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Blog series by htl updated 08-18-2021 07:44 PM 299 parts 1138895 reads 2908 comments total

Part 1: Another toy BullDozer

12-06-2015 01:30 AM by htl | 11 comments »

Been playing with another wood toy project.Bought and down loaded the plans for the Bull Dozer from Wood Store Net.I was looking at the High Gear Dozer from Toys and Joys but you have to order the plans which is fine but I wanted to get started now not two weeks from now. Well here’s what I’ve got done so far. Now I’m going to start at the Beginning. LOLI’m building with Walnut I found while scrounging and Mahogany from a bed also found lumber.The plans show a f...

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Part 2: Getting the push blade set 2

12-07-2015 11:31 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Well I played around with it some more figured out the pins for the push blade arm, if that’s what it’s called??? And glued on the fake tracks and added what was left of the radiator to fill a hole in the back. I’m trying to make some hydraulics for the push arms. It’s funny, I could have had it nearly done but no I had to play with them hydraulics and used up the whole day.

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Part 3: Building a Tower Crane day 1

12-13-2015 01:24 AM by htl | 4 comments »

I got started on a tower crane today while I wait for my Toys and Joys plans to get here for the Excavator.I’ve got the plans for the Excavator but I want to try my hand at making the tracks and could probable figure them out but why reinvent the wheel when all I have to do is wait a couple a days and get it right. I know there’s a lot of info here but I figure if your looking at this blog your interested in how it was built or may be getting ready to make your ow...

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Part 4: Tower build day two

12-14-2015 01:50 AM by htl | 5 comments »

Did a bunch a sanding.I’m big on getting things sanded but it’s o so hard stopping in the middle of building to sand the stuff that will be easier now then later.Built the counter weight sliding pulley bracket and router a bunch a holes.Then sand sand sand. I was warned “Do not use the lazy Susan hardware for the pivot. It wobbles too much.” I really didn’t want to go with the plans on that so glad for the heads up!!!So here’s what I’m going to...

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Part 5: Crane Tower day 3&4

12-17-2015 02:03 AM by htl | 7 comments »

Making wheelsI’ve never really took time to make any wheels for my toys so it’s a great time to learn what I can do with the few tool I have.I cut out the wheels with a hole saw then made a jig to sand them smooth and round.I made a jig to cut out the tread and used the router but the treads would need a ton a sanding so using the same jig I tried it on the table saw and with a skill saw thin cut blade they turned out with a much cleaner tread. Drilled out the center of the wh...

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Part 6: Excavator Toys & Joys #1

12-23-2015 02:41 AM by htl | 4 comments »

Finally got the plans for the Toys & Joys Excavator.I had the plans for the Wood Stores Excavator but just wanted to try my hand at building some tracks.Before I started this project I’ve checked out a bunch of other builds on this site and man there’s some OUT STANDING work going on around here!!! I’m going to be using walnut and sassafras.I wanted the sassafras for the root beer smell but it just stinks! LOLSassafras looks a lot like oak but with more figure. T...

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Part 7: Excavator Day 2

12-24-2015 02:52 AM by htl | 4 comments »

Cleaned up the mating edges then sanded some more on the base and engine cover then,played with the booms and bucket. Made the booms in three parts to add a little color and just change it around a little.Still need to plane down the booms some more . The bucket took quite a bit a work, first glue it all up then cut it out then sand sand sand.I cut out the inside of the bucket then sanded it up really good then glued up the sides.The main bucket is all end grain [1/4” thick] it co...

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Part 8: Escavator day 3

12-24-2015 11:56 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Played with the cabin today, thankfully the bad weather went around us here in Huntsville al.Went to Google and searched for a more modern looking cabin.The picture I liked was of the whole machine so the cabin was to small so took the picture printed it out then enlarger it. It took 4 tries at different sized before I found the right size.Then made 4 copy’s and cut and pasted on the wood cut them out and it’s done.Sounds easy but it took all day.I was planning to go rounder with ...

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Part 9: Excavator day 4

12-26-2015 01:04 AM by htl | 9 comments »

Had to fix two really dumb mistakes, I glued up the booms before I cut out the places for them to bolt up.Would have taken 10 minutes I put in a couple a hours trying to cut them out with out buggering it up.I have the technology but shore is a lot easier if you do it right the first time. Finally got to play with the tracks this after noon.Cut out the lumber to length then needed 3/8” for the treads so split some walnut and while I’m at it will be making a set of mahogany trea...

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Part 10: Excavator day 5

12-26-2015 11:10 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Played with the tracks again today.Got the one side cut out yesterday so today I’ll get the other side done and start drilling for dowels.Here’s what needs done and the jig to get er done.More of the same but I will point out that I will be cutting grooves in the walnut and some of the mahogany nowjust for this set but will need to set it all up all over again later for another walnut set so I’m making a cutting board. With this I will be able to just set the board over t...

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Part 11: Excavator day 6

12-29-2015 12:51 AM by htl | 5 comments »

It’s track day!!! part two Showed this last time but just wanted you to be able to see the difference in the jig. Drill the one finger then flip it and drill the other. [9/64 drill bit] Then started the other end using a 1/64 larger bit I’ll show pictures why later.I drilled a little passed center then flipped it over and drilled the other side.I added a board under the jig so the tread wouldn’t slip down under load I first drilled all the small fingered ones as ...

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Part 12: Time to make so wheels

12-30-2015 11:59 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Had to get in to something else for a change, and wheels is next in line. No those aren’t chocolate flavored Cheerios 40 3/4” wheels.We need 36 but thought I better make some extras.Their walnut with sassafras liners.I used a hole saw to make then then had to fill the to big guide hole with sassafras then drilled it to size.You’ll see them a little different in the second picture, kinda looks like bearing to me. Changing the look with a power drive wheel, don’...

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Part 13: It's starting to come together Hydraulics

01-07-2016 02:53 AM by htl | 5 comments »

Here’s a great tool for buffing off small parts with out rounding the edges. There needs to be a 1/2” slack for the tracks to move smoothly but when it’s not going to be moved around I’d like it to look nice and tight so made the power wheels axle adjustable still need to make a nice nob for the back but it’ll come. Started on the hydraulics out in my cold cold shop. lol I know he needs some under arm deodorant but is sassafra...

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Part 14: Fiddling with the small stuff excavator

01-07-2016 11:50 PM by htl | 9 comments »

I could have had this thing done a week ago if I had stayed with the plans. lolI keep adding ideas and making it more complicated than it already is. But that’s part of the fun of it.This is a brain puzzle that needs to be solved. All of the big stuff is done but I can’t bring myself to glue it up so yesterday I doweled all the bases and engine compartment so it will be able to come apart for one last sanding at the end.Played with the cabin furniture.Our operator is in his ...

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Part 15: New cabin and engine compartment

01-09-2016 12:08 AM by htl | 9 comments »

I really wasn’t liking the cabin and when I routed it around the edges I got the wild hair to route out the windows and now I really don’t like it, so here’s my second try. NEW OLD Being more open it looks bigger but it’s nearly the same size.I also made a solid walnut engine compartment and pipe.Did a lot but it just doesn’t show this close to the finish.Till next time.

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Part 16: Got ur done

01-13-2016 07:04 PM by htl | 3 comments »

One or two more things to do but will be waiting for warmer weather come Feb..So here she is. Thanks for all that followed the build and too all that gave me ideas and help an extra THANKS!!!. Here’s the project page.

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Part 17: Well Drilling Rig 1

02-08-2016 09:45 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Been really cold out in the shop as some of you may have noticed so just a hit and miss with building the well drilling rig. I really wasn’t planning on building it but needed a drill chuck for my new to me Shop Smith and found one over at Grizzly and while I was over there found the well rig and the the Belly Dump Trailer plans with a deep discount so got both of them and the chuck was paying the shipping so It don’t get much cheaper than free shipping on both plans. lol So no...

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Part 18: Drilling rig #2

02-13-2016 07:03 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Well got another fairly warm day in the shop 50 degrees F. Cut out the derrick sides and made a glue up jig to hold them together while I added the cross braces.This is a little trickery because there are only three sides to it.This is one of the great things about these plans, just copy, print out the plans, glue them to some wood clamp it up and you have all the angles and places to drill marked out. Now glue on the braces and every thing will stay in place till the glue hardens. T...

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Part 19: Drill Rig #3

02-19-2016 12:30 AM by htl | 4 comments »

Worked out in the shop a little, so there’s some progress going on even though it may not look like much.All the little parts I’ve been building are all starting to come together to make the larger whole.Finally got up the nerve to glue the Derrick assembly to the base so now the derrick can be pined in to see how it all lines up. Even got some of the hydraulics in place. Now I can glue up the travel support frame. I’ve made up most of the hydraulics and...

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Part 20: Well Drilling Rig #4

02-24-2016 07:27 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Well with all the fun going on around here I thought I would post a Photo Bucket story of my build so far. The individual pictures I down load from photo bucket are really to big so their only showing 2/3 of the picture.Hope they get things fixed at the moment all my pictures are gone on my blogs, but time will tell if they can fix it. I hadn’t really took any pictures of the different parts before so that what I’m doing here. I’m having to go to Photo Bucket and sh...

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Part 21: well drilling rig #5

03-02-2016 03:11 PM by htl | 7 comments »

One more time I got her done. Yahoo!!!Now on to building a truck.It was a fun build with lots of odd shapes to make.The cable work was quite interesting as they went all over the place.They T&J had to add a whole sheet with tons of pictures just so you could figure out how they all went. Here’s the project build page. Here’s all the construction pictures some are shown only here.

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Part 22: Peter Built truck "Testing the waters"

03-04-2016 06:34 PM by htl | 23 comments »

The reason I’m posting this is for feed back, please would like your thoughts on this. Many of you have built the T&J projects do you wish now that it was smaller or is the size just right.But also would like your feed back if you haven’t built any this big. Getting ready to build the Peter built Toys and joys truck but this thing is so big I mean it’s like huge!!!I don’t know why the T&J models just don’t look that big in the pictures. I thought...

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Part 23: Starting the planing of the future truck

03-06-2016 08:33 PM by htl | 15 comments »

Starting a new post for my next build which will not be the logging truck as planned but a truck that will match up with the Excavator.I may leave the frame long at first for the well drilling rig but want a truck and trailer for the excavator. I like the look and feel of the excavator much more than the drilling rig so we will have more fun and enjoy it more building for that.I’m thinking of using the Mack LR as my main body type but Dutchy showed me the DAF truck from Europe which ...

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Part 24: Starting to build the Mack LR Truck #1 Plans

03-07-2016 08:33 PM by htl | 9 comments »

I’m starting to lay out where everything goes on paper with the few down loaded Mack and some great Daf pictures I could find.Then I can take some measurements and off to the shop I go.I will be working on the frame axles[differential] springs motor and trans.Probable should make the wheels fairly soon so I’ll have those measurements.Those wheels are going to be interesting, I’ve never made any like this before.I just love those wheels I posted, will be kind of off road, on road tires.O...

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Part 25: Making Tires or is it Tyres. LOL

03-13-2016 02:03 AM by htl | 6 comments »

The spell checker says tire. LOL Been holding my breath waiting for Dutchy to blog his wheels and the wait was not wasted a great post.This will help me out when I start sawing out the treads but first I needed to cut out the wheels to round and so that’s what I did today.Almost exactly like Jan did it but using different tools to accomplish the same exact thing.The wheels will be 3” or just shy of that.I had no idea what size to cut the two out sides and center for the wheels...

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Part 26: Tires day 2.

03-14-2016 12:59 AM by htl | 6 comments »

Building wheels and tires is not a one day project, its really one of the biggest part of the build.If you’ve got ugly tires you’ve got an ugly project, it’s strange how much the tires can make or break a project.Still in the planing stage right now but can be building the wheel parts till I figure it out. Now that I’ve got the tires to size it’s time to add the tread and like Jan I’ll be using the band saw.I made a jig from some scrap 3/4 ply wood w...

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Part 27: Tires time 3

03-15-2016 11:30 PM by htl | 16 comments »

I’m still playing with the tires trying out some different ideas.Here’s what I came up with today.They’re a long way from perfect, There’s quite a learning curve building wheels and come next time they’ll be much better.I like these a lot, may drill the back ones deeper so the centers set deeper but it’s getting close.I had some 1 1/2 tires sitting around waiting for some thing to do so I put them to work to see if they might be the ones.I used this picture...

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Part 28: Wheels at last finito!!!

03-16-2016 10:28 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Finally I will quit adding to these wheels I THINK. The black wheel at the top is made from all the left over and buggered up parts.It’s been a great test bed for adding the next part as I feel my way though this.I have stained it dark to see what that looks like then sanded off the side for the white wall look, so check them out and tell me which way you like. Here’s the way I started out would have had a dark rim and then some bolts but then I went the other way and never ...

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Part 29: Mack axles

03-24-2016 11:04 PM by htl | 13 comments »

It’s time to build the axles so the tires will have some where to go, then springs.Used the Shop Smith to drill out the square axles 1/2”so 1/4” dowels will be used. With parts this small had to use clamps to keep every thing square and in line but with full size lumber the fence and miter gauge would have done the job.Build the differential and checking out the drive shaft, much of it is just set in place to figure out the next step, making the pivet for the rear wheel Ass...

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Part 30: Building the body and motor

03-29-2016 11:18 PM by htl | 15 comments »

Got started on the motor and body today so here we go.I may go back to the full diesel truck body and save this body for another project but we’ll see.No matter here’s a how to on doweling.The body is going to flip up so need a motor. Started cutting out the body and then sanding the windows.I’ve been using a file and metal straight edge to get my windows looking right. My saw is just barely holding on, I’m surprised it got these parts cut.That Raccoon just a...

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Part 31: More body work

04-01-2016 12:12 AM by htl | 9 comments »

Working from scratch this is taking quite a bit longer to get er done.Here’s my progress today.Wheel wells engine box radiator and seats and sand sand sand.The truck has a flip up cab so you can get to the engine.Really adds to the work and should I say fun? ya! fun!!!I just thought to note that the sides are not glued at this point so able to make any changes needed. Adding the lower step and floor. Glue in radiator so can line up partitions and set base. Able to ...

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Part 32: Truck cab and back axial

04-03-2016 12:16 AM by htl | 13 comments »

Finished up the inside. I sanded down the engine compartment top a little to much and the engine woldn’t fit so had to cut the inside top to fix.Shopsmith to the rescue one more time. Had to square up the side before I could glue and clamp her up. Now the wind shield can be framed in. Here’s how the back axial works, and it will pivot for bumps.The axial is drilled then the dowel frame members are glued in. The axial bracket fits into the tru...

