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Blog series by gizmodyne updated 02-08-2009 12:13 AM 18 parts 44265 reads 212 comments total

Part 1: Resawing Fir

03-17-2007 06:41 AM by gizmodyne | 6 comments »

The Assignment Make a set of base cabinets to match the original douglas fir cabinets. As seen here. The cabinets are fir but refaced with a soon to be removed laminate. We found the doors being used as shelves in the closets. Bad Wood/ Good WoodMy carpenter found a source for reclaimed fir beams. They come from demolished turn of the century houses and have a great patina. Unfortunately they also look like they would eat your jointer alive. Fortunately I only paid about $200 bucks for 1...

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Part 2: Quattromat Madness:

03-18-2007 07:26 AM by gizmodyne | 15 comments »

Tedious TaskWe needed to mill at least 40 pieces of door components from our recycled douglas fir. This is time consuiming and back breaking. Introducing the QuottromatOur teacher allowed us to learn to use this awesome machine.It S4S’s stock in one pass. First it planes and joints the stock and then surfaces and cuts to width. The machine has a learning curve. If you don’t send long enough stock it will get stuck and chewed up. So to prepare all of our stock we simpl...

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Part 3: Doors for everyone!

03-18-2007 07:45 AM by gizmodyne | 13 comments »

Why we were tired thenLast week we miiled the door parts, routed tongue and groove joints, made breadboard ends, and tennons on the beadboard. The next day we v-grooved all of the beadboard which requires 3 separate set-ups. Above: Kristin runs grooves in the stock. Behind her you can see a doweling machne with pneumatic holddown, a line boring machine for 32 mm work, and to the right the big altendorf sliding table saw (requires two to operate). Why we’re tired nowToday we fit all...

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Part 4: Carcase Cuts

03-25-2007 05:28 AM by gizmodyne | 19 comments »

La BambaI hunted down a source for vertical grain douglas fir plywood for our our kitchen cabinet project. So after about a month of procrastinating and a little bit of nice California weather, I took off after work to Phillips Plywood. Photo from They are located in Pacoima. (Think Esau Morales, "Riiiiitchieeeeee!!!!!"). I called in my order and voila: $700 bucks lighter and thirty minutes later I was trucking home with 5 sheets of 3/4 and 3 sheets of 1/4. Nice place...

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Part 5: Video Blog: Biscuit Boy

04-02-2007 08:17 AM by gizmodyne | 11 comments »

Making Big BoxesToday’s task: Get joining; the cabinets are to be held together with biscuits. Each cabinet has 30 slots. So I needed to get organized to save a lot of marking time and avoid mistakes. Gettin Jiggy(Alright I used that “joke” twice. Sorry).I started by building a jig to hold the rails along with several storyboards/ spacers to get the biscuits just right. I just mark the spacer and cut directly from that rather than mark each cabinet side. All of the parts ...

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Part 6: Groovin on a Saturday Afternoon.

04-15-2007 06:34 AM by gizmodyne | 6 comments »

Baby Got BackToday we completed our four cabinet boxes’ parts by cutting the groove for the backs. This sounds simple but we had to do a ton of double checking. Plus, I don’t think I mentioned that my biscuit joiner needed a little tune up. After last week’s dry fit, I realized that several of the cabinet rails had slightly miscut biscuits. So we recut 10 rails today. Screwing down the biscuit joiner helped as well. So, on to the tablesaw to cut the groove and trim the...

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Part 7: Watch Glue Dry

04-24-2007 02:50 AM by gizmodyne | 8 comments »

Under Pressure I don’t know about the rest of you, but glue up stresses me out. Even though we had dry fit the doors, I feel that time crunch as soon as I spread the glue. These doors are only held together by tiny tenons on the left and right beadboard pieces. The process Set out the clamps and separate the breadboard end to expose the tenons. Glue the tenons of the outer beadboard Clamp it Check for square by measuring across the diagonals Apply diagonal pressure if n...

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Part 8: The fir was flying.

04-29-2007 06:10 AM by gizmodyne | 24 comments »

Building BoxesWe started to get stressed about completing both cabinets in the next two weeks in time for the first annual wood competition at our school. So we made the decision to complete one cabinet. Today we started to build the drawers. Our drawers will be dovetailed in the front and dadoed in the back. They will receive another nicer drawer front. Step One. Cutting out the knots. Step Two. Resawing.We were able to get two 1/2” thick pieces out of each board. Step Thre...

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Part 9: Catching some Z's

05-13-2007 07:00 PM by gizmodyne | 9 comments »

I Feel Boxed In So without Kristin I headed to the shop. Big mistake.. I need to be double checked. Mistake 1: Above you can see that I cut the dovetails on the front of the drawers. Dovetails go on sides! Duh…. Now they are decorative box joints. I will pin for extra strength. Mistake 2: I did not chuck the bit tight. It slipped while cutting the dado for the drawer bottom. Here you can see the hole. I enlarged it for repair. (More on that later) A view of the d...

