Top Secret....Rocker for my Wife

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Blog series by bues0022 updated 02-27-2016 06:34 PM 12 parts 26999 reads 65 comments total

Part 1: Taking the plunge!

11-29-2010 01:38 AM by bues0022 | 1 comment »

I’ve been posting lots of questions for about a week now, emailing and messaging fellow Lumberjocks, and I’ve finally started my project so I thought I’d blog about it to keep track of my project. Progress may not be the quickest, but I’ll post what I run into along the way – the good, the bad, and the ugly! My wife and I are thinking about finally starting a family. I just finished graduate school, got a job, and she’ll be done with her doctorate also in a few months. She has always wante...

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Part 2: BUSTED!!!

11-29-2010 01:40 AM by bues0022 | 6 comments »

So much for trying to keep this top secret! My wife checked my email account from my phone last night when we were driving back from Thanksgiving. She was a bit curious about what this Top Secret project was all about. I tried minimizing the damage by admitting that: “I was thinking of building one, but said that I don’t have nearly the ability to make it. The thread was just feeling it out, and it bombed on me.” She seemed to buy the excuse for now. And to make sure this do...

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Part 3: Sketch of chair

11-29-2010 07:39 PM by bues0022 | 6 comments »

As promised, here is my VERY rough sketch of what I envision the chair ending up looking like. I essentially took an image I found online of a maple rocker, and colored it to my liking. Dark represents walnut, light represents spalted maple. As you can see most of the chair is walnut. Rockers are laminated walnut/maple. Headrest has a center maple section, flanked by walnut. It’s tough to see, but the joints at the seat will have a detail of maple. I’m also thinking of m...

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Part 4: Build-up, let down, and neutralize

12-02-2010 06:52 AM by bues0022 | 5 comments »

I got home from work today and was greeted by a package. My plans came in the mail!! I was really excited and tore open the package to starting pouring over the plans and the book. First, the CNC routed backrest template came out of the box. Next, the sets of plans. I’m still a little confused about the seat portion of the plans, but the rest look about as I expected them to be. Finally, the book. Wait…..where’s the CD with the book? SHOOT! Apparently the CD didn’t get...

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Part 5: Sizing and Planning

12-03-2010 07:21 PM by bues0022 | 10 comments »

I’m sure it’s just taking me longer since this is my first chair and I’m making design changes before I even start, but I think I spent nearly 3 hours last night reading and re-reading the first chapter of the book planning out my cut list and organizing what kinds of lumber I need. I’m picking it out tomorrow morning, and I want to be prepared. Of course, all of my preparation will likely go out the window when I get there and have to pick out my wood based on what...

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Part 6: Wood purchase

12-08-2010 08:03 PM by bues0022 | 6 comments »

This past weekend I drove down to the Milwaukee area and picked up most of my wood. I know I bought way too much, and because of that spent much more than I wanted to, but overall I’m pretty happy with my purchase. The big downside I found once I got there was the lack of 8/4 wood. He’d been cleaned out pretty good of the maple and walnut, and the fresh-cut 8/4 won’t be in and out of the kiln for a few months. This also lead to me purchasing too much, but there’s reall...

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Part 7: The race is on!

01-27-2011 12:15 AM by bues0022 | 3 comments »

It looks like my last blog post didn’t end up in this group initially. Here is an account of my wood purchase for those interested: If anyone has actually been following this blog, it started with a flurry of activity, then has remained dormant for nearly two months. That can be explained quite easily: December found me working on some previously unplanned Christmas gifts, and January my wife had some time off and was living with me (sheR...

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Part 8: Problems and questions

02-18-2011 05:40 AM by bues0022 | 2 comments »

The problems have been piling up almost as fast as the sawdust! First came the seat. I put up some questions about warping wood last week. Long story short, the piece of spalted maple that is supposed to be the middle 1” of the seat warped and cupped terribly after machining it flat. After much consideration (and lack of finding any more spalted maple in my area), here’s my work-around plan: First, I steamed the pieces (2×1x9.5×22) for almost two days. Then I clamp...

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Part 9: Updated progress

03-28-2011 06:04 AM by bues0022 | 9 comments »

I haven’t been too great at keeping this blog updated. On weekdays, I typically work in the shop until 10:30 or so, and am too tired to post. Work has been crazy busy, so haven’t had time there. Weekends I’ve ben out of town lots, so no time there either. Good news is I’m making progress. Bad news is not as fast as I need to, and I still don’t have the wood for my legs/arms. (I should have it this time next week though). Updates on progress: I’ll start w...

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Part 10: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

04-15-2011 07:13 PM by bues0022 | 4 comments »

Well, it happened again. I don’t know if I’m too optimistic, trusting, cheap, or stupid. After my earlier troubles with getting wet wood, I found a different person that cuts wood. (earlier guy kiln dried, the put wood back outside, uncovered, which ended up sucking up lots of moisture again) A coworker heard me complaining, and gave me a friend’s information. I called him nearly three months ago, told him my problems I’d had with wet wood, and he told me not to worry,...

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Part 11: Slow progress and more problems - Help Needed!!

06-12-2011 11:21 PM by bues0022 | 8 comments »

I know it’s been nearly two months since my last update, so I don’t really remember where I left off. Lots has happened since I posted last – unfortunately not much on the chair. Let’s see, I moved from my godfather’s place to my own place not too far away. My wife also moved up here with me finally because she finished her rotations for med school. That also means she officially graduated from med school also. I’m very very proud of her. Because we moved i...

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Part 12: Thoughts/opinions about back braces

02-27-2016 06:34 PM by bues0022 | 5 comments »

So before I get to my question, I realize that I may be approaching some kind of a record…...over 5 years in the making of my wife’s rocking chair. Instead of finishing it for my first child (we now have 2, ages 4 and 2), I’m now focused on finishing it to prove that I’m not going to be a chair flunkie. On to the question: I’m about to cut the top of the back braces, and my plans might be shifting. I need aesthetic opinions, and structural thoughts (especia...

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