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Part 1: Scrollsaw Pattern Information Books

01-19-2011 08:20 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

As I started scrollsawing a few months ago, one of the first things I looked for was available patterns. An Internet search did a fair job of returning FREE and for a price patterns. However my frustration was all of the SPAM I found. Here I am specifically talking about the sites that report free scrollsaw patterns and then tell you that you have 450 infected files on your computer and will fix them – for a fee. Seems when I searched for Fretwork is the worst tag word. Next I starte...

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Part 2: Dirk Boelman

01-20-2011 02:55 AM by jerrells | 4 comments »

After a little reading I have run across the name of Dirk Boelman, “proably the most talented and productive designer and developer of fretwork patterns today”. You can do a Google search and find lots of information about him or go the The Art Factory web site and see (or purchase) his patterns. as I continue to research and resource the area of Victorian Fretwork it seems that there is a lot in good information out there.

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Part 3: Everything Includes the Scrollsaw

01-22-2011 04:56 PM by jerrells | 0 comments »

It is interesting, to me, that once I have started this process now everything includes some element of the scrollsaw. My sister-in-law needed a new 4” x 4” mail box post. You know, simple get some 4×4’s and half-lap them together or purchase one of the ready made kits. NOPE! Not this time and not me, now. Yes I purchased the 4×4’s (recycled wood) and I half-lapped (yes, I got that joint TOOO tiight) them together. Now comes the fun part. I included victor...

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Part 4: Scrollsaw - The Business Side

02-01-2011 06:03 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

As I am now semi-retired and looking for new things to do I have thought, a lot, about using the scrollsaw to make a little money. First I think I am fairly good at the process of making things not that I don’t have lots yet to learn. I know that some of you have a business side to your woodworking and/or scrollsawing. Where possible I hace read and learned from each of you. I have, also, searched to Internet for information about “The Business Side of Craft Shows” and ̶...

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Part 5: The Business Side of Scrollsaw, Part 2

02-07-2011 12:10 AM by jerrells | 1 comment »

So as I continue to look at the business side of doing scrollsaw work, that is earning money for your (my) work, I am collecting information from all available resources. Most of this information will be used, in the initial stages, to attend Craft and Woodworking shows. There seems to be so much information available that with a little research one should be well prepaired to attempt this type of operation. So here is the information I have found, so far. 1. Research the type of shows ava...

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Part 6: Scrollsaw Blade Tension

02-12-2011 07:09 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

I read alot about blade tension and I kn ow that is a problem I have. Most of what I read talks about the sound of the blade. That sound reasonable. However I just saw a new post that talked about defection as a better method. The comment was the the thickness of the balde would change the sound and as I should always be wearing my hearing aids I could not tell anyway. It seems that this deflection should be a better method. I will be trying this out this afternoon (as it is finally warmer in...

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Part 7: ScrollSaw Information and Resources #7:

02-23-2011 10:04 PM by jerrells | 4 comments »

OK Jocks – I have a blade question. I have a Porter Cable 16” scrollsaw (like you get at the big hardware stores) and I am starting to have problems with the lower blade holder. When using PLAIN END blades (loike a #2) seems like the lower clamp lets go most of the time. It is getting fuustrating. I tighten it as hard as I can and make sure it is in the center of the screw. What else cai/should I be doing. This is no fun at all.

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Part 8: Information on Porter Cable Scrollsaw

03-01-2011 03:40 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

As I posted, about a week ago, I was having problems with the lower clamp holding the blade (like plain end #2) on my Poter Cable Scrollsaw. After some discussion with Poter Cable they are sending me a whole new lower clamp assembly. However it is the same as the one I have and my fear is that it will not address the issue. You see the real problem is that the thumb screw is under the table and you need to reach around the left side to tighten the screw while holding the blade through the hol...

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Part 9: Lower Blade Clamp - Part 2

03-05-2011 03:53 AM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I had posted some issues and problems with the lower blade clamp on my Poter Cable saw. I, also, stated that I was going to try a hex screw as a replacement, which I did. It worked find and the blade was more than secure however I think it contributed to the vibration on the saw. So I went back to the plastic headed thumb screw supplied with the say however is created a wooden turning knob like the one Steve Good has on the upper clamp of his saw. Now when I insert a new blade I will ...

