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Blog series by degoose updated 07-31-2014 08:01 PM 22 parts 74870 reads 379 comments total

Part 1: New Guinea Rosewood.

07-14-2009 10:13 AM by degoose | 23 comments »

Seems you all post when you find a good bit of stick.I bought a stack of New Guinea Rosewood, and when I dressed a bit of it this is what I found.

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Part 2: Do another, do another.

07-22-2009 10:16 AM by degoose | 13 comments »

This afternoon went up to the workshop and dressed the rest of the short boards of NGR .. 44 to be exact all 5’ long. Only took a few minutes. LOLHere be the pictures of the boards as they were dressed and stickered as requested by Bob and Blkcherry. Still have around 40 odd longer lengths [ 8’] to dress for the entertainment unit and the two stationary cupboards.. also two book cases.

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Part 3: This one is for you Karson

07-23-2009 05:01 AM by degoose | 17 comments »

Karson my good friend.You asked me if here in the land downunder we had any branches.Let me tell a little story.. Once upon a time a few years ago a fellow I know came upon an accident.. a semi trailer [18 wheeler in your parlance] had run off the road and hit a tree.. the tree was a Moreton Bay Fig….[ficus macrophylla]The truck was a write-off but the only damage sustained by the tree was that one of the branches had broken off.My friend,,,being a resourceful bloke…turned up wi...

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Part 4: Filling up the wood storage.

07-24-2009 11:45 AM by degoose | 37 comments »

I finally got the other rack [I bought 2 and put one inside.] into the wood storage area… Went down to my mate Pat’s Demolition yard and picked up 3 of the 5 pallets of European Wild Cherry that I had stored there. [These boards are of various length and width and thickness… mainly 2’ long. 1 to 2’’ thick and up to 4’’ wide.] The other 2 are coming tomorrow.Even though we had them wrapped they were stored outside and they are slightly damp.. oh...

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Part 5: This time Camphor Laurel !

09-23-2009 04:17 AM by degoose | 20 comments »

Hi guys … It sure pays to tell everyone you know what you are doing..Yesterday a mate told me he was dumping a trailer load of Camphor Laurel… I was too busy to go all the way up the mountain to collect the tree he had cut down.. lucked out… he brought the trailer down the mountain to me.. or at least near enough for me and good friend Col to go and collect it.. a few minutes around the corner….llllllllllThe Smallest log is only 18 ” long and the longest is near...

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Part 7: Not again so soon..!!

10-08-2009 11:01 AM by degoose | 20 comments »

Sorry to have to do this but this morning I got a call from Aaron at Torque Work Centres.. He had a new client buying a Torque Work Centre and he saw the boards that I took up on Tuesday to be boxed and shipped to Melbourne for the Working with Wood Show next week… He had a few bits of timber on board and wanted to do a deal for a few of my cutting boards.. he was super impressed and wanted to do a swap… Aaron rang to see if I was home… a few hours later Keith turned up̷...

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Part 8: A little more of the Western Queensland Timbers.

10-24-2009 07:02 AM by degoose | 20 comments »

Keith tuned up yesterday with some more timber…From the left standing up.. Malee….false Sandalwood….Hairy Oak…..Dead Finish…Beef wood…..Emu Apple..MalleeFalse SandalwoodHairy OakClose up of the Hairy Oak.. looks like a YAKSmall leaf Beefwood… not to be confused with large leaf Beefwood… LOLEmu Apple woodDead FinishA banana finger of Queensland Red Cedar. Scheduled to be a sign.This is for Lisa… Squigggly Pine… I think… Athol Pi...

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Part 9: Leopard Wood this time..

11-06-2009 03:40 AM by degoose | 22 comments »

A mate was cutting down a Leopard tree [Caesalpinia ferrea] and asked if I wanted the wood… I had to think about this for a while because I am running out of room lol..Leopard trees have mottled shiny bark that someone thought looked like a leopard’s skin. This a graceful tree that lines many suburban streets and parks. They are perfect as a screen against the hot western sun, the light filtering though the leaves, highlighting their delicate shading.......And for those who wo...

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Part 10: Late arrival of MY present....

12-26-2009 10:25 AM by degoose | 23 comments »

This afternoon I received a call from Ken … LJ kenscraft…. letting me know he had been running late on Xmas Eve …. so he was now delivering my belated Xmas Gift…almost 150 Board Feet of Camphor Laurel … All the boards are DAR… full one inch thick dressed… from 8 inches to 14 inches wide…. from 2 and 1/2 feet to nearly 5 feet long… 38 of them… and 32 precut cutting boards…. Spent a few minutes this afternoon making a couple of...

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Part 11: Another Visit by Keith..

01-19-2010 12:06 AM by degoose | 8 comments »

Had another visit by my mate keith yesterday and he brought me some more timber…Some more conkleberrry in the barrow… and two long boards of Hairy Oak..There are 3 roots of Olive wood and one branch… as well as some Emu Apple and Mulga.In this shot there is some Crows Ash at the end on the right…This is a close up of the Olive tree root that has been quickly wire brushed… will end up a the base for a coffee table…

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Part 12: Slabs and Burls.