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Part 33: Mack Truck Steering

04-03-2016 11:53 PM by htl | 12 comments »

The Gatto truck plans have movable steering but not to my liking, they used little tabs to hold the main pivot point and that looked like it would be a weak spot so tried something a little different to get er done. These parts will be seeing a lot a twisting and turning so socked them in super glue to help strengthen them. I don’t seem to be very good at rounding edges free hand so used a rounding jig to get a much better look. I went back after...

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Part 34: Mack grill, front bumper and safety cage

04-06-2016 12:48 AM by htl | 4 comments »

Another day in the shop another progress report.Made a front bumper, front radiator grill and a safety cage for the back. The mufflers #2 and the air filters will go between the cage and the cabin. Here’s a no measure way to make a grill, works for me any way. Have a 1/8” spacer board on hand. I glue up two different 1/8” thick woods and make bigger than need to be, and square up the board…Mark the center of boardSet the table saw fence to cut center first....

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Part 35: head lights,fender,wheel well, fifth wheel

04-07-2016 12:22 AM by htl | 17 comments »

Worked most of the day but this is all I got done.I’ll bet I spent 4 hours trying to come up with a descent head light.Let me tell you head lights are hard. lolPlayed with the wheel wells and now half of my back safety cage will be cut off to fit. LOL- not funny- I need info on a good distance for the fifth wheel from the cab???

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Part 36: Well I posted her

04-12-2016 03:34 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Sunday I was working on the truck and it hit me I was done, or as close to done as I was going to get.So added some hand rub finish and we’re finished for now.I really should have maned up and added mirrors and running lights but once it hit me there was no going any farther??? Here’s the project post. And here’s all the pictures of the build. Notice the wheels as they go up and down the drive shaft follows. ...

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Part 37: Coboose #1

04-17-2016 12:16 AM by htl | 18 comments »

Playing with a caboose this time.I don’t know what I did but the pictures aren’t very good so just going to show a quick post of it so any that are interested in building the TOYS AND JOYS caboose can see whats involved. The Caboose is a very simple fun project and a great way to get started building models.There’s only 2 pages of plans so not as easy to get lost in all the details of one of the bigger plans. Here are the main parts to the build. For me framing ...

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Part 38: Caboose #2

04-20-2016 08:17 PM by htl | 15 comments »

Just a few more shots. Building these ladders was a pain, I don’t really have the passions for the really small stuff. Almost done.Will post it tomorrow.That’s all folks

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Part 39: Combined Car train build

04-22-2016 09:51 PM by htl | 8 comments »

I started to scratch build the T&J passenger car but after some searching around found some thing just that little bit different and an now going with what they call a Combined Car.This is what they used to use when it was a short line that needed to carry people but not enough to need a full car so they would use part of it for a mail car or just about any thing to make it pay for it self.So this is my main car to get ideas from. Plus I have it in my head that this is the car Butch Ca...

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Part 40: Combined Car train build #2

04-24-2016 02:00 AM by htl | 8 comments »

Working on the roof Still having fun trying to get a feel for the roof shape and just not happy with it but the builds not over yet. First I wanted to get the wheels put together so I would be able to see it in it’s full shape.I left the tongues long so I could adjust it if need be later.The caboose felt like they were a little short so will be able to adjust for that by making these a tad longer if need be. Gluing up the roof and over head windows. Now I’m just shavi...

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Part 41: Combined Car train build #3

04-24-2016 11:44 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Feeling a little better about the roof done a lot but it doesn’t show much at this stage.I’ve got these major part glued up and needing to just shave or flatten it and one false move and I’m going to be starting over.I thought this was supposed to be relaxing.Can you say sand sand sand. I haven’t glued the roof on yet need to do a search on seating and yes Alex the bar MAYBE???

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Part 42: Combined Car train build #4

04-25-2016 10:13 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Well we’re getting close to moving in so bring the fork lift we got a load a freight to haul but it just hit me I ain’t got no ENGINE YET. Wheels check. Stairs check how do I know it’s on the side. Just not getting my fingers in there by that band saw blade with these little bity parts.!!!My fingers are so far away you don’t even see them. lol Here’s what we’re going to be hauling, a load of gears and a grind stone for a water mill.Y...

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Part 43: Coal Train Build #1

05-01-2016 12:30 AM by htl | 8 comments »

Well the plans came in and it’s full steam ahead. Yahoo!!!Starting the Toys And Joys Coal train.I started on the boiler, my thoughts being this is the hardest part everything else can be adjusted to suit it.Here’s what I got done today, I know it doesn’t look like much but this is a big part to this project. Nothing is glued up so may go back and make the walnut rings thinner but we’ll see. Lets back up and start at the beginning.Remember there’s a hun...

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Part 44: Coal train Builds #2.5

05-03-2016 01:09 AM by htl | 12 comments »

I thought I took a bunch more pictures but???Played with the cabin walls and windows. Next I needed a roof so here’s my take on rounding one out.First I glued the pattern on the edge of the wood [made the wood block extra big so plenty of room to work]then hot glued a big square of scrap 3” X 3” to the roof bottom and cut it out on the band saw.Then with the wood scrap still on it to keep it strait and level I sanded it on the SS. Then I really had some fun...

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Part 45: Coal Train Build day 4.5 Wheels

05-05-2016 12:00 AM by htl | 9 comments »

It’s time to make the wheels or what ever their called on trains.Spent nearly the whole day yesterday trying out an idea and it was a bust and I don’t like not accomplishing something, well I did get the 4 small front wheels done but I’ll show them later but that’s all I got done.So today I headed in a whole new direction about the wheels and got them done thank you very much. LOL Here’s what I did yesterday and you’ll find it some day on a project that ...

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Part 46: Coal Train Build day 6.5 Cow catcher and other odds and ends.

05-07-2016 01:37 AM by htl | 18 comments »

Little black ducky showed me a SketchUp drawing he made of the boiler room for the train, so here’s my interpretation of his drawing.Sorry Ducky but the spittoon just looked to big for my build.Again on a bigger model I could and would have used more of his levers and such. I’m at the point where I could go in another direction.How about a canon? Or add some fins and it’s a rocket ship. Ok back to the regularly scheduled programing. I trimed it out ar...

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Part 47: Coal Train Build day 7 Cow catcher redo and chimney

05-08-2016 10:13 PM by htl | 2 comments »

First thing does any one have some tips on making little bitty axial???I really need it for the pivot points on the Push Bars and where they hook up to the wheels. I just didn’t like the way the cow catcher came out so gave it a second try.I used the same trick I used for the wheels, cutting a grove for the small wood pieces to be glued in, this way they stay in place and can’t move or lean over and just look wrong. Here’s how it worked out for me.You’ve seen...

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Part 48: Coal Train Build day 8 Put it together just to see how it may look.

05-09-2016 09:10 PM by htl | 10 comments »

If you see something you think needs some work tell me now it’s all glued up tomorrow.I still need to finish up the wheel linkage but that’s about all besides making the coal or wood car.To me the wood car looks better, which one do you like.O! and I guess I need to build the bell to fill that spot on the boiler roof and the tanks under the cabin and the – - – - the more I look at it the more I see what still needs doing. AAAAA!!!!!!

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Part 49: Coal Train Build day 9 train tender

05-10-2016 11:38 PM by htl | 15 comments »

Just had to get away from all the small stuff needed for the train engine so built the tender today. Start Nearly finished day one.Thought I’d try and do like one of Dutchys great blogs and let the pictures do the talking for once.Now this is the kind a builds I really like still have to make the wheel covers and add the water tanks in the back but other than that it’d a done deal and had a lot of fun building it. T...

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Part 50: Coal Train Build Shows the difference in size

05-13-2016 01:05 AM by htl | 14 comments »

I keep talking about the difference in size well here’s some examples using the caboose, the Root beer can will help with the real size of things. Now just some pictures with the cars all together.If I would have been useing the plans full size the train and caboose would be falling off the table. It’s about time for me to be figuring out what I’m going to build next???My plan choices are the 32 Lincoln Kb #52 The Tank Truck #33 Now that I have thi...

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Part 51: 32 Lincoln Kb I know not the truck

05-15-2016 12:33 AM by htl | 9 comments »

I got looking at the tanker truck and it’s not the one in the picture.I got it on sale at Grizzly for $4 so will get it’s turn but will take quite a bit a mind games to do what I want so holding off on it right now. Got the Lincoln at the same time and price and is a very simple build.I’ve never built an old production car so this could be fun.Here’s the build picture. I really wanted and need to change the shop around but once I got figuing on the car the shop c...

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Part 52: 32 Lincoln Kb 2.5 Spent the day making A wheel.

05-16-2016 10:59 PM by htl | 15 comments »

The lincoln Kb needs some wheels and not just any wheels but the stock wheels that come with it when new.Something like this 1932 Lincoln KB Roadster.But I don’t know about them white walls. LOL Can it be done well I did it once took me all day hope I can get better on my next 7 tries. But first need to catch up on how the cars coming along. [What was done Saturday]Now hardly any thing is glued up, there are quite a few part that need gluing then shaping and then add another part ...

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Part 53: Making a spoked wheel

05-19-2016 03:37 AM by htl | 14 comments »

Here’s a quick how to for making spoked wheels. Please watch this video it’s where I got my ideas on how to do it. I just used the windows Snapping tool and copied his plan but it’s at an angle so not right.If I was to do this again I would draw up a better pattern. As always changes are made to suit the tools and ability. First I cut out all the parts using my holes saw set.My wheels are for a 2 3/4 wheel and made adjus...

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Part 54: Sanding wheels then back to the car building

05-21-2016 02:55 AM by htl | 8 comments »

I started sanding the wheels with the sander then it hit me this is going way to slow, so the shop smith to the rescue. I would have been sanding for hours but with the ss or any drill press I had them sanded and perfect in an hour, and since it was so easy I took more time with them to get out all the sanding marks. I routed around the rim of the test tire and rim and stained it just to get a look see and didn’t really like the look, but went back and stained the whole ti...

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Part 55: Last day of the 32 Lincoln Kb

05-22-2016 10:08 PM by htl | 25 comments »

Go to to see the finished project. I got this plan from Grizzy for $4 on sale and I must say it was a blast to build this car and that’s not even talking about the wheels I made.All the different angles to play with on the fenders and all, makes it turn out just right and looks really nice once built.I know all the votes were for the tanker truck but I’m really glad I waited so now I have a better idea of what is needed to really soup the ...

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Part 56: Track for the Train

05-29-2016 05:55 PM by htl | 11 comments »

Well I finally got the shop set up so broke down and made some really quick tracks for the train.Made it 4’ long to fit on a shelf. Cut a 4’ by 3” base for the tracks then clamped it down to the table and used spacers to get the spacing just right and consistent. T&J wants you to build a complete rail in I shape but as I shrunk the train down I made T shaped rails and cut a grove in the rail road ties to be glued in to.I glued all the ties down th...

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Part 57: Tanker Truck #1

06-03-2016 12:11 AM by htl | 14 comments »

Started playing with the plans for the tanker truck.T&J has two tanker trucks, this one was put out in 1985 if I remember right and is a very simple plan with 2 pages to work with.The newer one is much more elaborate having tool boxes and oil drums on the sides.It had fenders going to the tool boxes and stopping. The one I have has full fenders but no tool boxes and the tank is rounder. I’m going to be copying the squarer looking tank but still not sure about the tools boxes y...

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Part 58: Tanker Truck #2

06-03-2016 11:47 PM by htl | 17 comments »

Starting to put the tank together, make the radiator,roof and play with the axles. Yesterday I cut the tank in three for the partitions then glued up one side of each partition and quit for the day and spent the evening trying to come up with a way to make sure the partitions followed the shape of the tank. Here’s what it looks like all together but still only one side of each partition is glued. So here’s one way to solve the problem. Made a jig to sand th...

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Part 59: Tanker Truck #4

06-09-2016 09:03 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Just some shots of how it’s coming along.Here’s how the radiator was put together. that’s all for now folks.

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Part 60: Tires for the tanker truck 1&2

06-13-2016 11:20 PM by htl | 10 comments »

The tires will be something like these but much simpler treads.They will be much thinner to fit the truck. Going to experiment with some cheap new hole saws and see if I can make some truck tires for my latest project.This is an 18 hole saw set for $16 so way cheap and light duty.From Harbor Freight.The main thing I’m after here is the large choice of hole sizes for making tires.3/4 In – 5 In Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set 18 Pc When I sho...

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Part 61: Tires for the tanker truck 3 ++Vote for your tire++

06-14-2016 05:29 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Well I cut and sanded down the tooth picks and what a pain!First I nipped all the tooth picks off with some wire pliers then the front tires I could just sand with the disk sander till I touched the rim and they were fine, but the back are set deeper in so needed to trim them some more but how with out buggering every thing up?I ended up finding a bolt that would fit in between the spokes and could sand to the bolt head to get them all even, but it took some brain storming before a solution m...

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Part 62: Cattle car for my train set

06-15-2016 09:24 PM by htl | 14 comments »

Found these prints a while back and so it’s time to get er made. Had to enlarge it by 150% with my copier then I shortened it so it would match my other cars.If I can get the wheels to 1” on the plans I know it’s all to scale, for my train. So got out in the shop before it got to hot and got the sides made up.I’d been thinking on this one for a while so had a pretty good idea how I wanted to do it. Re-sawed some 3/4 oak down to 3/8 and planed it, then ...

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Part 63: Not a Cattle Car but a Fruit Car???

06-16-2016 10:01 PM by htl | 12 comments »

It was brought to my attention that if I shrink down the cattle car the long horn cattle will no longer be able to get in so in the quest for authenticity [ya! right] it will now be hauling fruit. LOL So here’s a few more pictures and a how to for making all those slats.I’ve showed this before but this project is made from slats that’s about all it is. So I glued up all the sides and bottom then sanded every thing even. Now here’s a how to for cutting the ...

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Part 64: Finishing Up the ????? Train Car

06-18-2016 07:35 PM by htl | 9 comments »

I have been wanting to build this car for a while and finally got my chance.I was a fun 2 1/2 day build, I really like these train car builds every thing is all square and boxy so easy to build and once you’ve made one or two with plans your all set to adjust the plans and make something completely different. If I hadn’t already glued the top on I would have made it in to a giraffe car with a lever to make his head come in and out of the car, but o well maybe another time. H...

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Part 65: Hummer Wheels Jig

06-22-2016 09:09 PM by htl | 11 comments »

Got the plans for the Hummer and it’s about time to give it a try.There are some outstanding Hummer projects on here so have lots a great examples to look to for inspiration. The first thing up for modding is going to be the wheels.This is the main reason I’m building this, been wanting to make some of those mudder tires. LOL I’m afraid I’m like Ducky there’s just something about a cool set a wheels!!! What got me started was seeing a post about building...

