Legacy Maverick 3x5 Gen. II

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Blog series by copythat updated 07-15-2018 12:39 AM 25 parts 51734 reads 111 comments total

Part 1: The next big purchase . . .

02-05-2018 06:01 AM by copythat | 2 comments »

I am a dreamer, there is no doubt about it. I have been dreaming about owning a Legacy CNC for some time. I have had some good fortune and decided to get serious about it. I met a Legacy Woodworking Associate in Lynchburg, VA who provided a 5.5 hour overview of the Maverick 3×5, Aspire software, and CCAM software. I think the Maverick is an awesome machine with three impressive workstations; the traditional 3-axis mill, the 5-axis turning, and “vertical fixturing.” The mac...

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Part 2: The pin has been pulled!

02-06-2018 01:07 AM by copythat | 10 comments »

I still cannot believe I did it! The wire transfer is complete . . . $16K to Legacy Woodworking for a decked out Maverick 3 X 5 Gen. II with a couple accessories. It is NO SECRET that getting into the CNC field is not cheap and I am living proof! My spending to date includes purchasing and receiving the following items in preparation of the CNC: Four: FOOTMASTER GDR-80S-BLK-1/2-U Urethane Wheel and Pad Ratcheting Leveling Caster, 1100 lbs, Stem Mounted with 0.5” Mounting Hole Diam...

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Part 3: It keeps getting better!

02-07-2018 03:51 AM by copythat | 4 comments »

Vectric Aspire has been purchased and I await delivery of the Maverick!

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Part 4: Delivery is set

02-22-2018 11:49 PM by copythat | 0 comments »

My Maverick 3×5 is due for delivery next Wednesday, 02/28/2018. I cannot wait.

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Part 5: Delivery is a nightmare . . .

03-02-2018 07:01 PM by copythat | 2 comments »

I was supposed to receive the Maverick on Wednesday, 02/28/2018, so I reserved a forklift for $225. The delivery was pushed off until next Monday so I paid the rental fee for nothing. I received a call from the shipper on Thursday, 03/01/2018, who wanted to deliver the Maverick today, 03/02/2018. I told them I could not commit until I confirmed a forklift rental for the day. Three hours on the phone and $412.19 later, I had confirmation of a forklift and called the shipper back. I told the...

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Part 6: It Lives!

03-06-2018 06:37 AM by copythat | 1 comment »

I reconfigured the layout of my shop so it will work with the Maverick CNC and my soon to have Hammer K3 winner 79×48”. I ran the 220v line on Sunday and got everything buttoned up. I like how it all fits. I am creating plans for a wall mounted computer cabinet that will also house my CNC bits and wrenches. Until then, I am using a rolling cart that another tool usually sits on. I turned on the Maverick’s power and all the motors charged and locked up, like they ar...

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Part 7: Couple Quick Notes

03-06-2018 07:06 AM by copythat | 14 comments »

My Maverick 3×5 came with a portable e-stop switch. I assumed this was an upgrade on the Gen. II since the e-stop on the gantry had been removed. I searched high and low on where to plug in the three pronged plug but I could not locate the receptacle. I finally called Legacy and they told me the switch did not go with my machine; it was for a 4×8. I’m not sure I believe them but OK. Next, I added 2.5 gallons of antifreeze and 2.5 gallons of water to the spindle coolant ...

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Part 8: Finally cutting wood!

03-19-2018 03:13 AM by copythat | 2 comments »

I’ve had a little downtime getting all of the miscellaneous hardware I needed. I also spent last weekend getting some training on a similar machine. However, this weekend I actually cut wood. It was exciting . . . even if it was just cutting the base table, vacuum table, and t-track table. Here are a few pics of the vacuum table being milled. This week, I plan to start some small projects for my daughter’s upcoming wedding.

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Part 9: Project from Class 1

03-20-2018 01:12 AM by copythat | 7 comments »

I got off work and completed Class 1 on the Legacy Woodworking Machinery website. I actually did the class once with the video and twice on my own, just so I was sure I knew what I was doing. Upon completion of the class I had G Code for a small name plaque. I ran out to the shop and used my newly milled and assembled t-track table and Legacy low profile clamps. The clamps were awesome! STOCK PHOTO They held my 12” x 6” pine stock securely to the tabletop. I set up my...

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Part 10: Class 2 brings even more fun!

03-21-2018 12:15 AM by copythat | 3 comments »

Class 2 was a tad more complex than Class 1 but the reward was so much more impressive. I was amazed how well the carving turned out in pine.

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Part 11: A project based on things I learned in Classes 1 and 2 . . .

03-22-2018 02:46 AM by copythat | 6 comments »

Of course this had to be one of my first five projects! I am a member of a couple CNC Facebook pages and someone posted an image of the EGA in the group’s files. I downloaded it into Aspire and went to work. I changed the size from small to not so small and then started assigning different bits to see how it would turn out. I opted for a V-Carve toolpath using a 1” – 90 degree V bit. It was a quick project at the computer and in the shop . . . but a lot of fun, nonetheles...

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Part 12: Cutting signs for the wedding . . .

