150 [Cutting] Boards by the end of September.

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Blog series by degoose updated 10-04-2009 12:14 PM 19 parts 60679 reads 368 comments total

Part 1: Day 1

08-01-2009 10:58 PM by degoose | 25 comments »

Gidday from the land down under [where men thunder]. I have been reading lately about the 30 in 30 and have decided to up the ante.As most of you know I love making boards so I plan to make at least 150 by the end of September or early October. The main reason for this challenge to myself is that I have been invited to the Melbourne Working With Wood Show in October and I don’t want to turn up with just a handfull of boards. Most of you know that I also have a regular job so this ...

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Part 2: Day 2

08-02-2009 11:02 PM by degoose | 28 comments »

Well day two has been and gone,,Nearly all of the first 14 are glued up and have dressed and cut the pieces for the next 4. well almost.. A small hiccup occurred as I was ripping the last board of silver ash,,, tip of left thumb touched the spinning 12” saw blade in the table saw,, lost a little off the tip and some of the thumbnail bed, I shouuld have taken the advice given by a number of jocks in their comments… take care and work safely.LOML drove me to the Emergency Departm...

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Part 3: Day 3

08-04-2009 12:01 AM by degoose | 43 comments »

Well another day… not much done… still recuperating…cleaned up the small spot of blood on the saw.. lol I did however do some things that were slightly constructive..My good friend Col came over with some of his creations..boxes and boards [cutting type] that needed to be passed through my 16/32 drum sander, sure makes light work of flattening and smoothing a cutting board .. especially endgrain.. and safer too.,Another friend and LJer Ken rang looking for a small amount ...

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Part 4: Day 4

08-04-2009 10:09 AM by degoose | 18 comments »

Looked in at the workshop..posted the blog..redressed my thumbwent to town… picked up my certificate of registration of a business name.. “Lazy Larry Woodworks.”. has a nice ring don’t you think? Shouted myself a big breakfast at a cafe in town… opened a business account at the bank.. Went to see a friend about a referral to someone to do my web development and hosting and also for a referral to an accountant/tax agent….. Had an initial i...

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Part 5: Day 5

08-05-2009 11:10 AM by degoose | 18 comments »

Hi de ho there neighbor. I got up this morning.. put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and my favouring Japanese safety boots and got back into the saddle.. they say If you fall off a horse get back on,, ok I have been very busy trying to make up for the small hiccup… ;pChecked my emails.,., thanks to all the concern guys and gals..Made a few calls to let a few people know about the new PHONE! Here is a few pics of the next lot of boards ,,,,,, same deal they are not fully fin...

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Part 6: Day 6

08-06-2009 11:53 AM by degoose | 17 comments »

Me again. Day 6 already. More catching up..ordered the new business cards today. Here is a shot of the endgrain tumbling block design,, needs glue up!. Now for todays boards., . .More tomorrow.

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Part 7: Days 7 and 8

08-08-2009 11:17 PM by degoose | 11 comments »

I am combining the days as there was not a lot done.Friday morning had a client pick up a drunken chess board from the workshop and order 3 cheese boards for Christmas.Then drove 45 minutes up to the factory in Yandina to help deliver my first order of the Torque Work Cente.This was also a way to combine it with a LJ visit, David AKA Wyeth lives just down the road in Nambour so rather than boxing the machine up and sending it we thought we would fully assemble it and throw it on the back of t...

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Part 8: Day 9

08-09-2009 08:46 AM by degoose | 15 comments »

Just a quick one.,., only spent a little time in the workshop today being SundayMore of a peak at what I tried to get done today.Two endgrain boards glued and clamped.. one sanded..Got a few ideas floated.. mainly using Patrons Jig.Played around with the shapes cut on the jig.,. by flipping the piece after each cut I changed the shape a little and found that putting side by side I ended up with a ring,, Some other curves that will be made into serving trays or bread boards..Tassie Blackwo...

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Part 9: Day10

08-10-2009 11:03 PM by degoose | 7 comments »

I know I know.. I am late posting.. well you will be disappointed …nothing here.. I spent the whole day in R and D… Research and Development. Karson mentioned some of the designs I was coming up with, while fine were not totally usable for the purpose. Cutting Boards was the challenge… so I am changing the count..23 so far…other designs will be extra for Melbourne! BUT wait there’s more… I have been doing some really hard slogging in the deve...

