52 Weeks

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Blog series by clieb91 updated 01-09-2012 03:55 AM 52 parts 77935 reads 72 comments total

Part 1: Week 1=What I am planning and how I am doing so far

01-10-2011 12:58 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

Well I have decided to challenge myself this year in order to work at my woodworking more and get my shop in order.. yeah, yeah I know I was suppose to be doing that as part of ShopQuest 2010. But, really I am going to do this this year, and to keep me on track I have decided to post a blog each week in order keep motivated. Some of the blogs may be posted as projects but more then likely not all of them. I have a few shop ideas I am planning to work on including a parts storage cabinet and a...

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Part 2: Week 2- Some Utilitarian Items and Preperations for next week

01-17-2011 04:05 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

Well It is Sunday night again and my 2nd week has come to an end. This week my completed projects were actually done at work. I am working on organizing the office and cleaning up some clutter. I decided to remove some old tables from a small area next to our staff table (for lack of a better term) and install a small laptop desk so it can be closer to me and the filing cabinet. Here is what I came up with.. The desktop is mdf and the support system is 2×3 lumber. I of course used...

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Part 3: Week 3- Well I got something built.

01-24-2011 03:37 AM by clieb91 | 3 comments »

Greeting All, Well Week 3 did not go entirely as planned. My daughter and I only got one of the 6 trucks completely finished. We did glue up the basics to all six and also got almost done with a moving van which will be going to someone hopefully get it finished this week as next week is a majorly hectic. As you can see from the pics we got the firetruck completely finished, this was a request from my nephew so he will be getting it for his birthday in a few weeks. Sophia helped with j...

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Part 4: What a long Week....

01-31-2011 03:22 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Greeting to anyone that is reading. It has been a long week. Due to a major incident at work I got very little time in the shop this week. I did however manage to demo an entire room at work so maybe that will count as some extra time. I did get enough time to complete what I was working on on Sunday when I got the call from work. A coworker had this little Chrstmas type tree that she liked to display, unfortunatly she had bumped into it and knocked it over knocking it off of the base. The or...

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Part 5: Week 5- Not much time

02-07-2011 05:10 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Well, it has been quite a long week and having been away from home at a training course for the past week has made it hard to spend anytime in the shop. I got home at 2 AM Friday morning after leaving at 11 AM Sunday, I then slept a few hours and took my daughter up to my parents house to give my wife a well deserved break. So having only been home a few hours total this week has severely cut down on my shop time. But I did want to get in some project time.. I took some parts with me to work ...

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Part 6: Week 6 - Now how does that work?

02-14-2011 03:57 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Greetings All, Here it is week 6 of 2011 and I gotta tell you I did not really think I was going to have much to post about this week. I did not get a lot of shop time at all. But after sitting and watching some of Steve Ramsey’s older videos on YouTube Friday night I came across one I just had to try. So I ventured into the shop yesterday evening and started preparations on this. Once I had this going I realized I really wanted to finish off my table that has been sitting around; in ...

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Part 7: Week 7- Not a bad week, more to do though.

02-21-2011 03:28 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Well, it has not been too bad a week. I managed to get a lot done even with everything happening at work. As I noted on Tuesday my daughter finished up her woodworking class Monday morning and had a real blast. These are the things she made in the 5 week class. I managed to finish one more piece of my Dimensional Furniture Office Suite I have also started n a few other projects as part of this years effort to clean up and organize the shop, I should post something about them...

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Part 8: Week 8- Of Plywood, Practice and Cleaning up.

02-28-2011 04:05 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

I have to say I have had a real good week in the shop and I am quite happy with the outcome. As noted earlier on in this series I have been wanting to get things a bit more organized and also get my lathe cleaned off and able to be used. So I spent a good portion of time this week working on a new cabinet (still needs doors but I will make them this time I promise) and some drawers for my powertool bench, all of which gave me some good practice. The best part is that I did not need to buy any...

