Circle cutting

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Blog series by degoose updated 04-06-2011 10:11 AM 11 parts 31457 reads 90 comments total

Part 1: Lazy Susan..the making of?

03-22-2009 12:51 PM by degoose | 3 comments »

This will definitely be a work in progress and will take a while so bear with me. This is all very alien to me. In this blog? I will endeavour to show some jigs I have built to cut and sand perfect circles. Tool of Choice Is the Bandsaw. While circles can be cut with a router and trammel I find the bandsaw is far quicker. the Jig Is basically an extention table with a sliding dovetail dohicky for adjusting the different radii for larger or smaller circles. I will be making some La...

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Part 2: About to start

03-26-2009 07:31 AM by degoose | 3 comments »

This weekend I have 5 days off from work so will be starting the Lazy Larry. The timber I have chosen for this is Queensland Maple. I am Dressing a couple of 1×8 s this afternoon and will biscuit join them although this is not really necessary for structural integrity. [ Long grain to long grain] but as an aid to aligning the boards thereby reducing the amount of time required for sanding. I am thinking that size does matter so will be making this one about 27 inches diameter. I am incl...

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Part 3: Jig Pics

03-26-2009 08:48 AM by degoose | 5 comments »

Here are a few of the pics of the JIG I promised. sorry bout the size, camera settings are skewwiff Notice the Dovetail Slide, all cut from one piece. at the end closest to the bandsaw is a 5/16 bolt to use as a pivot and another bolt in a T-nut to secure the slide when you have adjusted the blank to the blade.You drill a matching hole in the centre of your square blank. mount it on the bolt and spin through the bandsaw blade,. sorry if this is a bit sloppy. and I hope you ca...

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Part 4: Using the jigs

03-31-2009 11:16 AM by degoose | 13 comments »

Hello boys and girls welcome! Straight to it. The jig and how to use it. After drilling the partial hole place hole on bolt and adjust the sliding dovetail dohicky until the blank touches the Blade and lock it off. Turn on dust collection and the bandsaw and spin the blank through the bladeNotice the purpleheart has oxidised back to violet. and then on to the disc sander jig to remove the bandsaw marks { same principal as the BS jig] How good does the final Lazy La...

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Part 5: Laminating the blank

03-28-2009 07:07 AM by degoose | 7 comments »

THIS IS OUT OF ORDER SORRYShould have been part 4 not 5 Got the Maple dressed yesterday and started the lamination process.I decided a thin accent of purpleheart was the go.. I love the purpleheart .. very few people in Oz using the purpleheart…so used the Incra fence to slice 1/16 inch strips to slip inbetween the maple [ I think the ever so small stripe will highlight the shimmer of the maple.]So first I glued the PH to the Maple with Titebond II and used bluetape to secure while i...

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Part 6: Attaching the bearing and base!

04-26-2009 11:35 AM by degoose | 4 comments »

Drill an access hole in the base Line up the centre of the base using a spacerPlace the bearing over the spacerScrew the bearing to the basemore next week

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Part 7: Finished

05-08-2009 01:57 PM by degoose | 2 comments »

Finally finished it.. Lots of other things happening in my world at the moment. So will post the last step.After attaching the bearing to the base insert a bolt 3/8” in to the centre hole of the base and locate it in the top underneath,.,using the access hole line up and drive screws though the holes to attach the base to the top/.Just a matter of finishing the top…tung Oil finish for me.,This concludes this blog.. thank you all for reading it… If you have any requests f...

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Part 8: Fitting the Lazy Larry Bearing

03-13-2010 07:26 AM by degoose | 12 comments »

I know I have posted this before but it is now on video and for those of you who are not subscribed to my bloghere it is…..

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Part 9: New cutting and sanding jigs ...

04-05-2011 11:32 AM by degoose | 17 comments »

With the big clean up and purchase of new equipment, I decided that the old ratty jigs had to go… and I have now built both a cutting jig and a sanding jig… Started with some Melamine… and then cut a dado in some Camphor for the sides… this will also help support the material… The lower part of the sides wraps around the table on the Bandsaw… and on the Disc Sander… using t-nuts and star knobs I attached cleats under the table to hold it in pla...

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Part 10: Arc cutting like Patron does.

04-06-2011 07:17 AM by degoose | 5 comments »

Due to the fact that some of my boards have curves ends … I need to make another jig… this one for cutting arcs… to start with I need to decide how the arc would look… so a test jig was made… Hole were drilled at various places so the jig can pivot on the bolt in the centre part of the circle cutting jig….. a fence attached and then the distance from the pin to the blade was adjusted to see how the different curves would look.. After several test cuts...

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Part 11: How it works...

04-06-2011 10:11 AM by degoose | 19 comments »

I think that a short video explains things better than a lot of words… so I made this on my i-Phone. I apologise ahead of time for taking this one handed… but as you can see the jig can be operated safely with one hand on a camera..although it is certainly easier with two hands and no camera…. While I was cutting one arc… well I made a few more boards… As you can see a teaser for the next project idea… One for the beer drinkers and one for the r...

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