabinets. Once the drywall was in I built the bases for the cabinets. The cabinet design I went with has separate bases that the cases will sit on to...

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Part 7: Lower face frames are done.

03-27-2017 12:23 AM by MC | 4 comments »

Over the week the new floor went in. I now have a finished shell waiting for cabinets. I am now officially the bottleneck of this project. I started the weekend assembling my new dust collector; the old one is done. I should have read the desciption better; when I flipped the on switch I immediately threw a breaker. This “sucker” requires 20 amp service and I only have 15 in the garage. The electrician will be here Monday. I finished all the face frames for the lower cab...

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Part 8: Making progress.

04-11-2017 12:57 AM by MC | 2 comments »

All face frames are done and I have finally moved on to the cases. I added a curved element to one of the face frames, the kreg beading bit would not cut a curve but fortunately I have a LN beading tool that did the trick. I did have to spend some time on a blank that came close enough to the bead from Kreg. Before assembly of the face frames I morticed in the hinges using some jigs I built. This did take some time but better now than after assembly. I am making raised panels for th...

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Part 9: 1st and largest cabinet is on the wall!

04-18-2017 01:48 AM by MC | 5 comments »

I finished (not counting doors) the first and largest cabinet this weekend. I added pocket screws to all the panels that would not be seen to hold the face frame on. For areas I could not add pocket screws I used a biscuit joiner, mostly for the rails. This also helped with alignment. Before assembly I added shelf pins using a jig from Veritas. I decided to add steel sleeves to the pin holes for durability. My shop is out of space and I had no place to assemble the cabinet soR...

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Part 10: 2 down 10 to go

05-16-2017 02:37 AM by MC | 3 comments »

I missed two weekends in the shop, Cub Scout camping weekend and work at the job that pays. I finished and hung another cabinet. The cabinet above the sink is 16 1/2” deep. This will eventually have 1 glass shelf and two large glass doors. The cabinet was designed specifically for some pottery the wife has and wants to display. I have started on the last upper cabinet on this wall. The side will have a raised panel which I was able to finish. There are three other side panel...

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Part 11: Measure twice cut once.

05-30-2017 12:36 AM by MC | 4 comments »

The third cabinet has been a challenge. Starting with the extra set of hinge mortices I mentioned in my last blog, I had to repeat just about every cut I made. In my effort to hurry I wound up spending more time on this one cabinet then the first two combined. To repair the extra mortices, I took apart the face frame and cut the bead off with a band saw and cleaned it up with some planes. From a piece of scrap I cut a new bead and again cleaned up with hand planes. The new bead was glued i...

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Part 12: Lower cabinets

06-12-2017 12:24 AM by MC | 3 comments »

Made some progress and finished the cases for the three cabinets on the sink side of the kitchen. To save $ I used maple plywood instead of cherry. With the exception of the sink and corner cabinet all the lowers will have drawers so the maple will not be seen. The maple plywood was 2/3 the price of the cherry plywood. The lower case construction is simple rabbits and dados. The largest of the cases, my table saw was not large enough to cut the center dado. Instead made a simple jig and us...

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Part 13: First Lower Cabinets Installed

06-28-2017 12:13 AM by MC | 4 comments »

Finished the lower cabinet cases on the sink side of the kitchen, half of the cases are now built and installed! I made the bases for the cabinets out of pine. If I had to do it again I would use poplar. When I first installed they were not the correct height. I was not sure how thick the floor would be so I waited until now to rip these to the correct height. For appearances I resawed 1/4” pieces of cherry and laminated to the bases after finishing. Once the cabinets were inst...

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Part 14: A temporary situation

07-03-2017 11:54 PM by MC | 3 comments »

I spent this weekend moving us back into the kitchen. I made a temporary countertop out of melanine and installed a $15 sink with a $17 faucet. It is not pretty but functional while I work on the other side of the kitchen. I also installed the vent hood that has been sitting on the floor since March. As for the cabinets, I had incorporated into the cabinet design a filler strip between the dishwasher and sink. This was to allow the door to open without rubbing into the sink bump...

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Part 15: Back at it.

08-08-2017 01:08 AM by MC | 2 comments »

Another cabinet is up. With each cabinet done there is less material that I am tripping over in the shop. I took three weekends off from working in the kitchen. The first weekend was cleaning up storm damage in the yard followed by a weeks vacation with the family. It is now time to get in the shop and finish this project. After cutting the panels i use a dado set to cut rebates and dados in the panels. The next step is to add cherry edge banding to all plywood edges tha...

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Part 16: The twins are up!

08-31-2017 09:21 PM by MC | 1 comment »

My last two upper cabinets, nicknamed the twins, are hanging on the wall. I am not sure why but it felt good to pack up and put away some of the tools that I will not need for some time. I guess it is a sign that I am closer to being done. These cabinets took some time to build with the nine raised panels. I had enough of the wide boards to make six of the panels from a single piece of wood. The other three I had to joint. Still feels good to take rough sawn lumber to a finished...

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Part 17: All cabinets are in.

09-06-2017 10:28 PM by MC | 1 comment »

I had a nice long five day weekend to devote to the kitchen project. I finished the last two cabinets and we scheduled to have measurements for the new countertop. Before installing the cabinets I built a box for the toe kick vent and added insulation. I like the separate base for this design, leveling the cabinets is much easier. I resawed 1/8” cherry veneers and laminated to the bases. Very excited to be done with the cases. Next weekend I will start on the d...

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Part 18: Shelves

09-28-2017 11:16 PM by MC | 0 comments »

It has been some time since my last blog but I have been busy. New countertop has been ordered, I have no idea when it will arrive. All the shevles are now in. These did not take too long to build but the finishing process was tedious. For the shevles I used up a lot of the scrap plywood I had on hand. Consequently, some of the shevles have the grain direction perpendicular to the edging. Doors will be on the cabinets so I am not to worked up about it. The edging is 1 1/2” by...

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Part 19: Drawers!

11-04-2017 10:28 AM by MC | 1 comment »

October was a busy month but I did manage to fit in installing most of the drawer slides and finishing nine of the seventeen drawers. The cherry on the face frames have darkened since they were completed months ago and contrast against the recently planed drawer fronts. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the aging process to catch up. We also had our new quartz countertop installed this month and the plumber finished his work with the sink and pot filler. I ...

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Part 20: I'm back and all kitchen drawers are in!

02-15-2018 12:07 AM by MC | 3 comments »

The holidays and some other projects temporarily put the kitchen project on hold but I am back at it. The deep drawers were time consuming as there was a limited supply of maple that was wide enough. I used this material on the sides which is the most visible. The fronts and backs required jointing up the panels. I came across some nice figured cherry but not enough to do all of the drawer fronts, just enough for four of the drawers. I used this material on four of the deep drawers...

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Part 21: Door construction

03-16-2018 06:44 PM by MC | 1 comment »

The three doors, and the only doors on the lower cabinets are finished and installed. I made a couple of errors and took some time to figure a few things out but I am now moving forward with the many doors up top! The doors, like the face frame are 1” thick. With this dimension the standard 1/4” tongue and groove on the cope and stick bits seemed inadequate. The adjustable freud bits I have were easy to adjust for a perfect 5/16”. It did take a few tries but once ...

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