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Part 9: Week 9- Practice, Mazes and finally a Lathe Project

03-07-2011 03:50 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Wow I am only 9 weeks into this series and yet it seems to have been going for much longer. I did not get nearly as much shop time this week as I did last. But I managed to make some time to continue to practice with the lathe and I very happily finally posted my first official Lathe Project . To go along with my lathe I have been searching LumberJocks and various other places on the web for ideas for a sharpening jig and a band saw log mill. I have decided on the basic design of the sharpen...

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Part 10: Week 10- A weekend at the Woodworking Show

03-14-2011 04:15 AM by clieb91 | 4 comments »

Well I can pretty much say I did not complete anything in the shop this week. I did get my stand for the grinder assembled but still need to make the jig system, plan to work on that this week. I did however spend the entire weekend at the Woodworking show in Chantilly. I actually went all three days and enjoyed it for different reasons on all three. Friday I went by myself and took in some of the various seminars. If you have never seen Alex Snodgrass cut a reindeer in a few seconds its pret...

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Part 11: Week 11- Looking forward to sharpening my lathe skills

03-21-2011 02:54 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Well I am still working on improving my lathe skills. In an effort to get better and use sharper tools I have been going over the LumberJocks and the rest of the web searching plans for a grinding jig. I finally settled on using some plans from Around the Woods a few modifications for my smaller grinder. I do still need to buy a new wheel for my grinder so I am keeping the current one away from my good tools that I bought and practicing mainly with the older ones that came with the lathe. I s...

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Part 12: Vises and Crocodiles

03-28-2011 03:11 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Well all it has been a rather long week; I have spent a large portion of it away from home due to some family issues. I was though able to finish up my Drill Press Pen Vise before leaving. I again looked at several different ideas on LumberJocks and other websites. I found Rod’s (from Appleton, WA) design on the International Pen Turners website and made a few adaptations to it. (My apologizes to Rod as I can not find the link right now to the website.) The main change I made was that ...

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Part 13: Best laid plans of...

04-04-2011 02:59 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Well even though I had grand plans for the week in the shop they never really came to fruition. I spent very little time in there at all in fact. I did at least do some work on the table saw at work though and made a few shelves for our office coffee/kitchen cart. The time I did get to spend working at home did not even take place until today, my wife has been asking me to do some work on the raised garden beds I built a few years ago for her. She has bought some netting in order to make a...

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Part 14: Week 14- No time this week.

04-12-2011 02:30 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Evening AllDue to the the passing of my mother-in-law last week I did not spend anytime in the shop. It has been a long week and an emotional one. R.I.P Mom S. See you all next week. CtL

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Part 15: Week 15- Balancing Wine, Knobs and Beds

04-18-2011 03:17 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

Well although my week seemed a little slow to start I am happy to report that I was able to get a good amount of time in the shop. As of my writing I completed 3 different things. I have been looking at wine balancers a lot lately. Not entirely sure why as I do not drink at all but they seem really cool and I thought it would give me something to do with all of those bottle of wine that people have given us and just sit in our dining room buffet. My other thought on these is to make a number ...

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Part 16: Week 16- No catchy title tonight

04-25-2011 03:39 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Evening all, can not really think of a catchy title for tonight. I posted my Happy Easter Project last evening and my daughter just loved them this morning when she found them after we got home from sunrise service and breakfast. The other thing that I have from this week was actually done at work, I had to go in today, but was not quite as busy as planned. So I decided to complete a quick project I have been meaning to make. A Mini Saw Buck, the plans came from and it came ...

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Part 17: Week 17- It’s a process…

05-02-2011 02:55 AM by clieb91 | 3 comments »

One that I am hoping to get a good grasp of in the next few weeks. The process to which I am referring to is resawing my own wood for projects. I have made a few projects out of reclaimed wood such as my bandsaw boxes and the parting gifts for some coworkers that have left. Now what I am hoping to do is go one step further and make some different projects from these woods that I am able to collect. I mentioned last week that I had built a saw buck well I finally put it to some use and got som...

