Moravian workbench build

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Blog series by controlfreak updated 03-04-2021 03:21 PM 13 parts 10372 reads 60 comments total

Part 1: The Top

11-01-2020 09:38 PM by controlfreak | 8 comments »

Before I decided to Blog about it I milled SYP 2 X 10 after ripping. I ran them through my jointer, planer and table saw to get S4S. I had some boards get angry and had to get replacements due to some warping. I glued and clamped on saw horses. It became obvious that although I had carefully milled the wood it would be impossible to clamp them dead flat. I did however get the top to be free of knots so I will call that a small victory. I contemplated gluing it up in two sections so I c...

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Part 2: adding some dog holes w/ brace and bit

11-07-2020 09:41 PM by controlfreak | 8 comments »

I am still waiting on my No. 16 bit to arrive that has been staying at a post office 30 miles away for three days now since it was scanned in but I will just leave it at the post office an I just don’t get along. I decided to bore the line of 3/4” dog holes that will line up with the WM wagon vise. I started by filing the edge of the spur and cutter even though they were not that bad. I had about three holes in when I brushed the shavings and realized that the top edges were n...

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Part 3: More Wagon Vise

11-10-2020 06:34 PM by controlfreak | 1 comment »

I finally received my No. 16 bit and to my disappointment, even though sharp, I only was able to go about a quarter inch before the lead screw stripped the hole. Out of hand tool options I picked up the cordless drill and used a 1” forstner bit to start where I left off. As soon as buried the bit head it stopped cutting too. I had to clean the sappy wood out off the cutter each time I went a little further. So maybe it was the wood. I went to the other side and put a lot of weight behin...

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Part 4: The Top, the beginning of the end

11-14-2020 09:00 PM by controlfreak | 5 comments »

I finished up hogging out the waste for the 1” travel distance of the Will Myers wagon vise. That means lots of chopping to do. I went to sharpen my chisels and was very disappointed that I had apparently placed the chisel in the wrong slot on my jig. I could have used the wrong measurement but either way I had a lot of work to do to get back to 25 deg. primary bevel. Didn’t take any in progress pictures but after mounting I took a few. And this is my very first board getting c...

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Part 5: The legs happening

11-29-2020 11:33 PM by controlfreak | 0 comments »

I had to take a break leading up to Thanksgiving but did find time to get some shop time in this weekend. Although this is supposed to be a hand tool build I guess it is more of a hybrid since I used a jointer and planer to mill the wood for the legs and the stretchers. I was to lazy to get some 4/4 red oak from Woodcraft 30 miles away so I bought some red oak at the BORG and glued it up.Legs are milled and glued up too.Stretchers are all cut and dimensioned. Got started hand cutting the ten...

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Part 6: The legs continue

12-06-2020 10:43 PM by controlfreak | 1 comment »

Using only hand tools I am getting the stretchers in place that tie the legs together on each end of the bench. So far it is going better than I thought. I had some trouble staying on track rip sawing the tenons but at least understood that you can’t change the saw track after it goes bad. I backed up and started from the other side and while it worked it made a lot more work for myself to adjust a funky cut to be straight again. Block and rebate plane to the rescue. I was amazed at how...

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Part 7: The long stretchers

01-08-2021 07:29 PM by controlfreak | 2 comments »

I have been working but slacking on the blogging. Once again not an end to end hand tool build so I did use my jointer and planer to flatten the stock but all other work is by hand tool. Started cutting the tenons on the long stretchers. I realized the Rip saw I nickname “Big Bertha” that I had just acquired is dull. So it was time to get the saw vise out. Much better after that and I was able to get the tenons cut.Time to cut the leg morticesand they fit.Now it is time for...

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Part 8: Removing pencil marks, dry fit and glue up!

01-10-2021 07:14 PM by controlfreak | 5 comments »

Well I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. With the top done and wagon vise installed, I am really liking it to plane long boards. I corrected the bad dove tail stretcher the best I could and used the band saw to trim because it was going to be a mush easier way to fine tune it. I also caved and rolled out the new SawStop table saw and cut the leg bottoms off. I was lazy and wanted the leg bottoms to be perfect. I tend to still have some issues getting my saw cuts to track straight. To ...

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Part 9: The Top Has Landed Feet Down

01-13-2021 03:54 PM by controlfreak | 4 comments »

I didn’t take many pictures as there wasn’t much to do. I planed the top of the leg assemblies to match the 15 degree angle of the leg tops. I laid the top on and then did a minimal amount of fine tuning to ensure good contact across the top of the legs. I drilled 3/4” holes with brace N bit to receive 3/4” oak dowels and using blind pinning marked the underside of the top. I drilled the receiving holes in the top and placed it on the legsHappy to be rid of the saw ...

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Part 10: Top not square to the legs now

01-15-2021 03:02 PM by controlfreak | 2 comments »

Houston we have a problem. I started checking a few things and realized the top had become 1/4 inch out of square with the leg face over the thickness of the top. This is pretty severe and will cause problems where the leg vise needs to reference to the leg an top. Hmm, with the dowels glued into place the top of the legs adjusting there is not an option anymore. I also found some twist in the top using my new cheap winding sticks. Two 2’ yellow levels ($6 ea.) with one receiving black ...

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Part 11: The leg vise is now functional

02-02-2021 02:20 PM by controlfreak | 9 comments »

Step one is the backstop to receive the Maple screw bought from Lake Erie Tool and mortice it into the stretcher and bench top. With that done I am ready to start on the vice chop.Although it was tempting to just go buy a big hole saw I decided to stay old school on cutting the hole in a 8/4 white oak board. I did resort to using my jointer and planer to dimension the rough stock. I had not utilized my band saw yet so I used it to make the angle tapers on the lower portion of the chop. ...

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Part 12: Tool tray

02-28-2021 11:55 AM by controlfreak | 6 comments »

Other than some minor tweaks the tool tray came together yesterday. It was drying (glue) so it is still the only feature of the bench that is still unused but will be a welcome addition. I used 3/4” pine for the bottom and sides. I edge jointed two pieces to make the bottom. Used some ripped 2×4’s for cauls after adding a minor taper or crown. The glue up was dead flat so it was the right call.I was finally able to put my Stanley 45 into service to plough the 1/4” groov...

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Part 13: The Finish

03-04-2021 03:21 PM by controlfreak | 9 comments »

I started the week with the plan to use natural tint Danish Oil but found that the national supply had been depleted. After seeking input here I decided to fall back to my original plan of using BLO. I am pleased with the end result and like the color.Sorry for the sideways but I had my phone turned to make it fit. I had been worrying about the leg vise. It had an enormous amount of chatter and felt generally bad on travel. The parallel guide was not entirely effective either but I wasn’...

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