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Part 10: First Craft Show

05-16-2011 03:19 AM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I am considering entering my forst craft show this fall. As I have now been scrolling about a year I think I have enought experence and patterns to do ne successfully. Here is a general plan and outline of what I have thought of so far – however add and correct as youmay wish. 1. Number of items to take – I am consiidering the following 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 60 ??? 2. Types of itmes to take – looking at a varity of items to reach all types of persons attending. 3. Pric...

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Part 11: ScrollSaw Business - Making Money That Is

08-08-2011 10:39 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

So I have been Scrolling for about a year now and, I think, getting better at it all the time. First of all reading and watching all the tutorials I can find. Thanks a lot to Shelia Landry and Steve Good for their part in that. Then lots of practice – LOTS. As all of this comes to play, learning how to get the blade to go where I want it to, how to select the correct blade for the project, how to select the correct wood and then how to finish it to show off the work. It seems like an...

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Part 12: First Craft Show

09-13-2011 10:39 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

Well, as my project postings have been showing, I have entered my first craft show to be held on Oct. 1st. At first I could not figure IF I wanted to be part of the craft show scene. Most of the have drawbacks that I wanted to avoid. First of all the entry fee is generally high. Second a lot of them last several days. And third, most of them require a LOT of product so that you can last till the end of the show. All of these reasons lead me to think that I did not want to be part of this busi...

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Part 13: Being Productive in Scrollsaw Projects

09-23-2011 01:37 AM by jerrells | 2 comments »

As one can see, by all the projects I have posted lately, I am almost ready for my first craft show. However after all the cuttine of various projects I am wondering if the is a more productive method of scrollsaw cutting. YES, I know stack is the first and only method I know about. If you are able to stack cut three projects at the same time then I think I reach a productivity breakeven popint. However it is not possible with all of the patterns I cut. Second, the seasoned knowledge of...

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Part 14: First Craft Show - It Was Fun

10-03-2011 02:51 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

As any or you know who have looked at my postings for the past month or so I attended my first craft show last Saturday. This was a local event at a mission location of my Church. Seemed to be a safe place to start and it helped a cause the I well support. Overall I think I did fairly well. On of the first rules of craft shows is to recover the amount of your booth space. I did that in the first hour. Secondly is to sell some product and I well did that. Thirdly is to gauge the quality of ...

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Part 15: Consignments Stores - Are They Worth It?

10-08-2011 02:53 AM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I have been scrolling for some time and have sold by word of mouth and at a few Arts & Craft shows. All with a fair amount of success. Now I have found an opportunity to be involved in a Consignment Store to sell my product. However, my question is, are these worth the effort. The arrangement for this consignment store is the rent/least space by the shelf. You pay $20 per month for a shelf that is three foot wide and about 18 inches deep. All of the basic fixture items are provided lik...

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Part 16: Going to do the Consignment Store

10-13-2011 04:09 AM by jerrells | 2 comments »

I have been asking questions and seeking information about Consignment store opportunities both in my BLOG and through other sources. As I described I ran across a Consignment store opportunity that seems like the perfect starting point. The basic details are. 1. You lease store shelf/floor, wall space by the foot. A three foot shelf will run me about $20 per month.2. I set the selling price of all items I have in the store. I also place price tags on all items per store instructions.3. Th...

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Part 17: ScrollSaw Accessories ?????

10-22-2011 07:43 PM by jerrells | 7 comments »

So as Christmas is just around the corner the family has askled what TOOLS I want for Christmas. Well being a scrollsawer and loving to do smaller and smaller work I am looking for suggestions on new tool toys. To go with my scrollsaw I have a complete Dremel set up and that works well. As well I have a big router table, table saw and most all the hand tools. IT would seem to me that there would be a selection of small power tools for the scrollsawer. Like a mini-band saw, mini drill press a...

