"Hobbit Holes in MyWorld" --by RusticWoodArt

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Part 1: An Introduction of Wood Happenings

04-15-2008 01:11 PM by frank | 8 comments »

An Introduction of Wood Happenings So it’s that time again….and if you’ve spent any amount of time around here at LJ; last spring, summer and fall then you must know by now, some-what as to my occasional excursions into the forests and woods of New England. This year I have decided to re-name and post under a continuation of short story ‘series’ and so I will be calling these posted blog stories….”Hobbit Holes in MyWorld”. J. R. R. Tolkien on...

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Part 2: "Living Within the Shadow of Crazy Fire"

04-16-2008 12:55 PM by frank | 5 comments »

Living Within the Shadow of Crazy Fire ....tread softly on the mind of a man inspired by imagination, since who can afford to play the devil’s advocate, when those who are caught between the planes of time, know no-world to hold them down in audiences of respected places…. ....and then i remembered an-other time where…. —-i also was seemingly caught out there in a fools paradise, begging for bread and wages from those other’s dictates, those ones who...

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Part 3: "Echo-Friendly Ways To Work the Wood'

04-21-2008 03:30 AM by frank | 12 comments »

Echo-Friendly Ways To Work the Wood ....your wooden soul, is but the sole of your sitting, and as all rustic tools of wood, your rustic spirit creates an image for imagination…. ....hand planning…. ....with a vivid imagination…. In this day of high tech, high price tags and higher yet soaring costs of what many think they need, to have a go at woodworking, along with all those needed add-ons….that one must purchase after the initial major pu...

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Part 4: "Coalescing With Wood"

04-22-2008 01:58 PM by frank | 10 comments »

Coalescing With Wood life is lived as a worker of wood, these stories i tell are the fruits of my dreams, where it not so i would have told you so, just as gifted stories tweak my imagination in the all that i am… —-yes i laugh at my-self for the rustic wood spirit i am, just as when i pause in the woods for silence, and often out here i can hear the ancient ones laughing also, these are as much their stories of laughter as mine…. ....stories are told among t...

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Part 5: "Untrammeled Possibilities and Unexpended Opportunities"

05-03-2008 12:15 PM by frank | 11 comments »

Untrammeled Possibilities and Unexpended Opportunities ....out here is where i was first awakened, awakened to what-where-when and why, awakened to all the un-trammeled possibilities that call my name, awakened to the un-expended opportunities i gather to…. Out here silence starts off as a thing of beauty, but the silence soon passes on to a sound of great talking going on between the different players in this outside play of nature…. ....walking the woods out here is...

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Part 6: "Tree Friend...."

05-09-2008 01:30 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Tree Friend…. ....drink deeply of the wood that is within, and know for a certainty of well be-ing, that all that resides in the soul of a tree, will yet come to life in the spirit of rustic ‘wood art’…. —-the gawker’s have gone as passing on, but you my friend are still much watching and talking, these moments of years we shared cannot be forgotten, as i still watch and listen to hear what you have to say…. —-your slabs of wooden g...

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Part 7: "Slabbin' at More Wood and Planning Safe "

05-12-2008 04:37 AM by frank | 5 comments »

Slabbin’ at More Wood ....and so once again the earth has settled, the roar of the wind gives place to chance for a change, and i am freed to continue my working of the wood, since my tree friend has experienced a resurrection into the what of ‘wood art’…. And so having some free time….a few hours on Friday to start cleaning up some wood on this one, I preceded to work. What with the cutting and hauling to a wood pile, the small stuff for this winter’...

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Part 8: "Doldrums Complaisance and Working the Wood"

05-12-2008 01:48 PM by frank | 5 comments »

Doldrums Complaisance and Working the Wood ....when a man//woman walks the walkabout, where does the mind of one such as this, get past the wall of memories that have been taught, so that one can break free and waunder the horizons of time…. —-i am the outcome of what has been sealed up within a box, till one day i saw that the box was only what other’s had dreamed up, to keep me in my place of doldrums complaisance, those dreams that often turned into the nightmares o...

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Part 9: "Where Dreams Are Made"

05-14-2008 01:46 PM by frank | 6 comments »

Where Dreams Are Made ....never having a thought to lay down and rest, i was culled from the era’s of past, into the days of what might be called future quest, and so from this forum i soon was caught out as blest….—by flp How one goes about ending a hard days work, is just as important as how one starts a day of hard work! I all-ways give thanks in the mornings for the opportunity to work….and, then when my day is done, I give thanks for the day. And did I al...

