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Blog series by Douglas updated 10-12-2016 03:14 AM 30 parts 44715 reads 53 comments total

Part 1: Windows and Doors by Hand

11-14-2013 10:48 PM by Douglas | 1 comment »

With so many places to post, I’ve decided to do my “main” blogging on my own site, So this LJ’s “blog” will be a place for me to crosspost HERE for those of you (ok, almost all of you) who aren’t going over THERE. Thanks. My latest is a post about getting into making windows and interior/entry doors…

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Part 2: Wardrobe, Part 1

11-19-2013 12:59 AM by Douglas | 3 comments »

I’m building a Stickley wardrobe, and am planning on doing solid wood panels instead of plywood panels. Thoughts on the build on my blog…

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Part 3: Wardrobe, Part 2

12-03-2013 06:41 PM by Douglas | 3 comments »

Finally had time to a) work on it, and b) post about it. Some build pictures and thoughts on process…

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Part 4: Detours - what do you do with your scraps of shop time?

12-06-2013 01:53 AM by Douglas | 1 comment »

What do you do with your scraps? Not scraps of wood, but scraps of shop time! Here’s some of mine that I blogged about recently…

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Part 5: I made a head

01-16-2014 10:41 PM by Douglas | 3 comments »

I fancied up my guitar amp head recently. And actually made something out of a wood that isn’t quarter sawn white oak. I went exotic… walnut. The full blog post and loads of build pics are here… Thanks

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Part 6: Been woodworking instead of blogging...

08-01-2014 10:16 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

... but now I’m catching up on a little blogging. Four posts in a week! I hope to get back to about one a week. Here’s links to my recent posts… I’m back, and some architectural details Simple door details Rebuilding a railing Cleaning up the ...

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Part 7: Craftsman Doorbell Cover 2 - this time for a customer

08-11-2014 05:01 PM by Douglas | 5 comments »

I was thrilled recently when I was contacted by someone I’d never met before, asking if I would build one of my previous projects from my website for them. A commission! I blogged about the build, and some things I learned when revisiting a previous project…

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Part 8: What a Waste

08-15-2014 12:49 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

Over on my blog, I’ve been catching up on some of the things I’ve been doing for the last several months. One is a set of wastepaper baskets, a few different designs, I made from cutoffs & scraps. I dip my toe into the “what to do with scraps” debate, and a few other things. Enjoy…

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Part 9: A tool cabinet, not a tool display case

08-19-2014 05:11 PM by Douglas | 3 comments »

After taking a whole day to clean rust spots off my nice tools, I got smart and finally closed the damn cabinet doors. I blogged about it here… Thanks

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Part 10: Not a Myth - Wood Moves

08-25-2014 04:08 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

A new blog post where I take a look at how this August’s humidity is affecting some of my past projects…

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Part 11: Wardrobe, Part 3

01-06-2015 05:11 PM by Douglas | 2 comments »

It’s been a long time in coming, but I’m catching up on my build posts. Here’s Wardrobe Part 3… —Douglas

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Part 12: Wardrobe, Part 4

01-08-2015 09:29 PM by Douglas | 5 comments »

It is now a build blogging flood – Wardrobe part 4 is up. This one comes up to case assembly, drawer dividers.

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Part 13: Wardrobe, Part 5 - complete

01-12-2015 06:25 PM by Douglas | 2 comments »

Hooray, the last of the five part Stickley wardrobe build has been posted. I’ll be doing a final “project” post here soon, with glamour shots, as soon as I set up for taking some nice pictures of the piece. Feel free to comment here, or at my blog, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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Part 14: Medicine Cabinet for a Bathroom

01-15-2015 10:35 PM by Douglas | 2 comments »

In catching up on my over one year woodworking project backlog, I just posted a one part build blog with images for a medicine cabinet I made for a half-bath makeover in our house. I’ll do a proper project post here shortly. I told you the dam had burst!

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Part 15: Walnut, elm, and cork coaster set

01-21-2015 07:05 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

While I have been catching up on this past years projects, here’s a blog post about a little one I just finished today…

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Part 16: Prairie Sofa & Loveseat, Part 1

01-29-2015 09:28 PM by Douglas | 1 comment »

I’ve just started a big furniture build, both a sofa and loveseat. The shop is going to get crowded. I’ve started a build series on it on my blog. This time, I get to start with the tree the lumber came from, sustainably, urban-ly harvested from the U of Chicago campus!

