The Coolidge Chronicles

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Blog series by darthford updated 01-24-2014 07:04 AM 24 parts 86381 reads 90 comments total

Part 1: Part 1 - Assembling Grizzly G0490 8" Jointer with Byrd Shelix Cutter Head

10-29-2013 05:26 PM by darthford | 2 comments »

After some research and helpful suggestions from Lumberjocks members I purchased a new Grizzly G0490 8” jointer and a Byrd Shelix cutter head from Grizzly. Below I chronicle the assembly and installation of the new cutter head. In this first pic I have unbolted the motor from its shipping location and mounted it onto the motor bracket inside the cabinet. I also installed the dust collector outlet and mobile base lift wheel. I got the beast up on the stand with the Kubota tractor, its...

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Part 2: Which Mortising Machine? - Grizzly G0448, Shop Fox W1743, Powermatic 719T

10-29-2013 07:28 PM by darthford | 7 comments »

I still have a jointer and band saw to assemble so naturally I’m already on the hunt for yet another machine lol. I like Mission, Shaker, Craftsman style furniture so I’m gearing up for square mortise and tenon work. I already have the Grizzly tenoning table saw jig so next up is a mortising machine and I have it narrowed down to these three, Grizzly G0448 $1,495 Shop Fox W1743 $995 Powermatic 719T $1,275 I’m currently undecided after the first round of research....

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Part 3: Part 2 - Assembling Grizzly G0490 8" Jointer with Byrd Shelix Cutter Head

11-04-2013 06:50 AM by darthford | 6 comments »

PART 2 – In part 2 I complete assembly of the Grizzly G0490 jointer, there were a number of issues to overcome but no show stoppers, lets get to it. Extension Table – In the pic below you can clearly see the extension table is not flat, there’s more. First I had noticed earlier in the assembly the far end of this extension table which was installed at the factory was sticking way up in the air about 1/16 above the outfeed table. The reason is they located the bolt holes s...

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Part 4: Part 1 - Grizzly 19" Bandsaw Assembly G0514 X2B w/ Motor Brake

11-10-2013 03:11 AM by darthford | 0 comments »

Here in part 1 I finally get my tool stand issue sorted out. I had previously determined the Shop Fox super heavy duty mobile base I purchased was way to tippy and sloppy for this saw. The sum of the slop in the mobile base wheels and pads, flex in the stand under the weight, not having the saw bolted down, etc. was not acceptable and I hadn’t even put the cast iron table on yet. It was not going to tip over I just don’t like my tools moving, period. Click here to view this saw...

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Part 5: Part 2 - Grizzly 19" Bandsaw Assembly G0514 X2b Arrrgh!

11-12-2013 06:02 AM by darthford | 1 comment »

Houston we have a problem…did I check this table for flatness before installing it? I honestly can’t remember. UPDATE: Houston disregard previous transmission. Okay I decided to go loosen the trunnion bolts just now to see if that made any difference, nada no change. So I took the feeler gauges to get some accurate measurements of the gaps…they seemed less than I originally thought. So I removed the alignment pin and presto the gaps increased. I was surprised that even th...

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Part 6: Part 1 - Grizzly G0696X 5HP 12" Table Saw Assembly

11-20-2013 08:52 AM by darthford | 7 comments »

Well the 12” 5HP beast arrived today…and still the UPS freight driver mocked me for not having a lathe geesh. Out of respect before I got going on my saw I first gave my brothers Powermatic PM2000 I have been using a good cleaning and a fresh coat of Boeshield . Here I unboxed the fence and compared it to the PM. The major points, both fences use the same 2” x 3” steel tube. The Grizzly fence is longer and has end support to ride on the rear fence rail. The Grizzly ...

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Part 7: Part 1 of 2 - Assembling Shop Fox W1743 Mutant Mortiser

11-23-2013 07:33 AM by darthford | 2 comments »

With the new table saw uncrated I returned my attention to assembly of the mutant mortiser before starting on that beast. Yes mutant, here’s the Shop Fox W1743 pic in the manual, the pic on Grizzly’s website matches this. Note the short base vs the Grizzly below. Also note how the column mounts, there’s a center hub it rides on with a bolt left and right to tighten the column into position. This design has been around for a long time for tilting head machines. Here...

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Part 8: Part 2 of 2 - Assembling Shop Fox W1743 Mutant Mortiser

11-25-2013 08:46 AM by darthford | 3 comments »

In part 2 I complete the cleaning and assembly, lets get to it. Here’s the bent 90 degree stop bolt, the new grade 8 bolt won’t bend I guarantee it! Taiwan drops the ball again, the posts for the depth stop rod were not even hand tight so I had to remove the rear cover plate from the column to tighten them. Here’s a close-up of the nut. I decided to grease the gear while I had the cover off the column, any excuse to use this cordless grease gun its aw...