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Part 10: "Rived Quercus alba"

05-16-2008 01:53 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Rived Quercus alba wood is rived, so a tree shows forth one’s inner strength, by his//her own choosing is man cleaved, by the criticism he//she creates…. —-show me a tree that hides from on-coming winds, and i will show you a man already wrapped in cerecloth, while i marvel at the hands of the mighty oak held high, i but stand in awe of that one who’s genetic dna creates within a critique of scars…. —-the trees i have known are gentle giants...

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Part 11: "Two Maples....One Pine and, ...."

05-21-2008 01:50 PM by frank | 9 comments »

Two Maples….One Pine, and…. i stepped outside to the wonders of an outdoor workshop, where some trees where culling my name, having not much time to pass with endless chatter, i reached down and turned my cell-phone off…. —-silence….. ....and so i went up last week and payed my respects to an old friend, one much wiser then me in all the ways of wood, who welcomed me back since our meeting of last fall, while even now this one is busy in the givin...

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Part 12: Glamdring and Hard-Rock Sugar Maple

06-22-2008 06:22 PM by frank | 6 comments »

Glamdring and Hard-Rock Sugar Maple So shall we begin….as in a continuation of Hobbit stories for those who waunder much of their life in the woods and glens of the Dark Forest…..Mirkwood. Here is a picture of a froe-saw-sword-hammer that will from hence-forth be known by the name of ’Glamdring’. Glamdring was a Noldorian sword, that was first used by Turgon; king of Gondolin in the Battle of the Unnumbered Tears, (Nirnaeth Arnoediad)....during the Years of th...

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Part 13: The Beauty of a Soul in Wood

06-27-2008 02:09 AM by frank | 3 comments »

The Beauty of a Soul in Wood ….into the fire of your eye, ran the character of the wood, and who was there to welcome my goings, but the burnished steel of i…. —-my going was but a sweetness of golden syrup, and from the tap ran gallons of sap, so what was i a doing collecting, when the springs of spring sprung ambrosia…. ....that was then till in my now of days, i milled your sapwood looking for slabs, and in the soul of your heartwood you still held more...

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Part 14: Wood From An-Other's Wood Bin

07-06-2008 02:44 PM by frank | 2 comments »

Wood From An-Other’s Wood Bin ....and, the beauty that comes from knowing there is a place that I fit in…. days are filled with the ever increasing knowledge that this thing I call wood and working, is my place of having found peace within the cosmic center of my universe…. ....spalted maple; 38’’ wide x 3-1/2’’ thick and 7’-8’ in length and, this is one that I am working on in the evenings here in my outside 360 de...

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Part 15: Jubilant Glory-Be

07-14-2008 02:44 AM by frank | 6 comments »

Jubilant Glory-Be ....detritus wood fiber,as i shift through these un-sorted images,that have a way of re-minding me of my topographic with beauty,where out here i am caught between two worlds….—by flp ———————————————————————————————————————...

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Part 16: Wooden Throne's of Power

07-15-2008 03:00 AM by frank | 2 comments »

Wooden Throne’s of Power —-it takes two, to make as one.... ....his and hers to sit side be-side, hers and his to share their moments of bliss, hers to confide the years they’ve shared, his to remember her beauty of now, ——and as the years roll on—-their shared forest thrones of to-getherness.... —by flp ——————————————————R...

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Part 17: Glamdring and The Chainsaw Milling of Pine

07-20-2008 11:18 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Glamdring and The Chainsaw Milling of Pine ....and so twas on one of my visits into the deep woods, that i heard the tales of this sword beater called glamdring,for in the presence of trees and all that speaks of wood,i first was made aware of the weaponsmith’s of gondolin…. —-these were//are they who first learned the lineage of steel,and how to work the metals needed to hold an edge in wood,were as the times of woodworking continue in the landscape here, i sought...

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Part 18: Reflections on Beavers and Trees

07-21-2008 12:41 AM by frank | 18 comments »

Reflections on Beavers and Trees Out here in the woods, I am part of a whole picture where what happens with wood….also happens to all involved with wood, plus those un-in-volved with wood….hmmm, are any who are really non-existent from wood? Can a worker of wood be selfish and think that it’s all about wood and that all else will just have to take care of them-selves. Well the answer is yes and no, one can be selfish and think only of their needs when going for wood, but...

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Part 19: Looking at Jonke

07-28-2008 02:23 AM by frank | 5 comments »

Looking at Jonke ....and so i went walking in search of some jonke,that there word of middle age time frame of mind,and what i found was not some more latin names for juncus,but what i searched for was before mine eyes all-ready as ‘junk art’.... —-one can get so lost in the definitions that are imposed upon us,till it seems that our mind just can-not shake free and see,those boxes are ever around to drown the imagination of mind,while other’s pray to keep th...

