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Blog series by Don W updated 01-27-2021 10:13 PM 29 parts 144215 reads 577 comments total

Part 1: Walker Turner 16"Bandsaw. The things that dreams are made of.

08-15-2012 07:39 PM by Don W | 47 comments »

A few week ends ago I went to a tool auction. I went home with a few items, but the one of real consequence was the Walker Turner 16” Bandsaw. As best as I can tell, this was made sometime between 1938 and 1948. Its got a 22-639 serial number, which it seems Walker Turner put on a lot of stuff around that time. Some information seems to indicate its closer to 1948. Its a BN1135 16” Wood, built 1939 to 1948 (Discontinued 1948): serial 22-639Mine will take a blade between 113”...

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Part 2: A Stanley #1. I bought it for the Grandkids. Really I did!

08-20-2012 01:59 PM by Don W | 44 comments »

So any one who admires hand tools and hand planes in particular will want a Stanley #1. I’ve been no exception. I’ve managed to resist addiction even after all of the vices I’ve encounter. I never even decided to stop, and in most cases never really started, it just sort of fell out of favor. (well except the drinking, I still dabble in that). I’ve always been able to have a cigarette with a friend, or while having a morning coffee with a friend or co-worker as a social act...

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Part 3: Another weekend of some Flea Market finds.

09-02-2012 10:04 PM by Don W | 6 comments »

So I had kind of an odd weekend. I found out even flea markets are pricey in CT. The Elephants trunk was a bit of a bust. Prices were way out of norm for me. I did managed to squeak out one Sargent block. Maybe a #306? $5. I always do well at stormville though. I picked up a type 17ish #7 in great shape, a type 11 #5c, an earlier #4 that needs some love, a Sargent #415 that needs a lot of love, and a Nice #2 (Orange frog). The new #2. This is after some quick clean up and sha...

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Part 4: Another weekend of some Flea Market finds.

09-02-2012 10:05 PM by Don W | 10 comments »

So I had kind of an odd weekend. I found out even flea markets are pricey in CT. The Elephants trunk was a bit of a bust. Prices were way out of norm for me. I did managed to squeak out one Sargent block. Maybe a #306? $5. I always do well at stormville though. I picked up a type 17ish #7 in great shape, a type 11 #5c, an earlier #4 that needs some love, a Sargent #415 that needs a lot of love, and a Nice #2 (Orange frog). The new #2. This is after some quick clean up and sha...

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Part 5: A Rustic Corner Cupboard

12-01-2012 10:18 PM by Don W | 18 comments »

This morning my wife decided what she wanted to do with an oak door we bought some time ago at a flea market. She wanted a rustic corner cupboard to hold some crocks. Now it was a bit chilly today here in the north east and I’ve got some white oak lumber to stack, but a nice fire in the new woodstove in the shop sounded like a really good idea. Out to the shop to find some rustic lumber. So the vision…... Now I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but ...

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Part 6: Xmas Plate Rack

12-09-2012 02:25 AM by Don W | 32 comments »

The wife has been going back and forth on a plate rack. She was looking for an antique rack, but has been unable to find one to fit her needs. My instructions were keep it simple, you know I don’t like fancy. So I need to keep it simple. I had some poplar that I cut a few years ago, so it would be perfect. This will be a painted project. I hope you can follow along. .So for a basic design and layout. No she won’t be using these plates in this thing, but if it broke, this one...

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Part 7: Deadman Upgrade.

12-17-2012 11:22 PM by Don W | 21 comments »

When I built my bench I didn’t make a deadman. Then one day I needed one and threw this together. A quick and easy but it worked. Not well, and looked like crap so I knew it has to be improved. So what should I use So quit some time ago I got some 2” planks that had been stacked outside for a while. I cleaned them up a bit and stacked them in the attic. So I picked out 2 nice pieces of oak. Ran them through the planer, cut and shaped into a couple of de...

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Part 8: Extending the life of Harbor Frieght clamps

12-19-2012 09:35 PM by Don W | 14 comments »

How can you resist. You’re in Harbor Freight, and there is a bin of clamps for something like $1.99. Now this was several years ago, so don’t quote me on the price, but they were cheap. First thing you have to do is replace the pin that rotates the handle. Its not a big issue, just a bit of an annoyance. Then the tip winds up breaking off under pressure. I’ve got several in my clamp bucket like this. i So today I discovered one more way to extend the life...

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Part 9: Sanding blocks made from Stanley plane parts.

12-23-2012 05:18 PM by Don W | 28 comments »

I hate to throw anything away. I figured someday I’d think of something to do with the broken hand plane pieces. These are all from un-restorable bases. Most of the knobs and totes are from pieces bad enough I wouldn’t put them back on a plane. I’m glad I found a use for them. The largest one has an Ash inlay and I added a Ash tip to the broken rosewood tote. The front can be held similar to a wood bodied plane and seems very comfortable to use.- On the firs...