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Part 66: Hummer Wheels Jig Part 2 & 3

06-24-2016 10:50 PM by htl | 16 comments »

My last two projects have been mostly of oak and where that oak came from was a queen size platform bed I made back around 1995?I was out scrounging a couple a months ago and came across a man putting out a very nice queen size bed, got it for the lumber but once the wife saw it and I knew she would she started cleaning it up and 2 hours later she had a new bed. LOLSo that’s why I got to building with oak and here’s the last part of it, I should have took pictures of the victim bu...

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Part 67: Start The Hummer One and a Two

06-27-2016 02:21 AM by htl | 7 comments »

Well the wheels are ready now for the frame work for the Hummer.Most of this work you’ve seen in my other how2’s so just pictures.This is going to be one big vehicle but I always say that don’t I, but it’s TRUE!!! LOL Going to be doing the back end a little differently, I hope it works out. Cutting out for the axles. The wheels was page 9 and this is all from the first page so only 7 more to go.

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Part 68: Hummer body work #3

06-27-2016 07:40 PM by htl | 11 comments »

It’s starting to look like something but I don’t know what. I really need to be making the seats and gauges but just have to do some body work to see what it’s going to look like.Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to the program, ya right!Don’t look like much but played around with the angles for the sides.I don’t know why they don’t just tell you their 15 degrees[I don’t know how to make that circle thingy that says degrees] for the windshield and...

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Part 69: Hummer Worked on the inside

06-28-2016 08:29 PM by htl | 19 comments »

Figured I better get the insides done before I get the wild hair and close this thing up.I’m finding that I have a bad habit of thinking about something that needs done then the next day going and forgetting about it and doing something that make it hard or near impossible to do it after the fact.So get the inside done then on we go.

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Part 70: Hummer Working Back to going forward again I hope

06-30-2016 10:38 PM by htl | 18 comments »

Went at my usual full speed ahead and it got me in trouble this time around.I know better than to take any thing on the Toys and Joys plans with out checking and rechecking that what it shows is what needs to be done.I”ve been building the easier plans here lately and to just jump in without really studying the plans is a recipe for trouble and sure enough had to do some back peddling to cover my mistakes and get on the straight and narrow. So now all is good in Hummer ville and will...

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Part 71: Hummer working on the grill

07-01-2016 10:12 PM by htl | 9 comments »

It’s funny I already had the grill made and it still took me all day to get er done.Here’s what I had done yesterday. Here’s what it looks like this evening. And here’s what happened in between. I don’t have any head lights so made some up.I was over at Hobby Lobby looking for some head lights and no joy but they did have some bowls that looked promising so lets see what we can come up with. At the bottom of the second picture is the bowls but it ...

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Part 72: Hummer It's a slow go on the details.

07-02-2016 09:16 PM by htl | 11 comments »

Slow going but getting in the details.Finished up the inside so sealed it with some danish oil finish. Had to sand off the back of the rear headrests so the back could lean in just right.Kinda like the look of the cut off headrest, need to file that away for future use. Here’s a better look of the grill. I had to force myself from putting on the bush guard, really going to make the front end me thinks but still have a lot a little stuff where I will be needing to lay it on ...

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Part 73: Hummer Knocking at the door #9

07-03-2016 09:57 PM by htl | 14 comments »

Well I finally figured what I’d do with the doors. Took it for another ride. I want to put the grill on so bad. I ebonized an extra tire just to see what it would look like, had a bit of a smoky brown look to it but will add a little finish to it tomorrow and see if that livens it up. Getting closer to a fine finish.

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Part 74: Hummer Almost there

07-04-2016 08:58 PM by htl | 10 comments »

I really like the Dark Danish oil!!!It has some walnut stain in it and sinks into the grain and darkens it so it really shows up in the oak.I got the bumpers on and all the little side panels and gas filler, all I really have left is the back stop lights and the windshield post.O! and I still need to build the rack and radiator grill, I made one grill but it just wouldn’t bend enough over the hood so will need to make a few things and get the wheels oiled up.May look into building some ...

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Part 75: Hummer Ebonized tires #11

07-05-2016 10:29 PM by htl | 7 comments »

The tires turned out great and thanks all for heading me in the right direction there. I stained my first trucks wheels with jacobean stain and wasn’t dark enough so used a magic marker on it and it made them black but this ebonizing treatment gets them just right and there was no need to sand them. Here’s the ebonizing treatment on the tires.I let the water treatment dry 24 hours it’s 95° in the shop so dried up well. Then put danish oil on them.Picture with flash....

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Part 76: Hummer adding the last few things #12

07-08-2016 07:35 PM by htl | 18 comments »

Ducky talked me into adding a few more things to the build so here they are then that’s it. lolAdded a luggage rack but had to shorten up the rack being it’s a pickup truck.So here’s a luggage rack quick how to. I printed out the plans for it then cut it up to fit the top of the truck then cut parts to fit that plan.I hot glued the three braces to the plans so they wouldn’t move then I had something to go by to keep everything lined up. I then banded ...

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Part 77: Starting on a 1935 Ford #1

07-10-2016 09:48 PM by htl | 7 comments »

I’ve hardly got the thing started and wish I had done it way different. Starting to run out of nice wood and don’t want to put any $$$ into this car so thought I would try one out of some pine shelving and 2×4s.If worst comes to worst I’ll paint it never ever done one of those before so why not. lolI know ducky I got the oxygen waiting on you over in the corner. One thing I’m already noticing is it’s going to take some doing to keep the dings out ...

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Part 78: 1935 Ford #2

07-12-2016 11:32 PM by htl | 13 comments »

Just sand and sand and get er shaped up.But first gotta get the inside done and finished cause once the tops on you’re not touching it.So let’s build the benches and steering wheel. Now the hood and fenders need placing.

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Part 79: 1935 ford Just about there #3

07-13-2016 07:50 PM by htl | 20 comments »

Just about done just needs some bumpers but way to hot to keep going so.The floor boards fenders and the radiator were the main projects for this build. Starting to get the feel for the fenders but they definitely slow you down if you want to get them right. The radiator was a half day project didn’t really know what I wanted but it all came out after like 4 tries. Tested out some walnut danish oil which would be like putting on a dark stain and the pine...

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Part 80: 1935 Ford Blacked Out

07-14-2016 08:31 PM by htl | 17 comments »

It’s really hard to get any nice pictures with the black. Still playing with the Ford, this time put some black laquer on it to see what that would do.Hard to keep the dust off of it to get a picture but you get the idea.A little fine sanding and maybe one more light coat, then some polish? Here’s some shots without the flash.You can still see and feel the wood grain but one more shot of the paint would end that I believe.When I was painting it I went over it a bunch a t...

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Part 81: Low Boy Trailer build #1

07-14-2016 09:08 PM by htl | 15 comments »

Well it’s about time to get my Excavator a trailer, so the low boy is on the table.Just cutting out some of the main parts. I had found a wobble dado blade at a yard sale some time back but my Dewalt can’t use it so ordered a 5/8 arbor for the Shopsmith so now I can cut my dados in one pass where it used to take me forever to get er done. Back 30 something years ago I used to use a wobble blade on my dewalt radial arm saw but from what I remember it would vibrate a little bu...

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Part 82: Low Boy Trailer build #2

07-15-2016 09:48 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Just some progress on the low boy. Used my miter saw for all the angled cuts [22 1/2°] but when I got to this point used the drum sander on the Shopsmith to sand where the front assembly and back meet up so everything comes out just right. Marked for center to be sure and not miss and then free hand drilled for dowels for a little extra support. O!!! I should mention I’m making mine an 8 wheel trailer and all so shortening it from a 17”...

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Part 83: Low Boy Trailer Getting er Done #3

07-16-2016 08:23 PM by htl | 14 comments »

Getting close on this one just some fine sanding and add a back bumper with lights, then some finish.This is a fun build and cool to have something to help connect my different models together. I’m going to steal the tires off the black car and use them on the trailer they match up with the Mack truck so that works out just right.I painted my spare set of spoker wheels for the black car so we’ll see how that works. lol I really like using the dowels as a fram...

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Part 84: Low Boy Trailer build #4

07-17-2016 08:54 PM by htl | 13 comments »

Well the trailers done just need to make four inside tires to go with the mag wheels.

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Part 85: Fat Wheels For The Low Boy Trailer

07-19-2016 09:19 PM by htl | 22 comments »

Got it in my head to make the center wheels for the low boy.I needed some 3/4” oak but found some nice 1”, so started making the wheels and as I was getting half way though it hit me I was not making the center wheels for the trailer but was making some fat boy tires I had been thinking about making.So the tires may not fit the trailer but hey I like making tires so??? NOTE: There’s really nothing new here just what I did to make these wheels. Here’s some tire ma...

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Part 86: diesel locomotive 1.5

07-28-2016 09:49 PM by htl | 20 comments »

Been liking the looks of the diesel locomotive for a while so it’s time to build one.I have no where to put it lol but just want to build it and won’t be happy till I do. So here’s the diesel locomotive plans I found and using for the build.I blow this up on the printer till the wheels were 1” then I knew the train would be on scale with my other cars. An after the build note.The train turned out a little small next to the cars I have built so the engine must use...

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Part 87: diesel locomotive 2.5

07-29-2016 10:44 PM by htl | 23 comments »

Here’s where I left yesterday, need to fill in that big hole. Took me a couple a tries before I came up with something I could live with. After every part was glued on I would sand it with the disk sander to keep everything flush and even. The nose and cabin aren’t glued up here just checking if it looks right and what needs to be do next. The nose, cabin, and engine are all glued up but not to the base.Going to be working on the hand rails,...

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Part 88: diesel locomotive 4

08-02-2016 11:57 PM by htl | 28 comments »

As I’ve noted before this is a project I had my eye on making some thirty years ago and just now getting around to building it. So here’s the last few pictures, I don’t know why but couldn’t think to stop and take more. I used the miter saw to cut the steps, need to use this instead of gluing the parts together much easier and faster, and I like faster. I really didn’t want to put the hand rails on, it’s always these last parts that...

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Part 89: railway breakdown crane #1

08-09-2016 06:40 PM by htl | 22 comments »

Had a lot a fun building the diesel train so thought I would play with a work car to go with my working engine.So the railway breakdown crane looks kind a interesting so we’ll see how this turns out.This is another scratch build from a couple a pictures. I wanted that same look on the side like the low boy trailer so set up the shopsmith and dadoed out the sides of the base.But before I could do that I made a new Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert for the dado I just didn’t like t...

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Part 90: railway break down crane #2

08-10-2016 09:27 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Well I wasn’t happy with the way the boom came out so redid it then made the wheels for this build and for two more cars, 28 in all. Here’s the old boom and then on to the new. I cut grooves with the miter saw then glued it up. Then got into wheel mod and built 28 wheels for this car and there is a car that follows the crane and gives it some where to lower the boom when traveling so will be making that.I made the base for it when I cut out the crane so I ...

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Part 91: T&J Dozer #1

08-15-2016 07:33 PM by htl | 16 comments »

When Gr8Hunter posted his dozer It was just so nice I had to get a move on and build one.His project here I already have the tracks and some left over hydraulics from my excavator so all the really hard work is already done just need to build a body and put er together.My first dozer here.My excavator So here’s my starter pictures.I will be using oak and walnut and a little cherry.These are store bought plans from Toys and joys, they make some really great plans and are a ball to ...

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Part 92: T&J Dozer #2&3

08-18-2016 08:38 PM by htl | 17 comments »

Barely spiting and sputtering the last couple a days but got a little done. Got out my bucket a treads for the dozer and the parts were cut out but still need the holes the treads and the alignment blocks so a ton a work still to be done on them. These will be walnut treads but also had some mahogany one made up so used one of the mahogany treats to make a drilling jig. I just drilled through the one side then flipped the jig over and did the other side. Build note When drilling...

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Part 93: T&J Dozer #4

08-20-2016 06:56 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Got a few more things done or at least heading in that direction.Worked on the fuel tanks and got the base for it ready.. Then on to one of the funner things to make. Clamped down some boards at just the right angle and by raising the blade about an 1/16” at a time cut out the blade. The project is finished find the post HERE. It’s getting there won’t be long now.

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Part 94: WS Tractor Semi

08-29-2016 09:49 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Wanted a better truck for the Low Boy so going to be playing with the Toys and Joys W S Tractor.Got a pretty nice start on the frame today, but had to get the shop straightened up first was a total mess after the last couple a builds..I am kinda disappointed with these plans, was hoping for a more complicated suspension kinda like on Dutchy’s dump truck.I know I could soup it up but think I’ll stick with the plans for this one.

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Part 95: WS Tractor Semi #2

08-30-2016 11:02 PM by htl | 2 comments »

Building diesel tanks and gluing up axles.Over a year ago I scrounged up a wood porch umbrella pole and it has come in really handy for building gas tanks and air compressor tanks being that it’s 1 1/2”, has a really nice grain pattern.

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Part 96: WS Tractor Semi #3

09-03-2016 12:02 AM by htl | 9 comments »

Finally got back to building my truck.Using oak and walnut for this build just love the way the grain in the oak shows up in these models.Needed to cut out the engine compartment. Wanted it cut in one pass so it would be nise and smooth so the clamp keeps it from being able to move. Next up was the grill and made some doors.. Then on to the dash board and finish the inside so I could close it up..

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Part 97: WS Tractor Semi Fenders and cab

09-05-2016 10:28 PM by htl | 3 comments »

I thought it was supposed to cool off a little this week but I think they lied cause it’s hot out there!!!Me and fenders don’t get a long, I plays the same trick I did last time and made them backwards???In my mind any part that’s thin at one end should be the front and it gets me in trouble with these fenders every time. lol with a couple a GRRRR in there.But never fear I finally got it straight. Took the wheels off the woodie to check it out. From what I see ...

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Part 98: WS Tractor Semi cab over

09-06-2016 08:14 PM by htl | 9 comments »

This has turned into a half T&J and half scratch build.Just got it in my head to try a cab over and this is what came of it with what scraps I had in the shop. There were some wild angles in this part of the build, with 45° by 30° compound angles.The angle gauge is just on there to use the magnet to hold the wood in place for the picture.

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Part 99: WS Tractor Semi Making wheels

09-09-2016 08:09 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Before I go any farther with my truck I figured I better get some wheels made so I can build the back fenders to fit since I’m going to make some slightly over sized wheels to fill in some of the space between the wheels and fenders. I’ve done tire how to’s before so just some pictures showing how I’ve change thinks up a bit.I added a longer bolt so I can now cut treads on 3 tires at once and if I would have had a longer all thread I would have made it longer. Th...