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Part 20: All I See Is No-Junk

07-28-2008 03:57 AM by frank | 4 comments »

All I See Is No-Junk In my world, (and not as the lines where some see, when the plane of time is split as between earth and heaven….what those jokester’s of wordy word explanations first told us, to limit us into seeing their definitions of linear horizons….hmmm, quite a word spread there//here) means; there is no-junk! How can one see junk, when the world is filled with the beauty of creative genus and we as workers of wood are part of this process? And so it was tha...

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Part 21: Glamdring, Summer Awards and, Left Overs

07-29-2008 06:27 AM by frank | 3 comments »

Glamdring, Summer Awards and, Left Overs ....and so it ‘just is’. All good stories must have a place of start….then some middle ground….and then comes the ‘whats all left over’ or maybe I should say, the ‘left overs’. And as such, it seems fitting that since this is about ‘hobbit holes in my-world’....I should bring in one famous player, who working with me helped get this story going back in the early days of summer. That bein...

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Part 22: Which came first....!

08-04-2008 03:48 AM by frank | 6 comments »

Which came first....! ....and so there remains a question that has been posed to me….which I shall attempt in some feeble way to exploit some light upon. It has been asked: Does art imitate nature....? or Does nature imitate art....? WOW! What a power pack of a question or either the shadow of thinking that would tend to describe and inscribe me within a box. Can any answer this question or is the question it-self designed, to limit an answer within the fabric of two popu...

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Part 23: WoolGathering I Go

08-13-2008 02:12 AM by frank | 10 comments »

WoolGathering I Go ....not all who walk know where they are going,not all who wonder know how to use their mind,not all who waunder are lost in the woods of their choice,but then who but a poet can woolgather on paper just as in the forest…. These are the memories I create, ....of waunderings out here in the woods, ....that encompass me on all sides of my environmental up-bringing, ....where often the one doing the dreaming, .....awakens to find that all is more then a dream.̵...

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Part 24: All Good Wood Projects Need....

08-18-2008 04:03 AM by frank | 3 comments »

All Good Wood Projects Need…. ....a StoryLine! Yes that’s right, and with the story line one can start with an image in their head, which when transferred to wood, shows a start. Now this project began before….where we are jumping into at this stage….but the before only included some wood, jointing of the edges, planning the two faces, then the process of glue ups, cutting the inside out with a jigsaw and the original orbital pre-sanding with #60, #80 and #100 gr...

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Part 25: WoodWorking Vision

08-20-2008 02:44 AM by frank | 3 comments »

WoodWorking Vision big is your wood-working vision?....and what happens to your head-room once the expansion within your head decides to get a vision of be-ing a-head outside?....where will you get your vision from and will you also frequent the market-places of traditions to honor the money-changers? ....for without a vision your wood will perish! ....just as the fire you feel within your belly of now,will just as soon also go into the alley ways of extinction,just like ...

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Part 26: Drupes and Drupaceous Nuts as Tung Oil

08-31-2008 06:31 AM by frank | 19 comments »

Drupes and Drupaceous Nuts as Tung Oil So lets cut to the center of the fruit….like cutting to the quick, and talk about China Wood Oil, wood nut oil or just plain ‘tung oil’. And since we’re talking in the language of botany, maybe it would be best too first say that tung oil is not a true nut, but is a fruit that comes to us as a drupe or what is also called ‘stone fruit’. Definition of a drupe….stone fruit is: ’’a one-seeded indehisc...

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Part 27: In Search of Imaginations Greatest Dream

08-31-2008 07:00 PM by frank | 4 comments »

In Search of Imaginations Greatest Dream ....i am impressed with the beauty of this day,and so i tell a tale of create-create-create,were it not for dreamers such as those who engender,would not the world re-main in the shadows of darker past…. ....creation awaits the dawning of new day suns,just as each moment breathes in the aroma of a fresh breath,expelling all those traditions that keeps one’s mind in chains,and so i live with the awakening dawn of imaginations greatest ...

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Part 28: The Revelation of Wood

09-05-2008 04:38 AM by frank | 6 comments »

The Revelation of Wood ....some folks would say we are known by the company we keep,i prefer to say that the company i keep is what’s penned on paper,and that my thoughts work them-selves out as word friends,until in the end i am gathered in the forest by my friends of wood…. it might be that after i have some-day slipped the veil,that ones of few or many might start opening my books of thought,etchings of imagination’s greatest words that speak of wood drea...