03-24-2018 07:51 PM by copythat | 2 comments »

I started cutting signs for my daughter’s wedding. I came up with a design for the first sign (24” x 24”) and practiced on a piece of MDF. I was worried about the cutting pattern on the smaller font and rightfully so; it turned out well in practice but not on the finished pine piece. Ok, I’ve learned my lesson—if I think it isn’t going to work, I should try something else. Luckily, my wife is going to stain the pine and paint the letters so I don...

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Part 13: Aspire has amazing font capabilities . . .

03-25-2018 03:04 AM by copythat | 0 comments »

Another project for my daughter’s wedding. I found the clock clipart and font online. I worked with Aspire for a couple hours and learned quite a bit about manipulating fonts. It is quite a program.

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Part 14: Learning all about Aspire

03-25-2018 07:31 PM by copythat | 1 comment »

I played around with Aspire after I left the shop last night. This sign was fun! It has a 1/4” raised arrow, slightly arced lettering, and V-Carved letters starting a 1/4” below the material surface.

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Part 15: Enough with the wedding signs already!

03-27-2018 03:36 AM by copythat | 3 comments »

I’m getting the hang of sign making but would like to move beyond the requested wedding signs. I am ready for Class 3 and my introduction to turning. Some projects I cut this evening . . .

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Part 16: Dust collection for the beast!

03-30-2018 02:45 AM by copythat | 2 comments »

I spent the last couple nights working on dust collection for the Maverick. I put the Laguna pflux in the corner of the garage, near the CNC. My plan was to install two runs from the Laguna—an overhead run of ducting for the CNC and Hammer K3 and a wall mounted run for smaller machines that line the perimeter of the shop. The Laguna has proven to be so efficient that I decided to keep the option of future expansion open on the overhead run. Here are a couple pics of the almost completed...

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Part 17: I HATE being lied to.

03-31-2018 12:58 AM by copythat | 15 comments »

So fellow lumberjocks, what would you do if you were in my position? When I ordered my Maverick 3×5 from Legacy, I was told it would be the beefed up Gen II that went into production just before my order. I called Legacy back when I first received my machine and told them my machine was a Gen I and not a Gen II. Someone in customer service told me I was correct and that she would talk to management to find out how to remedy the problem. My salesman called me back and flat out lied...

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Part 18: Taking my mind of the issue . . .

03-31-2018 11:54 PM by copythat | 2 comments »

I spent some time this evening working on the design of my first 3D project; at least I think it’s considered 3D. It will be my family coat of arms when it is done. I want it to look like this: And so far it looks like this: I cannot take credit for the clipart image or the 3D components. I purchased the 3D components online and assembled them into the configuration before you. It has been quite the learning process. I will work on creating the duck heads later this evening...

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Part 19: Legacy Woodworking took a plunge . . .

04-07-2018 04:40 AM by copythat | 8 comments »

I can’t begin to describe how disappointed I am with the customer service at Legacy Woodworking. On March 30th, Tracy Anderson, the President of Legacy Woodworking Machinery sent the following email: “Rob, I will call you on on Monday after I have had a chance to look over your order and speak with John. Would you please check out one measurement for me before Monday? Measure the width of the gantry uprights. Tell me if it is 10” wide wide as shown in this photo. ...

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Part 20: Automatic Blast Gates

04-25-2018 05:45 AM by copythat | 6 comments »

I bought the iVac Pro system last November and hooked it up to my Laguna pflux cyclone. I finally have the blast gates and transmitters hooked up to my new CNC and sliding table saw. Both machines are now fully automatic and all I can say is wow!The blue tape on the ceiling is an area I plan to install an air hose reel. I still need to tidy up some of the wires and ground the whole system. And I need to get my shop organized! I wasn’t sure where to connect the transmitter ...

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Part 21: 2.5D Carving is AWESOME!

04-25-2018 05:53 AM by copythat | 6 comments »

I designed this for my son and decided I better do a test cut on MDF before I ruined a nice piece of hardwood. I’m glad I did because the text needs to be adjusted a little bit. This was a fun project because it was quick and I got to clean the shop a little while the CNC was working for me.

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Part 22: The Issue Has Been Resolved

07-05-2018 05:42 AM by copythat | 3 comments »

A while back, I mentioned how I paid for a Legacy Maverick 3×5 Gen II and received a Maverick 3×5 Gen I. The machine I received was nice, but it did not include the beefed up gantry and advanced limit switches (along with some other features). I contacted Legacy and expressed my displeasure over the conduct of the salesman and asked them to right the wrong; I wanted a 3×5 Gen II—what I paid for. The owners agreed to replace the 3×5 Gen I with a 3×5 Gen II and...

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Part 24: A relatively cheap upgrade giving peace of mind . . .

07-10-2018 04:15 AM by copythat | 0 comments »

I bought a flow indicator to give me peace of mind that the coolant was being cycled through the spindle. Here are some pictures and part numbers . . . Click on the image below for a short clip of the gizmo working. And here are some pics of the new machine, just because I think it is awesome.

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Part 25: Prototype for a potential customer . . .

07-15-2018 12:39 AM by copythat | 5 comments »

I messed with Aspire today and converted a local company’s logo into a small (12”x6”) prototype of a potential sign. This is right after carving . . . with sanding yet to be done! I also need to add gold to the crown, blue to the downturned arrow, red to the upturned arrow and flame, and white to the snowflake and small letters. I think it turned out pretty interesting so far.

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