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Blog series by dbhost updated 09-04-2018 08:26 PM 16 parts 29076 reads 106 comments total

Part 1: A trip to Harbor Freight, vacuum pump, legalities, and shop cleanup.

07-08-2016 07:22 PM by dbhost | 4 comments »

Just posted a video about a trip to Harbor Freight, some HF shopping tips, legalities, AC Repair, and shop cleanup among other things… Just as an FYI, I mention my “GoPro”, I should have said SJ4000, I am too cheap to buy a real GoPro!

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Part 2: What, no woodworking? A tour of a disasterously messy shop.

07-11-2016 03:51 AM by dbhost | 8 comments »

In today’s video I answer the viewer question from my last video. What, no woodworking? My regular readers / viewers know why, but I illustrate in it’s full ugliness a very dirty shop that is simply too hot, and too dangerous to work in. Native Texans laugh at me for not handling the heat, to which I say Guilty! What can I say? Anyway I take you for a quick spin through my shop, and show you exactly why I haven’t exactly had woodworking projects to share Mind you...

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Part 3: Cleanup in a hot shop, recycling issues, various projects, and finding just the right wood.

07-14-2016 01:30 PM by dbhost | 1 comment » In todays video I go over the shop cleanup progress, that is painfully slow due to the heat, discuss the design thoughts on my sharpening station that is more or less in progress, some recycling issues, and finding the perfect piece of scrap wood.

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Part 4: Shop cleanup. Solo folding a giant drop cloth...

07-20-2016 02:19 AM by dbhost | 9 comments »

Some jobs just need more space.” If you can’t read the box in the video that I am moving between totes. That is an older Avon soft sided cooler with built in radio. My wife bought that years ago thinking we’d use it. I have never had it out of the box…

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Part 5: Dave builds and installs a Shop Vac shelf.

07-26-2016 02:15 AM by dbhost | 6 comments » A very basic simple solution to a pretty interesting problem.

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Part 6: Shop organization products. Wonder Winders.

08-06-2016 02:06 AM by dbhost | 6 comments »

In my latest video I talk about and demo my Green Leaf Wonder Winders that I got from Amazon. Great little organization gizmo to help keep the shop clean.

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Part 7: I lied. Full service gas stations, and Pokemon STD checks?

08-16-2016 01:51 PM by dbhost | 2 comments »

Okay guys this actually is fairly safe for work… And all but the absolutely stuffiest of pastors, priests, or rabbis wouldn’t fuss at this… In my video, well I didn’t get to do anything on my shelf. Honestly what woodworking time I have had lately, is for a project I can’t post online as it involves a relatives living situation repairs / modifications, and they do not want their home on camera, sorry… I ran across something that used to be a fixture i...

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Part 8: Space saving shop project redesign ideas.

09-24-2016 03:39 PM by dbhost | 1 comment » Sorry so long between videos, I have ben swamped with work and family obligations much of the summer…. In this video I discuss my rationale for abandoning a couple of projects mid stream.

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Part 9: Prepping the mount board for the structured wiring.

10-05-2016 06:40 PM by dbhost | 12 comments » You know I can’t have just a plain raw cut piece of wood as a structured wiring Mount board so with a little bit and I mean a very little bit of effort we prepped the board and are ready for paint.

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Part 10: Prepping the mount board for structured wiring #2.

10-10-2016 12:40 AM by dbhost | 0 comments »

In this video I show the installed mount board, and give you a more visual representation of what I am trying to accomplish with this move. I didn’t mention it in the video, butt the pencil writing to the right of the board is where the farthest edge of the hutch will extend to. Yes, admittedly it is very minimal woodworking involved, and contrary to the way the video looks, not everything is warped. It would appear that there is a lens distortion in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I need...

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Part 11: Prepping the mount board for the structured wiring. Part 3. Drywall.

10-11-2016 05:16 PM by dbhost | 3 comments » In today’s video I show you how to care for you measure and cut a wall penetration for a 3 gang low voltage pass-through for all of these structured wiring including the ethernet cables telephone and TV coaxial cables. We end up with a good tight fit dead center where we want it and completely level it couldn’t have gone better.

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Part 12: Structured wiring mount board removed!? Drywall work, and details.

10-19-2016 03:10 PM by dbhost | 18 comments »

No video this time, but just a progress report. The screws for the rack were backed off so the rack could be removed, then the mount board was taken off last night. Time to get it back into the shop tonight so I can lay down the final coat of paint on it and let it cure. I sized up a patch for the original sheet rock hole last night, took a bit of trimming and shaving, but it’s done. Next steps are to remove the furnishings / fixtures in the room, patch the drywall, texture, and p...

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Part 13: Taking a break from the shop, and videos for a lousy reason...

07-09-2018 06:46 PM by dbhost | 14 comments »

No shop video this week, and there won’t be one for at least two more weeks. We’ve had a sudden death in the family. My Dad fell, and broke his hip on the 1st of the month. Less than a week later he passed on from congestive heart failure I never knew he had…. Not much more to say about this aside from if you ‘ve been keeping up with the count. Since March 2 cousins on my wife’s side, one of her aunts, a brother in law, and a good friend of mine have all pa...

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Part 14: Just can't seem to get after it... I really need to get things going...

08-03-2018 09:25 PM by dbhost | 5 comments »

If you follow my blog you know, 2018 has been a tough year for our family. We’ve suffered extensive loss of a couple of cousins, an aunt, a good friend, my wifes brother, and my Dad… Since Dad passed, I haven’t had any sort of, well desire to do anything in the shop. I mean I have gone to the shop, turned the AC on, sat down and started after maybe cleaning up a tiny bit, or just moving things around. But nothing of any consequence. Certainly not making headway… ...

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Part 15: Almost beyond words. Went to the shop, and couldn't move... What now?

08-23-2018 05:59 PM by dbhost | 11 comments »

Things have been a physical, emotional, and psychological pain for me this year more so than at any time in the past. In 2018, so far we’ve had. #1. My wife in the hospital, and outpatient care for 2 months. #2. We have lost 4 members of my wifes family, 1 aunt, 2 cousins, and my brother in law whom we had the unfortunate opportunity to watch his decline and death from cancer. #3. The second friend I ever introduced my wife to while we were dating and a long time colleague of mine p...

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Part 16: Oh for Pete's sake! When will it stop?

09-04-2018 08:26 PM by dbhost | 6 comments »

Okay this is now just getting annoying. I am pretty sure I let everyone know their permission to die was revoked after my Dad passed away. DId my father in law listen to me? Nooooo! I am now in a state of utter, and complete disbelief. And now I am getting roped into helping with the obituary. Great… I hate thoe things. Never thought I would be the one to author one, especially one for my in laws… Dang. My attitude toward all of this is getting a bit different now. ...

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