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Part 17: Calling all red oak haters

04-07-2015 11:50 PM by Douglas | 9 comments »

I just posted a little story about my recent visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, with pictures and some thoughts on the furniture and woodwork, and … RED OAK. As a woodworker, I find visiting museums and historic homes/buildings/places an invaluable source of learning and inspiration. What do you think?

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Part 18: Prairie Sofa and Love Seat, Part 2

04-19-2015 05:24 PM by Douglas | 2 comments »

I just posted the next installment of my prairie sofa and love seat build on my blog. A LOT of pictures, discussion of design changes, and the fun of discovering the lumber you thought was awesome sometimes isn’t.

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Part 19: Prairie Sofa and Love Seat, Part 3

09-22-2015 10:15 PM by Douglas | 3 comments »

I hope no one was holding their breath for the chilling conclusion of Part 2, because they surely would have run out of air. But better late than never, they are done, and well photographed by a friend. Read all about it over on my blog… Thanks for reading!

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Part 20: At Last, a Morris Chair, Part 1

06-21-2016 04:10 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

I just blogged (with lots of photos) about the Morris Chair I built this past spring. This part 1 goes through most of the build, and part 2 will be finishing, upholstery and stuff. For LJs, I’m also posting a project here too. (link fixed!) Here’s a few pictures…

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Part 21: At Last, a Morris Chair, Part 2 (final)

06-23-2016 04:25 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

I just posted up part 2 of the Morris chair build on my blog, going into finishing and upholstery. The exciting conclusion with lots of pictures. LJ’s Project page here. blog entry at Thanks for looking.

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Part 22: Favorite Plastic Shop Gadgets

06-28-2016 09:15 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

I did a little review of a few plastic gadgets I have and use in my shop. I cover the GluBot, the Preppin’ Weapon, and the Grr-ripper. These all fall under the category of “should have turned out to be junky plastic crap, but weren’t”. Let me know what you think…

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Part 23: Ebonizing Oak

07-01-2016 05:10 PM by Douglas | 2 comments »

I just posted a little thing on my blog about the process of ebonizing oak with a steel-wool-dissolved-in-vinegar solution. It’s simple to do, and I finally got around to trying it. Let me know what you think.

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Part 24: Mid Century Modern Chair Repair

07-06-2016 12:10 AM by Douglas | 0 comments »

I just posted on a chair repair project I did for my upholsterer. It wasn’t fine woodworking, but I did what I could. Let me know what you think.

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Part 25: Book Display Shelves

07-13-2016 06:54 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

I just posted on my blog about building a pair of cherry book display shelves for an artist’s show. While the build was pretty simple, there was a lot to consider in the design process which was a lot of fun. Lots of design and build photos there. Let me know what you think…

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Part 26: Drawing Table, part 1

07-17-2016 07:56 PM by Douglas | 2 comments »

I recently posted a cherry drawing table project here on LJs… ... and I appreciate the nice feedback I got, thank you! But if you like lots of words, and a lot more build photos, I’m starting to blog about the design and build process over on my site at… The first post is mostly the design decisions and inspiration, with build info and pictures coming on part 2. ...

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Part 27: Drawing Table, part 2

07-21-2016 02:38 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

This is the second and final part of the drawing table build blog post. I go into the build process, and have lots of build pictures. Take a look here… I posted this as a project here on LGs as well. Some build pictures…

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Part 28: Keep Your Eyes Open

09-21-2016 04:20 PM by Douglas | 2 comments »

I recently posted about a local house & garden walk I went on, touring some 1900-1920s era homes in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Some thoughts on doing the right thing thing with an older house.

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Part 29: Some Trim Carpentry for Fun

09-25-2016 06:07 PM by Douglas | 0 comments »

As a woodworker, do you either “woodworker” your way through home improvement projects, this making take four times longer, or do you try to “woodworker” help your contractor, probably much to their annoyance? Or, do you find a way to put in just the right amount of woodworker into these sorts of things. Here’a blog post about a recent porch/front steps re-do on my house that turned out really well…

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Part 30: What the Wax Does

10-12-2016 03:14 AM by Douglas | 2 comments »

I just posted a new blog post about why one would use paste wax, lear or colored, on a project. A few good A-B photos. Take a look and let me know what you think, and whether or not you like to use paste wax.

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