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Part 29: Go Ask The Lac-Bug About Finishing Wood

09-08-2008 02:32 AM by frank | 7 comments »

Go Ask The Lac-Bug About Finishing WoodIn one of my previous comments on Finishing Recipes and Tricks by SteveKorz and the corresponding forum, I offered these last words; ”I mean when we start thinking about shellac, maybe we should also consult with the lac bug.” I know that one can get technical when it comes to talking about finishing along with all those books and DVDs out there, along with all the recipes we get so hung up in and about….so I have decided to offer a ...

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Part 30: Out in The Woods

09-14-2008 05:51 PM by frank | 6 comments »

Out in The Woods So for this short story, lets set the milieu a bit, turn up some volume and think a bit about what it means to be ‘out in the woods’.... ”Can’t tell the bad from the good, I’m out in the wood then I’m lost in the wood…. Can’t tell the bad from the good,I’m out in the woods then I’m lost in the woods” —by Leon Russell ——————————̵...

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Part 31: Things Have Changed In These Woods

09-18-2008 07:02 AM by frank | 7 comments »

Things Have Changed In These Woods I’m out in the woods and, ‘things have changed’.... <div>Bob Dylan - Things Have ChangedUploaded by dylanne</div> Things Have Changed;—by Bob Dylan lets continue on here some with this story. I used to come out this way more often….but now things have changed. As I wrote earlier in my last story, what has come down the road of these woods now is that after all the work that went into this area, ex...

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Part 32: My Soul of Maple

09-20-2008 04:14 PM by frank | 3 comments »

My Soul of Maple Oh how the warmth of your glow, tolerates my being….—i feel as though there remains a connection,as we pass into fall….—why it was only yesterday that a seed fell to ground,much like in the beginning….—our time together often grows weary,as in the exiled seasons…. Can our love still survive against the onslaught, of hurled bark insulation….—where were it not for fire burnished passions,coming forth as desire̷...

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Part 33: Zebra Effects on Birch Burl

09-26-2008 03:51 PM by frank | 6 comments »

Zebra Effects on Birch Burl ....while doing time within the wood,a character of zebra swirls started imaging,like drawing lines upon the wood,i stopped to pause and re-think again…. All wood is just one click away from fame…. Thank you.GODSPEED,FrankRusticWoodArt [email protected]:// —’’ smart, work safe, and live, to work the wood....’‘

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Part 34: Tales of A Wood-Worker's Tools

09-26-2008 04:06 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Tales of A Wood-Worker’s Tools Just a short-sort of a blog//story this morning to get the wood-chips in my arteries flowing again with stimulus from my imagination. Ah yes, that wonder-full word called imagination that in reality becomes the igniter of all that speaks art. To any who refuse to use ‘imagination’ in their wood-working pro-vision, en-vision of contrived design….well, why bother; so lets start creating a story of wood-working tales. Since I’...

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Part 35: Lets Test Art-Full Shellac

09-27-2008 07:26 PM by frank | 2 comments »

Lets Test Art-Full Shellac ”All that meets the eye with shellac, is more then enough to sustain my love of this finish.” —-by flp And so I started by writing some thoughts of my own down on paper, where the proper thing to do, seemed to be to get out and do some more tests. If one is not testing….and by this I mean constantly testing their own thoughts//opinions and, the thoughts//opinions of others, then how will one learn. A closed mind is a sad place to beR...

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Part 36: Prepping Wood and Shellac for Rain

09-29-2008 02:55 AM by frank | 5 comments »

Prepping Wood and Shellac for Rain I do hope that all reading herein are understanding that I am writing in retrospect….as these writings are running a few days behind where I am today. My life is much too busy to be writing and testing, plus taking photos on a daily basis, so one could say that I am writing from within a time warp as I also must keep in mind that winter is coming. Winter involves putting some machines to sleep and then there is the waking up of those winter machines...

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Part 37: Live Free....Work Wood

09-29-2008 03:39 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Live Free….Work Wood ....jubilant art-full colors drift before my sight,shaking the leaves from off my eyes,straining this veil of flesh to come up higher,where from my mountain-top view i gladly inhale…. ....inhaling the whiffs of passing breeze,i all too soon know that i’ll be counting flakes of snow,but in the rhythms of the seasons where time stands still, i keep on working the wood after patterns of trees who came before…. ....what matters the time of day...