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Part 9: Part 3 of 3 - Grizzly 19" Bandsaw Assembly G0514X2B

11-29-2013 08:30 AM by darthford | 7 comments »

Finally I wrap up assembly and modifications to the new Grizzly 19” bandsaw, here we go… First modification replace the plastic hand wheels with cast iron hand wheels. I’m sure the stock hand wheels are fine but they seemed to flex and I just didn’t want plastic hand wheels. Here I’m cross drilling the new one for the set screw. I had to bore it out to .400 as well. This looks pretty good, did run into a problem though. See how the handle is rece...

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Part 10: Part 2 - Grizzly G0696X 5HP 12" Table Saw Assembly

12-02-2013 06:43 AM by darthford | 6 comments »

I continue the inspection, assembly, and dialing in the saw in part 2, here we go. Looks like I have everything I need, the arbor wrenches are gigantic! I was in Ace hardware to pick up some 4” clamps and saw these new stainless clamps for only a buck more than the regular hose clamps. I thought they looked cool and splurged $2 extra for them. $49.95 FAIL! Sometimes when you go cheap you get burned. I have Starrett precision 12” and 24” rulers, they are expe...

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Part 11: Part 3 - Grizzly G0696X 5HP 12" Table Saw

12-04-2013 03:33 AM by darthford | 6 comments »

I wrap up assembly and setup of the saw in part 3 (well almost)... Curve ahead…(face palm) the good news is that’s pretty much the only thing I found wrong with the saw! Here’s some eye candy to look at while I give you a summary. Fence Rail Tube - Oddly the manual skips right over installing the fence rail tube lol. Not that it was any great loss, looking over the instructions for other Grizzly saws it pretty much just said, “install the fence rail tube w...

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Part 12: Part 4 - Grizzly G0696X 5HP 12" Table Saw

12-06-2013 01:53 AM by darthford | 8 comments »

In part 4 I complete the costly wiring of the power cord and address the need for an out feed table plus some misl. I use Lowes brand 10/3 power cord for all my 30 amp 220v stuff. Grizzly calls for a 12 gauge power cord so this is not a slam on Grizzly, but their cord strain relief fitting (which was quite nice by the way) on the electrical box on the back of the saw was too small for a 10/3 power cord. The proper size fitting at Lowes was less than $4 but wouldn’t you know it, the f...

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Part 13: Part 5 - Grizzly G0696X 5HP 12" Table Saw

12-07-2013 05:25 AM by darthford | 2 comments »

In part 5 the Grizzly FEEDS on 4×6’s…the first test cut oh yes I did throw a 4×6 at it GET SOME! I filmed some video also, of the saw, the jointer, and the planer, plus decibel readings for all three. I’ll see about getting that out on Youtube tomorrow. Dust collection fail…I had read this was the case with this saw there’s far too much saw dust escaping…though I did have nearly the full 4 inches of blade out and was cutting a 4×6, still t...

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Part 14: Video Blog - Table Saw, Jointer, Cyclone, Planer in action plus decibel readings!

12-08-2013 01:11 AM by darthford | 4 comments »

Okay it only took 4 hours to get the crash-o-matic Sony Vegas software to render a video but I got’r’done. This video includes decibel readings and shots of the machines working a couple 4×6x48 beams. Featured Grizzly G0696X 12 inch 5HP table sawGrizzly G0490 8 inch jointer with Byrd Shelix cutter headGrizzly G0703 1.5HP cyclone dust collectorPowermatic 15HH planer with Byrd Shelix cutter head

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Part 15: Part 1 - Grizzly G4003G Gunsmith's metal lathe 12x36" 2HP...UPS Freight arrgh!

12-19-2013 11:36 PM by darthford | 2 comments »

Well UPS Freight setup up an appointment to deliver my new Grizzly G4003G gunsmith’s metal lathe today, 11am to 2pm. I waited and waited, 2pm came and went no truck no call. I said just be patient and waited another hour and nothing. I just got off the phone with the idiots…its still on the truck heading back to their facility. They didn’t put the things on pallets so the driver couldn’t get his pallet jack under them. They tried to blame this on Grizzly by the way whi...