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Part 18: What Accessory Items are Needed or Wanted with a Scrollsaw.

10-27-2011 10:20 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

While researching what my family might purchase me for Christmas (and I hope they do) I have compiled a list of items that scrollsawer might want. YES a lot depends on what type of scrollsawing one does but this list seems fairly comprehensive. Of course the first assumed items are a scrollsaw and LOTS of pattern sources. After that it seems to me that one might want these items (in no specific order). 1. Blade Storage Systems.a. Lots of people use the round plastic storage tubesb. I have ...

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Part 19: Arts and Crafts Items - What Sells

10-29-2011 09:23 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

Hello to all Arts and Crafts woodworkers. but aren’t we all. I wish to pose a question that has no real answer. I currently sell arts and crafts type woodworking via word-of-mouth, friend to friend, advertising by posting pictures on Lumberjocks and Facebook (many friends know about these sites), and in a consignment store (this being just a week old). Now I must clarify that the scrollsaw is my primary tool of use in this operation. My question is what sells well for you, Of course this t...

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Part 20: On the way to the Scrollsaw

12-22-2011 02:34 AM by jerrells | 0 comments »

An interesting thing happen on the way to the scrollsaw, so to speak. Several customers have ask for special designs the Christmas. Well without LJ’s and all the many friends and excellant examples here I would have had a much harder time. A special thanks to Shelia Landry and to Steve Good for taking time to respond to requests. Also, to many LJ’s who have responded, invarious ways, to requests for information. It seems that the more you get into this scrollsaw stuff, the more...

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Part 21: New Scroll Saw Score - Part 2

12-27-2011 02:00 PM by jerrells | 6 comments »

Well I guess I ran a foul of the posting laws yesterday. In my excitement of getting a new Scroll Saw I assume that I posted it in the wrong area. Not that I have not seen lots of other posting place there that did not belong – Oh well lesson learned. As I have stated in my past post, I have begun reviewing my “business plan” for 2012. One of the items on the list is/was a better Scrollsaw. The Dewalt or Delta was the two of choice in my price range. I have been searching...

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Part 22: What a Difference a Scrollsaw Makes

01-09-2012 04:36 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

As anyone knows who has glanced at my postings, I owned (still do but trying to sell) a Porter Cable scrollsaw. YES I had my rants about it but, all in all, I think that I made it produce to its maximum level. I never understood its problems because it was the only scrollsaw that I had ever owned. AND YES I defended it as an entry price scrollsaw because I feel that some just can’t afford the higher priced units BUT should still try the art of scrollsawing. I DID. Now with some extra money...

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Part 23: Sound Level Reduction

01-26-2012 02:42 AM by jerrells | 7 comments »

OK Scrollers, and anyone else, I need some help and information. I went to see an ENT for one of those check up things. After a lot of questions he was none too happy that I scrollsaw or anything else related to power tools. Now I use a DeWalt (52DB there) and a bucket head vac. but I can find its noise rating. I have been wearing the over the head earmuffs (with a 25DB noise reduction rating). Today after a lot of research I purchase some of the foam inserts as a second level of protection. ...

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Part 24: Next Steps - or which way is up

02-21-2012 03:18 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

OK scrollers – I have been scrolling for about two years and have posted many projects. What is next on the business plan. This is the question I can’t seem to answer. What way do you take you hobby/ part time business and still make it FUN. I have kinda been in a lull since Christmas. I have done many craft shows and they seem fun and I do sell well at them but they seem few at this time of the year. I would love to have one about every six weeks to two months but that is not ...

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Part 25: Additional Tools to go with a ScrollSaw

04-27-2012 11:28 PM by jerrells | 0 comments »

As I continue my scrollsaw woodworking I am getting interested in a lot of ideas. Most of those ideas would be better served with additional tools other than a scrollsaw. Now I have a reasonable good table saw, a very good router, and a Dremel tool assortment that includes a router table, drill press and other accessories. There seem to be times when I am looking for a tool to do good percision work on a small scale. It seems that the router tabloe is one of the areas where I wish I had a ...