05-22-2010 11:45 PM by degoose | 9 comments »

Slab 'n' Burl Hardwoods.have come all the way across the country from the centre of south western Western Australia to be part of the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show this week end….. bringing with them some of the most fantastic Slabs and Burls I have ever seen…Clint and Nikki Decke specialize in local timbers from around the family farm… All of their timbers and burls have been sourced locally from surrounding private properties and forests manages by The Depa...

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Part 13: What a load of Camphor...

09-10-2010 02:05 AM by degoose | 12 comments »

Good Mate Ken …from Kenscraft Wedding Wishing Wells… dropped by with a load of Camphor Laurel… he gets it from Byron Bay on the mid coast of NSW…I figure it to be about a cubic metre or just under… 75 percent of the boards are dressed to 25 mm [1 inch] and the other rough sawn at about 32 mm

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Part 14: What to do with a slab of White Cedar?

11-04-2010 07:45 AM by degoose | 13 comments »

My good mate and fellow woodworker, Col, lobbed over yesterday with a small slab of White Cedar… He wanted me to break it down and dress it up…2/3 for him and I keep 1/3… good deal… The slab was just over 2 metres [6 feet] long and 50 mm [2 inches] thick and just wide enough to fit in my thickenesser.. ie 380 mm [or 15 inches] wide.. It was a good thing that the slab was both flat and straight… otherwise I would have had to take it over to the TWC to fla...

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Part 15: And now the offcuts...

11-04-2010 10:44 AM by degoose | 11 comments »

There were a few bits and pieces left over after I milled the one third of the slab of White Cedar that Col gave me for milling his two thirds.. That is after I bookmatched the resawn piece… I set up the Incra Mitre Express and using a Magswitch as a stop cross cut some 12 mm [1/2 inch] pieces of endgrain…these were 200 mm [8 in] by 50 mm [2 in] .... and then book matched them I did one glue up with 8 pieces… destined for a serving tray.. This pic is taken sho...

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Part 16: Offcuts... the sequel...

11-05-2010 11:05 PM by degoose | 13 comments »

I have recently posted the endgrain glue up and how I made the box…iHere it is with one coat of wipe on poly applied.. There has been movement in the workshop … I have attached the hinge.. used a slot cutter on the router table to mortise the rebate for the hinge… and added a bar and ball chain.. Add a little green felt to a piece of 3 mm ply wood and hey presto a really cool base for the box..And of course… it would not be complete without just one more tease...

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Part 17: Woods new to me...

02-04-2012 12:59 AM by degoose | 22 comments »

Yesterday I had a visit from a friend who brought me some timbers I have not used before. The following photos are of the different timbers that he brought…White mahogany -Eucalyptus acmenoidesJarrah -Eucalyptus marginataBlackButt -Eucalyptus patensKarri -Eucalyptus diversicolorWenge -Millettia laurentii I look forward to trying these new timbers…

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Part 18: Who painted the timber purple...

05-10-2012 06:33 AM by degoose | 16 comments »

Purple heart…I still get people wanting to know how I get timber this colour….do I paint it..or is it a stain? Those of you who have used purple heart know that it is naturally purple…but when you dress or sand it… it goes brown… If as most of you know you leave it in the sun or UV light in the workshop… hey presto… back to purple… This piece was partially covered to prevent the whole board from turning Purple. Here are a few sho...

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Part 19: Timber for commissions.

05-11-2012 09:53 PM by degoose | 14 comments »

I have three commissions on the books… this week I went down and picked up the rough sawn boards of New Guinea Rosewood that I needed to make … a large bookcase, a smaller bookcase for DVD and CD… and a tallboy [chest of drawers]. I purchased 60 lengths 2.1 metres long…[7 ft] which when dressed down, will measure 125 by 25 mm [1 by 5 inch..] For all the box/toy makers out there… I will have small peices that could be useful to you… so gi...

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Part 20: Spalted Walnut

05-13-2012 08:53 PM by degoose | 22 comments »

I have never heard of, let alone seen spalted walnut.. That is until some boards stored incorrectly got wet and started to grow fungus… The boards in this photo do not have spalting. Or very little…then there are these.. This last pic is of a thicker board that was resawn on the bandsaw and bookmatched.. NB this is European Walnut..

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Part 21: Pen blanks and curly maple.

11-14-2012 09:41 PM by degoose | 17 comments »

MORE wood you say… but of course… can’t have too much wood… After turning my first pen, I became interested in pen blanks… went to see Trevor… he had told me that they were cutting some New Guinea Rosewood BURL… Also picked up some Huon Pine, Rose She-Oak, Dorrel [native Olive], Camphor, Tiger Myrtle and some Gutta Percha.. Went down to one of my favourite wholesale timber merchants… I had heard that there was a new guy there…...

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Part 22: Some Tasmanian Blackwood...

07-31-2014 08:01 PM by degoose | 8 comments »

Roughly 200 board feet of Tasmanian Blackwood… got it this week from Trevor… he was having a bit of a clear out… so I got it for a very good price…There was also some African Mahogany, Melaluca, celery top pine and myrtle…Will post more pics when I unload … and dress a few boards to see how the grain and colour is…

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