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Part 10: Finally, a leg vice.

04-09-2012 08:55 PM by Don W | 11 comments »

Finally, a package with my vintage vice screw (thanks Smitty) And maybe some of you remember some wood I got. It was 2” thick, about 9” wide and consisted of oak, birch and polar. I’m not sure what it was cut for, but it was headed for a fireplace. It has been outside for a while, so it has a rustic look. Well one of the pieces of oak seemed to have Leg Vice written all over it. So, grab the #6 and start to straighten it up. Make i...

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Part 11: A vintage Wheel drive for the leg vise

01-18-2013 08:29 PM by Don W | 37 comments »

Ever since I’ve seen the wheel drive like the bench craft I thought it would be pretty cool to have, as an upgrade to my leg vice. But I’m more of a vintage guy, so something that new and shinny wouldn’t fit the decor of my shop. Plus, at over $300, I find it hard to justify. So as I saw wheels in flea markets and antique shops I’d stop and look. Most were way more than I thought they were worth, and I even bought an old tractor steering wheel, but it just didnR...

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Part 12: ok, the bench is clean

06-08-2013 09:13 PM by Don W | 11 comments »

I’ve been on the road for work every week lately so shop time is limited. With weekends booked with family stuff, my bench was piling up with unfinished projects. So first thing this morning I finished up the 2 saws sitting in pieces. The start of the shop cleaning was actually initiated when I lost one of the saw nuts! No worries, it was found under a pile of clutter. Sharpened up the D8 and D12. This is a 26” and the 28” together. Gee, now I ha...

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Part 13: Tool Chest Redux

06-11-2013 01:08 AM by Don W | 18 comments »

Some time ago I picked up this tool chest with the idea of using it in my shop. I put some caster on it and put some tools in it. It never seemed to fit, and I continually had issues with it. One of my biggest complaint was the flat top. It was just to handy to set things on it. I could guarantee the minute I needed something out of it, there would be a freshly finished project, half a dozen hand planes or 200 pounds of crap on top of it, so it just kind of sat not being utilized. A...

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Part 14: Tool Chest Redux Part II

06-15-2013 11:44 PM by Don W | 15 comments »

So first a question for you guys. If you headed for your shop on a Saturday morning, knew you had the day, and one of the first thing you did was dropped your #604 to the concrete floor, would you consider it a bad day because you dropped the Bedrock, or a good day because the only permanent damage was a broken tip off the tote which was easily repaired? Yes that’s how may day started Many more picture on my blog After gluing up the top piece, I fastened it with the wrap from t...

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Part 15: Tool Chest Redux. Now that's better!

06-25-2013 01:55 AM by Don W | 14 comments »

So in the last post we left with a almost finished tote. That fits nicely in the front of the chest. And sits nicely on top when in use. The next thing I did was cut the saw till down so it will sit in the bottom, under the sliding shelves. So now what’s left is to figure out what tools go in it. If you look into the tote, one of the small existing shelves fit perfect for a divider. I also had a question on the bottom of the chest. I’...

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Part 16: Rough tenon jig

05-26-2011 06:02 PM by Don W | 6 comments »

I had a few request for this so here we go. I used this jig for the Really Rustic Chair and several other similar type projects. You want the hole to be a little bigger than the tenon size you want. You will need to make a template for each size. I had a couple more made but one got broke and the other lost in my shop move. This is the adjustable stop. It determines the lenght of the tenon. I usually make the tenons long and cut them after. I made the router base from aluminum becaus...

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Part 17: Self made Bench hold downs

11-21-2011 08:00 PM by Don W | 10 comments »

I’ve wanted a few of these ever since I finished my bench. I just always had a hard time justifying the cost. A short while ago I was working on my bench and really could have used these, so they moved up in my to-do list. They are made out of 5/8” hardened rods. These rods where part of concrete forms many many years ago. I cut the rod with a circular saw with a metal cut off wheel. (I have a horizontal metal bandsaw, but these rods take the teeth off the blades) T...

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Part 18: A pine benchtop

04-28-2012 08:50 PM by Don W | 17 comments »

My daughter’s boyfriend needed a benchtop to go into his mechanical shop to set on top of some cabinets. I had a couple rough sawn 2” x 18” pine plank. One was a bench in a shed and I was going to remove it anyhow, so I offered to make a top. First move was ripping them to width on the table saw. Then I didn’t want to run them over the jointer by myself. Even thought they are pine, they are still a bit heavy. So I grabbed the #8 and went to work. ...

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Part 19: Display case. The request is in.