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Part 100: WS Tractor Semi Getting close

09-12-2016 08:54 PM by htl | 8 comments »

I added the staining of the tires to the last post so some may need to check that out.Worked on rear fenders, spare tire holder,nose on motor cover.I used oak walnut and a touch a cherry.Fills up the wheel well nicely now.

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Part 101: WS Tractor Semi

09-14-2016 09:00 PM by htl | 13 comments »

Here’s the last post for the truck.Project thread here. Making the mufflers.Drill out a 5/8 dowel for muffler body.Seems like every time I need to drill out a dowel I think up another way to do it. Here’s a teaser for tomorrows project post.All that work just so the trailer and truck both have the blacked out wheels.

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Part 102: Power Wagon 6x6 building the frame and rear suspension

09-16-2016 09:59 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Here’s the rear end of the Mack truck to give you an idea what i’m up to.

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Part 103: Power Wagon 6x6 building the transfer case, drive shafts and wheels

09-17-2016 11:11 PM by htl | 3 comments »

First picture shows the back drive shaft passing over the differential and heading to the transfer case.Both rear drive shafts go to the transfer case independently.Second picture show the transfer case with the drive shaft to the trans and one to the front end.I ran out of 1/4” oak dowel so will finish up the drive shafts monday.Last pictures just showing the travel of the rear axles. Couple a pictures of the wheels being made.marked for the band saw and cut, Then dri...

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Part 104: Power Wagon 6x6 building the cab

09-24-2016 10:53 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Been out in my back so been a slow go with this one.Here’s the beginning of the body work.Using oak and walnut for this build but the interior is cherry. To me they went about the body work in a strange round about way but should come out all right in the end.I thought they would look like coke bottles but look more like wine bottles to me.

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Part 105: Power Wagon 6x6 More body work

09-25-2016 11:15 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Alot a head scratching to get the body in shape.

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Part 107: Power Wagon 6x6 Just about there

09-29-2016 11:50 PM by htl | 15 comments »

Here’s the Project Post Tried blacking out the fenders and it turned out ok, walnut is a much blacker wood when stained but the oaks wood grain peeking through looks pretty good. but won’t be doing it again I think. The danish oil should look good.

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Part 108: Power Wagon video of the drive shaft working.

10-01-2016 03:13 PM by htl | 15 comments »

New to the video thing but just wanted to show the rear wheels and drive shaft doing their thing. Photo Bucket messed up the video so no joy there!!! I finally did it, I went back and did most of the things that needed to be done, so it is finished..The biggest thing I wanted to do was close in the windshield it was looking way to open, and was the one thing I didn’t like in these plans, if I was to build another one I would lower the top some for a cleaner look. ...

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Part 109: 32 Chevy

10-12-2016 12:45 AM by htl | 14 comments »

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Part 110: 32 Chevy Wheel time

10-14-2016 01:36 AM by htl | 10 comments »

I figured before I could do the fenders and just about anything else I better get the wheels in shape.On the jig I used before I had a hard time clamping it down, my clamps didn’t have enough reach, then it hit me to use a longer 2×4 and I could clamp it at the edges. Most times simple is better. Got a new to me handle for the drill press way better And Ebay for the win. Wanted to give the rims a different look but they’re so simple to do didn’t want t...

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Part 112: 32 Chevy Adding the last touchs

10-17-2016 08:15 PM by htl | 15 comments »

My first radiator didn’t turn out right I made the trim to thin and close to the edge so when I started sanding it the radiator under the trim came throw so made a better one or at least different. What caused the problem was not having the right size router bit and cutting too big a seat for the radiator but on this second try it hit me that my laminate trimmer bit would do it with a smaller bearing on it. Then on to making the front axle.

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Part 113: Sprint race car Frame

10-18-2016 09:45 PM by htl | 14 comments »

Going to try my hand at a tubular frame for a sprint car. Dirt bikes has always been my favorite form for racing but if I was into cars this would be my style. I put two drops a super glue behind the first brace so it would stay in place on the paper, now I can line everything else to the lines to get it right.Once it’s all glued up I can tear the paper away and sand sand sand.

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Part 114: Sprint race car motor, seat, rear end

10-19-2016 10:56 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Needed to start with the things that will hold the two frames together.This is being made with what wood is left over from other project.Cherry walnut and oak dowels. I haven’t read one bit of the instructions just using the pictures to get er done.When I get near finished and things aren’t going right I’ll read the fine print and see what I did wrong. lolThe Gatto plans have a lot a reading instructions but these plans came with a full sheet with all the part pictured s...

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Part 115: Sprint race car gas tank, gluing it together.

10-21-2016 09:23 PM by htl | 11 comments »

The tires you will see here are just leftovers from other project but help get an idea what’s going on.There’s a lot more to this project than is first seen when looking at it just on a shelf as I discovered when I started building one..Of course making a frame out of dowels had something to do with that. It’s interesting how they designed the manifold, may be using this idea on other projects.

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Part 116: Sprint car finishing it up

10-24-2016 11:27 PM by htl | 25 comments »

This has really been some thing different with all the frame work, a very fun and enjoyable build. I still need to make a new better indexer but this one still does fine so why bother?Here’s some tire how to shots and videos. Here’s where I stick the bolt through with a washer. Added double sided tape to the wheels so they won’t slip, then tighten the bolt to the wheels and indexer.The indexer needs no tape it has sand paper glued to it. Here we see...

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Part 117: Mining Truck

11-04-2016 12:10 AM by htl | 6 comments »

Trying my hand at the mining truck.I don’t know why I do it to myself working with pine, it’s so hard to get a smooth finish without showing sanding marks, the harder woods are much easier to get right and stay that way. The plans call for 4 1/4” wheels but shrinking it down to use 3” wheels.Using pine and cherry Radiator and guard.

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Part 118: Mining Truck Wheels and...

11-12-2016 04:31 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Here is the finished truck. I got carried away and made the wheels too wide so not going to be able to have 4 wheels in the back but that’s ok cause I can use them on my next project. LOL Here’s a picture of how big the wheels would have been if I had gone full scale, in fact this Hummer wheel is 1/4” smaller than they called for on the bump truck. That would have been one monster truck if I would have gone full size!!! I think the four fatter wheels will...

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Part 119: Playing with a Bob Cat

11-18-2016 12:07 AM by htl | 11 comments »

Started on a semi scratch built bobcat.Found some hand drawn plans on the net and with pictures from my favorites page am getting it built.Thanks Gr8hunter for your great pictures.Oak cherry and walnut If you look close you can see where I had to back up and redo some of my work because of a design flaw.I could have worked around it but it would have never been right so just bite the bullet and redo it.The seat and the roof and also the back are all junk yard parts left over from o...

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Part 120: Playing with a Bob Cat wheels...

11-19-2016 11:10 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Getting cold in the shop in the 55°at the high today which is ok for working but the super glue doesn’t like it been warming the wood up with a heat gun to get it to work faster.Played with making wheels today, didn’t know what angle to make the grooves so went with 70° hope it’s right but it is what it is now. lol This is just what I got cut out have a couple different ways to change it up, we’ll see.

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Part 121: Playing with a Bob Cat More on the wheels

11-21-2016 09:20 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Been wanting to try building the wheel treads like they use on the John Deer traitor but really don’t want to build one so trying it out on this build in mini.I got in a hurry with the glue up of the treads, just BRRRRR!So not going to black the wheels, tryed it on one of the reject parts and it was way to blotchy from the super glue, come to think about it if I blacked them out it would hide all the work I put into them.I need to slow down I went and glued up the wheels and now looking...

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Part 122: Delivery Truck

11-27-2016 12:27 AM by htl | 15 comments »

Starting on the T&J delivery Truck.

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Part 123: Delivery Truck Grill & interier

11-29-2016 12:15 AM by htl | 8 comments »

The pictures on the plans for the front of the truck just don’t seem to make much sense to me but I ended up getting something done on it. It really doesn’t look like I got much done but the front end and grill were a pain to figure out so just went my own way and got er done. Had some fun working on the seats and steering wheel.I got to remember to put in a shifter before I glue up the top.The steering wheel was supposed to look like one with finger grips but looks...

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Part 124: Delivery truck, steps, bumper, roof

11-29-2016 11:25 PM by htl | 16 comments »

There seems to be a lot more to this project than I would have guessed.Finished up most of the grill didn’t want to add head light till I see how everything comes together.The step behind the grill was a pain.Also got the front fenders on as they were part of the steps. But had a ball building the front bumper.Made it all out of one piece of wood. Got looking at the pictures and have a ton of the bumper witch I love and nearly nothing on the grill and steps. lolMor...

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Part 125: Delivery truck wheels

12-02-2016 11:01 PM by htl | 21 comments »

Played with making some wheels.Had a couple different inserts to try, can’t say I’m to happy with them but made two sets of tires so may try again.These are made of cherry and a touch a oak.2 7/8 tall – 1” wideUsed vinegar & steel wool stain on them. I must say what ever Cricket did they really speeded up the up loads WOW!!!

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Part 126: Delivery truck More about wheels and the roof

12-03-2016 09:50 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Wanted to play with my other set a wheels but ran out of 1 1/2” wheels for centers so lets try some 2” for a change up.Here’s the wheels I ebanized.And here’s the new set of tires I can’t beleave I didn’t take any pictures of the new wheels being put together.I meant to add lug nuts but got busy gluing up and didn’t notice till it was to late. GRRRRR!!! Note to self drill the spoke holes one size bigger next time,will have a tad better reveal.It t...

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Part 127: Delivery truck Back Deck and more wheel pictures

12-06-2016 12:21 AM by htl | 7 comments »

I really need to change the name of this post now that I figured out what it’s going to be.It’s a flat bed wrecker that I will be used to display the Sprint car on.I came up with the idea to make my models work with one another like this truck carrying the sprint car.My lowboy carry’s the Bull Dozer and Bob Cat. The Sprint car is out of scale with the truck but that’s not a problem with me. And you all thought I was done with the strips. LOL ...

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Part 128: Delivery truck working on the deck

12-07-2016 02:26 AM by htl | 5 comments »

Rained here all day and man I’m hurting but got some time in the shop and figured out the deck for the race car. Got to put in some tire pictures to keep Ducky happy. Ducky I need some track and roller pictures when you get to them.

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Part 129: Delivery Truck---Race Car Hauler All most there

12-07-2016 10:14 PM by htl | 13 comments »

Well it’s starting to come together and look like something.Got the runners, hydraulics,gas tank,tool box and axles all put into place.Quite a few pictures trying to help you get a picture of what was done.This is a oak and walnut project.For those of you just checking it out this is a Toys And Joys plan with a few small changes and then a scratch built hauler bed for my Sprint car.Sorry for the bad pictures. The hydraulic are from a left over one from ano...

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Part 130: Playing with a Caterpillar

01-03-2017 11:55 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Lets see if we can talk him in to walking a little bit. Toymakingdad built a caterpillar Automata and I just loved it so had to give it a try.I should add he gives a very complete how to with many problem solving ideas, because there can be problems getting everything just so.I never knew caterpillars could be so much trouble.It’s just made out of scraps I had laying around the shop.Pine and more pine. LOL Then I thought I would change it up a bit and make him one of ...

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Part 131: Delivery truck Movie LOL

02-05-2017 12:16 AM by htl | 9 comments »

And to add to your enjoyment a short short movie!!!

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Part 132: Wood burning train #2

06-29-2017 12:12 AM by htl | 14 comments »

Well I got some insulation in the ceiling so till I get more $$$ for insulation for the walls will be getting back to building models.Got the plans for the wood burner Toys and Joys plans so will be playing with this for a little while.I build the coal burner a while back but shrunk it down but this time going to try a full size train so may put in a few more details, we’ll see how that goes. :-] Since moving to a new shop having to find the tools I need and figure out the best why t...

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Part 133: Triming the base & filling the cab #3

06-30-2017 10:21 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Yesterday I got most of the base and cab cut out and shaped now I’ll be triming it with cherry and building up the gadgets and things for the cab. I looked and looked for My copy of Duckys boiler room but had to get him to show me where it was at. Here’s one I found. Here’s what I made for last time. And here’s what I worked out for this build.I already had the gauges put on before I stopped for lunch and found that Ducky was good enough to get what I neede...

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Part 134: Smoke stack #4

07-01-2017 08:37 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Worked on the dodad’s that go on top of the boiler [smoke stack].Here’s a better look at my sanding drum jig.I scrounged up a router fence and it has some great adjustments for easing up on the sander.I should add that this is set up for the Shop Smith but would work on other tools too. I put slats on the bottom so it can move side ways when I loosen the bolt but can’t move back.By being able to move side ways, when making wheels you use up just a small part of the di...

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Part 135: Starting to look like a train

07-03-2017 09:11 PM by htl | 8 comments »

While I had the boiler in the sanding jig, drilled all the hand rail holes, made it so much easier to line every thing up.Can’t seem to get into high gear but it’s coming together.

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Part 136: Been working on the wheels #6

07-07-2017 10:20 PM by htl | 11 comments »

Got started on the wheels and brackets for them.I again made the spokes like on the last train.Then while I was at it and had the tools set up cut out wheels for two more cars.Here's how I did the wheels in my last build.This time I used the miter saw to cut the groves for the spokes was much easier.

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Part 137: Got the Funnel Fitted & the Domes Too

07-09-2017 12:01 AM by htl | 11 comments »

As I’ve said before a slow go but it’s getting there.Glued up the boiler, funnel, domes, cab and more.

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Part 138: How do you catch a cow?

07-10-2017 10:41 PM by htl | 10 comments »

With a cow catcher of course.The first one I made didn’t go very well nun of the slats matched up or were spaced right so I went back to my old trick of cutting grooves in the back and bottom, now every thing stays lined up.Notice here in the wood burner plans above they give you the shapes for the catchers in the coal train plans they don’t help you out much with this. I used two skill saw blades to get the right width cut.I also groove the back and bottom as one board so the ...

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Part 139: Getting close

07-12-2017 04:47 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Not got to much more for this puppy. Just some pictures for a days work.

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Part 140: Building the tender

07-13-2017 10:03 PM by htl | 3 comments »

Need some parts from Hobby Lobby or may make my own to finish the train, but just so much easier to modify HL stuff.So played with the tender today, which I loved doing it’s an easy one day project not counting the wheels. I wanted to trim out the edges with cherry but ran out, but it should be ok. And tomorrow will be starting on sanding all these wheels.Here's a blog of the last one I did and I like it a lot better. [step by step]

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Part 141: Last How to for the train

07-22-2017 09:49 PM by htl | 0 comments »

I needed to drill a 1/8” hole in a 1/4” dowel at an angle for two of the braces, so here’s how I got it done. First cut a 2×4 at the right angle then cut a groove for the 1/4” dowel to sit in and then adjusted the drill to be just off center as the brad bit wanted to move around the rounded shape, but by setting it just behind where I wanted it [and drilling very slowly] the drill bit pulled itself to the right spot. [We are talking about a 1/8 brad bit here] ...