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Part 38: Colors of Shellac from a Kayak

10-08-2008 04:22 AM by frank | 9 comments »

Colors of Shellac from a Kayak ….where art thou going oh gods of kayaking,“i go out in the tops of mountain ponds”,who is the one that you paddle along with by your side,“i paddle with the love of my heart who longs with me….” ”—-and so i turned the page to write again some words of wood—-” ....and so the gods came down to play amongst a colored backdrop,completed with water that still holds dreams of blue liquid desire,...

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Part 39: Wood Mentation of Today

10-09-2008 04:38 AM by frank | 5 comments »

Wood Mentation of Today ....what is this prise that burns within my being,to find the almost of what a-waits-a-round the next bend,by now i should have learned why the sweetness of your voice calls,as within the depths of where i have often run to hide from your face…. ....i once remember standing in the shadow of a tree greater than i,while the limbs of your covering shared with my-self a notion of leaves,fire colored leaves you gave to me to light the candle that had gone ou...

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Part 40: 50,000 Words of Wood

11-02-2008 03:29 AM by frank | 5 comments »

50,000 Words of Wood I’m wondering how many writers are on the roll-call here at LJ? The month of November is a good time to see how many words one can produce, to write a novel….about a story with wooden content or....? Can you write 50,000 words in one month....then you can sit back after the smoke clears and say; ”yes I did….write a novel.” I mean we are workers of wood right, and as such I have many words of thoughts going through my head cons...

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Part 41: Painted Expressions In Wood and Canvas

11-03-2008 03:48 AM by frank | 1 comment »

Painted Expressions In Wood and Canvas ....what i write in wood,by the gouging of words,is the need to express my-self,but in the end i still fall short,since the wood has by this time also moved on and,i am left standing all alone….—by flp ——————————————————————————————————...

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Part 42: What's a WoodWorking Economy To Do or Be?

11-09-2008 07:28 PM by frank | 4 comments »

What’s a WoodWorking Economy To Do or Be? So by now I’m sure we all have heard and have our ideas//opinions on ’the new economy’ as if this word new means that one can now forget about the ’old economy’. And then I wonder can any explain as to what happens when we have two economies as past and present? My understanding of all this has all-ways been to keep it very simple….K.I.S.S; and then one is able to better work within the word definition ...

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Part 43: Wood Art Picture of Beauty

11-13-2008 04:32 AM by frank | 4 comments »

Wood Art Picture of Beauty ....1770 hand hewn beams,timber frame-post and beam,the era of craft with-out power tools,hands fitted strong by use of a broadax,legs well splayed to adjust for off centered glance,backs made strong along with shoulders of steel,adversity hand cut many a man’s character,till a man could say-no-pain’s no-gain’s,2008 refinished hand hewn beams….—by flp ———————————...

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Part 44: "Explanation of Experience" and Art

11-15-2008 03:40 PM by frank | 5 comments »

”Explanation of Experience” and Art ....tempt me and i shall speak,if not by words of a common tongue,then i shall speak from within the wood,where the soul of a tree lives very much free…. ....infatuate me and i shall speak,come out from amongest the copy-cats,brush aside the hands that ever are clutching too hold, when will you escape your defined walls of self-imposed exile…. ....provoke me and i shall yet speak,push the envelope and forget to lick the glu...

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Part 45: Controversy and Knots

01-06-2009 03:12 AM by frank | 7 comments »

Controversy and Knots ....i love the controversy that comes from working the wood, i love the controversy of knotted knotty knots, picking up pen and paper i stir some words that cut like wood, soon i realize that words and wood and knots are all what it’s about…. ....controversy ‘just is’ the sweet smelling aroma that describes my knots, and so i throw out some descriptive words by telling tales of knots, ...

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Part 46: Tell Tale FootPrints....

01-10-2009 06:05 PM by frank | 3 comments »

Tell Tale FootPrints…. ....frosted silver hoariness,aged from within the confines of time,and so my oaken leaf settled down,imaged herein i left an image of my likeness,time continues on with presence of mind,upon a slab of golden shellacked rock maple....—by flp ——————————————————————————————&...

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Part 47: Occulation of the Wood

01-11-2009 04:30 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Occulation of the Wood ....what is this shadow that transverses your mind, when you look at wood? One table top of rock maple that I am presently working on and hope to have done by the end of March. Many of the details as to how and what I am going after have not yet been fully worked out//worked in, but that’s only a matter of time as I listen to what the wood would say to me. ....and…. Things not known at this point: 1.)—no-name…. 2.)&#...

