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Blog series by Jim Bertelson updated 08-28-2011 08:35 PM 14 parts 108714 reads 267 comments total

Part 1: Introduction - Purpose and Plan

10-07-2009 09:50 PM by Jim Bertelson | 6 comments »

This last week I realized that although I have not been a woodworking hobbyist per se, I have been working some in the shop since the 70’s. Over the years I have encountered a few things that are simple and inexpensive that might be useful to others. I am enjoying the help, suggestions, and comments of Lumberjocks with vast experience and skills that I will never be able to attain. This is one way of trying help others in a systematic fashion. I would like to do even more, but since ...

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Part 2: Fence ruler with stop block and position indicator.

10-08-2009 03:39 AM by Jim Bertelson | 8 comments »

For many years I have used a ruler on my radial arm saw (RAS) fence, and instead of measuring for crosscuts, I just place a stop block at the proper point on the ruler. This is a second generation solution, to remedy minor issues with effective fence height with my first one. I find that my placement of block is accurate to less than 1/64 of an inch, a few thousands of an inch measured with a digital caliper, in routine use. First I will show you the fence in place on my saw, because then ...

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Part 3: Reclaiming old stuff.........guess what this was.......

10-26-2009 02:34 AM by Jim Bertelson | 3 comments »

Well, after finishing my downdraft table (see my blog, Revamping and Updating My Old Shop), and making my dutiful post about it here, I started to clean up the shop. So moving stuff back where it belonged, the two-bit (pun intended) router table went up high on a shelf, moved off a generic rolling stand that I use for all kinds of stuff, and then I looked about for a place to put the downdraft table. (This shop desparately needs wall space and, it will take cabinets and big time organization ...

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Part 4: Replacing the belt and pulleys on a Delta Contractors Saw

11-08-2009 12:23 AM by Jim Bertelson | 3 comments »

I am documenting the following only because I noted posts on the net requesting info on how to get the arbor nut off the Delta Contractors Saw. I am sure there are other ways to do this, but this was simple and worked. I am slowly upgrading my old Delta Contractors Saw. So I bought the In-Line machined pulleys and the Power Twist Plus 1/2” V-belt 4 foot package. In-Line could not supply the belt, so I bought it separately. It takes 3 & 1/2 feet (42”) of belt. I wondered ...

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Part 5: Large Sled - Sketchup

12-05-2009 07:38 PM by Jim Bertelson | 21 comments »

This is the Sketchup view of my Large Sled, hopefully will start it this weekend. I do most crosscut on the radial arm saw up to about 14”, so I need a large sled for sizes beyond that. It will take a panel up to 24” wide. MDF base, high impact acrylic guard (thanks MickeyD), the rest is 3/4” birch ply. Runners will be aluminum bar backed with MDF.

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Part 6: Tool Totes – Purpose, Philosophy, Design, Construction, and Usage

12-06-2009 11:10 PM by Jim Bertelson | 35 comments »

Note: I was asked to describe my tool tote after it was noted in my push drill blog. So here is my command performance (-: ....probably more than you asked for. My tool tote was born out of frustration and need. I had a plastic one that started falling apart, and was totally inadequate in any case. So I built mine, lets call him Tommy, and his sidekick Betty Bit Box. This is a utilitarian as it gets. Built about 22 years ago, it has traveled all over the state in the bowels of my motor ho...

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Part 7: Revised sled.......Soooper Sled Design

12-19-2009 05:49 AM by Jim Bertelson | 14 comments »

After patron, Timbo, stefang, Scott, and NBeener goaded me on, and dbHost had more ideas, I decided I had to do the SoooperSled. So I ordered the stuff from Rockler, and now it is here. So I made a design. Still not sure whether to use plywood or MDF for the base, the plywood up here is kinda marginal. Can use it for the fences, glue up a couple of layers and make sure it is straight, but don’t know for the base yet. Got a message into Timbo re that. So assuming I use plywood I have...

