Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

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Blog series by justoneofme updated 05-09-2013 11:25 PM 12 parts 31694 reads 171 comments total

Part 1: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

03-08-2013 08:40 AM by justoneofme | 14 comments »

Considering what stipulates a ”Blog Entry” this one hits them all! The Marquetry Wine Box Saga is ”a project in progress”. Through numerous queries,fascinating discussions, encouraging comments and most definitely … awesomely beautiful contributions regarding the Art of Marquetry from fellow Lumberjocks … the ”inspiration” for me to work a Marquetry design felt like a dormant seed taking sprout! After numerous years with interests running al...

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Part 2: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

03-13-2013 07:28 PM by justoneofme | 10 comments »

Hi Everyone ... I’m back at it again with my latest Marquetry project … ready to blog a small section for you to chew upon! This is where I left off, leaving you all in suspense …. ..... because now I’m going to delve into the mysterious, but not very complicated wonders of sand-shading! This is my set-up for sand-shading. There’s a hotplate, which I block up for some air space between that and the board everything sits upon. The round cake pan h...

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Part 3: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

03-14-2013 07:45 PM by justoneofme | 14 comments »

Before I confuse the issue of sand-shading any further … I’m going to delve into the problem of veneer shrinkage due to excessive heat applied during the process. This one’s for you Mike! If you notice that very last piece of veneer (sand-shaded) set into place … and the gap between it and the cardboard template … first off, the photo is enlarged for better visibility so that gap you see isn’t actually all that wide in real life!! However … a...

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Part 4: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

03-18-2013 05:20 AM by justoneofme | 15 comments »

Hi Everyone! At the rate I’m going … you could all be reading the Marquetry Wine Box Saga into Part 30 by summertime!! ... that’s if you are still willing to read up all about this project!! Maybe I’m too long winded?! I know everyone likes to look at the pictures … so I’ll try to refrain from too much of the verbal stuff. And so to start off Part 4, we take one step back. I had just completed the facial features, then went ahead and sand-shaded the ...

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Part 5: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

03-27-2013 02:47 AM by justoneofme | 11 comments »

Welcome back everyone! I’ll jump right into this next blog from where I finished off last time. Thankfully things are progressing … although my pace may seem rather slow! I actually consider myself extremely lucky if I can manage one full day in my workshop each week. Ecstatic if more than that!! Most days I’m split between family, friends, domestic chores … and now that the weather is finally showing off in the most awesome way, spring gardening has been taki...

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Part 6: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

04-02-2013 08:57 PM by justoneofme | 9 comments »

Back at last! Our weather has been so absolutely beautiful these past weeks, intermingled with Easter holiday … much time was spent in the Great Outdoors!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, and maybe even some good spring sunshine as well! The flower beds are tidied up and ready to show off their budding glory, but alas the rain has returned. And so … it’s time to continue on with this Marquetry series! I’m sure you all remember how many adorable l...

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Part 7: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

04-09-2013 08:30 AM by justoneofme | 12 comments »

Hello My Loyal LumberJock Followers!! Finishing off previously, I told you that Nouveau Gal’s bouquet would be next on the agenda … and how fitting for this to happen with Spring now starting to bloom all over the place!! Her bouquet (seen through all that tape!) is full of grapes, flowers and leaves. At least the grape clusters are safely tucked away until needed … but now I have a whole bunch of flowers to make! And I say a whole bunch, because I definitely wan...

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Part 8: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

04-14-2013 04:10 AM by justoneofme | 13 comments »

Hey there … I’m back … and if anyone is taking notice of my ‘usual-blog-per-week’ schedule … I’m ahead of myself!! That doesn’t happen very often … but I figured you were all just as eager to see Nouveau Gal’s bouquet come to life, as I was to show you!! Just to refresh your memory ….. the clusters of grapes and all those flowers are completely ready to use. The Poplar veneer was chosen for the bouquet background, and the ...

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Part 9: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

04-21-2013 06:10 AM by justoneofme | 16 comments »

Holy Moly but time is flying by!! There are slips of paper all around my kitchen desk (where I’m blogging to you all on my laptop at this very moment!) ... messages reminding me to do this … do that … don’t forget … appointments to keep … plans to make … phone calls. Yikes!! I don’t know about you folks, but when I see this kind of mess pile up I just head straight to the workshop :) Today I couldn’t avoid it any longer … the mes...

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Part 10: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

04-28-2013 07:52 AM by justoneofme | 17 comments »

Hi Everyone! It’s been a wonderful time filled with family, visitations, luncheons and dinners … all in celebration of my Dad’s 93rd Birthday!! But now our company has gone back home … the dust has settled … and I’ve finally returned to some serious time in the workshop. Finishing off Nouveau Gal’s hair means this main front panel for my wine box is complete! At the same time Nouveau Lady got her hairdo done too … so I could work o...

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Part 11: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

05-07-2013 07:09 AM by justoneofme | 16 comments »

Gosh Darn Everyone … that was pretty mean of me to leave you all in suspense like that!! But pressing the main Art Nouveau design onto the front of the wine box turned out absolutely fine … and better yet … I found those missing photos relating to the other 3 panels!! BUT ... before I get farther into this blog I’m wondering if anyone out there has had a window jump up in front of them while on this particular site stating: ”Warning … Visiting this site...

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Part 12: Merlot Anyone?! - The Marquetry Wine Box Saga

05-09-2013 11:25 PM by justoneofme | 24 comments »

Well at long last I greet you all with the last blog on this Marquetry Wine Box Saga!! Keeping my 93 year old father company (these past two day) while he recovers from a nasty lung infection, has given me ample opportunity to catch up on computer stuff. And now I can devote a few relaxing hours to the composition of this final blog! Hummmmm … you’re right Mike ... Nouveau Gal does look a bit ‘sly’!! And yes … I promise to get some better pics of her ...

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