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Part 10: Day 11

08-11-2009 11:23 AM by degoose | 19 comments »

Short and sweet.Here are the boards de jour.. . . . . .Under my rules… 8 more.. running total 31 plus 2 more sundries.CheersLarry

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Part 11: Day 12

08-12-2009 01:28 PM by degoose | 14 comments »

HELLO there, morning coffee drinkers.. here is the news from downunder.Today I took delivery of another 2 pallets of the European Wild Cherry.. had to find space to unload it all.Managed to unload one pallet before the rain came in… covered the other pallet with a tarpaulin., that took some time from my day. Then the sun came out.. figures hey. As you may or may not have read ….. I posted a tutorial on how to make a tumbling block board in endgrain. That took a little of my da...

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Part 12: Day 15

08-15-2009 11:35 AM by degoose | 16 comments »

Hi guys Slap my wrist and call me LAZYI have not posted for a few days.I finally got my website up and almost running. Hope you all will come and visit? It takes a lot of time to write a website…. just ask Martin. The challenge is coming along nicely.. Nearly 40 boards to date.. No pics yet. Kinda bin bizy. LOL Please excuse me Miss my dog ate my homework. From now on I think I may only have time to post every few days. Larry

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Part 13: Day 19

08-19-2009 10:57 AM by degoose | 15 comments »

Kinda missed some days there.Well the web site is up and I have had a lot of LJers visit.. thanks guys.The sign for the Torque Work Centre is coming along nicely.I have actually got some pics for you but first I would like to thank LJer Rowdy for posting the boards that I have copied... and put my own twist on of course..Here be the boards de last few jour.. loland here is a sneak peak of some of the unfinished boards for the next entry.

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Part 14: Day ??

09-18-2009 01:54 PM by degoose | 25 comments »

Lost track of the days and now only a few weeks before I have to pack and ship… does not look good, Every time I make a new design I sell some of them and with every thing else going on,, oh well still two weeks.,KEY =NGR new guinea rosewoodTB tasmanian blackwoodPH purple heartSA silver ashEWC european wild cherryFW french walnutThis weeks designs seem to be a winner as far as Xmas orders go,NGR with SA and TB/SA borderSame but biggerThis one is not really part of the 150 but I put it ...

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Part 15: Still don't know the day..

09-20-2009 10:41 AM by degoose | 18 comments »

This post is about the 20 butter boards I have orders for.\Finished work at 2.30 pm this afternoon and it is now 6.30 in the evening.With the 5 in glue up yesterday and now is 23 ready… well ready for glue up… had a lot of fun cutting and ripping the Camphor and Rosewood.These pics are of all the bits ready for glue up…this will be a two stage glue up.. first the main board minus the handle blank… Cut the curve after glue up and the separate to allow glue...

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Part 16: Off Track ...Day # 50 I think.

09-22-2009 01:39 AM by degoose | 18 comments »

Kind of got off track with the boards and have been messing around with some boxes …. someone asked if I was taking any bandsaw boxes to Melbourne and I though OK.Here are a few pics of the progress so far.. I think 7 so far.llllllllThis is a new design I am working on for the new line of “Bagette Boards” llllllOnly in dry fit stage at this moment.. hope to glue it up tonight after work.ll

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Part 17: Day 54..... I think?

09-26-2009 07:42 AM by degoose | 18 comments »

Well, still aiming for the 150 but only got the 20 odd butter boards glued up…lllland another 12 boards cut glued shaped and ready for final sand and oil..llllllllAnd the sign and the coffee table and….There is always tonight and tomorrow.

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Part 18: Day55 and still a few to go...!!

09-27-2009 01:30 PM by degoose | 14 comments »

Just a few more pics of this weeks contribution to the great dust storm...A squadron of butter boards..Torque workcentre sign … on the Torque workcentre..Don’t you just love the French walnut.My pride and joy.. LLW sign.

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Part 19: The day is done.

10-04-2009 12:14 PM by degoose | 29 comments »

I did not reach my goal of 150 boards by the end of September.. // Final tally was 95 Cutting boards… 25 butter boards…17 trevits… 7 half finished Bandsaw boxes. 3 Lazy Larrys….1 coffee table… 2 signs… half an entertainment unit..and a parrot in a hessian bag.. // And every one different.. well almost…

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