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Part 142: #2 Cattle car

07-22-2017 11:12 PM by htl | 18 comments »

Need some cars for the new wood burner so loved building my last cattle car so here we go again.This will be full size like the train plans but this is a scratch build no plans just a couple a picture like last one. Started on the base 4 1/2” wide to match the tender by 13” long.I really think it would be wider if it was to scale but this will keep it from getting to big for my needs.I cut grooves to get the look of planks.I used my miter saw and it works ok but is so much easi...

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Part 143: #2 Cattle car Adding the small parts #2

07-25-2017 12:24 AM by htl | 8 comments »

Now that I’ve got the main body parts made, or remade in the case of the ends. [had the grain running the wrong way.So need the guide for the sliding doors and all the other doodads. Had some fun making the top. Next up I need to build the doors and I took the trucks off the train to have a look at it all together. Here’s what the ends look like if turned and cut on the table saw, there’s many places where this would look great.

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Part 144: #2 Cattle car Sliding door build #3

07-25-2017 09:18 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Here's the project post. Need to finish it up and make the sliding doors. From looking at the finished pictures I may go back and sand the doors down they seem to be a little thick.And may even split them to make two smaller doors would look much better.

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Part 145: Caboose----mail car

07-27-2017 09:50 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Getting started on the next car for my train set.It will be a caboose – mail car.It will be something like this. I got started on the base and sides today.It will be made out of green poplar with cherry ascents.It is a scratch build and will be full size in line with toys and joys train plans.The picture I found on a google caboose search came up with this and the third picture bellow show what I’m using to build this car.I printed out the picture and then had to enlarge it to...

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Part 146: Caboose #2

07-29-2017 12:21 AM by htl | 8 comments »

Started putting things together. Using super glue I don’t use bar clamps much but when I got to this point I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it all in place till it was all glued up so used slower drying wood glue and bar clamps to get it all together. I hadn’t planned to do much with the inside but once I got started just couldn’t leave it alone.. I wonder where all those cushions came from Ducky?One door will be closed and one open. I just...

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Part 147: Caboose----mail car Roof building #3.5

07-31-2017 10:52 PM by htl | 14 comments »

I know there are other things I need to build but the roof is the one thing that gave me trouble last time so wanted to get ahead of it.I used my 10” saw blade as the pattern for the roof curve. Now I need a roof for the look out or what ever they call it, crows nest? I made this by clamping a stop to the table saw and raising the blade into the wood.I cranked it all the way down then would raise it 7 turns to get my height. Then band saw the...

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Part 148: Caboose----mail car #5

08-06-2017 12:39 AM by htl | 10 comments »

Just what I’ve got done so far.Trucks, you got to have trucks. Then some more furniture and sliding doors. Worked on the windows.

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Part 149: Caboose finishing it up #6.5

08-08-2017 06:41 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Wanted to add some detail to the trucks. Disk sander to the rescue again.I took no measurements or cut any angles for this just cut the parts a little long and glued up a part sanded it and glued on something else. Thanks all for checking it out. Some shots with the train.

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Part 150: Train family all together

08-09-2017 11:50 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Here’s the train set put all together. And here’s a couple a shots of my first train cars up next to their big brothers.

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Part 151: Train track build

08-11-2017 01:14 AM by htl | 9 comments »

My train cars are just over 5’ long so will be making tracks to fit and while I’m at it I’m cutting an extra set while the tools are set up just in case I get the wild hair to build more, plus if any of the tracks don’t come out right I’ll have a fall back set..I am splitting the tracks in two so will have a coupling near the middle, making it much easier to work in my small shop.So have made enough track for two shelves 5’ long and will have a shelf made u...

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Part 152: Train track build finished and on the shelves

08-24-2017 07:14 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Train track build finished and on the shelves. I should add that I added some extra finish up pictures to the last post.

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Part 153: Nautilus 20000 thousand leagues under the sea #1

10-07-2017 02:19 AM by htl | 17 comments »

Going to try something a little different and build the submarine from 20000 thousand leagues under the sea. No plans just a picture I found that should give me what I need.Here’s my first days work.As you can tell I didn’t start taking pictures till I had the shape kinda figured out and how I might go about this project with no knowledge of subs or boat building.. Here I’m on the band saw giving the ship some shape. After a ton a sanding the start to my...

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Part 154: New Wheel Making Jig #1

10-07-2017 05:04 AM by htl | 13 comments »

My old wheel making jig was way way wore out so when we moved it hit the trash can. :-[ So time to make a new one with thoughts of being more accurate and safer to use.Want it to work with my hands farther from the blade and need to come up with a way to get better holes drilled for the dial indicator [if that the right word] So with that being said I needed to find a guide to drill 36 holes at just the right spacing. I started by using a 36 tooth 7 1/2” saw blade to force the ...

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Part 155: Nautilus 20000 thousand leagues under the sea #2 & 3

10-09-2017 11:42 PM by htl | 6 comments »

If I knew what I know now, I would probable done things a little differently but hind site is 20 20.

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Part 156: Nautilus 20000 thousand leagues under the sea #4 1/2

10-11-2017 10:22 PM by htl | 13 comments »

Working on the wings [flippers?]None of the wings are glued in, just in the groove waiting for final shaping.Just showing the pictures as I got things done. I should add the whole model is made in maple. Starting to sand and smooth things out. I’m at a stand still trying to figure out a way to make the teeth [front ripper saw teeth].Aaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

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Part 157: Nautilus 20000 thousand leagues under the sea #5 1/2

10-12-2017 08:16 PM by htl | 21 comments »

Getting close to the end of this project and man have I loved figuring this baby out.All that is needed is a rudder and screw guard I think. Building the prop was quite interesting [it’s so small.] Getting it all glued up after a ton a sanding and buffing. The project pictures are here.

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Part 158: New Wheel Making Jig #2 For Angled Treads

10-21-2017 01:04 AM by htl | 7 comments »

After posting my last wheel making jig Duchy posted. A nice jig, not that sophisticated as Ducky s one, but perfect for his task. Great idea of that saw blade. How about tractor wheels? - Dutchy Here's the first wheel jig blog..Well here’s another jig pretty close to the other straight tread jig but able to be moved around for different angle treads. I make a lot more straight treads so will leave the first jig on the wall and build a new one. Here’s a picture of the t...

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Part 159: Rocket Ship

10-24-2017 12:45 AM by htl | 7 comments »

I was sitting at the computer this morning looking at one of those computer cut out plans for a jet and got thinking what it would look like as a four winged rocket ship so we’re at it again building a rocket ship using the same style build as I used for the Submarine. And don’t any of you faint, I got up the gumption to dig up my lathe tools for the ShopSmith. LOL Here again this is just an experiment no plans just an idea floating around in my head. It&...

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Part 160: New Set A Wheels

11-04-2017 10:48 PM by htl | 19 comments »

I got my two wheel making jigs made a week or so back but never got around to testing them so it’s time to build some wheels. Will be making some 3” wheels so cut up some 3/4” & 1” lumber to 3 1/4”, then split the wood into 3/8” and 1/4”.I use my table saw to split the lumber cutting 1 3/4 or there about then flip and finish splitting the wood, helps keep the hands way from the blade.This comes out so smooth I don’t bother putting it thro...

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Part 161: 34 coupe One more Time #2

12-02-2017 12:04 AM by htl | 9 comments »

Getting started on another 34 Coupe.I already built one so have the plans but with this one the only thing I’m using is the shape of the body and have shrunk it down just a tad for a 2 7/8” wheel.I should also add that the plans for this are only two pages but it’s enough to get er done. [Toys And Joys]It will be mostly maple cause that’s whats one the shelf.Will be trying to get this done before the cold is here to stay. Already had this frame for a truck I just c...

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Part 162: Starting on the motor for the coupe

12-06-2017 05:17 PM by htl | 16 comments »

One of those might as well make 3 while I’m at it so my next model can have one. I want to thank SouthavenToyMaker for his motor project that got me wanting to build a really mean Hot Rod motor. Getting cold in the shop. BRRRRRRR!!!!! I’ve been getting asked for the dimensions for the motor well here’s a quick drawing. Hope this helps.

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Part 163: 34 coupe Feel like I'm getting some where

12-11-2017 11:08 PM by htl | 17 comments »

It’s finally starting to come together after power outage and snow.Still have a way to go with the frame but can now see what need to be done. Got a feel for the bonnet and radiator cover. Lets see what the motor would look like without a cover. You can see here where the radiator will fit in the cover. And a look at the underneath.

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Part 164: 34 coupe Put in the time but not much progress today

12-13-2017 12:23 AM by htl | 16 comments »

Seem like I spent more time scratching my head than making anything. Worked some more on the radiator. Then on to the bonnet. I need to make my mind up if I want the front wheels before the radiator or out back. Would like some input on this.

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Part 165: 34 coupe frame and front end

12-14-2017 02:44 AM by htl | 9 comments »

Well for one I de Mad Maxed the frame [or in other words shortened it] and added some shape. LOL Then went on and figured out the front end. Then glue on the top and sand sand sand.

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Part 166: Mag Wheel Making Jig

12-16-2017 12:28 AM by htl | 23 comments »

After seeing Bushmasters jig making it got me wanting to rethink my mag wheel making jig and this is what I came up with, and I must say it’s much faster and safer to boot. Using and indexer makes this job so much easier and really a no brainier from now on, just make up your mind how many spokes you want and jig it up.For even # holes at least. LOL First I made up some hole blanks, don’t cut them all the way through just enough to have a center hole and the out line for th...

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Part 167: Tires for the Coupe

12-19-2017 11:44 PM by htl | 21 comments »

Now that I’ve figured out the hubs, I’m going for some street tires for the coupe. Before I can go much farther with the coupes frame and suspension, I needed to build the tires so I’m know how big they well turn out to be. [The fronts will be smaller but just as wide.]I usually start out with a size in mind but buy the time I get them made and sanded they can be a whole different beast.I made up a whole bunch a plain and angled treads so I could try for a different look...

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Part 168: Played with making another indexer this one for 5 or 10 points.

12-22-2017 01:19 AM by htl | 10 comments »

If you look at the Cragar mags they’re a 5 spoke hub so wanted to build a 10 point indexer. Here’s what I’m working toward.The mags on the left are the new ones.Well the ones on the far right are too tried it with some lag nuts. So here’s the project.I’m thinking of making a stop motion video that why all the pictures in steps. I didn’t go as deep with the shaping this time so there’s hardly...

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Part 169: Back to the coupe

12-22-2017 10:52 PM by htl | 14 comments »

Time for the headers and sand sand sand.I know their super simple but I like them. lolThe body, bonnet and motor are all glued up so now I’m able to sand the sides and get it all smoothed out.I can still remove the frame for some suspension work down the road.

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Part 170: Just about done with the coupe

12-24-2017 09:07 PM by htl | 17 comments »

It’s time to start something else I wonder what that is? So here’s my last build blog for the coupe and the year, but wait it just hit me we still have another week. LOL Here's the Project finished. We need some brake lights. Done! Mufflers and wheels. DoneIt also has head lights but can’t be seen till the last picture. Done I wonder where that motors going? I haven’t showed this yet, it has suspension in the back. Then off to...

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Part 171: Building a VW Bus

12-25-2017 11:42 PM by htl | 26 comments »

Couldn’t stand it and had to play with Dutchy's plans for the VW Bus. Got started on the cabin, and loading space.This will be the bottom for the VW.VW’s don’t have separate frames but more of a tub construction or what do they call it unabody?. So here’s my start on the project, I’ve had my eye on a VW Bus build for a while but Dutchy just made available some great plans so here we go. The side doors are hinged and Dutchy came up with a great way to ge...

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Part 172: Building a VW Bus #2

12-27-2017 11:19 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Cut out the sides and made up the front but really doesn’t look like much work, but you got to start somewhere.

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Part 173: Building a VW Bus #3 Rounding out the front

12-28-2017 11:39 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Couple more hours playing with the bus. Just had to stick that motor in there after we TALKED ABOUT IT. LOL Makes me go HMMMMMMM!!! Added the handle [using super glue] so I would get nice straight cuts and sandings. I’m going for very simple rounded edges but if you build one be sure and check the plans cause I’ve already changed at least 4 things [ they’re not wrong I just went a different way] and one is the step in the nose of Dutchys plans, th...

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Part 174: VW Bus #4 working on the cabin and back flooring.

12-30-2017 12:24 AM by htl | 22 comments »

Going to be getting off the reservation, starting just about now. LOL Can you guess where I’m going with this?

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Part 175: VW Bus #5 working on the sides, and roof

12-30-2017 11:22 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Made some cuts in the sides and glued them up, but had to glue up the bottom first and sand it to fit. Then sanded every thing to match up. Not really happy with the roof it needs something for this hot rod, lowered, shaped differently, something.Want something a little more, or a lot more futuristic.Will go walk about and see whats on the net for futuristic VW trucks. lol Maybe some wheels well get the ideas flowing. I know it’s just a VW pickup but there must be so...

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Part 176: VW Bus #6 1/2 working on the motor, and roof

01-09-2018 12:02 AM by htl | 5 comments »

Rainy nasty day but warm enough to get in the shop and make some progress.Built a simple motor and trans, I would have had to come up with some kind a axle mount so just build a motor and let it do the job. And finally got the roof figured out, I lowered it a little.I cut out the straight back window and added a little angle to it, and thickened the roof supports. Trying something a little different with the head lights, I hope it works cause it would be murder to redo. ...

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Part 177: VW Bus #7 1/2 It's just about there.

01-10-2018 10:42 PM by htl | 8 comments »

More wheels, their so small I should a used less tread but one set turned out ok. Then sand sand sand, you ain’t never heard that before have you?

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Part 178: Building a VW Bus #8 Just a few things left to do

01-13-2018 08:42 PM by htl | 7 comments »

This was a super fun build if it hadn’t been so cold in the shop I might have added a few more things but Brrrrr!!!Here's the project post. How about HTL where the VW should be.I’ve never personalized a model before. A ton a sanding later and. I hope you enjoyed this blog I’m sure enjoying watching Dutchy get er done.

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Part 179: Building a Mack Dump Truck?

02-04-2018 02:19 AM by htl | 6 comments »

Going to be using the plans for the Power Wagon [Mack] body and the bump box off one of Toys & Joys other trucks to make a mostly scratch built dump truck or maybe a wrecker, we’ll see where the wood wants to go when I get that far.Here’s what got done today. I needed to build the body first because I extended the cab and didn’t want to make the frame till I could see what was going to happen. The reason for the truck is to find a place for...

