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Blog series by htl updated 10-23-2020 08:48 PM 20 parts 23698 reads 81 comments total

Part 1: LowBoy Heavy Duty Trailer

06-05-2020 07:46 PM by htl | 2 comments »

I just love making low boy trailers and being able to put my models on them, No I am not playing with my models. LOL Getting started, Needed a pop can for size picture. Gluing up a slab, I clamp a board down so I can glue up the parts one at a time and hold them in place with hand pressureIt’s 1/4” thick so clamps would just be a pain and get in the way. #4 over and out.

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Part 2: LowBoy Heavy Duty Trailer

06-09-2020 10:41 PM by htl | 3 comments »

Really doesn’t look like I got much done but there’s a ton a work in there, plus I went ahead and made up wheel blanks for the trailer and also the truck I may build to match. 25 wheel blanks, glued up and sized.There’s a ton a work ahead on the tires but you all know I LOVE building wheels!!! LOL

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Part 3: Figuring out the wheels

06-10-2020 09:13 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Worked on gluing up and then cutting out the wheel blanks yesterday and shaped the out sides. Twenty five of them. Then today I cut out the treads.First cut out the treads on the tread cutting jig. Had to load the jig 4 times to get er done. Then needed to set up the table saw fence for cutting the treads in the other direction.It takes some time playing around with the fence to get just the right spacing for the treads.I would have loved adding one more groove but didn’t ...

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Part 4: Got the trailer wheels under control

06-12-2020 08:22 PM by htl | 2 comments »

Finished up the trailer wheels and will save the semi wheels for when I build the truck.I took me more time to make these rims than to make the tires and there’s twice as many tires as the rims just need to be on the out side looking pretty. Drilling out the spokes for the rims. Drilling for the lug nuts. Different jig but same steps gets the lug nuts drilled.I just used every fourth hole to get my spacing, got to love jigs, once set up just ...

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Part 5: Adding more to the trailer

06-13-2020 08:48 PM by htl | 7 comments »

HI!! Just had to put the wheels on and give it a look, lol Ton more to do to this but look at how big this thing is.

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Part 6: Building my last semi

06-18-2020 12:11 AM by htl | 2 comments »

After building the Toys And Joys Heavy Duty Trailer it’s time to make a semi to match.It’s hard for me to take good pictures of the whole thing, these last projects are just way big.Not going to get fancy with the bottom this time and stay pretty close to the plans. Will be using cherry and maple to match the trailer. Great start to a fine finish. LOLHTL over and out

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Part 7: Working on the cab

06-19-2020 10:32 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Seats and steering wheel. Before I do any shaping I need to get the radiator on there.

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Part 8: cab, radiator and front fenders

06-23-2020 12:57 AM by htl | 1 comment »

Just the right length. Then on to the radiator. Then playing with the sleeper. Fenders and a nose job. Don’t look now but he’s smiling at you. #4 over and out.

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Part 9: Axles locked in place and on with the details

06-25-2020 08:48 PM by htl | 1 comment »

Figured out the axle spacing. Then it’s time for the rear fenders. On to the deck.

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Part 10: Working on the details

06-27-2020 09:05 PM by htl | 1 comment »

Trimmed out the rear deck. Yesterday I turned all the tanks and mufflers. Clamped up a board so I would have something to square things up and let me put pressure against as I glue things up. Gluing up the fuel tank braces and then added the steps. These little brackets can really get on your nerves, but the backer fence was really helpful on the glue up. Sanded off the dark stain just to see what the difference would be. #4 over and out

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Part 11: Front bumper and got the wheels under control

06-29-2020 09:42 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Here’s the front bumper, I’ve had it done but never took a good picture of the front. I tried and tried to work with the maple wheels but with just natural Danish oil their to light, with walnut Danish oil their blotchy, even tried some golden oak danish oil which came close but just ended up sanding the sides of the wheels flush and adding a cherry veneer to get them looking right. I’m really not happy unless I’m using walnut and oak, they seem to just work so ...

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Part 12: 1911 delivery truck

08-04-2020 08:49 PM by htl | 4 comments »

I found some cool old plans to play with so trying the 1911 Brush Delivery Truck’ I’ve built this style truck before but a much newer 1930’s style. Here’s the start of it. Front view Back view

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Part 13: Finishing up the cab

08-06-2020 10:09 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Closed in the back. Got the roof shaped up. Added a little trim. Then played with the seat.

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Part 14: Body work

08-17-2020 08:41 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Radiator, bonnet, and floor board check. ;-]]]

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Part 15: Making spoke wheels

08-18-2020 10:20 PM by htl | 14 comments »

It’s time to get started on the spoke wheels so I’ll know how the fenders will need to be. I found some dowels about twice the size of tooth picks at wally world, really like the size but the drill bits I’ve got to work with it seem to have a mind of their own.Come to think about it now I haven’t switched out bits in quite some time so will be digging out the drill set next time I’m in the shop. I really didn’t want to use maple again but already have...

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Part 16: Finished up the wheels and started on fenders

08-21-2020 09:04 PM by htl | 2 comments »

Finished the wheels.

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Part 17: Playing with Dutchy's Bus Plans

10-14-2020 08:54 PM by htl | 4 comments »

I got a slow start and then it was stop and go. Then finally started to make some progress. I had one thing that had me trying to figure out a way.How am I going to cut a wedge out of my front fender so the engine hood could fit up just right? On big lumber it would be interesting but on this small stuff, need to find a safe way,so super glued the part at the angle needed to a small scrape of plywood and cut it out in a couple a passes. Under side look. #4 over and out

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Part 18: Got a little more done on the bus

10-20-2020 09:41 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Don’t hate me Dutchy but I just didn’t have the gumption to drill all them dowels to make hand rails so I’m calling my seats upholstered hand railed seats. LOL Got all done for the lower section so buttomed the thing up. :-}}} There doesn’t seem to be as much to be done to the up stairs so maybe it will go a little easier, I hope.I have all the parts cut out just got to fiddle with it and get er done.

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Part 19: Finishing up the upper level

10-21-2020 10:06 PM by htl | 5 comments »

More chairs.It was a lot easier putting the chairs in with out the sides on. Just the right length once sanded.I all ways like going a little long and sand it to fit. Now just button er up and add all the little doodads.I didn’t add any details to the out side till I could sand the sides and get every thing to match up.As I said in an earlier post I was having trouble with the sides cupping so had to do some extra sanding to get it under control. I also had to ...

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Part 20: All most there

10-23-2020 08:48 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Just needs some trim mirrors, head light.

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