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Part 26: Additional Tools to Accompany a Scrollsaw

05-06-2012 11:09 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I posted the forum topic here, and on other forums, and really did not get an answer. Perhaps it is not that easy to answer. Perhaps I misstated the question. Perhaps it depends on the type of scrollsawing one does (which in my case is mostly fretwork). Well after lots of conversation and thoughts I will attempt to answer my own question even if only for myself. In doing so I will make no mention of brands of tools but only types. First of all I think you will need tools to reduce stock to...

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Part 27: A Good Day in the Shop - Kinda

05-12-2012 11:18 PM by jerrells | 0 comments »

Is was a good day in the shop – as Shelia would say – kind of. I have been organizing and throwing out. If I have not touched it in several years – OUT OF HERE. That is what I did not of the day. But then there is that scrollsaw sitting over there. A friend of mine wanted a hook to hand a quilt on the wall. OK first project. Now to the second. Well I wish I had gotten to the second. As I looked at the project I did not have enough wood for that one. OK another project ...

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Part 28: On my way to do some Scrolling

05-15-2012 09:11 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

So I have been a little behind in creating scrollsaw projects. Today was a perfect day to do some catch-up. The weather was nice with some breeze blowing and mild temperatures. I have projects all lined up and the material to complete some (see the previous post). So I was going to do some scrolling. Well as it happens, about a week ago I noticed a black dot in front of me floating around. I realized it was some optical issue but not sure what. I learned that it could be what is called ...

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Part 29: Scrollsaw Planning

06-07-2012 11:54 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

On my way out to the Scrollsaw several weeks ago I realized that I did not have the wood for the intended project. So it was either run to Rockler or find a different pattern. After pattern searching for about an hour I realized that this is pointless and a waste of time. Now I will admit to reading most all of Shelia’s blog’s on a daily basis. She always seems to have it under control. Also, I will admit that at one time, in my working life, I taught and sold Planning and Orga...

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Part 30: DeWalt DW788 Question

06-13-2012 09:08 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

On my DW788 where the upper part of the blade attaches it seems that that assembly is loose. There are two allen bolts that hold it in place but is seems looser than normal. The owners manual does not give instructions about tighten these or doing any maintainence in this area. Any adivice in this area – PLEASE.

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Part 31: Staining Baltic Birch Plywood

06-21-2012 11:52 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

OK this may be a really dumb question but here goes. Staining Baltic Birch Plywood. When you purchase it does it generally have some type of sealer on the surface. I just got finished cutting a fretwork clock out of baltic birch and staining it and it looks horrable. My only choice it to attempt to sand it and apply a different stain method. I generally get my wood from the local Rockler store but sometime purchase some from Lowes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Part 32: Selling on the ETSY WEB Site

06-26-2012 02:20 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

I am considering posting my scrollsaw products on the ETSY WEB Site. Hoave any of you experience with this process and have you had success. The whole idea seems simple. Very low cost to post an item – 20 centrs for four months and then 3.5% or the sale if you make one. Looking at the site stats it seems to get a lot of traffic – 1.3 million page views per month and 3 million items sold. This really seems like a NO-BRAINER. YEs if you really want to be successful you have got t...

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Part 33: Deciding which products to put on ETSY

07-01-2012 11:22 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

So, in my last BLOG entry I posed that I was considering posting products on ETSY. I got a lot of good responses. Now the decision of “WHICH ONES”. If you do not know, ESTY has a “Sellers Handbook” available on its site. Problem is that it is all in little segments and, therefore, not easy to print. However, as I am doing a real careful search and study on this, I copied all of the important sections and pasted them into a WORD document, all 100 pages. They, also, s...

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Part 34: ETSY Product Decisions

07-02-2012 06:43 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

As part of my decision to put some products on ETSY i did a little test. I choose three products, all clocks but a different designs. I E-Mailed pictures of all three to freinds of mine and ask the to choose one that they might take a second look at or be somewhat interested in IF they were surfing a WEB Site and saw them. The results: Clock A got 2 votes Clock B got 2 votes Clock C got (you guessed it) 2 votes. WELL I guess that helped my decisions process a lot.