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Part 180: Building the dump box

02-07-2018 01:45 AM by htl | 2 comments »

Got some fine weather for Feb. so just had to get in the shop and make some saw dust.This build is really going to be a mix of 3 different plans.The Power wagon for the cab.Dump truck #58 for the dump box. And Gatto's Big Rig for the frame ideas So here’s what I got done today, there was more but got pulled away before any more picture could be taken. Had to cut a hole where the big hydraulic will go. Got the trim made for the sides but that will have to be t...

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Part 181: Mack truck Dump box 2

02-08-2018 12:31 AM by htl | 14 comments »

Took longer to get the dump box under control than I would have figured.. There’s just something about the shape of this dump box, love the look of it and have wanted to build it for a long time.

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Part 182: Mack Truck frame suspention and front wheel wells.

02-09-2018 10:55 PM by htl | 7 comments »

The axles are up side down. Here’s kinda the way I’ll be doing the back end.It will be a tad different because I’m going to try and add some leaf springs this time.

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Part 183: Front and back suspension that works

02-12-2018 11:57 PM by htl | 18 comments »

Front and back suspension that works on the Mack dump truck.Rain rain go away so I’ll stop hurting but didn’t let the work stop. Up and Down Now for the front Up and down with the front end.

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Part 184: Nailing things down and front suspension

02-15-2018 12:06 AM by htl | 6 comments »

I’ve been calling it a Mack but it looks a lot more like a Kenworth T880 Dump Truck to me so far. Here’s some better pictures of how I did the front suspension.I will be adding a wood spacer on top of the spring to keep it in place.But once the wheels are in place there shouldn’t be much side ways movement. Then screwed down the dump box frame and the cab. Then I used some dowels to hold the wheel wells in place till I was sure it would all work out.Got ...

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Part 185: All the main parts are now mounted.

02-15-2018 11:45 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Cut and sanded out the dowel holes in the wrong place.Before After Also made a cab guard, I have no idea what it’s really called. Some shots with a different set a tires. Last I tried out a front bumper.

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Part 186: Just about there with the Mack.

02-22-2018 01:01 AM by htl | 11 comments »

If I add front wheel drive does that make this a 6 wheeler or a ten? The drive shaft follows the Differential on both the front and back. As I said just about there. Here's the finished project.

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Part 187: Gatto Reading train build #1

03-01-2018 11:20 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Well it’s time for another train, and going with a different company Gatto which has a little different way of handling the plan details as there are a ton of them and their projects at least the one’s I’ve seen have motors and shocks just a lot more parts to add if you want to. 1949 Reading Steam Freight Locomotive I should add and Ducky complains about all the reading needed for their plans but they do help and add some great tips to help you get er done. HereR...

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Part 188: Gatto Reading train build #3 cab & roof

03-03-2018 11:51 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Got a little more done.Getting the cab and boiler and all the other things to match up is quite interesting work.Busted my band saw blade and waiting on a new one so having to do some creative building to work around this time saver. I’m sure there are better ways to build this train but all I can say is this seems to be working so far. lol

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Part 189: Reading Train Got the boiler under control to day. #4 1/2

03-05-2018 11:22 PM by htl | 12 comments »

This build has an unbelievable amount of very small parts I could see building this at twice the plans size and this would really be a fun project.. Drilled all the holes for the boiler, all kinds of valves and hand rail holes to get just right. Made a quick jig to hold the boiler while I set everything up and got er drilled.This made it quite easy to put all the markings in place to drill. Then start putting it all together.

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Part 190: Main build just about there #5 1/2

03-13-2018 12:01 AM by htl | 10 comments »

After being in the Hospital for 5 days with a leg infection that has been slowing me way down, I’m back!!! And man have I been itching to get back at it.The main train parts are pretty close to being done, after a Dr. visit tomorrow the wheels will get a looking at. I’ve been on the out look for a small glue bottle as all from HD and Lowe’s are way big, then it hit me I’ve been throwing away the best free bottles, just what I was needing, the used...

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Part 191: Gatto Reading Train Building The Wheels #7

03-16-2018 12:22 AM by htl | 6 comments »

Been working on the wheels the last two days and not to sad their about done. The indexing jig came in quite handy for this operation, saved me a ton a figuring, just use every third hole and you got it just right.I needed 12 holes and the indexer had 36 so it works out just right.

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Part 192: Gatto Reading train build #7 1/2

03-17-2018 12:31 AM by htl | 6 comments »

Playing with the wheels.This is the Trailing truck wheel assembly. I should note that the wheels go on the inside when done.

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Part 193: Gatto Reading train build Cow Catcher #8 1/2

03-17-2018 11:55 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Worked on the cow catcher, leading truck wheel assembly, expansion tanks,

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Part 194: Gatto Reading train build wheels finished #9 1/2

03-20-2018 12:23 AM by htl | 8 comments »

Getting close but the closer I get the more small itty bitty parts I have to play with.Not to sad these wheels are done. Had to make some small dados and Home Depot has the perfect blade for my model building.It’s just a $14 7 1/4” saw blade but it really cuts a nice bottom. If I remember right this is 3 passes but that’s one nice cut for a rip blade. As I said at the beginning getting close but a ton a fuzz to get rid of..

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Part 195: Gatto Reading train build wheels finished #10 1/2

03-23-2018 01:22 AM by htl | 4 comments »

I’ve already posted the project but felt like I should add one last look at it before the finish was added. And Orvile Baker I remembered your guff when I had glued up the valve cylinder chest and then couldn’t get the first set of wheels in place and had to saw the glue and dowel I had holding it in place so the wheels would work.It really messes with my head that close to the end and have to be sawing off parts and afraid I’m buggering things up. LOL Here’s wha...

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Part 196: Gatto Reading train build Tender is on the table #2

03-24-2018 11:01 PM by htl | 8 comments »

I heard you all and really out of my own model making addiction I got the tender started yesterday.It took a day for the trucks and another for this.Trying to match the sides of the train with the tender so dark half way up then a touch a maple, then walnut itty bitty stuff.There’s really not that much to the tender other than the pain to make trucks.O! And it’s like 14” long!!!

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Part 197: Gatto Reading train build Tender Almost there #3

03-26-2018 10:15 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Just some cleaning up and add the steps and she’s done. This is one itty bitty ladder! Well I hope your all happy I got the tender built. LOLThe project post is here'

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Part 198: One More Set Of Tracks

03-31-2018 09:31 PM by htl | 11 comments »

Always need to build some track when a new train comes to town.Oak with a poplar base.Guide boards and spacers gets it done in no time but kept checking for square as it would get out if not careful. This was a big train project with a lot a small parts but stick with it and you can get er done.

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Part 199: One More Train #2

04-05-2018 02:38 AM by htl | 8 comments »

Got started on a small train yesterday thinking of making it one of those toy book end kind a projects, but we’ll have to see where it wants to go.The chimney is all ready way different than I had planned but that’s the way it wanted to be. lolThe chimney is also way big but maybe it will turn out alright.The chimney and boiler were glued up for my last train [as one looong turning], but the glue up didn’t go as planed not straight so cut it down and we get another train pro...

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Part 200: 1929 Ford Van

04-10-2018 01:04 AM by htl | 11 comments »

After the Reading train I was wanting something a little easier plus I just like these 3&4 day projects.This is a Toys and Joys plan. Will need to figure out some spoke wheels.

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Part 201: 1929 Ford Van Wheels, fenders

04-13-2018 11:49 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Wanted some spoke wheels so tried out what I thought would be simple but not having made any before they weren’t!!! LOLI started by cutting out some blanks and then using my tread making jig with my drill press to drill for the spokes holes, then cut out the centers and add the 1/4” oak dowels for spokes.If I ever try this spoke wheel again I’ll use a smaller dowel, leaves more room between the spokes. They didn’t come out perfect but OK, and wil...

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Part 202: Excavator using Dutchy"s new plans #1

05-10-2018 07:02 PM by htl | 18 comments »

Down loader Dutchys new plans and after a study and I mean a study of the plans it’s full steam ahead.I started on the tracks as this is what I’m the most interested in.And kinda like the Reading train there’s a lot a small parts but as I have found out these little parts really add to the look even if they’re in the back and you would think their not of much use.So to start with I cut out around 200 parts for the tracks and then had to drill two holes in each one, jus...

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Part 203: Excavator More tread parts #2 1/2

05-12-2018 10:35 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Making more parts and putting it together to get an idea of what adjustments will need to be made. Making the drive wheels.Drilling a bunch a tooth pick holes then will need to shape for size. Then need to make enough tread for 80 2” treads. Now put it together to get an idea of how it all will work out. The bolts on the ends are just place holders so there will be no metal on this build.I used some bolts on my first excavator but not this time. I thou...

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Part 204: Excavator Got a little more done.

05-18-2018 09:16 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Haven’t been gluing the big parts together in case I need a redo but coming along as I spit and sputter around. The base is not glued or bolted down so thing are put in place but top heavy so just placed for a have look. Went easy on myself and didn’t put as much shaping to the body but as I think I said earlier the building of the tracks was my main reason for building this so with that done going off the plans for some things.

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Part 205: Excavator Made some more parts and sand, sand, sand

05-23-2018 08:41 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Played with the boom and shaped things up a little. Now it’s time to finish up the tracks and get every thing glues up be for moving on to the little stuff Yuck!!! LOLThe boom and cabin aren’t glued on yet.

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Part 206: Excavator Boring for the hydraulics

05-28-2018 10:12 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Doing the hydraulics can be interesting and I just happened to see a tip about boring long holes on the net and found out it works great and is quite fast with the right tools.The outer housing is 1/2” and I drilled a 5/16 hole If I remember right, 3 3/4” deep.My brad bit wouldn’t quite go the whole way but once you’re 3” or more just drill the rest by hand and it’s done. Then some other parts just about ready. It’s funny I bought the Jacobs...

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Part 207: Excavator Just about there

06-02-2018 11:02 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Just need to glue up the Hydraulics and a few other dodads and play a little more with the cabin.

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Part 208: Building another Ford Van 1929

06-09-2018 10:55 PM by htl | 5 comments »

After the Excavator I wanted to build something easy and fast and a friend liked the Ford Van so much he asked if I would build one, and I really like the look and feel of this simple project so off we go again.Will be made out of oak instead of maple this time.So cut out some parts we’re on our way. Ick Asked in the last Ford van build. ””You may say simple, but I’m impressed by the compound convex curve of the hood, with a matching curve on both the radiator and the ...

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Part 210: Ford van #2 Playing with some wheels

06-14-2018 11:21 PM by htl | 10 comments »

I LOVE to make wheels I don’t know why but this is the one place I can have some fun. My spoke wheel making blog is here but I went just a tad different to get the model A look. Since I’m building the 1929 ford van I’m trying for some Model A Wheels.They should look like this. Well here’s what I came up with today with a little trial and error.Now if I can just make four that are close to the same.I’ve all ways had trouble getting things marked up and I ...

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Part 212: Hi Track Dozer

06-30-2018 06:56 PM by htl | 11 comments »

Started playing with the Toys and Joys Hi Track Dozer-81 last week.I had built one using the plans that the Wood Magazine sells which is a toy build but I mixed things up taking ideas from the pictures of the Toys and Joys Hi Track Dozer. Project post is here.This was my first try at a true model build from plans, but even then I went off the reservation. Here’s what I’ve got done so far.

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Part 213: Hi Track Dozer Building the treads

07-05-2018 12:05 AM by htl | 12 comments »

I need to build the treads so I can be sure to get everything lined up.Building the treads is a very time consuming part of any project.I cut out the treads, then shaped them, then drilled over 300 holes for the pivot points.Then I made a jig to hold all the parts so I could cut them all the same. I need to add that the jig I made came from Dutchy’s blog, thanks again for all his fine help and encouragement. I used double sided tape to help hold the parts in place for cut...

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Part 214: Hi Track Dozer a little more progress

07-10-2018 12:00 AM by htl | 11 comments »

Got both tracks ready but just the one to see how it all fits. I added more below.

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Part 215: Hi Track Dozer It's time to make the blade

07-12-2018 07:19 PM by htl | 9 comments »

There’s some very interesting table saw set ups to get this done.You may have noticed two different woods being used but half way through I saw That I wanted walnut tips so cut out the maple and then glued on so walnut.I don’t back up very often but knew this would look ten times nicer. [I don’t have much walnut]I take just a half turn of the height adjustment at a time and even less on the last pass going very slowly to cut down on saw marks, that will needed to be sanded o...

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Part 216: Hi Track Dozer Building the ripper tine

07-24-2018 07:21 PM by htl | 10 comments »

I had it in my head I was done but after 3 days out of the shop I jumped back [or should I say crawled] into the shop and built the ripper tine. It was pretty complicated but interesting.

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Part 217: Semi Truck T&J #2

08-12-2018 11:47 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Started on another semi truck, been thinking about building a trailer and thought it would be nice to have the truck ready for it.Doing it this way I’ll make all the tires at one time and they’ll all match up, which has been a problem some times.I never seem to make them the same way. :-[Just some quick shots before I headed out the door.

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Part 218: Semi Truck T&J #3

08-13-2018 11:44 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Got a little more done, and my cabinet shop friend gave my a bunch a walnut scraps so happy camper over here. That’s it for today but it’s coming along.And thanks all for checking in and commenting.

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Part 219: Semi Truck 3.5

08-20-2018 11:32 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Again got a little more done.Fixed up the front wheel wells and made the sleeper. And playing with a steerable front end, it may not work but its a fun experiment.I kind a like it when the front tires are not pointed to the front, just adds that little extra. These will probable be the front wheels I use but will need to make a ton a back wheels for truck and a trailer. Been trying to come up with a way that the pivot point for the wheels is as close to the frame and tire...

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Part 220: Semi Truck 4.5 Steering and walnut frame

08-22-2018 12:18 AM by htl | 2 comments »

A few more pictures of the steering. The center grove was a mistake I went to deep for the first cut, and I will add that I cut the grove out while it was still square lumber and drilled the axle hole, then cut it round and sanded to fit on the drum sander jig. Then it hit me I had some walnut so why not a walnut frame to go with the truck.I hadn’t really liked the white oak at least I think that’s what it is, has the oak grain but way to white for the re...

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Part 221: Semi Truck 4.5+2 Playing with some wheels

08-25-2018 09:29 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Figures I’d get started with the wheels.Making 20 of them, 8 for the truck and 8 for a trailer and then 4 extras for another car or maybe the trailer needs 12 wheels?.I already have my fronts.Glued up a bunch a walnut scraps and then band saw them round, then drill out the centers, and need I say sand, sand, sand. LOL I left 1/8” to the back of the outside wheel center so the 1/4” axle holes will help line up the two tires for gluing up I will later drill out the center d...

