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Blog series by naomi weiss updated 02-26-2017 09:25 AM 13 parts 31755 reads 93 comments total

Part 1: Getting the Lumber

03-18-2010 10:42 AM by naomi weiss | 9 comments »

So it’s finally happened! Of course, the day before i read that the Schwarz is coming out with another workbench book, this one more hand-tool-apartment-dweller-friendly, but no matter :-/.The lumber has been ordered and picked up. I know it’s premature to thank ppl for helping me build a workbench when all i have is a pile of lumber, so for now, i suppose i would like to mention that there are two people without whom i could not have a pile of lumber that is hopefully soon to be ...

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Part 2: Ah, Crap--Whinge Fest

05-10-2010 09:31 PM by naomi weiss | 3 comments »

From Roubo Slumber This is the current state of my Roubo. I’m pretty embarrassed about that, given that i have had the lumber for a few months now. I have encountered several glitches, besides my doctorate (when it gets in the way of woodworking, that’s exactly how i think of the damn thing). -First off, i miscalculated the stretchers. Since it’s 2 laminated pieces, one should be shorter than the other, and i ordered 2 of the same size (and shorter at that! the width betwe...

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05-12-2010 11:51 AM by naomi weiss | 7 comments »

יום ירושלים First off, thanks to everyone for their encouragement. I really do appreciate it. Note to self: If you think something nice whilst reading someone else’s stuff, tell them—you never know what your comments can generate. I looked at the wood and thought—what the hell? How badly can i f this up (probably more than i can guess, so i am thankful for that blind-spot)? Let’s look at the wood, and forget about getting the bloody things objectively flat; how a...

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Part 4: Well, 3b, Actually

05-12-2010 12:29 PM by naomi weiss | 2 comments »

I moved the lumber outside, rather than clamping on the floor in my lounge, and added my bar clamps as well. Still dry clamping, though:From Roubo SLumberRelocating the work to where it ought to be—the shop! Not sure why the weight of all the clamps hasn’t toppled it. And i even had to position a bar clamp outside the window! From Roubo SLumberMore clamps was a good idea…

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Part 5: Top Glue-up (1/4 Sections) & Sizing of the Stretchers

05-13-2010 03:32 PM by naomi weiss | 3 comments »

Well, here are some photos from the first glue up: From Roubo SLumberThe Schwarz said that pine is resinous and resists glue so acetone helps. From Roubo SLumberThe roller idea is the Renaissance Woodworker’s—and i like it! From Roubo SLumber From Roubo SLumberProbably should have waited till it was a bit more dry and firm… Also, i decided to see what could be done with the botched stretchers.From Roubo SLumberCutting 4” off half of my bottom stretchers to make t...

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Part 6: Starting to Look Like a Proper Bench: The Top

05-15-2010 11:09 PM by naomi weiss | 7 comments »

Wow. So it’s really coming together. For my last glue up, i used my crappy workmate rip-off and the strongest natural clamp—gravity.From Roubo SLumberOnce the last section had been in clamps for a few hours, i just had to go for it (damn instant gratification…)From Roubo SLumberGranted, it’s not the most neat glue-up, and might resemble a game of Jenga from an angle, but i do feel some sense of achievement!From Roubo SLumberAll i have to say is thanks to Marc Spagnolo'...

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Part 7: Some Considerations Along the Way, or a Cry for Help

05-17-2010 06:55 AM by naomi weiss | 18 comments »

As i have been building this thing, i have had my nose in the Schwarz’s book. However, i cringed when during my review i read this: Once you look at the characteristics that make a species good for a workbench, you see that white oak, Southern yellow pine, fir, poplar or just about any species (excepting bass wood and the soft white pines) will perform brilliantly. (p.14) And for some salt in the wound: Anyone who has purchased a white pine 2×4 bench from a home center can...

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Part 8: Shiftless

05-20-2010 10:17 PM by naomi weiss | 5 comments »

Sorry i have not updated this series in a bit. I have to put the Roubo on hold for a bit. I have a chapter of my dissertation due, and i am also busy with sorting out my drivers licence here so i can get a little 125cc scooter. I hope to be posting and doing more Roubo soon!

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Part 9: Roubo and Research

05-21-2010 09:23 AM by naomi weiss | 5 comments »

I just wrote a post about how woodworking empowers other aspects of our lives. You can read it here.

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Part 10: Self Control

05-25-2010 03:04 PM by naomi weiss | 14 comments »

OK, who am i kidding? I couldn’t just stay away! I am trying to limit myself, though. So as a reward for studying, i allowed myself to cut a few tenons.From Roubo SLumberMy circular saw was doing a crap job even though i set it for shallow cuts, and it actually started smoking! So i had to cut the tenons by hand. Way more enjoyable. Again, i love my shark saw! Below is a comparison between the cuts. Can you guess which is the hand-sawn tenon?From Roubo SLumberYep, the one on the right.W...

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Part 11: Minimal Progress ;-)

06-03-2010 10:22 AM by naomi weiss | 8 comments »

OK, so i flipped the top and started milling the top of the bench. On Monday, i had my driving theory exam and passed! Yay! And i was near the hardware store so i popped in for some bigger bolts. Turns out they only come in 10cm (is this true?!) so i had to buy a long one—over a metre (bigger than a yard!) and cut it into pieces. Does this sound right to everyone? I kind of thought having a head on the bolt gave torque advantage…

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Part 12: Leg Glue Up & Holdfast Question

06-22-2010 08:39 PM by naomi weiss | 9 comments »

After a good day in the library, i decided to reward myself by gluing up one leg (it’s the only one with all 3 pieces dimensioned properly). I opted for the Schwarz’s gluing up accoutrement (part of a multi-grain cheerio box in my case) rather than my roller, as i didn’t want to wash it up after one use. Jury’s still out on the method. I did dare to change one piece of his advice, though, and i am throwing it out there for other beginners who find making jigs more inti...

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Part 13: Picking it Up Again, For Real!

02-26-2017 09:25 AM by naomi weiss | 3 comments »

Just a quick post to say that I am really building my Roubo! And I mean it this time! The baby is in daycare and the husband has gone to get some lumber for me. I had made a mistake in my ordering, and in the end, my bench will have some kind of an apron ( I know, not really a French bench), and won’t be pretty, but hey, it’ll get the job done, and I will get back to woodworking!! I assembled this workbench from Costco when I was 8 months pregnant. I was pretty disappointed tha...

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