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Part 35: Wood Gloat

07-04-2012 01:39 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

WE had a 60 year old oak tree in the back yard that died – DRATS!!! Anyway we had to have it taken down because of it’s size. I was smart enough to save some branches to use on furture. I have enough for several projects. One picture shows two branches that I have cut into strips 3/8 inchs wide. NOw I need to plane and sand them to size. The real story behind the tree is that when my daughter was about 5 or 6 we played ball under the tree in the evenings. I am sure ...

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Part 36: ETSY - TAXES how to do them

07-19-2012 03:57 AM by jerrells | 5 comments »

I have considered for some time starting an ETSY site and selling my product there. However after I downloaded that ESTY sales manuel and read it the section on SALES TAX frightens the STUFF out of me. It sounds like you have got to keep track of every sale you make and send a tax check to every little taxing authority in the US. This may sound as over kill however that is the way I read it. All my CPA will tell me (for FREE0 is if you owe a tax you have better pay it. Now there has got to be...

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Part 37: Exploring Options ????

07-21-2012 01:45 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I have been exploring new options for my scrollsaw. New items I can make or new areas I can get involved in. Is this a bad thing or not. The thing I like the best is scrollsaw fretwork. Little tiny cuts and lots of them. I think the thing I like the best is when you are finished customers will ask, ‘how in the world did you make that”? Well after all the cutting and glueing is done it was simple, right?. Now I sure that this will remain as the majority of my work. Lately I h...

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Part 38: New Mall to Sell my Scrollsaw items.

07-27-2012 12:42 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I have had my scrollsaw items in a small shop for about a year. Done OK however not great. As I have posted I have considered other venues but till yesterday had not chosen one. Yesterday I made verbal commitment to take space in a “MALL” craft store. This location was a grocery store until converted into a craft mall. All kinds of product from old antiques to new hand made items. Based on the research I did this mall is very well traveled. I first found out about it from a fri...

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Part 39: New Craft Mall - Part 2

08-03-2012 01:27 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

Yesterday I delivered about 10 more scrollsaw items to the new craft mall that I have joined. In this mall I have leased one cabinet, with 4 shelves, each 42 inches wide and 24 inches deep. At the present time I am a long way from filling my space, as you can see. However the space was available and they do go FAST in this mall. I waited one day to make up my mind and it was one nervious day. The mall manager had promised to hold the space for that amount of time however still I had ji...

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Part 40: Nice Things Come All at Once.

08-06-2012 11:15 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

Well it seems that nice things come all at once lately. I signed a lease in a new craft mall and now need to stock my shelves, quickly. Then I get a package from the original craft store I am in saying that they had signed me up for a craft show Sept. 22nd. That would be just under 7 weeks from today. I was in the show last year and it was great. Now they are paying for the booth so, like, I need to go. Stocking two craft stores with scrollsaw items, also, getting enough product ready for ...

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Part 41: Scroll Saw Blanks

08-13-2012 11:35 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

So I have been searching online for better scrolling wood. Something like 12 inches by 12 inches or larger. Specifically I am looking of Maple or Cherry. I have found this one source but they state that the center is MDF. Not sure what the means (YES I know what MDF is) or how that would look in a scrolling appilcation. Are they saying that the center is the same wood as the top and bottom layer however just ground up? I have used lots of baltic birch which looks fine. Thanks for any respo...

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Part 42: Pattern Sources - MY RANT

09-14-2012 12:42 PM by jerrells | 0 comments »

I have been thinking about this for some time even before some one else posted their thoughts. Pattern Sources – where do you get the best ones. WELL for me whereever I find them I want access to HELP if I need it. That would be the pattern designer person themself’s. More than several times I have E-Mailed the pattern designer and asked a question. Generally within two hours (or less) I have the answer. Now at present I only purchase, or get FREE, patterns from several souyrces a...