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Part 222: Semi Truck 8 Still playing with the wheels

08-27-2018 10:49 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Just about got them setup.I changed the rims a little bit from the last post.I still can’t make up my mind if I’m going to ebanize them or not, the black looks good but it tends to hide all the work put into the treads.Here’s how I cut the treads.With the stop block and the blade only raised 3/16” or so it’s not a problem to slide the tire up against the fence, then when it hits the stop roll the tire into the blade to make the cut.This is like all things wood wo...

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Part 223: Semi Truck Bumper, mud flaps

08-31-2018 09:46 PM by htl | 4 comments »

With this build I keep making things and then come up with something else so if this keeps up I’ll nearly have enough parts for a second truck. LOLI came up with a different front bumper. Was! IS!!! Then on to the mug flaps. I’m going to use two of my extra wheels for the front, not as pretty as the maple one’s but will match up better. That’s it for this trip, hope you all liked them, and thanks for checking the t...

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Part 224: Semi Truck finished up the underneath

09-06-2018 06:05 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Here's the finished page.

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Part 225: Belly Dump Trailer #2

09-10-2018 08:38 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Got started yesterday on the Toys and Joys Belly Dump Trailer to go with my just finished semi. The two main frame members are about the only thing that doesn’t have some off the wall angle to it so it’s making for an interesting build. As you can see in the picture I glued up the outside of the frame and then added the bracing as I went. I clamped the main brace to the table and as I added parts the glue would glue the parts together but also glue them to the copied ...

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Part 226: Belly Dump Trailer #3.5

09-12-2018 11:12 PM by htl | 5 comments »

I’m down to fine tuning the look, but hadn’t planned on a 12 wheel rear end so will need to make a couple more wheels.The finish project is here. Working on the mud guards-fenders.

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Part 227: Toyota 4Runner #1

09-17-2018 09:33 PM by htl | 8 comments »

I keep telling myself I’m going to back off on the builds and then a project that has been rolling around in my head comes out to play.I have owned two prerunners, [the non 4wheel drive taller trucks] and love the look, and feel of them.So this will be a scratch build and hope I can pull it off as there is quite a bit more shape to these modern trucks.Here’s my testing of the waters to see if I’m up to the challenge. I wanted the ribbed floor in the back of the truck so I...

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Part 228: Toyota 4Runner #2

09-19-2018 08:50 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Been wanting to try this build for a long time but now I’m beginning to question my sanity, I needed an easy build not this thing. LOL The top and windows aren’t glued in just a look see as my passions was at an end and needed to call it a day.Going to take some fine adjustment but should work out ok? And here’s a picture of my truck. LOL

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Part 229: Toyota 4Runner #3

09-21-2018 09:04 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Had to get the insides done before I could go any farther with the top. Had some left over oak and walnut glued up so made the seats out of this odd ball wood. Between the seat glue ups I worked on the wheel wells.Then glue up the top and a ton a sanding would be in my future. If I was to build another one I would leave more wood above the sides above the doors so the roof and sides would match up better.With the older trucks and cars this usually isn’t a problem becaus...

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Part 230: Toyota 4Runner #4 Tail gate and sand sand sand

09-22-2018 08:28 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Spent half my time playing with the front end figuring out how I want it. But at least most of the rest of the truck is under control. Just wondering what some wheels would do for it. I guess after the front end some mud guards are needed.

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Part 231: Toyota 4Runner #5 Just about there

09-24-2018 09:47 PM by htl | 6 comments »

It’s nearly there, I never thought I’d get around to building the truck out in the drive way but it’s pretty close with a few custom extras. I still need to come up with some wheels and finish sanding.O! And add some axles. LOL If any of you were wondering what the numbers in the title are for it’s the number of days in the build and I consider 6 hr. as a day.It will help me years from now to remember what it took to build it.On some builds I ...

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Part 232: Toyota 4Runner #7 Wheels

09-26-2018 08:04 PM by htl | 7 comments »

I’ve got two, 5 hour days in these wheel.I was going to make two to match a set I had made earlier but they had 5 spokes per wheel and a 4Runner needs 6 spokes to get it right and it always pays to make an extra in case something goes wrong so I just made a set that will match up.Plus their a little wider got to love wide tires. LOL Now I need to make some axles and all should be about done, or at least as far as I’m going with it.Check out the finished project ...

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Part 233: Hot Rod Mustang

10-05-2018 10:37 PM by htl | 1 comment »

Got started on a Mustang build.I have seen tons of these cut out all the parts from a chunk a wood and glue it all together project plans but I have never tried to build a model this way so found some free plans and an giving this style of model [toy] building a look see. The plans have marks for the axles so I drilled them out and as I put the thing together am using dowels in these holes to line everything up before I started gluing things up. The plans tell you it’s bes...

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Part 234: Hot Rod Mustang #2

10-06-2018 10:28 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Now it’s Glue clamp sand some parts.Then it’s Glue clamp sand some parts.Then it’s sand sand sand or if it sounds any better shape shape shape!!! I don’t feel like I have as much control over the build by doing it this way but it is a first so it may grow on me.

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Part 235: Caboose using Gatto plans #2

10-18-2018 10:54 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Got it in my head the the Reading train needs some cars so ordered the Gatto plans that match up with the train.This will be my third caboose but all are completely different.It also come with a Hopper car which will be a new type car for me, it also comes with a passenger car but it’s I can’t remember but it’s way long so may build a cattle car instead down the road. {I love to build cattle cars. LOL}The project page for the Caboose is here. I forgot to bring the came...

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Part 236: Hopper Car For Reading Train

10-23-2018 10:32 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Got started on the Gatto Hopper car yesterday. Finish project here.

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Part 237: Working on a Bob Cat Model

10-25-2018 10:08 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Started on the Toys & Joys Bob Cat model and wonders of wonders I brought the camera with me today.This is another very simple but way fun model to build. 5 hours work in 12 seconds. Tried something a little different for the roof.

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Part 238: Working on a Bob Cat Model More done

10-29-2018 10:46 PM by htl | 11 comments »

Got some more done.I love building these little construction tools. It’s just about time to figure out some wheels?

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Part 239: Chevy Corvette 1962

11-02-2018 10:04 PM by htl | 7 comments »

I know what your thinking, he’s building another one but winter is just around the corner so won’t be bothering you all much longer with my dribble. Next is why the Chevy Corvette 1962, well I like the sting ray back end but wanted the open head lights, so the best of both worlds if your into the older Vets me thinks.My first car was a 62 Chevy Impala, almost built that but the Vet first. Here’s the plans.As usual this is made out of scraps. [poplar for this build] Onl...

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Part 240: Chevy Corvette 1962 plunge routing

11-03-2018 08:44 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Needed to get a hole in the nose so the radiator would be able to do it’s job.Haven’t really done much plunge routing so had to put on the thinking cap for this simple job. Then shaped the edges and you guessed it sand sand sand. Now I’m able to glue up the sides,and hope I haven’t got ahead of myself doing it. no

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Part 241: Chevy Corvette 1953 Chevy Corvette

11-07-2018 12:20 AM by htl | 8 comments »

My 1962 Corvette is looking more and more like a 1953 Vette, the first one.It has a single head light per side and rounded fenders.This has caused me a few problems which I hope I can work my way around. Everything is looking ok at this point till I started to make the seats and there’s way to much space for your feet.Using the 1962 pictures for the out side and kind a guessing on the inside I made the inside way to large.I got back on the web and with some deep digging found...

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Part 242: Chevy Corvette 1953 Making what's wrong right

11-08-2018 10:33 PM by htl | 11 comments »

I guess I’m not much of a modern car builder, give me square parts and all is well. lol Here’s the bad part and then the fix. There’s a lot a work that went on between these two pictures. Now we got her back to right.I know this isn’t true Vette styling but it is what it is.I am having a hard time coming up with a seat that works so will be playing with the wheels and sleep on the seat thing.

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Part 243: Ford pickup 1951

11-24-2018 10:26 PM by htl | 16 comments »

Got a slow start on the 1951 Pickup.This is a Toys and Joys plan, in maple.There are quite a few Beautiful ford pickups on the site so here’s my slant on it.

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Part 244: Ford pickup 1955 glueing it up and getting ready for some wheels

12-28-2018 11:08 PM by htl | 19 comments »

I haven’t been in the shop for around two weeks as a monster of all ear infection had got the better of me, but did work the last two days so heading for the finish with this project. I finely found a place for my last signature plate. Trying to figure out a way to use up some of my left over tires but may just have to make a set, we’ll see.I do like the look of a set a Dually on the back how about you? #4 over and out!

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Part 245: Ford pickup 1955 Made some wheels

01-06-2019 12:29 AM by htl | 9 comments »

Made a set a wheels for the Ford.Still a lot a clean up but you get the idea.Don’t know about the rims, I drilled the holes a little to close to the centers, so may need to try again. Funny to me the grill looks up side down but that’s the way their designed. May try again something like this front rim. Here’s how the wheels turned out. Project post is here.

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Part 246: 1932 Buick Sedan #2

03-12-2019 10:40 PM by htl | 13 comments »

1932 Buick Sedan #2 The project page is here. Finally got up the gumption to get in the shop clean it up and start on the 32 Buick.I get out of breath just walking to the shop but once I get sat down can get some work done. :-] Going with walnut with oak trim this time around.My cabinet shop friend got me some nice walnut chunks to play with. I don’t have the patience to glue on the small trim parts so will just make them part of the main build.

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Part 247: 1932 Buick Sedan #3

03-14-2019 10:32 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Got a little more done. Shaping the roof.I super glue a square chunk a scrap to the bottom and this keeps everything squared up to sand to the mark. When done just hit it with something and it’s done. I was going to use walnut but had this wild looking block a oak. As always have to see what it will look like with some wheels but was happy to find I already have some tires made up, just need to build the spoke rims.

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Part 248: 1932 Buick Sedan #4

03-18-2019 10:51 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Filling in the blank pages.Radiator check. Made up the fenders but will wait for wheels to check fit. Then on to the bonnet vents. Last played with the luggage rack. Tomorrow may get started on the wheels and these are just a tad different than my last try, so we’ll see how that works out. lol

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Part 249: 1932 Buick Sedan #6 Wheels and fenders glued up

03-21-2019 10:53 PM by htl | 11 comments »

This is my third time making these spoke wheels.I feel like I did a better job last time being bigger they show off the spokes better, but hey got to keep trying new things. I already had some tire blanks made up, when the tools set up it pays to make more.So drilled out the centers and made some walnut rim blanks. See the rims with the centers cut out where the spokes will go I did this on the drill press with my Harbor Freight hole saw set.I figured out what I needed between the rim a...

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Part 250: 1932 Tow Truck #1

03-27-2019 11:53 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Needed to get out of the house so grabbed my folders of plans and hit the shop.I usually pick a plan and print out the parts I need.Not up to any thing complicated so found the old tanker truck plans that I have built before.One of Toys and Joys older very simple plans.Here’s what I made with the plans last time. As much as I like making cattle cars for my trains may try adding a cattle mover rear end. />Here’s what I have in mind. Here’s what I got done today. Fra...

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Part 251: 1932 Tow Truck #2

03-29-2019 10:14 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Still haven’t made up my mind if it’s pick up or panel truck or farm all? I’m just about to the point I better figure out what I’m making? :-[

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Part 252: 1932 Tow Truck #3

04-01-2019 09:56 PM by htl | 7 comments »

The more I built and looked around the tow truck just kept coming up, so it’s going to be a tow truck. How about a hot rod tow truck?It has a lowered frame, big tires and the roof was lowered. Haven’t started the winch yet but the truck itself is pretty close. Thought it might need a tool box, this was before the tow truck came to be. Then on with the fenders. Played with a bumper. A tow truck needs a ton a storage, so more tool boxes.

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Part 253: 1932 Tow Truck #4

04-29-2019 07:58 PM by htl | 12 comments »

Finally got a chance and gumption to get in the shop and play with the truck.Figured out a simple winch set up, just wasn’t up to building gears but you still get the idea.This is a hand cranked winch and can be cranked from 3 different points for different gear ratios. The winch will be farther back but just have it in there for now.

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Part 254: Mining Truck 1&2

05-04-2019 08:36 PM by htl | 7 comments »

Playing with another Mining Truck as I already had some wheels ready from the last time I built one.This time will use walnut and maple as this is what’s scraps are in the shop.The wheels are 3” so are 1 1/4” smaller than the plans call for, because of this I shrunk the plans down to work.I just don’t need a model with 4 1/4” wheels way to big, I built the hummer and man is it a big monster of a model.Here’s what the wheels would have looked like. Ta...

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Part 255: Mining Truck 3&4

05-09-2019 09:54 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Just about there, still need to build the hydraulics.

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Part 256: Reading Passenger Car Gatto Plan

05-27-2019 07:16 PM by htl | 18 comments »

Got started on the Gatto passenger car that should fill out that train set.I built the Reading train a while back and then bought the Gatto plan set that goes along with it for the cars.This is Plan#29I almost didn’t build it because it’s so long and with the other cars and Train will really be a long one for sure.As you can see in the picture I clamped down a board to the edge of the table so as I glued up the sides I could add some pressure as the super glue kicked in.Not shown ...

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Part 257: Cattle cars number 3&4

07-05-2019 11:16 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Yes we are making another one, in fact I’ll be building two.Just wanted to make something quick and like building for my Reading train so a cattle car or two it will be.I’ve tries explaining how I glue and cut the sides for the car, and it has always been an after thought so this time I took pictures as I did it so should come out more logical. This is walnut and maple and is a scratch build from pictures. They will look something like this when done. Cutting grooves in t...

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Part 258: Cattle cars number 3&4 Doors & Roof

07-13-2019 10:30 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Got a little more added to the car.Glued up the top and cut to shape. Then on to the doors. Super thin door slats so need to be careful cutting them out. Then played with making some trucks and wheels. Been hard at it but getting er done.

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Part 259: Getting started on an old car

07-16-2019 08:33 PM by htl | 7 comments »

I build this Toys and Joys car [1932 Ford] way back but used pine and just was never happy with the way it came out so lets try it again with some oak.This is a very simple [old] plan so doesn’t come with many details. Cut out the sides and frame then sand sand sand!!! Glue up for the hood, I don’t have much of this really figured oak so will be facing some plywood to get it done. Here I’m taking off the masking tape and pattern for the frame really makes clean ...

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Part 260: 32 Ford working on the radiator

07-20-2019 09:47 PM by htl | 8 comments »

It’s coming together. I always love playing with the radiator or grill.I made sure I built it and glued it to the bonnet before I glued the hood to the frame as last time I forgot and made my work a lot harder. It’s so much easier to sand the grill and hood as one part with out the frame and other parts in the way. Here you can see the plywood heart of the hood. Then glue it all up and sand every thing flush. The oak has some nice grain to it but had to work around a l...