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Part 48: Veteran of the Woods

02-07-2009 05:34 PM by frank | 6 comments »

Veteran of the Woods ....veteran of the woods at northern end,i scamper to keep ahead in this wood-worker’s dream,what if’s and thought’s of where it all began,are only the past rumblings of more to come as i work in stealth…. modes of stealth are vast and often un-explained,since why should a creator re-veal the secrets of his//her art,no-one who works for art can be a copy-cat of borrowed dreams,much to the demise of clones who pass me by on borrowed...

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Part 49: Awakened In Your Gobi

02-23-2009 02:14 AM by frank | 5 comments »

Awakened In Your Gobi seems as if i am teller of tales that bears your beauty forth,why am i so woodly anomic when all your warmth of hue surrounds me,culler of the art that comes from hand-tooling your existence of being,while faith-fully noted are the cracks of character that provide story…. ....planed from the start by gouges that wrought some sense of stability,your spoken desire was what soon caught the attention of my ears,and what if my hands started breathing wi...

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Part 50: Gargantuan Green Ninja Turtle

03-05-2009 04:23 AM by frank | 4 comments »

Gargantuan Green Ninja Turtle ....gargantuan green ninja turtle on a six pack of steroids,digital reading with 12 inch’s of steel and plastic on a motor and frame,offers all the sliding ability of a compound miter that is needed,ah yes life is good as i continue to work the laser across the wood….—by flp ———————————————————————&#...

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Part 51: Sacred Places of Wood

07-31-2009 05:04 AM by frank | 10 comments »

Sacred Places of Wood ….herein lies the door to my soul,and where is the worker of wood’s soul to be found,but in the shop of their own making,far re-moved and off the beaten path of to-day’s clutter…. ….out here with the wood i can let imagination spread her wings,just as the lady called wisdom also dwells deep within these walls,enter in at this door and one enters a sacred place as time expires,just as in the forest of wood that so encircles me calling out my na...

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Part 52: Three Acts of Working the Wood

08-03-2009 08:24 AM by frank | 5 comments »

Three Acts of Working the Wood ….three acts of working the wood that have be-spelled me,one is the art of hand-cutting wood joinery,two is the collection and using of old weathered wood,three is the beauty of creating pieces of ‘wood art’…. ….one; ….two; ….three; —-by flp —————————————————————————...

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Part 53: Barn Cat in Training and More....

08-10-2009 04:06 AM by frank | 12 comments »

Barn Cat in Training and More…. I might as well introduce a new member in my barn and tell you some of her history. To start out with it might also help if I was to explain that the barn you are seeing here is an English Barn dated from around 1780. My wife and I started gutting this barn back in 2000 and then while I was on the road most of that winter, she along with a crew took the barn down in about a weeks time after numbering all the bents. Next after taking a year to get o...

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Part 54: What Lights Up An English Barn

08-14-2009 06:32 AM by frank | 9 comments »

What Lights Up An English Barn Well I believe that it doesn’t take much to get me talking about barns….or might I add English Barns. I was asked to post some pictures of my barn, but how could I ever just show some pictures without also going into some barn terminology? From the picture above I am standing on the third floor of the barn….or if some-one is counting the cellar also, then I guess one could say the fourth floor. My wife bartered some homemade jams for ...

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Part 55: Twinings of WoodArt

08-22-2009 07:12 AM by frank | 8 comments »

Twinings of WoodArt ….intertwined we gather,dusk suspends time and i sit,wood spirits apprize…. ….i came for a dance,what is the meaning of this,time and wood makes years…. ….wood be-comes fleshed out,my priorities give way,what was can now be…. ….i am stilled in space,wood–working life liners speak,hands listen to start…. ….grace-full is beauty,i see the passion of end,creation is art….—-by flp——————&#...

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Part 56: Barn Tales

08-26-2009 06:24 AM by frank | 9 comments »

Barn Tales ….and so i sit,watching the pages of my mind,un-fold before my eyes in splendor, surrounded by this old barn and it’s love…. ….old wood and new wood gathered here,calling out my name to come and rest a while,and so after a day of work i leave all behind,to visit with an old friend as friends will do…. ….no-secrets between us but what tales we tell,stories of what has been and our dreams to come,shared feelings of how it might have been done,and the pa...

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Part 57: A Story of Lakh

09-09-2009 05:23 AM by frank | 2 comments »

A Story of Lakh ….garnetiferous,an expression of mein air,your color plays me….—-by flp ——————————————————————————————————————————————Every picture tells a story…. if I the recipient can...