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Part 18: Week 18- Resawing

05-09-2011 03:27 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Usable Logs… Well I was actually able to take the time this week and accomplish the goal I set for myself in last week’s blog. I wanted to cut down some of my own logs and make some usable wood from them. I am happy to say that it worked. I of course need to tweak the system a bit and experiment a bit more with some other thicknesses and woods but I am pretty happy with how things turned out. Rather then a jig I decided on once again using my jointer to give me some flat sides. Thru work I...

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Part 19: Week 19-Workshop Solution and a practice in progress

05-16-2011 03:44 AM by clieb91 | 3 comments »

Not a ton to write about this evening, it has been quite a long week at work and I will show why later on in the week. Since I also worked on Saturday I only got a little bit of shop time last night and today. Having received my blade holders and a manual (many kudos to Dremel customer service) for my scroll saw this week, I decided I should take some time to sit down and do some more practice. First though I had to come up with a way attach the saw to my workbench. Here is what I cam...

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Part 20: The hands of Masters

05-23-2011 03:58 AM by clieb91 | 3 comments »

First off let me just say I am happily still working on my sign project, as is my daughter but since I really should have thought harder about my daughter’s sign we have changed direction and now I have a few more letters to cut out. Oh well. In the meantime, I would like to relate a slightly different tale. It has been my pleasure of the past year to watch a number of true craftsmen at work. The dedication of the Korean Bell Garden Pavilion at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens was last w...

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Part 21: A day late…

05-31-2011 02:52 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

and not a lot to show for it. I have been spending the past couple of weeks practicing with my scroll saw, since I hate to do nothing I decided to work on a few signs and cut the letters out with the saw. This has given me a great opportunity to experiment with different blades and also prompted me to work on a dust collection concept for my saw. I finished the first sign this morning. I have had this saying hanging in my shop for a bit on a piece of paper; thought it would make a good...

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Part 22: Working on my first cutting board.

06-06-2011 03:09 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

So one of the things I like about this hobby is there is always something new to try and for a person that has a hard time with doing the same thing constantly that is a good thing. The problem with that is there is always something new and I have not yet found one thing to focus one, I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. But until I figure it out I am pretty happy trying as much as I can. That being said I have decided to tackle a cutting board. My first one is to be for a gift a...

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Part 23: Cutting Board Complete, Sign Glued up

06-13-2011 04:24 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Evening All, I just finished posting my very first Cutting Board project. I really enjoyed working on it. One of the things that was great about working on this is that the Maple I used was milled by me. This is one of the reasons I went with a smaller cheese board type. The other to be honest is that I was not sure I could do a larger one. I had the cherry on hand. I really like the way they combined and after doing some research and recalling what people here have said I decided on a...

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Part 24: Daddy, how does a teeter totter work?

06-20-2011 03:51 AM by clieb91 | 4 comments »

This was the question that my daughter asked me on the way to dinner last night. I tried to explain the central pivot point and she kind of got it, but since most teeter totters or see-saws today are nice and kid friendly (unlike those ones some of us grew up with) and use a large spring in the middle instead. We decided we would make one in order for her to use it for her doll house. This by no means is fine woodworking, but it was a great time having her help me in the shop today. Wi...

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Part 25: My First Pen..

06-27-2011 02:51 AM by clieb91 | 3 comments »

on my lathe, with no assistance. Well I finally got back to my lathe this week and decided to try my hand at a pen on my own. This one turned out pretty good. The pen is a standard 7mm slimline done in American Holly. I was able to turn another nice looking one out of Honeysuckle but when I went to put it together i shoved the mechanism in too far. Was not really happy with myself but, look forward to working with it again and doing plenty more. My two former projects for lathe work...

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Part 26: Half way there and annoying the family

07-04-2011 02:42 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

Its hard to believe that this is my 26th weekly post and that it is therefore half way through the entire year of 2011. I am enjoying these posts and they do help to encourage me to get into the shop each week in order to do a little bit of something. I look forward trying more new things with each project. As to what I did this week, we went to spend a few days with my wife’s family and they all seem to like a good puzzle. So after I got done packing on Friday I took a little time in the...