07-23-2013 04:25 AM by Don W | 18 comments »

So my wife has been putting together some pieces for a display case for some of her old crocks. We’ve found the pieces, now the fun begins. So here is the display part. It doesn’t have a bottom, so the table top will be the bottom of the display. It will have one more shelf added. The idea is to make a bench or table that it sits on. Here are the future legs. Here is what I have to work with. The Idea is something like this. I’ll remove the door knob...

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Part 20: The Oak Table Restoration. Let's see where it goes.

09-19-2013 12:53 AM by Don W | 23 comments »

This table was my wife’s parents. They got it when a friend was going to throw it out around 50 years ago (maybe more than 50). Her mother told my wife she could have it before she passed away several years ago. We figure its been in her parents basement (which flooded quit frequently) for 30 years. She figured it was finally time to bring it home and fix’er up. Shortly after it went in the basement her mother started stripping and sanding the top. Since then, its been the stor...

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Part 21: Butcher Block restoration.

10-19-2013 12:59 PM by Don W | 20 comments »

Yesterday, on the way home from running some errands my wife and I stopped at a new local antique mall. The official opening hasn’t happened yet, but there was an open sign, so we pulled in. In a “fix it up yourself” section we found this butcher block top at an extremely reasonable price. The top itself is in really good shape. It’s got just enough cracks to give it a nice patina, without effecting the integrity and it’s a bit over 14” thick. The bi...

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Part 22: Walker Turner Lathe Restore. Fighting to the bitter end.

10-22-2013 01:56 AM by Don W | 52 comments »

You may remember the lathe I went and picked up. It was a great idea at the time and I’m sure in the end, it’ll all work out. But talk about a rocky road. Doesn’t this stuff realize I don’t need another reason to drink? When I got the information, I was headed to pick up a working unit. So the unit looked like this. . Why would any paint such a nice unit this color?. . Then I find out there is no motor. No Motor on a working unit? Ugghh . So after ...

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Part 23: Lets compare and review a Wally331 and LN back saw

12-28-2013 10:34 PM by Don W | 13 comments »

Through wheeling and dealing and some horse trading, I wound up with a couple of nice back saws. As promised, a review and comparison. The first is a Lie-Nielsen 10 tpi rip (top)The second is this one. its 11 ppi crosscut (bottom) Now I know its really not a fair comparison, they are two different saws, so think of it as more of a double review. First, if you don’t know Wally331, you should read his profile. Now on to the saws. Both are very nice, but its easy to tell...

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Part 24: Making room in the Shop

01-02-2014 02:11 PM by Don W | 24 comments »

Shop was getting cluttered with planes and keeping them all rust free was taking to much time. Time to move them.

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Part 25: A trip to the Hancock Shaker Village

08-11-2014 12:28 PM by Don W | 14 comments »

Many more pictures, . All water powered

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Part 26: kitchen rehab

09-08-2014 12:35 AM by Don W | 22 comments »

Shop time and rust hinting will be put on hold for a while!. I started the kitchen remodel yesterday. The idea, a larger kitchen from wasted space. Day one was removing the T&G pine on the wall on the right , moving the wiring, and repaneling with shiplap Ash. The ash was sawn on my mill. its been air dried about 2 years and I planed and shiplaped it. It all came from wind damaged trees behind my house. Day 2 was removing the wall. Moving the stove wiring, redirecting ...

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Part 27: bladesmithing, yes I found another rabbit hole

08-21-2019 09:06 PM by Don W | 14 comments »

i started a series on my journey into bladesmihing here on timetesedtools if ou’d like o follow along. it’s been a learning experience and lot of fun for sure. i didn’t even know what a kiridashi was before, now i’ve made several. made from 1080 steel this hunter was a xmas gift and these two were great projects here are a few more here the 2 x 72 in grinder was a great addition for far more than just knife making. my heat treating tec...

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Part 28: My First 100 Knives (Wood Handles you know!)

02-29-2020 05:00 PM by Don W | 12 comments »

It’s been a while since i posted a blog here. Most of my entry go to my own web site but i still enjoy this site a lot.. About a year or so ago I decided to make a couple knives as gifts. Well that started me down a rabbit hole i didn’t expect. So soon after I decided to take knife making a little more seriously, I decided to track my progress and document what I learned along with my mistakes. I thought if there were mistakes to make and I made then others would likely make the s...

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Part 29: Building the wood bow

01-27-2021 10:13 PM by Don W | 6 comments »

So here is a little project I’m working on. I posted a few teasers elsewhere and was asked for more detail. I’m making s few bows and some arrows to go with them. (more on arrow making here, and here is another that may interest those who want to make dowels instead of arrows, or maybe both) Some of the bows I’ve been finishing up I started back in the 80’s or 90’s but most of these I’m posting I’ve started from scratch. First I bought some ...

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