Wall Hung Console

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Blog series by captkerk updated 11-12-2009 05:43 AM 14 parts 33310 reads 46 comments total

Part 1: Getting started

09-16-2009 05:25 PM by captkerk | 2 comments »

So here’s the plan. I watched the Wall Hung Console episode of the New Yankee Workshop and my wife really liked the table. She thinks it would look great in the front hall. I thought it would be a good use of the walnut lumber my in-laws gave me, so now I’m finally getting started. I took as many notes as I could from watching the episode and then plugged the dimensions in to SketchUp. I had to improvise some more of the dimensions since Norm didn’t mention all of the...

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Part 2: The first glue ups

09-16-2009 06:42 PM by captkerk | 5 comments »

Well, I got started on the console by gluing up the boards for the top and the three large brackets. Since I had the lumber on hand and I didn’t want to go buy lumber, I’m gluing together boards to make the thick brackets (Norm of course had stock that thick). I used a planer sled to flatten the boards for the brackets since they are too wide for my jointer. That went pretty well and I was planning to do the same for the wide boards for the top, but it was just too long, heav...

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Part 3: Some of the glue ups

09-17-2009 02:21 AM by captkerk | 4 comments »

Well, the top is all glued up and belt sanded to flatten the ridges. The boards glued together quite nicely and it’s not very noticeable that I had to rip them into four boards instead of two. Since the lumber I had was all from the same tree, I was able to sequence match two boards to make the top and bookmatched them. There were a few open knots that needed filling so I mixed a little dust with some epoxy and that’s what those globs are on the top. The repairs should l...

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Part 4: Template, planer sled and oops!

09-18-2009 06:44 AM by captkerk | 1 comment »

I decided last night to make my center bracket larger after playing around on SketchUp some more so I started today by getting another sequence-matched board ready to glue onto the existing center bracket. This involved using the planer sled again to flatten the board before planing the other side parallel. The sled is a glue up of 4, 3/4” MDF panels to make a rigid sled that holds the not-so-flat rough board in order to joint the top side flat. The only things needed are some shims ...

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Part 5: Arc jig, bending form, and more mistakes

09-20-2009 05:46 AM by captkerk | 2 comments »

I left the last installment realizing I messed up the dimensions on the end brackets and while I’d like to say that’s all behind me now, I haven’t worked on that yet. I played around on SketchUp a little and realized that I might be able to alter the curve on the end brackets even though I already rough cut them. Or I might just cut off the 3/4” I need to and leave it as is. I still haven’t decided. What I did get done was work on making the curved front ap...

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Part 6: Getting closer

09-22-2009 07:53 PM by captkerk | 4 comments »

I’ve made a little progress over the last couple of days. The curved aprons are done gluing and are all trimmed up. The top has been flush trimmed and sanded again to even up the epoxy filler patches, but a few need to be redone. The three large brackets are cut to size, routed flush with their templates and belt sanded. They need some epoxy filler and they will be ready to receive mortises. I got started on the back board that connects the brackets and mounts the unit to the wall,...

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Part 7: Swine Flu

10-03-2009 03:01 AM by captkerk | 2 comments »

This past week or so has been hampered by swine flu. While I didn’t get it, my wife and all four kids did. So when I got home from my trip, all my time was spent with the family. I did get to Woodcraft to pick up some purpleheart and my router bits came in the mail while I was on my last trip, but no other progress has been really been made since the last entry. All I have done is putter around touching up some of the parts, sanding a little, scraping epoxy off, but no real progress...

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Part 8: Mortises and Tenons

10-08-2009 08:12 PM by captkerk | 3 comments »

I got a little work done on the console which was to cut the mortises in the three brackets and the tenons in the aprons and mounting board. All the tenons fit with a snug slip-fit. In the dry assembly run I did notice that the shoulders of the tenons could fit more precisely, so a little more chisel work is in order. Once I’m satisfied with the fit of the tenons, I will start on doing the purpleheart inlays. I’m planning to rout a groove on the end...

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Part 9: (in)layin' around

10-15-2009 05:27 AM by captkerk | 5 comments »

I finally got around to working on the console again and I’m now jumping in with the inlays and edge banding the top to cover my biscuit mistake. I cut some strips of walnut and purpleheart to about 7/8” wide and 3/8” thick that would get sanded down to 1/4”. Since I don’t have a thickness sander, I tried out a jig I saw in an old FWW magazine to use a drum sander on the drill press to accomplish the same task on thin strips. The jig is simply a fixed bo...

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Part 10: Adding the Purpleheart

10-22-2009 04:49 PM by captkerk | 3 comments »

I was able to get the purpleheart inlay done on the end brackets. To make the curved purpleheart pieces, I used the template for the end brackets to trace a line on a piece of purpleheart then cut it out on the band saw. After sanding to the line on the disc sander, I traced a line 5/16” from the edge and cut that out on the band saw. I then attached the piece with the inside curve to the movable fence on my drum sanding jig so the curved strip could pass by the sander with a l...

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Part 11: The end is near!

10-29-2009 05:40 AM by captkerk | 3 comments »

I made some good progress today and it looks like the next time I can spend a decent amount of time in the shop, I should have this thing assembled. I started today sanding the three brackets and the aprons in preparation for assembly. I noticed a decent sized dent in the face of one of the aprons and decided to try out the wet rag and iron method to raise the dent. I forgot to get pics, but it worked like a charm. As I was sanding one of the end brackets and looking at the inlay that h...

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Part 12: It's assembled

10-29-2009 11:19 PM by captkerk | 4 comments »

It’s finally assembled. I started today by fitting the curved braces that connect the center bracket to the two end brackets. After quite a few trips to the miter saw to shave off “just a hair,” I finally had snug butt joints and evened-up braces. The problem was that the 3/4” braces were butting up against the 3/4” bracket-backer boards which already had a 1/8” round-over on them. This wouldn’t do. The fix was to run the curved braces throug...

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Part 13: Finishing

11-04-2009 03:56 AM by captkerk | 5 comments »

Touched up the last bits of sanding when I got home today, cleaned it up and was able to apply the finish. First coat of Tung oil. I’ll let it dry tonight, rub it down with some steel wool tomorrow morning and apply again. I’m thinking of doing three coats with steel wool after each and then a coat of wax. Here it is with the first coat of Tung oil still wet.

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Part 14: It's finished!

11-12-2009 05:43 AM by captkerk | 3 comments »

It’s all done! Up and installed. I put on three coats of tung oil with 0000 steel wool in between each coat. The top got a fourth coat. Then a coat of finishing paste wax, with the top getting two more coats. Check it out!

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