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Blog series by dbhost updated 09-10-2018 07:44 PM 25 parts 47181 reads 91 comments total

Part 1: Fixing a dust collection ducting mistake.

12-12-2016 04:10 AM by dbhost | 3 comments »

We all make mistakes, what moves us forward is knowing how to fix those mistakes… In this video I show how I made a design and implementation mistake in my dust collection ducting, and how I fixed it… View on YouTube

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Part 2: Wiring basics. How to use a crimp butt splice.

12-19-2016 06:08 AM by dbhost | 10 comments »

This applies to power tool wiring work as well. Any wiring connection that is going to be exposed to continued long term vibration. Splicing in a new switch? You need to know how to do this. Relocating that swtich? Same deal… This covers a basic skill that I am finding some people don’t have readily available… View on YouTube

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Part 3: Using a cheap Harbor Freight riveter for awesome dust collection ductwork joints.

12-20-2016 03:01 AM by dbhost | 7 comments »

If you, like me have been putting your dust collection system together with screws, STOP IT, those screws stick into the duct work and can snag stringy stuff and clog things up for you. Not a good thing. In this video I show you a great, serviceable alternative to screws. View on YouTube

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Part 4: Drill Master 68287 18v drill vs 3/4" auger bit and pine 2x4. Who will win?

12-22-2016 04:27 AM by dbhost | 0 comments »

Okay for this demo / test I put a full charge on the Drill Master 68287 18v 3/8” cordless drill, and threw my most common auger bit size at it, my 3/4” Irwin SpeedBor auger bit. (The one I use for boring 3/4” holes in tree stumps for using Stump Rot). Is this drill up to this fairly simple and common task? Watch for yourself and find out! View on YouTube

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Part 5: Merry Christmas from Dave's Workshop.

12-25-2016 05:56 AM by dbhost | 4 comments »

Merry Christmas 2016 from our workshop to yours! WARNING! If you are offended by religious themes and content, please skip this video! View on YouTube

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Part 6: Solving a Gorilla Glue problem, I hope... Making a glue bottle stand.

12-26-2016 10:53 PM by dbhost | 3 comments »

I have nevver had any luck with Gorilla glue, it always sets up rock hard in the bottle ater one or two uses. I have a glue up coming that needs something like Gorilla Glue. Lots of reading here, and on other furums say to store Grolla Glue upside down to keep it from setting up in the bottle. Something about the way the bottle seals with the glue against the cap or something like that. So I put together a quick and easy glue bottle stand for a small bottle of Gorilla Glue. No sense aft...

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Part 7: 2 new videos, some sad news, and back on the track... Lumber wagon work, and wall work...

02-06-2017 02:45 AM by dbhost | 5 comments »

No woodworking in the shop at this time. Just vehicle and drywall work. I have woodworking tasks in the queue though. One I REALLY don’t want to do, but it’s something I have to do… You probably noticed that I haven’t put out a video for about 6 weeks. To say the beginning of 2017 sucked is an understatement. A colleague of mine suddenly passed away, a friend’s dad lost his battle with cancer, and the one that hits us at home, our beloved 20 year old cat was d...

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Part 8: Finally got the shop clean, ran into a snag fixing the portable air conditioner.

02-26-2017 07:59 PM by dbhost | 4 comments »

Finally got the shop clean, working on fixing the A C. When I ran into a problem. How do I fix this? View on YouTube Sorry I am posting from mobile and I haven’t figured out how to get the embed code to work right from mobile.

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Part 9: The shop A.C. is fixed!

03-07-2017 01:36 AM by dbhost | 9 comments »

After a few false starts a bunch of obscenity and some finally clear thinking finally finally have the shop air conditioner working. Now I know what most of you were thinking it’s early March and this guy’s already talking air conditioning. Well I am in coastal Texas and spring is almost here. That means without air conditioning my shop will soon B intolerable heat wise. Anyway here’s the video I hope it all makes sense if you have any questions let me know. To refresh yo...

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Part 10: Shop heater. Fixing the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy heater that won't light.

03-12-2017 04:55 PM by dbhost | 6 comments »

After 12 years of use, and admittedly heavy abuse, our Portable Buddy heater just would’t fire up the pilot light. We really didn’t need it this year at all, I was simply going through and cleaning / maintaining all the white gas and propane appliances when this was discovered to be non functional. I have seen where lots of guys simply throw in the towel on these units when they won’t light, but they are such a simple fix, it is well worth a try. With a street price of $7...

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Part 11: Cord Custting Project, and basic skill builders.

04-03-2017 03:27 AM by dbhost | 2 comments »

Not a lot of woodowrking, but at least I am on top of the table saw and workbench… Gathering the stuff together for a full on structured wiring project and cord cutting. We are going to full streaming and over the air television. For what it’s worth, all I am lacking is the F type coaxial keystones that are on a slow boat from Monoprice. But at least I have whatt I need to get started… View on YouTube And for those that aren’t familiar with the how…. Here ...

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Part 12: What's what's on the workbench April 2017

04-04-2017 10:41 PM by dbhost | 1 comment » A quick look at my current short term projects on the bench.

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Part 13: Shop First Aid cabinet upgrade with custom graphics.

04-06-2017 05:07 PM by dbhost | 0 comments »

Okay the embed doesn’t work on mobile. Must be Adobe Flash based… I got the first aid kit graphics done and installed. Supplies are swapped over, I still need to parse out excess stuff and organize it better… But overall I like it

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Part 14: Structured wiring project. Wooden antenna mast clamps, components, and lessons learned.