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Part 58: Warriors of The Wood

09-13-2009 09:52 AM by frank | 10 comments »

Warriors of Wood ….i have travailed the road that others could not see,and while on this road i carried pictures inside my head,where none could side-track me from my dreams of wood,just as wood and i have learned to deal with our times of age…. ….still working wood just as the wood works me in style,my character has many times been planed by the hand of wood,till even now there is the gnawing pain that pushes me faster,much to do as still counting the opportunities of project...

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Part 59: Art Born Out of Chaos

09-14-2009 09:20 AM by frank | 7 comments »

Art Born Out of Chaos ….art is about the chaotic balance,that one blends with harmony,to create an expression of semblance,that often plays host to our senses….—-by flp ———————————————————————————————————————————̵...

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Part 60: Sitting With Some Old Friends

10-10-2009 03:29 AM by frank | 10 comments »

Sitting With Some Old Friends ….sitting with some old friends,and what is this need that shakes my be-ing,till from the shards of my distant past,comes the dust storm of ever present wood-chips…. ….these friends have sat patiently now,as the years pass and seasons come and go,their numbers all-ways on the increase-decrease,but with patience and expectancy they abide…. ….my friends have with-stood the ages of change,knowing that in these times-these too shall p...

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Part 61: My WoodWorking Ten Commandments

10-30-2009 02:18 PM by frank | 8 comments »

Frederick’s Francks Ten Commandments These Ten Commandmentsments on seeing/drawing were revealed to me on a mountain, but also in a meadow, on a beach and even in the subway. For their revelation did not come all at once, but in installments, as it were, over the years, and always while I was busy drawing, and invariably on holy ground. But that may be because, while drawing, all ground is holy: unseparated from the Whole. 1. You shall draw everything and every day2. You shall not...

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Part 62: Wood's DarkSide

11-01-2009 05:51 AM by frank | 10 comments »

Wood’s DarkSide ….from the blackened fire-side of the burl i come,i came—i come but once a year to walk this way,and what does it matter for whom the moon calls to-night,that is the one I will invite to come live inside my burning burl,after all is said and done i re-member i am a hobbit in my hobbit hole….—-by flp —————————————————————̵...

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Part 63: On the LighterSide of Wood

11-01-2009 07:23 PM by frank | 9 comments »

On the LighterSide of Wood So after last night…. I decided it was time to resume my identity, as I am known to mortals. Last night’s photo avatar was a way of closing out a time worn photo image of my-self and, since I am much younger now, I thought I would post a newer version—vision of who I am. This one will run a short while here, till I can come up with a better picture of a hermit turned wood hobbit who lives ‘out in the woods’. ——&#...

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Part 64: Phantom of My WoodWorking Heart

11-09-2009 02:36 PM by frank | 5 comments »

Phantom of My Woodworking Heart ….out of the city i walked one day into a forest of wood,never looking back at those objects that once held me,saving my soul from the plight of the lost and un-redeemed,i came to re-pair my-self from the time zone of asphalt jungles…. ….those ills i took on then back there in that forest of steel,have now cursed me again with a reminder of a jaded past,but I am far better now by the under-standing i gained from wood, i was made for wood and in ...

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Part 65: Unorthodox WoodWorking Tools....

11-16-2009 02:52 AM by frank | 4 comments »

Unorthodox WoodWorking Tools…. ….at some point in my woodworking story,the point was made that i must create beyond,“beyond what” i heard my-self asking again until,“until the dreams you have be-come art” i perceived…. ….so much that i was more at the world’s lost end of my-self,since all my be-ing up until then had be-come as un-perceived,works of art back then all included “other’s” concept for wood,till the responsibility back then was all laid on my shou...

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Part 66: WoodShop Tales Beyond

11-19-2009 03:23 AM by frank | 5 comments »

WoodShop Tales Beyond ….two trees blowing in the wind,a mighty forest surrounds these centennial’s,two loner’s sending out their branching eaves,many sentients come to waunder along the way…. ….i was younger in those days that are behind,one worker of wood leaves his shop for open space,out here i am but the shadow of my own imagination,my sentiments to those who can-not come out to play…. ….two tree’s,two loner’s,many sentient’s,one work...

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Part 67: Turning A Page In Life

03-04-2010 10:41 AM by frank | 9 comments »

Turning A Page In Life…. ….can we define the moment that wood took hold, can i fathom the canker i have be-come within my woods, who can understand that time when light exposed pine, and color bore witness to the heavens under which we lived…. ….i have walked in silence before the trees of these woods, where i shunned the teachings that came from noisy man, after all what is man but a creature of manifold knottiness, sent on his ways by the opinions he ply’s daily ...

