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Blog series by hobby1 updated 09-11-2018 11:44 PM 13 parts 15225 reads 12 comments total

Part 1: TIP, using a LiL, Basic electronics to repair power tools

12-21-2013 01:50 AM by hobby1 | 2 comments »

Hi guys,Basic, electronics is another one of my hobbies for the past 30 some years, that allows me to be able to trouble shoot a lot of my power tools, when they act up. Here is a quick tip, for those battery tools that won’t charge up, first thing that comes to mind is probably a bad battery, or the charger is bad, in my case my B&D battery drill wouldn’t charge up, when I went to wrap up the charger cord to take it home with me, from my job, I noticed that the polarity pl...

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Part 2: upgraded charger wow,

12-21-2013 02:10 AM by hobby1 | 4 comments »

It looks like these cheap battery drills and batteries, aren’t so cheap afterall, they don’t hold a charge very long, thats what I used to think, but now I’m thinking its not so much the batteries but the minimal charger capacity they give you in these kits, if I can charge this drill so fast and strong charge, because the xformer, can carry a larger load, then with careful charging time, I can get maximum charging on these cheap battery tools, and get exceptional use out of...

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Part 3: solving for slat width and length in a diagonal pattern in a frame.

12-14-2014 08:41 PM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

I was given a job to build a frame with diagonal slats spanning the inside, where the corner of the end slats fitted into the corner of the frame and the slats met equally throughout the frame, at a given angle.It was easy doing it with three slats for this job, however, I thought there must be some kind of formula, that I could devise to be able to solve for the exact width of the slats, so as to save time and materials cutting and fitting trying t get an even array of angled slats. So I...

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Part 4: A ,hurry up, quick, fast, router rail jig system

03-15-2015 12:21 PM by hobby1 | 0 comments » Hi guys, this is a video of a build and use of a shop made router jig rail system, that I needed to make in a hurry to get a part of a job done, my client gave me some 4” thick oak planks, very uneven, and wanted them put together to emulate an old butcher block top, with some heavy plank legs, well I did the best I could to fair them in with my scrub plane, to get straight lines, but I neded a good fastening system, he wanted the bottom to be flat with n...

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Part 5: replacing and repositioning the batteries on my drill driver

04-29-2016 12:41 AM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

I like my small drill driver, very convenient to use in tight spots, for fine drill work, however, it came with two nicad battery packs, which being nicad, eventually wear out quickly, so I converted this drill to a corded battery drill, by locating a set of NIMH batteries outside the drill case, and converting the charger cord into a supply cord to run the drill. here is the video of this conversion.

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Part 6: making a wooden battery holder for a battery pack

05-17-2016 08:59 PM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

My B&D drill battery went bye bye, awhile back, and I wasn’t going to spend more money on another battery for it, so I waited until some cordless drill batteries would go on sale, then I bought a battery pack and its charger both on sale a couple weeks ago, and proceeded to replace the batteries for my drill with this battery pack, by machining a wooden holder for it. video is here: Have fun in the shop.

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Part 7: A knockdown, Portable Table Saw, for easy wall storage.

08-12-2016 09:51 PM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

I do a lot of jobs that require, using old reclaimed lumber, and I really don’t like using my good table saw to cut up junk wood. So it was time to build a portable knockdown table saw, that can be assembled using only four clamps, and disassembled and put away for storage, and not use up a lot of wall space during storage. This video is a demo, of it being assembled with 4 clamps. and cutting a test piece and it’s portability it offers in storage.

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Part 8: installing deer antlers for drawer pulls

09-24-2016 09:39 PM by hobby1 | 2 comments »

The client supplied deer antlers to use for his drawer pulls, this is video documenting a technique of making a template board for alignment and drilling perpendicular to the antler, as well as using it to mark out hole locations on the drawer front, and finally installing an antler, than while the antler is fastened to the drawer front, then drill a support standoff hole perpendicular to the antler, for extra top support in the pull. ..........................

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Part 9: DIY, adding dust collector to tablesaw blade guard.

04-25-2017 04:16 AM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

I do most of the dusty work outside my shop, but there are times, when its raining or too cold to go outside to cut a board, that I would like to have some dust collecting for my table saw. So I made a collector that attaches my shop vacume hose to the top of my saw gaurd, to catch most of the dust that comes out towards me in front of the saw. Here is a video of the build of this project. have fun in the shop.

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Part 10: kerfing to flatten the cupping of a board, for laminating to another surface

06-25-2017 02:09 AM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

Showing the results of kerfing cupped boards. I have some cupped flooring boards over 100yrs old, and these boards need to be glued together to make some thick panels, to be laminated to some barn board material, to make a 2” thiock panel to become leg blanks for some benches I’m building. here is the video explanation.

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Part 11: instructional video, making wedge clamp units from scrap wood in the shop

07-09-2018 11:01 PM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

A build video of making wedge clamp units, for woodworking jigs and clamping, these units are made from scrap wood found in the shop. I used 3 pieces of 1/4” luan, any material would work for the application needed. Have fun in the shop.

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Part 12: rip cutting a baseball bat on the table saw!

08-23-2018 12:07 AM by hobby1 | 0 comments »

A quick fixture/jig, to rip cut a baseball bat on the table saw. Have fun in the shop.

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Part 13: Forming a dowel tenon on a post end.

09-11-2018 11:44 PM by hobby1 | 4 comments »

An easy technique to form a dowel tenon onto the end of a post, without any fancy commercial dowel tenoning jigs for cutting dowel tenons. Here is a video demonstration. —————————————————————————————————-

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