handsawgeek's Lathe Stand: A Hand Tool Build For a Tailed Appliance

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Blog series by handsawgeek updated 06-15-2015 01:41 PM 12 parts 22746 reads 23 comments total

Part 1: Introduction

08-01-2014 09:57 PM by handsawgeek | 0 comments »

My wife likes to make vases out of aspen wood on the lathe. I use the lathe once in awhile to knock out an occasional spindle thingie for a project or a tool handle. At the moment, the lathe lives on the main workbench in the garage half of my woodworking shops. It is there because it spews out a lot of wood shavings and dust: too much to allow it to reside in the basement annex. Bad lathe! The main workbench on which the lathe is mounted is also built onto the garage wall. Thi...

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Part 2: The Jaunt Begins

08-11-2014 01:50 PM by handsawgeek | 0 comments »

I’m not going to call this project a ‘journey’. It’s more of a walk around the block, really. Since it is a piece of shop furniture cobbled together out of scrap wood, there is no need to go into lots of detail, so I will only stick to the main points… Today is ‘materials gathering day’. First, a trip to the wood pile to pick whatever servicable specimens can be found. This project will be made out of North American Scroungewood. This ...

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08-13-2014 02:29 PM by handsawgeek | 8 comments »

I am a musician. I play electric and acoustic violins, guitars, and mandolins. Not as a professional. I rather view myself as a professional amateur, performing quite frequently in public, but rarely for pay. As any musician is fully aware, live music performance is fertile ground for making mistakes. Wrong notes, missed notes, out-of-tune notes, mis-cues, wrong keys, forgotten passages, wrong tempos, the list goes on. And that’s not to mention difficulties caused by those pesky ...

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Part 4: “Armstrong” Tools

08-18-2014 01:41 PM by handsawgeek | 1 comment »

All of the boards that make up the primary frame of the lathe stand are now sized to final dimension and the joinery notches cut. Out comes the smoothing plane to clean up the edges and faces of the rough boards. Even though it’s shop furniture, I still wish to make it look as attractive as possible. What if the Shwarz, or St. Roy, or Norm himself ever happened to drop in on my shop? What would these stalwarts – these woodworking giants – have to say if they saw a lathe st...

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Part 5: "With This Ring, I Thee Bore..."

08-19-2014 01:11 PM by handsawgeek | 1 comment »

All of the components of the main frame structure are now cut and smoothed. Time to bore the holes for the 5/16” x 3” lag screws that will hold it all together. The holes will be counter sunk with large enough diameter to accommodate the screw hex heads as well as clearance for the socket that will drive them home. Since this is a simple, common operation, I will refrain from ‘boring’ you with further details. Except to say that the work will all be done using the trusty brace and au...

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Part 6: A Brief Interlude

08-25-2014 01:55 PM by handsawgeek | 1 comment »

I generally try not to have more than one project in progress at any given time in the handsawgeek shop. The real job and other activities require enough multi-tasking as it is, so staying linear with woodworking is good for the geek’s brain! This week an exception had to be made. The lathe stand has been moved aside briefly to make room for a small project of necessity for some pressing musical endeavors. A recent trip to Guitar Center resulted in the purchase of a Line6 HDX500 Dig...

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Part 7: Speedily Creeping Forward

09-02-2014 02:33 PM by handsawgeek | 0 comments »

I trust that everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! Having just enjoyed three whole days off from work, I had thought that some substantial progress would have been made on the lathe stand build. This was not to be. A garage sale on Saturday, and loads of geek-family activities kept shop time to a minimum. Between all the revelries, small segments of time were found to add a few minor additions to the project, notwithstanding. Holes were bored in the top and mounting bolts for t...

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Part 8: Good Rust Hunt

09-09-2014 01:36 PM by handsawgeek | 0 comments »

Instead of working on the lathe stand this past weekend, the handsaw geek went a-rust huntin’. Several yard sales did not net very much of interest, as the ‘watch’ list for items is very narrow. Paydirt was found at one sale, however, as the peddler-of-the wares had a table with some vintage tools displayed on it. A veritable geek magnet. Among a pile of old wood handle screwdrivers, files, and hammers, these items were found: The plane is a Stanley #220 block, and the push...

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Part 9: Thanksgiving Holiday Progress

12-01-2014 03:46 PM by handsawgeek | 3 comments »

Last week, I took some much needed vacation days from work, so I was able to enjoy a substantial amount of shop time. In a previous post, I mentioned that I don’t usually like to have more than one project going at one time, but an exception was made this week, given the fact that a lot of time was made available. First, the lathe stand: The four pedestal supports were sawn to rough size, and two of them were shaped to final dimension, squared up, and finish planed. Much of the...

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Part 10: Over the Hump

01-05-2015 07:56 PM by handsawgeek | 3 comments »

This past weekend, I was able to make a little bit of progress on the lathe stand project involving the four pedestal support legs. A couple of hours spent with some saws, files, rasps, and smoothing plane turned those previously ugly pieces of North American Scroungewood into serviceable lathe stand parts. Happily, these are the last of those brutal 2-by parts to be hand-tooled. That newly built planing stop mentioned in last week’s post turned out to be worth its weight in gold ...

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Part 11: Done!!..But Not Finished

02-02-2015 02:36 PM by handsawgeek | 3 comments »

‘Git ‘er done!” -Larry The Cable Guy’s Over-Used Tag Line. The 2015 Official handsawgeek Workshop Project List tells me that I had to get this lathe stand finished by the end of January. And, I made it!! Here’s the synopsis of the past two weeks…. To start things off, a trip to the BORG was necessary to buy a few more items of hardware to complete the project. Usually when I’m there, I make it a point to visit the “70% off sticker” cull lumber cart, just to see what’s there. M...

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Part 12: Done At Last!

06-15-2015 01:41 PM by handsawgeek | 3 comments »

This weekend, the handsawgeek finally enjoyed the combination of a substantial block of free time and some pretty darn good weather. The lathe stand was rolled out onto the driveway to receive its long-awaited application of a finish. A couple coats of clear satin polyurethane were brushed on, and I now had me a finished shop fixture! I even had time between coats to duck into the garage, fire up the bench grinder, and put a primary bevel on several of those old chisels I’v...

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