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Part 261: 32 Ford working on the roof and insides

07-24-2019 07:40 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Played around with making a fat steering wheel or two.Used the same steps I would for making a spoke wheel will try some smaller spokes [tooth picks] next go round.I started out making four but two didn’t survive the operation. Once the spokes are glued in you can cut the front and back on the band saw to break it loose from the back and get the thickness you want. Please remember that on most of the things I show it’s a first try so may not always turn out the b...

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Part 262: 32 Ford working on the Fenders

07-30-2019 05:15 PM by htl | 9 comments »

And wheels finished up.

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Part 263: 32 Hot Rod Chevy Coupe

08-06-2019 10:49 PM by htl | 9 comments »

I keep giving away my hot rods so lets try it one more time.I hid the big motor on the last one so thought I would leave the hood off this time to let it be seen, will also be putting the fenders on it, adds a ton a work but really makes for one sweet looking ride. Lowered the roof about a half inch and lowered the body to where the frame is covered, there’s a name for it but ain’t coming to me right now. +++ Up Date+++cutting body = chop,lowering over chassis = channeling.....

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Part 264: 32 Hot Rod Chevy Coupe

08-07-2019 11:44 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Worked on the radiator and front fenders. Added a smaller bearing to my flush cuter bit.Adds just enough lip to get er done. Then on to the front fenders. #4 over and out

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Part 265: 32 Hot Rod Chevy Coupe Fenders & radiator installed

08-09-2019 07:59 PM by htl | 7 comments »

This fir sure make sanding quick but the dings it gets are a pain! Going to have some really wide tires on the back so needed to cut some more out.These quality hole saws make quick,clean work of it with very little sanding a big plus in my book.. Then need to figure how the radiator will fit in, really took my time with this as any part of it buggered up would mean tons a redoes. :-[ It’s coming together now. #4 over and out.

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Part 266: 32 Hot Rod Chevy Coupe wheels

08-11-2019 09:29 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Just about there.Played with some wheels and had forgotten but all ready had some rims made up, thank you very much for small favors.Just a quick simple set a tires filled in between the wheel wells with a running board and some touch up sanding.Still want to make some head lights and we’re just about there. Using left over scrap fir for the wheels makes it all match up but couldn’t try for a very fancy wheel tread the wood is way to soft.

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Part 267: Scratch build Steam Train

08-23-2019 11:07 PM by htl | 10 comments »

This will be a scratch built Steam train in the style of the 1860’s or there about.Something like this. Here’s where I got to today.I have three partial days in it, one of those spit and sputter builds. I have the plans for both Toys and Joys trains but wanted it to have a longer look to the boiler.I have built both the wood and coal T&J’s Trains.Started with the frame.The back is 3/4” and went back and thinned the front part down to 1/2”, I used dowels...

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Part 268: Scratch build Steam Train wheels

08-27-2019 07:23 PM by htl | 8 comments »

Got a little more done. Found out my tread making jig also does a pretty good job at making spoke wheels, sure saves a lot a time I would have to be drawing all the points needed to drill. Just add a blank and drill, once the jig is centered to the bit. The indexer is set up for cutting 36 treads but as you can see I have it marked for every other hole or as I did this time every third hole. As you can see the backer plate gets pretty chewed up when making the different sizes...

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Part 269: Scratch build Steam Train Cow Catcher

08-30-2019 07:51 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Got the front wheels made up and mounted but will still need some fine tuning like the rest of the train. These scratch built cow catchers were very interesting to make. I made two one with more slats and please vote on which you think look better with the train.If I ever build another train I’ll be so happy I made this extra set. lol Figuring out how to cut the angles was a real pain.If I remember right the toys and joys plans gave you what you needed for t...

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Part 270: T REX

09-14-2019 07:27 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Got hold of David Wakefield’s toy making book, I bought one back in the 1980’s when it first came out and put my new Shop Smith band saw throw the works, building his toys.I found his book on Ebay for like $6 with shipping so hit the buy button. Still have to get the cams in the right places and nail everything down but it’s getting there. :-]His mouth goes up and down and he has a mean looking wobble as he rolls around. Here’s two that I built way back t...

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Part 271: Triceratops

09-25-2019 07:51 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Still in Dino mod so here’s the start of the Triceratops.I built one of these 30 something years ago and still have it. Since all my dino’s are much smaller than the one in the picture I thought I’d give it one more try and have a full set that match up, size wise.This will all be done in birch as I have some 2” thick scraps.Wouldn’t take much to turn this into a hippo would it? The head was a ton a work with all 3d cuts.

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Part 272: Log Skidder #113

10-10-2019 10:26 PM by htl | 5 comments »

My brother in law and his son have been loggers all their lives so wanted to build the son who now has his own logging crew a skidder.Turns out not to be as simple as it first looks to be but very interesting. lolI’ve always wanted to build some of those big tractor wheels but never had any interest in building the tractor so here’s my way around that. lol White oak and a little fir.

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Part 273: Log Skidder #113 2&3

10-16-2019 02:26 AM by htl | 7 comments »

Days two and three I’ll need to get started on the wheels before I can go much farther.

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Part 274: Wheels for the skidder

10-22-2019 03:50 AM by htl | 11 comments »

Here’s my first try at some tractor wheels for the skidder. First need to get some blanks ready. Tip As you get started on the treads always mark the first tread that way you can be sure to line these marks up so the treads always line up even if your indexer isn’t perfect. Still got a ton a clean up to do but you get the idea. #4 over and out.

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Part 275: Fork Lift

04-24-2020 11:48 PM by htl | 3 comments »

Got Dutchy’s Fork Lift plans when they first came out but today was the first time I’ve been able to get up the gumption to get out there and play with my tools.It’s been exactly 5 months so will take a little while to get back in the grove I hope!So here’s my first few step on getting er done.The main body part. Then comes the parts for the steering, this will all go on the back end of the fork lift.I know Dutchy already did his blog but just adding my $.02 ...

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Part 276: Fork Lift #2

05-04-2020 08:16 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Well got back out there and was able to get a little more done.Having a hard time stopping to take pictures as Dutchy did such a great blog there’s really nothing I can add to up the project.. You’ll notice I ended up doing my back end different as I built the Dutchy style grill before I sanded the frame all my work was wasted when it was to wide to fit in the space needed so just went and built a quick simple grill to get er done. #4 over and out!!!

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Part 277: Fork lift Body work

05-07-2020 10:55 PM by htl | 1 comment »

Seat and steering wheel get a try out, If I knew what I know now I wouldn’t have glued on the front wall where the steering wheel is mounted till I was ready with the cage parts, it would have made the cage frame angles much easier to work with.. Then on to the cage and fenders. I’m really liking the way it’s turning out, had no idea how big it would be, but feels just right!!! #4 over and out!

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Part 278: fork lift building the forks

05-12-2020 08:25 PM by htl | 4 comments »

This should be the last of the big stuff that needs made, other than the wheels. Really needed to pay attention with these forks or it could be put together back ward very easily. And all the way up smooth as you please. HTL over and out

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Part 279: fork lift Wheels and Muffler

05-15-2020 11:26 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Made up some wheel blanks today and off to the wheel jig tread maker. It makes it fast work when you can cut all the tires of the same size at one time.So only had to load the jig twice and it’s done. Also played with making a muffler and the back up warning light. I marked the dowel and using the drill table fence was able to slide the vice along the fence for in line holes.

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Part 280: fork lift wheels sanded and installed

05-18-2020 07:35 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Simple wheel sanding jig. Wheels on. :] Over time these cherry wheels will turn very dark almost as dark as the walnut. forks set but will be adding some pin stops later on. Roof, hydraulics and muffler all in place. Just a few things left to do.The finished project is here.

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Part 281: Indy Car Scratch build

05-22-2020 08:17 PM by htl | 4 comments »

This is one I have been thinking about for a long time and had even started collecting pictures for ideas and just never went any farther.Well the time is right and will be a pretty quick one if I’m seeing it right, [The kind I like best these days]LOL I had bought the plans for the newer LOW BOY Trailer but the minute I said something about it the BOSS said no more BIG GIANT PROJECTS!!!This is just fine and the Indy Car should be right up my ally.Just getting it figured out but here wh...

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Part 282: Indy Car Scratch build #2

05-25-2020 07:45 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Getting the feel of how it needs to be. These parts will be glued one on top of the other so need to have the parts shaped and sanded before they are added. I usually don’t build models this way but seemed like it will work for this small a project. Got the back end figured out.If I knew what I know now I would have had the rear end as part of the frame parts it would have come out much cleaner looking. Next up need to play a round with the front. This...

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Part 283: Indy Car Scratch build glued up rear end and figured out the front

05-26-2020 10:18 PM by htl | 3 comments »

Got a little more figured out. Long way from perfect but it should get the job done. Just about time to figure out some wheels. yes!!!

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Part 284: Indy Car Scratch build Front end figured out

05-28-2020 10:16 PM by htl | 6 comments »

Here’s what we need next. And what I came up with. Maybe name it Hammer Head. LOL Then a very simple back end. Just a few things left to do, would love to make some fancy wheels but my jig isn’t set up to cut such small wheels 2” so we’ll see if I can get up the gumption to work it out. #4 over and out ;-]

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Part 285: Indy Car Scratch build Fair weather tires

05-29-2020 09:21 PM by htl | 2 comments »

I was told my knobby tires just wouldn’t do so today I made the tires I should have made to start with but just wasn’t sure if this car was going to be worth the extra effort. So here’s my step by step for making the fair weather tires or slicks.Scraps of walnut, now I know why I’ve been saving all those useless chunks a wood. My 2” hole saw makes quick work for the shape, see how I drilled the holes right at the edge of the wood so the saw dust could g...

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Part 286: Indy Car Scratch build rims seat scoop

05-30-2020 09:29 PM by htl | 1 comment »

Getting very close to being done.When I got ready for the rims I started looking for wheel blanks to use and found another set a rim from a project a way’s back.It never hurts to make extra parts when you all ready have the tool set up for some intricate work, it can save you tons a work down the road. Then I played with a seat and redid the scoop over the drivers head.

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Part 287: Playing with the Morgan plans

04-16-2021 08:56 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Weathers getting just right for some shop time. ;-]Started on the Morgan yesterday.I didn’t have any thick wood to work with so had to go about this project a little different than Dutchy shows in his How2’s.Here’s a shot as I left the shop and a few along the way. If I built another one the door and trunk sides would be one part. Drilling the hole for the tire, quick and dirty, but once I load the tire it shouldn’t be seen. I hope!!! LOL Here&...

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Part 288: grill bonnet and fenders

04-19-2021 09:22 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Another nice day so slipped out to the shop. lolGot the bonnet fit in and the grill figured out.It will have a cherry body and oak fenders and details. Then spent the rest of the day figuring out the front fenders and getting them cut out. Just about time to play with some wheels and I think I’ve come up with something that should work just right for this sports car.. #4 over and out!!!

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Part 289: Playing with the wheels

04-22-2021 10:12 PM by htl | 9 comments »

Playing with some wheels. I didn’t have anything wide enough so here’s a how2 on what I do for it.Here I’m gluing up the wood.After spreading the glue I C clamp it side ways to be sure its flat and matches up then bar clamp at both ends. The c clamp holds it all in place as the bar clamps get clamped on. Here using a 3” hole saw to make the out side rubber. Next drilling out for the wheel rim and axle.I leave 1/8” at the base to hold the rim ...

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Part 290: We got 5 wheels

04-25-2021 09:44 PM by htl | 6 comments »

When I got to this point It hit me I could add some spokes between what I already have and come up with something a little different. So here was my testing on a buggered up rim.Looks to me like it just might work? I got 4 drilled up and tooth picks added Friday and just had to call it a day couldn’t look at another spoke. lolToday I went out and was working on the last wheel and my wife comes out and I show her what I’m up to and she says, WHY DO YOU PUT YOU...

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Part 291: Wheels are done!

04-26-2021 09:44 PM by htl | 3 comments »

I cut off the back supports and then it hit me I would like the front axle hubs a little farther in, but having cut out the backs was not sure how much the wheels could take.I thought about drilling them but just one catch and I would be one unhappy camper, so I finally hit on using a router bit and plane it down. I couldn’t go to far or the tooth picks would start showing up. Just had to see what it would look like. lol #4 over and out

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Part 292: Getting closer!

04-27-2021 10:22 PM by htl | 9 comments »

From this To this Shaped sanded and glued up some big parts then started on the inside.Sanding isn’t much fun but you’ve got to get an appreciation for it to get a nice project. I can never get enough wheel pictures. LOL Will be playing with the seats I think tomorrow. #4 Over and out.

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Part 293: lights, seats, and, and

04-30-2021 10:37 PM by htl | 6 comments »

seats lights wheels Just couldn’t go with them white spokes this time. lol The camera really doesn’t like black.

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Part 294: Wheels and a sneak peek

05-01-2021 06:10 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Wheels Needs one more coat, I had just glued up the wind screen so didn’t want to weaken the joint with danish oil to soon.

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Part 295: Making an Octopus

05-21-2021 02:02 AM by htl | 4 comments »

Wooden Octopus in the making. AS usual a ton a shaping and sanding to get it to this point. lol

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Part 296: "THE UNIMOG"

08-06-2021 07:45 PM by htl | 8 comments »

I have been looking for a project to build and saw that Toys and Joys have come out with some new plans, and the 146 – “THE UNIMOG” got my attention.So before biting the bullet and sending for the plans I went walk about seeing what ideas I could add to it, as you all know I can’t stay to close to the plans for some reason.Well searching for Unimogs I found one that really got my attention, now wouldn’t that be fun to go mudding in?And as you can tell, it’s...

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Part 297: Got a little more done "THE UNIMOG"

08-11-2021 04:26 PM by htl | 5 comments »

Finished out the inside so I could put on the roof and play with the roll bar. #4 over and out

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Part 298: Got a little more done #2 "THE UNIMOG"

08-16-2021 07:11 PM by htl | 4 comments »

Need to figure out the axles and front & back bumpers, also a fuel tank steps combo maybe as this is one high stepping truck .. These are some left over tires from the delivery truck, ak Race car hauler, will probable use the tires and make new rims that will match up better with the truck pictures. #4 over and out

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Part 299: Getting the wheels and rims ready

08-18-2021 07:44 PM by htl | 5 comments »

It’s time to play with the rims, the tires are left over from a build way back.I’m going to take out the walnut rims that really don’t fit in with this type truck and there’s just not room for lug nuts and we just have to have a few lug nut to get the right feel. lol Here’s what I got to work with just needed to drill a few holes in these left over rims.Since I’m going to set up the jigs for this I might as well make ten extras for the next time I need ...

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