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Blog series by cowboyup3371 updated 03-20-2018 03:15 AM 15 parts 30859 reads 27 comments total

Part 1: Project Planning

01-01-2018 03:09 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

I have never written a blog before so if this is incorrect please tell me what I should do instead; however, my intent is to document the build of my most ambitious project ever. After building the two music boxes for my daughters, I asked the wife about making one for her sister, my sister-in-law. She replied it would be a good idea but that the sister-in-law really wants a jewelry box and that it might be nicer to incorporate the two. That conversation than began an effort by the wif...

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Part 2: Beginning Work

01-08-2018 01:16 AM by cowboyup3371 | 1 comment »

Despite the weather remaining way below freezing since Christmas, I decided we needed to get into the shop and start on the project. So last night I finished planing the boards for the ring case and my eldest, Charmayne, started on learning how to make the drawers she’ll be responsible for. With temperatures remaining in the teens this morning she and I made our way back over to make some more progress. I worked on making the half blind box joints on the ring case but will need to de...

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Part 3: Ring and Music Box

01-09-2018 03:23 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

Spent time out in the shop tonight getting the ring and music box cleaned up. As I said yesterday, I really don’t like my box joints but the nice thing is they’ll be hid by the casing on the sides and the front board up front. It’s not fully complete as I have the base to build as well as the inside tray for the ring side. I also want set up the knob to shut off the music box which is not something I have done in the past so there will be some more stuff to figure out bef...

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Part 4: Ring Box Base

01-14-2018 02:57 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

After last night’s heavy snow storm where I spent about an hour at the shop, my eldest and I went back over this afternoon to finally spend several hours. I finished the basic build of the base to include drilling the holes I’ll need for the music box that is a part of this. Fortunately that included a longer section of brass rod my buddy had to extend the music stopper. This piece will be placed into the main carcass using a stopped mortise and tenon joint once I build it out....

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Part 5: Interior Pieces

01-19-2018 03:05 AM by cowboyup3371 | 2 comments »

Took off work today and managed to finish the ring/music box lid, necklace and ear ring holders then began work on the removable ring tray. I hope to start on the carcass tomorrow evening after I spend the day with my eldest working on her drawers (took off work until Tuesday morning).

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Part 6: Ring Tray and Smaller boxes

01-20-2018 02:26 AM by cowboyup3371 | 2 comments »

I have repeatedly said one of the best things of this project is that my eldest daughter and I are spending time together working on it. Unfortunately the extreme cold weather we are having has done a number on her health causing pain in her chest and overall discomfort. As such, she is unable to work in our shop for very long which has created a major damper on that time. So today, I took her out to Wright Patterson Air Force Base’s wood shop so we could build her portion of the pro...

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Part 7: More small work

01-28-2018 04:49 AM by cowboyup3371 | 1 comment »

I haven’t had a lot to really post lately but by the end of today we have made some decent progress on the internal pieces and should be able to start finishing them tomorrow night finally. The ring/music box lid frame is glued up and ready for its glass though I had some fun with that part earlier today. The glass shop I bought the glass from didn’t cut one edge very straight and while trying to shave off a small sliver of it, I ended up breaking a larger chunk than I wanted. ...

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Part 8: Carcass work finally started

01-29-2018 03:25 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

I started in on the carcass work today finally getting the basic shell ready. As long as I can get the wood furnace running well tomorrow night to cut out the cold weather we are getting, I’ll cut the various mortises tomorrow after work then start finishing the interior pieces. I’ll say today started off fun though and I will need to send out a thank you to everyone here. My friend, whose garage I share, and I recently bought a Rigid 4512 table saw from Home Depot. Although...

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Part 9: Mirror Frame

02-05-2018 01:57 AM by cowboyup3371 | 2 comments »

This has definitely been a fun and challenging week for me. After changing out all of our smoke detectors on Monday, I started to walk the dog when I slipped walking out our back ramp severely spraining my ankle. Any work I could do was thus restricted for a few days (I’m still having some significant pain though I am finally able to walk on it. However, I was able to cut the front and back carcasses as well as the mortises for the ring box, ear ring, and necklace holders. I also ...

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Part 10: Beginning to Finish and a Step Backwards

02-12-2018 04:43 AM by cowboyup3371 | 1 comment »

The main carcass is sanded and ready to start finishing as of this morning but sadly we had to stop on it to step back and make some repairs. While I was at our garage sanding them down, my eldest daughter went to our friend’s shop to put the lacquer on the small internal pieces. About the time I was on the way to pick her up, she sent me this picture after accidentally dropping one of the ring box sides. She was understandably very apologetic and upset with herself but I tried...

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Part 11: Carcass is stained

02-19-2018 11:54 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

Spent some time yesterday finally staining the carcass for the case. The mirror frame and door were done last night and I’ll get the main carcass stained this morning shortly. Temperatures are finally rising slowly so I hope to get the lacquer on the carcass by midweek and then begin assembly. I decided to stain before assembly as I think it’s much easier to get a cleaner look this way than had I tried to maneuver around the pieces going inside. I haven’t set a new del...

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Part 12: Starting Assembly

02-28-2018 04:46 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

After my eldest put the handles on her drawers a couple of days ago and I stained the casing over the weekend, I was finally able to start assembling pieces before I bring the case over to assemble it. Here’s the ring box put together with the music movement in the bottom. I didn’t get a good picture of that but you can see the rod sticking out of the box that allows the lid to turn it on and back off when properly wound. Bottom Ring tray Removable Ring Tray Ring box op...

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Part 13: Lessons Learned Already

03-05-2018 12:31 PM by cowboyup3371 | 18 comments »

This weekend was one of lessons learned the hard way. After two months of working on this armoire and running three weeks behind my original goal, I was finally ready to assemble everything and plan for the trip to Texas. And at first glance Friday night I was pretty proud of myself: But, ignorance was bliss until I function checked the ring box to ensure the lid opened smoothly without hitting the sides and found this: Yep, that’s right, I cannot attach the back to the...

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Part 14: Legs and internal assembly

03-15-2018 03:03 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

I need a bigger workbench after events of this week – one of the main carcass boards fell and broke while I was trying to size and fit the legs before assembly. I chose not to use clamps as I needed full access to the sides and wasn’t ready to assemble it as it was still too cold. However, I did not lose as much time as I feared and am now set to finish this project up by the middle of next week with delivery scheduled for the end of the month. I still need to make a door to hi...

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Part 15: Almost Done

03-20-2018 03:15 AM by cowboyup3371 | 0 comments »

I still need to attach the legs and connect the two halves but I’m finally at the end of this project. Although it’s not perfect I am sure my sister-in-law is going to like it. Inside of the main carcass. The two drawers the eldest made are on the bottom left and center with the bottom right door hiding the windup key for the music box. The ring box above it contains two levels for rings as well as a 18-note music movement. A bracelet holder and earring bracket round up the...

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