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Part 8: Second Revision.......Super Sled Sketchup Design

12-20-2009 02:10 AM by Jim Bertelson | 7 comments »

After much knashing of teeth and pulling of hair, I decided on a compromise. 1) I am going to use 3/4” plywood, which I have and can obtain that is flat, i.e. not warped. The weight is not significantly different than the 1/2” MDF. The loss in blade height of 1/4” is inconsequential, because very thick pieces would undoubtedly be narrower, and I would cut them with the RAS. 2) I am going back to the original back design of Scott and Nixon, i.e. 11.5”. I don’t ...

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Part 9: Tool Totes - Shop Tote for Small Tools and Instuments

12-24-2009 04:49 AM by Jim Bertelson | 18 comments »

INTRODUCTIONThis is a description of Tammy Tote, a much different tote than Tommy, who was described per request, and is very utilitarian, meant to leave the shop when necessary, and had a distinctly electrical bent. Tommy is described here Tommy Tote, and the tote philosophy. So here is the new tote, Tammy the shop tote, loaded with the intended tools, which I am sure will change over time: HISTORYTammy, who has a very different appearance, is designed to stay in the shop, but is m...

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Part 10: Sledding on the 4th of this a Jig, or an Antic?

07-06-2010 01:27 AM by Jim Bertelson | 27 comments »

This is a long convoluted story from the project side, but pretty straight forward as a blog. I made a panel sled…....a 3×3 foot monster. One sided, blade to the left, fence at the front. The sled is not finished off, meaning, I am going to put a little oak on the front, the rabbeted pieces are already cut and sized, and give it the ubiquitous coat of WATCO. In my shop, WATCO is the rule for jigs and fixtures. Here is the underside. It only has one working slide. Th...

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Part 11: I designed, built it, use it..........but WHAT IS IT?

10-24-2010 10:48 PM by Jim Bertelson | 39 comments »

I designed, built it, use it, like it….......but what is it?? I have come to a point where I am finishing off a number of shop fixtures. I was thinking I was like Tolkien with his Lord of the Rings Trilogy…....I have read them all…...and then realized I had a quad…...... What a disappointment…...all the famous hip and iconic people, (maybe that’s the problem, I am not hip or iconic), do…..... TRIOLGIES............... Rats. I even tried to fin...

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Part 12: Project Table Top........misconceived, but it is a birth defects....(-:

10-24-2010 11:40 PM by Jim Bertelson | 30 comments »

Now tell me why did I build this thing? It should be made of rosewood, and inlayed with ivory and ebony, considering the amount of time I have spent, and the grief it has caused, and sawdust it has generated. I have been at this thing off and on for months. I originally naively started this thing so I could better control routing slots in the oak miter arms I was trying to make for my super sled. After getting well on my way, I of course found a neat article on how to do the slots on...

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Part 13: Making the job of being safe, very easy. Contractors Saw Original Guard Mod.

11-15-2010 01:11 AM by Jim Bertelson | 10 comments »

I realized after I did this, that Martin has reduced the size of the width of photo you can use, so the photo isn’t centered, but you can see everything. Yesterday I made a very quick modification to my original equipment Delta Contractor Saw guard. All the parts were in the shop, serendipitously, so it took me less than 30 minutes. I had placed a wing nut on the back bolt for the splitter nearly a year ago. But this time, I actually modified the mount so that there are no nuts or...

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Part 14: Radial Arm Saw Dust Collection...Precision Control of the Dust......

08-28-2011 08:35 PM by Jim Bertelson | 46 comments »

Over a year ago, I was participating in a discussion about dust collection, including Radial Arm Saws (RAS). Jim Hamilton noted that moving the dust collection port, let’s call it the dust hood, up to the fence improves performance considerably. So over a year later, I finally got around to it. The new system outperforms the old one about 20 to 1, meaning there was at least 20 times the number of chips or more, with the old system. On many cuts, there are no chips left on the table, ...

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