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Blog series by jonlruss updated 12-27-2016 06:56 PM 15 parts 26805 reads 17 comments total

Part 1: And so it begins...

07-29-2015 03:15 PM by jonlruss | 3 comments »

So after several years of wanting a shop building, or to at least be able to set up a small shop in the garage, the garage option presented itself and I’ve been working towards making part of one side of the garage into something usable for woodworking. I’d finally reached the goal I’d been trying to get to, which is having it to the point I could bring my dad’s table saw to the house so I can actually get some projects going. Like so many others, my dad had bought a C...

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Part 2: Short Update

08-03-2015 04:09 PM by jonlruss | 1 comment »

Not much to add. Haven’t gotten to put in as much time on the saw as I’ve wanted the last few days what with the non-woodworking parts of my life getting in the way. Got the miter slot aligned with the blade as well as I could using a very uncooperative combination square. I have a dial indicator, but need to make a base for it that’ll fit in the miter slot. Just using the combo square the slot was a good 1/16” off which from cuts I had made on it before bringing it ho...

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Part 3: A bit more progress

08-13-2015 10:04 PM by jonlruss | 0 comments »

Thought I’d be done with my immediate plans for the saw, but real life along with 100+ temperatures have conspired to keep me out of the garage. After a few fits and starts on getting the fence done, I finally got finished installing it last Saturday. Good thing one of the other times I had started it that I didn’t finish as I found I had measured from the blade wrong for my zero line. Having gotten that straightened out I figured it’d be smooth sailing from then on I was wr...

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Part 4: Phase 1 complete

08-24-2015 03:02 PM by jonlruss | 1 comment »

I was able to spend a little time in the garage this weekend and finish up what I’m calling phase 1 of my table saw project. The saw’s been cleaned, lubed, tuned, a new fence installed, and now the paddle switch and a power strip have been added. I really like the way the mount for the switch turned out. It’s solid and not in the way while being easily accessible. I still couldn’t get the aluminum weld to work. I think my propane torch just couldn’t get the heat ...

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Part 5: Short interim post

09-10-2015 01:54 AM by jonlruss | 0 comments »

Took a little time over the weekend to check alignment of the saw. Miter to blade was good but the fence needed tweaking. Made a few test cuts on some long pegboard scrap and it was spot on. Turns out the power strip I added to the back of the base just doesn’t have the umph to handle the saw so I’m going to have to replace it. I had a feeling that might happen so I’m not surprised. Best thing was Half Price Books had a sale going and I hit the jackpot on old issues of Woods...

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Part 6: Back to work

07-06-2016 08:34 PM by jonlruss | 0 comments »

I finally had a chance to get back to building a mobile workstation for my saw. After much back and forth I finally settled on my design. A few weeks ago the wife was gone for the weekend so I decided it was a good time to get started. That weekend the only thing I got done was the mobile base, but at least I felt like I was on my way. I kind of wavered on where to pick up next with it the following weekend and decided the router top extension wing made sense. I got to work on that, making th...

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Part 7: Getting there

07-11-2016 06:22 PM by jonlruss | 0 comments »

Was able to get quite a bit done this weekend. I had most of the parts already cut from last weekend so this weekend was mostly assembling and painting. This is the mobile base that was already done. Saturday everything was moving along pretty smoothly in spite of the heat. For the sake of working space and air circulation, I moved out to the driveway and set up a canopy. I thought I was going to make it further, but late in the afternoon, I was inside taking a cooling off break when ...

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Part 8: A little further

08-01-2016 08:12 PM by jonlruss | 0 comments »

After not being able to get any work on my workstation done the previous two weekends, I finally got to spend some time on it this past weekend. There wasn’t huge progress, but it was a step forward. I got the saw actually attached to the base finally, and installed the router table extension. I also got the sides for the drawer that goes under the saw cut and painted. I also installed the slides for it to the case. I plan on making a fence for the router that will attach to the saw ...

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Part 9: Still plodding along

09-19-2016 03:41 PM by jonlruss | 0 comments »

Once again with weather and other commitments I haven’t made a lot of progress. Also the fact that I’ve been devoting the time I have worked on this on the router end has slowed me down. Over the last few weeks I got the opening for the router plate and the miter track cut out, got the router, plate, and track mounted. It didn’t take too long to get that done. The rest though has been chewing up much more time than I anticipated. Other than a large bottom drawer to hold rout...

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Part 10: And on we go

11-14-2016 08:51 PM by jonlruss | 2 comments »

When I started this project one thing I thought as I went through the blogs of others was, how can it take so long? Here I am months after starting and boy do I get it now. Between family obligations, vacation, getting sick, weather, and only getting so many hours over a weekend that can be devoted to it I really understand now. At any rate, the last two weekends I’ve managed to get in a little more time working on this. Unfortunately I got a late start on Saturday, if I’d had ...

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Part 11: Almost done with one end

11-21-2016 10:54 PM by jonlruss | 4 comments »

Was able to finish the bottom drawer on the router table end of the workstation. I also decided to splurge (yeah, right) and bought some wood knobs for the drawers. The metal pull on the big drawer is clearance from Lowe’s. I found about a dozen like this for 82 cents each. Couldn’t pass that up. They were cheaper than the wood knobs at 87 cents lol. Also I think they’ll be better for the larger drawers that’ll have more weight in them. Once I had all of thi...

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Part 12: Can I have that time back?

11-28-2016 09:04 PM by jonlruss | 2 comments »

Well I didn’t get to really put in anymore time over the long weekend than I would have over a regular weekend. Actually even less, so not a lot of progress. Did add a line to draw dust out of the router enclosure to where I’ll connect to it in the back of the workstation. I know I really shouldn’t have a 90 degree turn in the line but it’s a fairly small enclosure and I never really expected to be able to draw all of the dust anyway. Apart from that, all I got don...

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Part 13: Another drawer down

12-05-2016 09:18 PM by jonlruss | 0 comments »

Had a little time this past weekend and was able to get another drawer done in spite of the rain. I cleaned and arranged a little so I had enough room at the garage door to be able to spin the workstation around and face it out the opened door. I had already made the pieces for this drawer but after deciding to do the router end, just left them until I got back to it. At the time I tried mixing some of the gray paint I have with some white and for some reason it didn’t make the lighter ...

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Part 14: Who was messing with the thermostat?

12-19-2016 05:57 PM by jonlruss | 2 comments »

Got to spend a little time working on Saturday. Had hoped for an earlier start since the weather was going to be nice most of the day, but had to run some errands with SWMBO in the morning. Knew this might be my last chance to actually be able to work in the driveway with nice weather so I’d really hoped to get to a point that what I had left I could do in the garage with it closed up. I managed to get the three drawers and faces that are going next to the one large drawer below the saw...

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Part 15: Seems like baby steps

12-27-2016 06:56 PM by jonlruss | 2 comments »

Managed to sneak out to the garage for a couple of hours yesterday and was able to get the three drawers I built the previous weekend installed. I haven’t gotten the faces put on them yet, but they’re in. The bottom one is rather stubborn. After I got it installed I measured and the opening is about 1/8” smaller than it is at the top so it binds just a bit. Thought maybe I’d spray it with some dry lube to see if that makes it a little smoother. The top drawer has a hea...

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