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Part 43: Next Step - Which Direction

09-19-2012 09:11 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

Well – I am trying to decide – which directions do I want to go next. Just can’t decide. First of all – where am I. 1. Currently in two craft malls and quite frankly – SALES SUCK! 2. Going to an Arts and Craft show this weekend and hoping for the best.3. Posting everything I make on Facebook and lots of lookers but very few sales.4. Thinking about ETSY but have not made the jump – just can’t decide. Second – what do I want to do.1. I want ...

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Part 44: I Love Detailed Fretwork - BUT !!

12-20-2012 01:27 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

I love to do detailed fretwork. The more detailed the better. However that don’t, or is not, paying the bills. Sales of those products at the price I charge, which is getting lower and lower, Just does not seem to be worth the time. Therefore for the first part of the year I am turning to toys. Not the I really like doing them or that they are any more worth the time and effort. All the painting that needs to be done are a pain in the backside. I am or have been in three different...

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Part 45: Decisions - Decisions

01-30-2013 01:03 AM by jerrells | 2 comments »

I have written, several times, about what to do next with my scrollsaw work. I have considered lots of things, toys, 3-D objects, jewelry and others. Well, for the most part, I have made a decision. The work I like best is detailed fretwork. The more detailed the better. So I have decided this will be the main focus of what I do. Why would one try yo do things that is just not part of what they wish to do. I have the choice. I am not really in this for money. Yes, if I make enough to buy s...

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Part 46: Decision Going Forward

02-27-2013 02:01 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

I have posted, several times, about which direction to take in making and trying to sell scrollsaw items. Many have responded with thoughts and ideas, and a big thank you. In reality, why not do what you love the best. My purpose in scrollsaw work is just a hobby, really. Now looking at the money I made last year I am truly surprised. However when compared to the hours spend the return per hour is very low. However the satisfaction of seeing people love and want to purchased my work is rea...

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Part 47: PayPal Card Issue

02-28-2013 04:15 PM by jerrells | 4 comments »

In order to open a store on ETSY, I took out a PayPal Master Care. I have loaded it with money and used it several times. However, the issue is every time I log into my account it requires me to change my password. So, I have done that, O about two dozen times. Even when I get to the first page and try to do anything the system will bounce me out and wants me to log in again. Of course the password I just set up will not work. Now I have E-Mailed PayPal more than a few times. They have be...

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Part 48: Enlarging PDF Files

04-12-2013 02:32 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I have a project that I am working on (to be posted in about a week) where I needed to enlarge a PDF pattern file. Have never done that before so I started out the very hard way. I would copy a section of the file, paste it into MS Publisher then draw some lines the right length and try to enlarge the pasted graphic to the size. Major problems were, time it took and the print were real fuzzy (pixel enlargement). Well after cutting the first several pieces I figured there had to be a better wa...

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Part 49: Scrolling brace for the wrist

05-05-2013 04:15 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

Do any of you use any type of brace/bandage/ or support for your wrist while scrolling. I am fairly sure that I am developing osteoarthritis in one or both wrists. I am trying several type of bandages and braces but thought I would pose this to someone who may have more experience in this are – CAUSE I will not give up my scrolloing.

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Part 50: Dust Reduction System

05-15-2013 01:00 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

As I have been “scrolling” for four years and other various woodworking projects for over twenty years I seem to have developed more sinus issues than normal. YEs it could be just this year or my “older” age. However I have decided to take a longer look at the issue. I have somewhat of a dust control system (post in the projects section” plus a use a shop vac. on the table saw and router. I was on the lookout for the DeWalt dust control unit that cost about $...

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Part 51: How to Price your Scroll Saw work and sell it

06-03-2013 11:12 PM by jerrells | 0 comments »

First of all I will need to admit that I struggle with this area. After about four years of doing scroll saw work for both customers and arts and craft shows I have come up with MY set of rules. Now I will admit that I borrowed most of the information and ideas from others but that is a way to get sound advice. If you choose to use any of the information be sure to make it your own. By that I mean tweak or change it to fit your needs or environment. Here are the several ways I and other scrol...

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Part 52: Making Money of Closing Shop???