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Part 27: What I like to make

07-11-2011 03:33 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

What is your favorite thing to make in the shop and give to someone? After quickly making up the puzzles(see last week’s blog) for last weekend and playing with making a few more puzzles this week I have come to the conclusion that is what I really enjoy making. They are generally simple to make and with some more practice with the scrollsaw I can make a number of them at once by gang cutting. It was great fun watching my in-laws, nieces and nephews all playing with the game I brough...

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Part 28: A day late.. But two new Pens

07-19-2011 02:25 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Ok, So since I am trying to conserve some Flickr space I am just going to refer you to my project for pics. So that being said, the two pens I worked on last night and today were made out of a ficus tree that used to stand in a building at work. The trees were replaced last year some time and I made sure to keep a few logs. As I mentioned in my blog , I liked that the one piece had a knot it and was quite happy to see that it turned out pretty good and left a cool little mark in the pen. I...

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Part 29: In the shop and working on it..

07-25-2011 12:37 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Well another week with no pictures. However the reason for that is that I am currently in the middle of working on an actual project. We saw a wall organizer at Target that a friend would like to have. I did not though like the construction of it and the particle board that it was made out of. So, you guessed it… I have set out to make my own. I spent time this weekend cutting out all the pieces and running them through the router. The one we saw had a very simple set of drawers on it. My...

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Part 30: Blanks and time with my daughter

08-01-2011 04:24 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

Greetings all, Well I did not yet complete the project I was talking about last week because I got myself a little sidetracked. I was able to spend time in the shop most of Friday and the weekend. On Friday I began preparing to make some more pens. Ordered a good number of pen kits online and can’t wait for them to arrive. I am planning to provide most of my own blanks from wood I have collected. So with a little help from my Jointer and bandsaw I got a small batch of pieces to start with… ...

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Part 31: One Project done, 2 still working...

08-08-2011 03:49 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

and a lathe that is waiting for it’s new belts. I just posted my completed Photo Album Book Rack a few minutes ago. As I mentioned there in the post I had a lot of fun with this project and did some things I have been wanting to do. This is really my first official glue up of a panel I suppose. As you can see I also put my Stanley #80 scraper handle to good use. I prepared the entire board before cutting it down in to the sections. This made it very easy for me to use my sander w...

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Part 32: Some work around the office and what a bargain.

08-15-2011 03:31 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

One of the things that I like about my job is that I get to do a little bit of everything; it lets me be the “jack of all trades” that I so like to be. Recently the bathroom sink in our employee area fell off of the wall after being stuck to it for almost 30 years. It was decided to do a little bit of a redesign, since most people were not overly thrilled with the small sink we had anyway. I had some help in assembly from one of my new employees who is getting more interested in the wood work...

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Part 33: Earth, Wind, ..

08-29-2011 03:05 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Fortunately there has been no fire as of late. But what a week started it off with an earthquake and ended it with a hurricane. No damage to report at home and very minimal damage at work. Might wind up with a few extra chunks of wood to work at least. I have not really gotten a lot done in the shop this week. but did manage to work with a piece of that walnut I was experimenting with in the microwave. As you can see from one of the pictures the glue dried faster then I could work on i...

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Part 34: Woodworking and Disney??

09-06-2011 02:50 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

Not a lot of shop time for me this weekend as we took a trip to celebrate my daughter’s and grandfather’s birthdays. My daughter turned 5 last Thursday and she shares this birthday with my grandfather, she was quite surprised to find out that when we picked her up from school we were boarding an airplane. She was treated royally be the staff in Disney World. We surprised my grandfather as well on Friday in his home town and spent the day with him before leaving Saturday morning to spend a few...

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Part 35: Getting Ready for Various Holidays

09-13-2011 02:57 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Due to work and several other things I did not a get a lot of shop time last week. I would have posted last night but I got sidetracked by the TV (9/11 broadcast) I have managed to start preparing for several holiday events. The first is the 2nd annual haunted garden tour at my work. One of the staff has traced out several things that need to be cut out and I got the first of three witches cut out and half of a second one. Here is the first. They will all be painted black to be used as...

