Five years later, Workshop Remodel. Going from pretty to functional

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Blog series by Craftsman on the lake updated 06-12-2014 01:21 PM 13 parts 24590 reads 78 comments total

Part 1: Demolition

01-15-2014 09:41 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 9 comments »

At least five years ago I cleaned out an old garrison garage at the family home, took out a center wall and made a 25×25 ft shop. It looked great. Really nice. Everything in it’s place, drafting table, bulletin board, Dry erase marker board. All my power tools on one side where the dust collector was and an assembly area on the other side. I made a ‘new fangled bench’ which to this day is a nice bench. The original shop form back then can be seen at my workshop page..Th...

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Part 2: Wheels for everything

01-25-2014 08:28 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 2 comments »

Well, I haven’t gotten much done on the shop remodel since i first posted. I can heat the shop but the temperature has been so very cold that hunkering down with netflix is what ends up happening lately. I did do some sheetrock taping after I got the bench out and I do have plywood and mdf waiting on saw horses to be cut up for the new assembly table and table saw base. But, I did get my order of swivel 3” wheels with brakes from harbor freight. After looking at Dusty's review ...

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Part 3: Table saw base

01-29-2014 07:49 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 7 comments »

In my quest to redo the shop better after 5 years of beating it up. Heated the shop for a short while today. I took my old delta/rockwell 10” table saw off the metal legs and put it on this base I made today. The locking wheels on the other base made the saw too high. I brought this one low, the same height as a bench would be for me, 34”. The outfeed/assembly table I’ll make next will be the same height. So will the new movable miter saw table. Everkthing is made of 3/4&...

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Part 4: New assembly bench underway

02-01-2014 09:22 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 3 comments »

The past couple of days I’ve been putting together a new assembly bench. My new fangled work bench, although a great bench, is going to my ‘soon to be’ son in law. It’s a super bench for those who use a lot of hand tools. I don’t that much but do a lot of assembly. This bench will fulfill that purpose. It will be 50×52” when finished. It’s the exact height minus 1/8” of my table saw so it will also be an outfeed table. When I make the new m...

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Part 5: The whole shop on wheels, assembly table, and remodeling messiness.

02-08-2014 11:22 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 1 comment »

The place is a pulled apart mess but this is a progress blog on a 5 year rebuild of my shop so I guess I’ll post. The past couple of days I managed to get everything (except the drill press) on wheels. In a previous blog I showed the 28 locking wheels i purchased from HF. Well, they’re all mounted. The goal of this is to be able to keep things against the wall and pull each unit out to use it. I’m not one to make pristine furniture for power tools. Sturdy and functional is m...

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Part 6: Cleaning (secret weapon)

03-04-2014 12:18 AM by Craftsman on the lake | 10 comments »

I’ve finally gotten the major stuff done, benches demolished, new ones made, dust collection upgrade, tools moved around, and a generally putting away out of dust site. It seems like the shop has doubled in sized after all the renovations. But….. One thing left to do. A thorough ‘dust’ cleaning. If it’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 6 years is that dust collects equally on horizontal as vertical surfaces. And anything that is out.. any tool will col...

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Part 7: Water dust filter interest

03-04-2014 07:16 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 16 comments »

In my last post I mentioned the building of a fine dust filter using water. I’ve had a number of people send me private messages inquiring about it. So, I’ve decided to prematurely talk about it before it’s done or even know if it works so that people can have their questions answered. And maybe some other heads involved might provide some insight into what I might expect. This may not work at all. Below is a picture of what I’ve done so far. Some of the drawn in pa...

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Part 8: A better miter saw table? Maybe

03-16-2014 07:02 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 4 comments »

An moving on. I’ve got a lot done in the shop, outfeed table, dust collection plumbing, Table saw stand, cleaning, new router table fence, new jointer blade installation, to name a few. Here is a video of my attempt at yet another miter saw stand. This will make number four. The first two were on long permanent locations. The third was a temporary mobile one for the house while I was doing the house renovations. This one is a mobile one that incorporates ideas after using this saw fo...

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Part 9: The Assembly/Outfeed Table

04-23-2014 01:53 AM by Craftsman on the lake | 7 comments »

I’ve been using the assembly table in the shop for a little while now. I made the murphy bed and a couple other items and it came in handy. I like it.Please realize that my idea of an outfeed table as a combo assembly/outfeed table is a preference of mine and not necessarily of others. I downgraded from a woodworking bench with vices and such to this after I found that I needed outfeed and assembly capabilities more than a workbench. I use a combination of hand and power tools. I use po...

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Part 10: Update on dust collection via water filtration

04-23-2014 02:05 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 8 comments »

I’ve got the dust filter up and running. My method is a bit unorthodox but so far it seems to work. I previously wrote about how I was planning on building it and the theory behind it. Now it’s up and running in an experimental mode. if it seems to work out I would better finalize the filter to make it easier to empty and recharge with water when needed. Photo from a previous blog describing function: A video of it up and running with mods is below.. A little backstory. I h...

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Part 11: Connecting, hanging, and shrinkng dust collection pvc

04-23-2014 11:24 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 3 comments »

My method for making pipe hangers, connecting dust collection pipe for air tightness without tape, and shrinking pvc to hug blast gate flanges for small shop owners This is only my method of doing this. There are many good ways and your mileage may vary. I just thought I’d share it in case someone can used it. Thanks for watching. If the video doesn’t show below then you can see it here

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Part 12: Miter saw dust collection update

04-23-2014 11:54 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 1 comment »

After using the dust collection on my miter saw I feel I’ve finally found a method that will work to collect almost all the dust. The video below is of a working miter saw station. It’s portable and although not finished completely, everything on it us up and working. It also tells of a few other ideas of mine that are or are not needed in a miter saw station. Your mileage may vary. Backstory: I’ve had two stationary miter saw stations and one mobile. This is the second m...

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Part 13: What's with the 'leftovers' pile?

06-12-2014 01:21 PM by Craftsman on the lake | 7 comments »

So, I could include a picture but I don’t need to. This is an ongoing blog about redoing my shop after having made it 5+ years ago to be more functional and not as ‘pretty looking’. I have noticed one thing. The left overs pile seems to always be inevitable. Am I the only one who is plagued by this? When I first did the shop I had two or three rubber tubs of leftovers. Stuff that I should pick over, probably won’t throw out, but probably would find little use for. T...

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