07-04-2013 01:16 PM by jerrells | 7 comments »

I am seriously considering closing PA’s Workshop as far as sales, craft shows and any thing like that. My wife and I have talked about this several times. 1. She thinks that it is effecting my sinuses being out there with all the dust. Yes I have done some major dust control but it is still there. 2. I tend to do that and not my household chores. I am retired and she is not, so I try to pickup most of the household chores for her. 3. I got a letter from the state controllers of...

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Part 53: Closing Shop - BLOG ???

07-06-2013 09:32 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

A few days ago, I posted and BLOG and sent out a number of personal E-Mails about NO SALES – SHOULD I CLOSE SHOP. Well I got many replies and there were some said, “CLOSE”. However, and for the sake of good sanity a lot of fine family and friends said nice things about my work. I realize that at one time I said, “I fell in love with scroll work”, and I still do. Not sure if some sinus issues, lack of sales, HOT temperature in Texas or the crush of summer chores warped this old brain into sayi...

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Part 54: Where - How - What Places to sell Scrollsaw Items.

07-12-2013 05:12 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

I would guess that the frustration for all of us is that we make a great product – or think so. However, to make this hobby/business interesting we need to sell some of it. That will be the main subject of my rant today WHERE – HOE = WHAT PLACES. I have found two “craft” malls in North Dallas and tried them both. The first one closed and the second was far too expensive. My search for additional locations has proven fruitless. I have a FaceBook specifically for m...

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Part 55: Nativity Scrollsaw Patterns

11-04-2013 01:41 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I am searching for Nativity scroll saw patterns. Now I have looked in all the traditional places; Shelia Landry, The Winfield Collection, Berry Basket and I have all of these. I want them to be table top and traditional in design. This is an ongoing project I have started and not just for this season. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Part 56: Repurpose your patterns and thinking.

11-11-2013 04:12 PM by jerrells | 2 comments »

On Friday and Saturday I was a vendor at a local craft show. I got many of the usual “off the wall questions” but some of them got me to thinking. I cut many of Shelia Landry’s (and Keith’s) candle tray patterns and several people ask if they were trivets. Well some of them, printed at about 75%, make a great size trivet. So I think I will start offering some like that. Also, on a separate note, I cut some of the 3 dimensional patterns from Sue Mey and Steve Good...

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Part 57: ESTY Pricing Decision

01-22-2014 01:47 PM by jerrells | 4 comments »

I am going to start stocking me ETSY shop. However the issue I find is that items like or similar to mine sell at half the price I get a local craft shows. Now I have enough marketing expertise to know that you either A) meet market price, B) sell a higher quality product at a higher price, or C) offer more and better services. Perhaps there are a few more but that is a start. I could make a reasonable return for the current prices on ETSY and (hope) to do volume selling). I see many produ...

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Part 58: Embellish of existing patterns

01-23-2014 01:34 PM by jerrells | 4 comments »

I will be cutting a set of standard patterns but my goal is to have them stand out for all the rest who use the same pattern. There are several ways to accomplish this we all know. Let me explore a few and , if you would, add you comments or suggestions. 1. Choice of wood. Instead of using the standard oak or maple we all know that more exotic woods look much nicer when finished. The down side is they might only appeal to a select group of persons. 2. The use of gems, rhinestones to add...

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Part 59: Time for a new saw

02-05-2014 03:41 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I have had a DeWalt scroll saw for about three years and it has been one fine saw. I did buy it used but still got a deal, I think. It has started showing signs of wear and age. Perhaps a few parts would make it much better but who knows. So last night and again this morning, I talked to Ray at Seyco and they have put on reserve their last Excalibur EX-16. This is reported to be one of the finest saws on the market and well fits my needs. I know some people will say they like others and th...

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Part 60: New Scrollsaw Almost setup

02-08-2014 02:20 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

My DeWalt scroll saw had a lot of miles on it. Now it still was doing just great but I still worried about it’s condition. I posted the DeWalt on my FaceBook page and with in three hours it was sold. So I had build up some extra money in my scroll saw account. I talked to Ray at Seyco and he said he had one Excaliber EX-16 and that size would just fit my needs. As a live not too far from his business I said I would drive down and pick it up. As it turned out that morning we had 3 inches...