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Part 16: Part 2 - Grizzly G4003G Gunsmith's metal lathe 12x36" 2HP - assembly

12-23-2013 04:52 AM by darthford | 4 comments »

In part 2 karma bites UPS Freight for pulling a no-show on me, I get this beast uncrated, inspected, make some leveling pads, shake a rattle can of hammered green paint, and heave this 1,000 lb hunk of iron up on the stands, here we go! KARMA I’m telling you!! This is a long funny story so here’s just the short version, the UPS Freight driver was about to take a sledge hammer to his lift gate. Let me put it this way with a 1,300 pound lathe on the lift gate it let loose on its ...

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Part 17: Part 1 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Rebuild

01-12-2014 09:08 AM by darthford | 8 comments »

I picked up this 1952 Delta RAS off craigslist impressed with the amount of cast iron and design for cross cutting long boards. I looked at modern sliding miter saws but saw too many complaints about quality and inconsistency. I need a crosscut saw that cuts straight on the first try every time and if this several hundred pound beast can’t do that nothing can. Well…rebuilding it turned out to be a LOT more work than I thought. It needed a few hundred dollars worth of work to th...

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Part 18: Part 2 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Rebuild

01-13-2014 09:22 AM by darthford | 1 comment »

In part 2 I didn’t get a lot done but what I did get done was important. Today I needed to repaint the motor black. I had asked the motor shop to paint it black after they sand blasted the housing so naturally they painted it grey. (face palm). The motor also had about a 4 gauge cord attached to it for some strange reason. Someone went so far as to remove the cord strain reliefs from the motor, arm, and column so they could fish that giant cord through the holes. I removed that cord ...

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Part 19: Part 3 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Rebuild

01-16-2014 07:57 AM by darthford | 5 comments »

In part 3 I finish up all the repairs, here we go… This is a micro adjuster for the turret. On the Delta 40-B both the carriage and turret slide forward and back, the carriage on the carriage bearings and the turret on dovetail ways ground into the top arm. On many radial arm saws after 1952 the turret is fixed. There’s a gear track up under the top arm this adjuster meshes with. The reason the shaft is ground so small left of the gear with that big chamfer is it has to reac...

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Part 20: Part 4 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Rebuild

01-19-2014 02:27 AM by darthford | 2 comments »

In part 4 re-assembly begins. I decided to assemble it on the stand vs my workbench and lifting on the stand afterwards so step 1 assemble the stand. Hmmm…the original stand I guess it has that arts deco thing going for it but that’s about all. 40 count them 40 rusted on screws hold it together. I’d have to start by grinding them all off with a grinder, then de-rust, sand, paint this thing and when that was done I’d have a arts deco stand that was not very practical...

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Part 21: Part 5 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Rebuild

01-19-2014 11:18 PM by darthford | 0 comments »

Heck yeah its time to put this beast back together. Here’s the crank assembly for raising/lowering the saw on the column. I pressed new roller bearings into that cast iron piece (I can’t believe how often I’m using that cheap Harbor Freight hydraulic press I griped about buying thinking I’d only use it once) and purchased new made in USA thrust bearings as well. I painted most of that disgusting crank shaft grey, I swear that thing was half rusted when they gooped p...

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Part 22: Part 6 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Rebuild

01-20-2014 07:07 AM by darthford | 4 comments »

After I recovered from Famous Dave’s BBQ I continued with the assembly, here’s my progress from the evening shift. Before shot of underside carriage track, wow what was growing out of that top right hand bolt a mold colony? After shot, much improved. I’m hoping the grey gloss enamel will be easier to keep clean vs the factory yellow primer. Its starting to look like a radial arm saw again Close up of the new precision ground hardened rods the carriage...

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Part 23: Part 7 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Bearings MRC 202SFF 12

01-21-2014 07:57 PM by darthford | 1 comment »

Part 7 is a special edition blog focusing specifically on the carriage bearings. It took some leg work to track down an alternative bearing so hopefully this will save someone else all that trouble. The original 4 carriage bearings were wasted, someone had previously pried off the dust covers no doubt in an attempt to clean/grease them but my 10x loop showed the races were rusted out. The original bearing is a MRC 202SFF 12 and no longer available anywhere on planet earth. So began the sea...

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Part 24: Part 8 of 8 - 1952 Delta Multiplex 40-B 12"-14" Radial Arm Saw Rebuild

01-24-2014 07:04 AM by darthford | 4 comments »

Finally all the parts are back together, I just have to finish the wiring, build a table for it and dial in everything square. PHEW!!! A mix of polished aluminum and black enamel. I polished the aluminum end caps for the carriage rack but the casting was porous and honestly they look better painted black imo. I did polish a few aluminum pieces though, I didn’t want it to look too bling and I’m satisfied. How’s this for a before and after… I installed m...

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