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Part 68: More on Sankyaku Uddo

03-13-2010 09:23 AM by frank | 5 comments »

More on Sankyaku Uddo ….if i could count all my stories,that have been re-corded as growth rings in trees,what would soon come forth is how small of faith i am,for who am i to stand up equal too one white oak….. was one day back when that i walked into the forest of wood,and oh the joy and pain that awaited me in my new found birth,will i ever be able to express in part how my feelings felt back then,the expresso drink that was mixed with my blood and wood sapR...

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Part 69: My Zone of Wood Art

03-23-2010 08:35 AM by frank | 8 comments »

My Zone of Wood Art ….art is the interpretation of what is before you, and therefore needs no-out-side influence to make it more then it is in this moment. The problem that many have with art is that it is all-ways regulated to some other plane of our existence, out-side the time-work of where we are now. Because the many see art as so ‘other’, these many lost souls to the world of art, will in-deed all-ways be seeking for art as if it is some-thing that is found in the so ...

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Part 70: Wood Studies and....

04-12-2010 03:15 PM by frank | 8 comments »

Wood Studies and…. ….wood studies and stopping to take a break,english decides to follow me around for a bit,but soon discovers there’s more to wood studies,that meets the eye of a feline in the grip of the moment….—by flp ——————————————————————————————————&#...

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Part 71: Wood Gathering Mode: An Introduction

04-14-2010 02:57 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Wood Gathering Mode: An Introduction ….wood and hobbits have a way of drawing from each other, so enter in at this enclave and find your-self in an-other world, far from the streams of endless mind clutter that sucks one dry, till I pull my-self through a space bigger then meets the eye, this is where I am released into a world that knows no-boundaries, no-boundaries and therefore no-time restraints and one is free to wonder…. —by flp —————&...

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Part 72: Holes....WoodWorking....and Wood Gathering Mode

04-15-2010 09:43 PM by frank | 7 comments »

Holes….WoodWorking….and Wood Gathering Mode I’ve been thinking lately about ‘holes’ and how they are used in my working of the ‘wood’. I had not noticed this trend until I started reviewing my photos here at LJ’s over the years. What seems to be coming out of this endeavor is that I use these holes as a point of ingress into my world of ‘wood art’. I have all-ways talked about boxes and the need to get out of your box, so that ...

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Part 73: What Is Your Size of Wood Art

04-23-2010 02:07 AM by frank | 3 comments »

What is Your Size of Wood Art…. ….or does size matter when it comes to working the wood? What is the size you think of when working with wood? And so I have put together a few photos of how I often see into the wood. Trees come in all shapes and sizes and what I do with them often determines their final proportion. Now that I think upon that last sentence I am not sure about the use of the words….’final proportion’. How often have I my-self often received some p...

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Part 74: Wood Screams In The Dark

06-20-2010 06:32 AM by frank | 9 comments »

Wood Screams In The Dark ….now if i could only think with a memory,i might be able to re-member just who I am,the words though there come slower to my mind,and so i argue with my-self that who i see is not me…. —-or is it—- ….that i was born to work the wood but now i feel alone,much of my time is spent trying to stay one step ahead,in this more darker be-ing that pursues me now in time,my-dis-ease of hepatic encephalopathy bids me comatose…. —-or...

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Part 75: Burl On A Spit

07-13-2010 05:54 AM by frank | 8 comments »

Burl On A Spit ….wood can out-tell tales,skewered through i ringed my heart, two sides of my-self….—by flp ————————————————————————————————————————————————————R...

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Part 76: Wood and I....Sculpture

05-15-2011 08:25 PM by frank | 10 comments »

Wood and I….Sculpture ….while walking down the isles of life’s design,i was roiled enough to loose my way on a walk-about,the forest and trees no-longer fed this hunger within,and for days becoming years my dreams died as inaesthetic…. ….that was in-deed the hole i dug until i had no-strength dig deeper,what came next was confronting my dragon and refusing his lies any-more,so i went back to the woods fearing to hope and believe what i might find,what i found was that ...

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Part 77: Sculptured Wood Beauty

05-17-2011 03:52 PM by frank | 15 comments »

Sculptured Wood Beauty ’’....a time to turn the page! He who lives in the woods and forest, will at getimians break forth into the many places of solitude, where he sits with the wood spirits as they offer forth words of wisdom and truth….” ….as i walk out the stories that have been written within my-self,mine eyes have be-come more conductive to light and darkness,which has be-come a most use-full tool in my tool wrap called life,for what individual can drea...

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