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Part 10: Going to Pieces

05-15-2007 01:59 AM by gizmodyne | 10 comments »

The ContestMy woodshop proram at Cerritos Community College is having a contest/exhibition/barbecue… I have till Friday night to finish my entries for Beginning Cabinetmaking and Furnituremaking. So Far from the FinishSo yesterday I continued the mammoth job of finishing the carcases with three coats of Wipe-On Poly along with the insides of five drawers. I got two coats on and am about to go back to do the final coat. Here is one pile.. And the other… Luckily we h...

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Part 11: The Dark of Night and A Call for Help from any Lumberjocks

05-15-2007 04:16 PM by gizmodyne | 7 comments »

Yes… More SandingI put the last coat of poly on the caracases and drawer interiors, had dinner, and then we both went out to the shop and did not finish til’ around 11:30 p.m. Kristin sands the drawer faces. She is just pretending to enjoy this. Two Step StainingIf you saw our video on staining douglas fir.. you know that we use a washcoat of mineral spirits and boiled linseed oil followed by mahogany gel stain. To be exact.. I apply the washcoat, Kristin applies the s...

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Part 12: T- 48 Hours

05-19-2007 05:14 PM by gizmodyne | 9 comments »

Last time on Lumberjocks . . .If you read the last blog you saw our finishing woes. Well, we tried patch sanding the cross grain scratch to no success. So we stripped and sanded the enitre door face and the face frame. We were under the gun since our project was due to class by Friday night. 48 Hours to GoThe door is stripped. One coat of stain on the fresh face Our tight schedule: glue up bases while the poly dries. Our first base cabinet assembled and receiving staples for i...

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Part 13: Down to the Wire

05-19-2007 06:28 PM by gizmodyne | 6 comments »

Good times Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!! (Poly) Time for the last coat before work. Luckily it goes on smooth. T - 8 Hours Mission assemble the cabinets and attach face frames. We decided to atttach the frame to the cabinet that needed a flush edge first. Then screw the second cabinet to this assembly. Don't worry OSHA.. This is a staged shot. Actual brad nailing involved safety glasses We used basic brads to attach the face frames. The assembly of the cabinets. Chicag...

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Part 14: And the Winner is.....

05-20-2007 05:40 PM by gizmodyne | 26 comments »

Show Time I was excited about the show/contest and woke up early (again). We jetted down to Cerritos Community College. Judging had begun at 8:00 in the morning, though we arrived at 11:00 for the barbecue, show tour, raffle, and prize announcements. The Welcome Wagon Each guest was provided one raffle ticket and a ballot ticket to vote for People's Choice award (Worth $1000) We anxiously walked towards our project. Yes! We learned they had been very liberal with the turn in ti...

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Part 15: Slow Progress

11-11-2007 04:53 AM by gizmodyne | 20 comments »

Before I install the dishwasher panel I need to fit a piece of trim to cover the mortar bed. So back to the wood pile. I need 11 feet of trim so I pulled a 12 footer from my stash and began the resaw process. First: Metal detector boogie and pull nails. (About 50 this time) Getting ready to resaw. Tiny Shop! Resawing: My outfeed support. Planer cleanup. Unfortunately a knot blew out, so I am going to have to scarf two pieces. Trim stock. Ran out of steam. It is c...

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Part 16: Cabinet 2: Last Drawer Standing

11-24-2007 07:03 PM by gizmodyne | 7 comments »

Tilt Outs I started the tilt outs optimisticaly. I began by making filler strips to bring the hinges flush to the face frame. Setting the hinge. After lots of adjusting (3 hours) I got the drawer to fit reasonably well. The weird thing about these hinges is that they dont just tilt. They kind of tilt, slide down, and then push in. They are more intended for overlay applications and really should have been installed prior to the cabinet installation. I had to cut down the drawer front...

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Part 17: Hiding the disaster

12-14-2008 08:38 AM by gizmodyne | 10 comments »

I finally got around to dealing with this mess. (I just noticed that I posted the last post for this project 385 days ago!)Kristin is patient, but she has been asking me to stain and install the doors. I had some fitting to do, along with a week or so of staining/ finishing before install time. (not to mention dropping/breaking/rebuilding/ one door).Installing the Z-braces on the inside of the doors. First to install a door stop for the doors to close against. If I could do it all over I woul...

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Part 18: Organizing the Disaster

02-08-2009 12:13 AM by gizmodyne | 6 comments »

So the doors were on, but what a fright inside. I made the shelves out of vertical grain fir plywood …. with edge glued lips of solid fir.I read once that leaving the fronts thicker adds strength to the shelf. My new Rockler pin jig in action Antique brass shelf pins…. Shelves installed. The top is only 12” wide. Finish: Shellac and poly. So much better. Wife is happy. Next time… The upper cabinet door repairs. Cheers!

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