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Part 61: A Project almost above my ability

02-13-2014 02:03 PM by jerrells | 0 comments »

A friend and customer of mine asked me to make her a plaque that was designed by Keith Fenton at Shelia Landry Designs. It is SLDK-317 which is the quote from Joshua 25:15. She said that the finish had to be a specific color to match her new wooden floor. I met her at a local wood store and we look at examples but she could not understand that the wood would look different when stain, oil and finish were applied. She ask me if I could use some of the pieces of the left over flooring as (she s...

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Part 62: Where to fine the old, olde scrollsaw patterns

03-30-2014 04:34 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

As I have been involved in scrolling for about four year plus my interest has become the older, more detailed, intricate patterns. Like the ones produced, to my knowledge, around the turn of the century. Some of my present and a lot of my new projects will focus on these types of patterns. I have done some extensive research as to where to find these types of patterns. Yes I am well aware the several web sites have some of what I am talking about. However paying $15 for a single pattern vs...

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Part 63: I QUIT

04-12-2014 08:35 PM by jerrells | 13 comments »

After many months of thinking on the decision, looking at different ways to do this, having as much input as could be offered, considering all of life’s alternatives, I have decided to give up, quit, stop scroll sawing as a hobby, part time activity, part time business or for the most part anything else. Yes, perhaps I will make one or two items per years that I personally choose to give away as presents BUT nothing more. Many factors have gone into the decision – here are but a few. 1....

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Part 64: Magazine Subcriptions

07-24-2014 01:05 PM by jerrells | 5 comments »

I take both of the major Scroll saw magazines and have for many years. We recently noticed what we thought was an overpayment issue on our part so we contacted the magazine. We were informed the our subscription was not done DIRECTLY through them but through an unauthorized third part company that the have no connection with. In face they post, on their website a disclaimer, that unless you are mailing to a certain address that you are not dealing directly with them. Now we were getting wh...

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Part 65: Calculating Material Cost

11-13-2014 02:24 PM by jerrells | 3 comments »

I am sure that this issue has been beaten to death but I wish for one more try. When calculating material cost do you calculate the actual material required for the project or the amount of material you will need to purchase? Case in point. I build doll furniture but that really does not matter. I calculated the actual material needed and came out to $11.00. I calculated the material required to purchase and would need to purchase $30.00 to have enough. Now I always know I can and will ...

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Part 66: American Girl Furniture patterns

03-03-2015 02:18 PM by jerrells | 1 comment »

Hello woodworkers I have a question. I have turned a lot of my attention to creating furniture for 18 inch dolls, like American Girl. I have the book by Dennis Simmons, “Making Furniture and Dollhouses … ” and it seems to be the only printed resource for patterns. I have every copy of ScrollSaw Woodworking mag that contains a pattern for this. I have searched the internet and “YES” I have seen all of the suggestions about using ratios to change patterns to fit...

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Part 67: Wood Thickness Rant

03-10-2015 01:24 PM by jerrells | 4 comments »

In my woodworking, either scroll saw or just regular, I strive to be as accurate as possible, perhaps obsessive. One of the things that is driving me nuts lately is the inconsistence of wood thickness. I purchase wood from either the big box hardware store or the two woodworking store in town. What I find, in general, is that if you select two pieces of wood that are marked as the same thickness, they are not. Sometime even 1/16 of an inch difference. Now if I had even a bench planer this ...

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Part 68: Should I quit or not

04-24-2015 05:44 PM by jerrells | 8 comments »

OK, I am at the frustration times 10 level. It seems like for the past six months of so NO ONE wants to purchase anything from me. When I started, about five years ago, it seemed that I was getting an order or two per week. Now it seems that I have to wait for the fall craft shows and hope I find a few good ones. I have looked and the list of items I make and gone over it LOTS of times. I keep changing too much depending on how the wind is blowing. I have really settled on three of four ty...

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