05-02-2017 11:49 PM by dbhost | 10 comments »

In my latest blog entry about the structured wiring project, i discuss the wood antenna mast mounts, the compnents, and what I would have done differently if I were starting over.

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Part 15: Overview of the Ryobi JM82K biscuit joiner, and comparison to the JM82GK.

06-18-2017 05:11 PM by dbhost | 2 comments »

After a long time of non use, I have a project I am needing to use biscuits on, so out comes the old RYobi JM82K biscuit joiner. I had to re-learn the controls, and thought I would share my findings with you, not to mention compare and contrast my 2008 model to the current (Summer 2017) model on the shelf. Hopefully you enjoy the video and thanks for reading / watching! View on YouTube For those of you on ios, Android and other platforms that do not support flash video…. Here’...

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Part 16: Candle stand top biscuit jointed glue up

06-26-2017 02:00 AM by dbhost | 2 comments » First off sorry about not embedding but embed does not work well for mobile. I was finally able to take some time and do the sizing of the word pieces cut the biscuits and do the glow up for the candle stand top. I hope you enjoy my little video.

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Part 17: Hurricane Harvey in the shop.

08-29-2017 07:49 PM by dbhost | 2 comments »

First and foremost I want to say I am completely blessed to have taken this storm so well. No flooding thank you God! So many of my friends, neighbors and family didn’t off so lucky. Here is the perspective of Harvey from my shop after 4 straight days of hard rain. View on YouTube

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Part 18: Post Hurricane Harvey, working with pine bead board wainscotting.

09-19-2017 02:03 AM by dbhost | 4 comments »

I am working wiht pine bead board to create wainscotting for a remodel of our main bathroom. My wife and I want to salvage as much of the original walpaper as possible, but there’s just not enough to patch with, and too much damage from prior issues… We made it through the storm untouched more or less, but wiht so much loss, and hurt here in Houston, not to mention our family in Florida, with Irma, and Oregon with the wildfires, it’s been an interesting month and a half ...

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Part 19: Home repairs keeping me from woodworking!

11-01-2017 03:07 AM by dbhost | 0 comments »

So I need to clean my shop, but I can hardly do that when I am busy with work, and home repairs. The tub drain stopped up. Clear it out nice and quick with a snake right? Not so fast. The snake won’t fit. Spin off the stopper? Did’t want to budge! In this video I show you what I did to get the path cleared all the way, including the right tools and protection to prevent damaging the finish on any of the pieces. Thanks for watching! (Sorry the embed code thing relies on...

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Part 20: Prepping pine bead board wainscotting.

11-07-2017 04:35 PM by dbhost | 2 comments »

For my bathroom remodel, we are prepping pine bead board wainscotting to be painted bright white. I set up a makeshift production stop using pretty much any old scrap I could cobble together in the shop and went to town at it. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think! And again, sorry about using external links, but the embed code from Youtube doesn’t seem to work here, and the embed generator previously shown here that I have used in the past relies on Adobe Fla...

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Part 21: Installing the pine bead board wainscotting.

11-20-2017 04:34 PM by dbhost | 1 comment »

Measure once, cut twice, no that’s not right, measure twice cut twice? Hmmmm. Oh yeah, measure twice cut once! In today’s video I install the pine bead board wainscotting for my bathroom remodel. And I discover after matching it up, no less than 3 times on the bench, there is a HUGE variation between bench measurements, and applying to the wall. 3/16” to be exact…. And we solve a little problem with the lower edge trying to warp away from the wall. This was fixed...

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Part 22: A trip to Harbor Freight and new projects

03-26-2018 01:27 AM by dbhost | 5 comments » Well I had a project that called for tools that I don’t have and I won’t use very often which was a perfect excuse to go to Harbor Freight. I wanted to see at least in the rough terms how the Harbor Freight Tool compares to say the comprable Ryobi. I was actually somewhat stunned to see the specs on the Harbor Freight we’re better than the Ryobi And we go into our home office rebuild which is yet again been redesigned by she-who-must-be-obe...

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Part 23: Dive bomb cleanup!

03-27-2018 04:43 PM by dbhost | 2 comments »

Okay so long story short. I have a stack of projects, totes everywhere, and packaging from project materials in my shop making it, well… Uninhabitable! Time to dive bomb clean this shop… I started last night by starting back up with putting any tools that are not where they belong, well, back where they belong. I have material that belongs on the lumber rack just leaning against the table saw, I have a fallen apart / glue joints failed chest of drawers carcass sucking up a HUGE...

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Part 24: Filling a hole in a medicine cabinet and refinishing it.

06-10-2018 01:41 AM by dbhost | 5 comments »

I was trying to protect the wallpaper in the bathroom, so I opted to remove the medicine cabinets. One came out easy, the other had a screw the installer had stripped the head, and honestly, it just wasn’t coming out. I had to use a plug cutter to get the cabinet out of the wall…. So I went ahead and plugged it as the cabinet iwas to be painted…

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Part 25: A therapuetic project...

09-10-2018 07:44 PM by dbhost | 2 comments »

Among my hobbies, woodworking, and music are the 2 I use for stress relief when I can’t really get away camping, or hunting… And there’s been more than enough stress going on in 2018 for sure! As some of you know, I play the electric bass, as well as guitar. The last time I went through this much stress in my life, was when my ex and I split up, and just how messed up things with her really were came to light…. To have an outlet for all that stress, I played mus...

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