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Part 36: Well the good news is I did not finish a lot of projects…

09-19-2011 04:17 AM by clieb91 | 3 comments »

This is good because what I did accomplish in the last few days was getting a number of items prepped to be finished for the craft fair and other things. I went to work on my tic-tac-toe games and got them one step away from final assembly, all are already coated in lacquer and just need to put the pin in for the lid. You can get an idea of the process form the pics below. The best part of doing them in batch is the single set up. I only had blocks for 6 so that is what I am going with...

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Part 37: Another slow but productive week...

09-26-2011 03:10 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

in the shop. I am of course continuing onward with my preparations for the craft fair. I got all of my tic-tac-toe boards hinge pins installed and just need to sand them down. I bought some Soy based stain to possibly use on the ox-yoke puzzles, have a sample drying right now. Has anyone ever used this stuff? Any thoughts? I managed after changing out the paper on my disc sander to get all of my blanks ready. I have a pen mill but really don’t like how hard it is to judge the end of ...

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Part 38: Two Games finished.

10-03-2011 03:00 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

So this week I was able to put some finishing touches on two of the items I will be offering up at the craft fair. My tic-tac-toe games, and some sets of Bewitching Cubes. For those not familiar with the Bewitching Cubes; I found the them in E.M. Wyatt’s “Puzzles In Wood”, the object is to orient each of the cubes so that each face shows the numbers 1-6.These three sets are made out of various woods which I forget right now and burned using Walnut Hollow Number Stamps...

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Part 39: A three day weekend…

10-11-2011 02:16 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

and unfortunately not a lot to show for it as I was away for a good portion of it. Spent most of the weekend at my parents, so I did not get much shop time this week. I did however manage to come up with a new display technique for my pens. I happen to stumble over gbrown4’s version of a pen tilt and decided I needed to try one as well. This is the one I came up with for starters. It is some ¾” red oak cut at 4” long. I need to do a little more experimenting but a pretty happy with thi...

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Part 40: Birthday Weekend

10-17-2011 03:33 AM by clieb91 | 4 comments »

So this past Friday was my birthday and my wife and daughter presented me with some nice small gifts. My DW looked at my Lee Valley wish list and got me a couple of things. Looking forward to using them all, including the Gimlets. Even though I love my drill press I do like the quiet of the simple hand tools once in awhile. The wood came from the local wood store and I am pretty sure it is a piece of Padauk. Perhaps I will work on something to give her for Christmas from it :) In ot...

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Part 41: Craft Fair coming quickly!!

10-24-2011 02:29 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

Evening All, Just a brief bit tonight since I am working on more pieces for the craft fair. I did post a project earlier today. Was able to complete several cut up letter puzzles in the shop this afternoon and take a trip to my local wood store for some help in finishing. I picked up some scroll saw sanding belts. They worked perfect for getting into the tight angles on some of my puzzle pieces. I am still looking for a few additional puzzles to make and may hae come up with an idea for one o...

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Part 42: Merry Halloween! Huh?

10-31-2011 02:40 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

To those of you on the east coast. I can not believe it snowed 2 days before Halloween. But anywho, hope everyone is doing ok, sounds like Connecticut got hit pretty bad. This weekend was the big Halloween Program at my work so I finally got to display the cut outs I have been doing. I did a lot of the cutting out, the tracing was done by another person and my staff helped with a few of the smaller ones. It came out looking pretty neat, even though I had to put the witches back up a few ti...

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Part 43: First Craft Fair Down

11-07-2011 01:55 AM by clieb91 | 4 comments »

As my wife put it, “It is an odd feeling knowing that people we don’t know are now using stuff that we made.” Yesterday we sold at our first craft fair. It was a rather nice day and the venue was small, the local HOA puts it on each year at the community center. Our focus was primarily Puzzles and Games. We have shopped a number of the local shows the past few years and noticed it was a bit lacking in this area so we figured it would be a good area to focus on. DW did a number of sewn game...

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Part 44: Prebuilt furniture and Miscellaneous fun in the shop

11-14-2011 03:33 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Well after the past few hectic weeks of trying to get stuff finished up for the craft fair I took the time to I had this week to just have some fun and play with a few things in my shop. My weekend started with a bit of furniture assembly and disassembly, though not pieces made by me. The wife and I went furniture shopping last weekend to look for a new recliner for her and just to see what else we could find. Well we wound up buying 3 items. A recliner, a desk chair for me that was on clear...

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Part 45: A Pen Type of Weekend

11-21-2011 05:10 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Yep put together and made a number of pens this weekend starting on Friday after work. But before I get into that I mentioned last week that I had some glue ups drying in the shop for some shop items. I know nothing spectacular, just some 2×4s with holes drilled with a forstner bit. But oh so handy; the small one is attached via pocket holes to my mobile workstation by the drill press. My hope is not to lose the toothbrush and pencils as often. The larger one is a bit more advance...

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Part 46: Just a bit late

11-29-2011 03:49 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Ok, I know I am late again on this one. Due to the really nice weather around here this weekend the major focus was decorating. Had some new lights this year and actually got on the roof. Usually they only make it as far as the front porch posts. But it looks nice, still plan to add a woodworking project for next year though. But I did manage to get some time in the shop (even though my dw is still working on her pens) and finish off a few more pens during the week. All made from Fi...

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Part 47: Compensating for last week’s delay

12-02-2011 05:09 PM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Well it has been a busy and exciting week in the shop which is good because this weekend I am way busy with other things so that is why I am posting now instead of on Sunday. The pens that I have been making lately will be going on sale. They are all made out of wood that was salvaged from work and are now going to be sold in the gift shop at work. I made a very simple display stand that will hold the pens and some information cards about them and how the wood they are made out of came fro...

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Part 48: Woodworking and Disney..

12-12-2011 03:07 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Yes I know I have used that title before. The reason though is simple my family and I spent all of last week there. We took the Amtrak Autotrain down last Friday and came back on it this morning. If you live in the Virginia area and want a scenic way to get to Florida it is worth the trip, just don’t expect to get a good nights sleep. Lots of cool wood along those tracks, always forget how much swamp land Virginia actually has. But I digress. This past week we saw a lot of Disney and it wa...

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Part 49: Tis the Season..Turn, Turn, Turn

12-19-2011 03:51 AM by clieb91 | 0 comments »

Well as I promised last week I certainly have projects to post this week. I have been busy at milling some wood and putting it to use at the lathe. I actually posted 3 projects in a row earlier. My daughter joined me in the shop yesterday to work on pens for her Kindergarten teachers. I spent a few days going through my wood that I have had drying for a bit now and was able to cut pieces down for numerous ornaments for my coworkers and some pens for others I had great ...

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Part 50: To: The Sewing Room From: The Workshop

12-26-2011 04:05 AM by clieb91 | 2 comments »

The title is exactly what one of the Christmas gifts to my wife was addressed and for good reason. I spent a couple of days working out the details of this: My wife has been wanting a thread holder for quite a while now, I have looked at a number of types and put this one together loosely based on one I have seen at a fabric store and could not bring myself to buy due to the poor construction. There were a number of them falling apart on the shelf and when I mentioned it to the manager...

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Part 51: Week 51- One week left

01-02-2012 03:06 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

So I posted the first part of this blog 356 days ago which means after this one there is just one more. This week I will have to say I spent some quality time int he shop with my daughter and working on the few small projects. You can see those projects here. Today I decided to do a little cleaning up so as to make the shop look better for the new year. I am also pushing around two of my next projects, both of which have to do with contests currently going on. So for tonight that is about ...

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Part 52: 52 Weeks… The End

01-09-2012 03:55 AM by clieb91 | 1 comment »

Well for those of you that have been following along I want to thank you it has been a really cool year that I just want to take a minute or two and recap. By challenging myself with doing this blog it has truly made me get into my shop at least once a week even on those weeks when I had very little time. I learned a number of new things over this past year, I like building puzzles and games the small stuff the best. Though there were few larger things, still have a few pieces o...

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