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Tablesaw Workstation #1: Fence Purchase

03-27-2017 02:49 AM by Gingzillaman | 0 comments »

Today I purchased the Vega Pro 50 fence system. I had some Amazon Points saved up and decided this was the first major upgrade I wanted to do in regards to the workshop. I did a lot of research and reading on different fence options. This fit the budget and did not require much tweaking for install. I was looking at the VSC fence and making the rails but I just didn’t want to fuss with all that. I am more focused on building a safe and functional table saw workstation with ample capacit...

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Creating a Lift Desk #1: Design Criteria and Platform

12-03-2015 10:00 PM by Underdog | 4 comments »

Almost a year ago, I began having trouble with Sciatica. Ever since then I’ve been doing a lot of research on the problem, and have long since concluded that my main problem is that I sit at a computer too much. (So what in the world am I doing right now?) I’ve been to PT and the Gym and walking a lot more… but it’s not solving the main issue, which is the sitting at the desk. So naturally I’ve also been doing a lot of research into ergonomic workstations. I&#...

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Table Saw Workstation #2: Skinning it out

04-15-2015 08:58 PM by DD6 | 3 comments »

So I decided on the type of wood I would skin the outside with; the sides, front and back is Lauan plywood (1/4”) and the area where the where the saw will sit is skinned with birch plywood. I sanded them up to 220 grit sand paper. Taking very careful passing ensure I didn’t burn through the veneer. I put 1 coat of De-waxed shellac cut to 1 lb, lightly sanded with 320, then put on the first coat of WATCO Danish Oil. I like how the redness of the Lauan came out and thinking it ...

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Table Saw Workstation #1: Base

04-08-2015 10:27 PM by DD6 | 3 comments »

I started my journey into woodworking and for my first project I am building a mobile workstation with a router extension for my table saw. I am making it 72” x 28” which should give me some ample storage since I am doing this out of my garage. I plan on skinning the inside (where the saw sits) with 1/4” hardboard and have not decided to what I want to skin the outside with. I was thinking of just some Birch or Maple plywood, but then again it is just shop furniture...

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Mobile Workstation #2: Let's do the twist!

03-16-2012 11:44 PM by chopnhack | 1 comment »

Ok, so it’s much more fun to dance than to fix…. Apparently welding a frame should not be undertaken without proper support, or ahh… more experience. The frame had a twist to it across the 59.5” length! I cleared a section of the shop floor (miracle) got out my door installation level and found a fairly level area. I then proceeded to use some shims to adjust the floor until the it was perfectly level. Gotta give credit to the guys that screeded the floor some 50 y...

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Mobile Workstation #1: The center of my shop renovation - from the ground up..

03-04-2012 07:07 PM by chopnhack | 6 comments »

The mobile workstation is in my opinion going to be the center of my workshop once its built. An integrated router table, table saw, downdraft table and ample storage in a ~ 5’ x 2’ area on wheels! Certainly not my idea, however, the layout will be done solely by me. I am open to all suggestions though, so please feel free to brainstorm here and let me know what has worked for you, what you would do differently if you had to build one again, etc. All comments and suggestions are w...

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table saw workstation #1: got a good start, looking for more ideas

04-10-2011 04:24 PM by dmoney | 3 comments »

so i’m making a table saw workstationcontrary to many woodworkers i’m not really big on “planning” :)i like to just figure it out as i go. i got the basic part of it done, i’m looking for ideas on any cool things I could add to it.i’m wanting to make a 90 out of pvc pipe going out the back for more sturdy dust collection.i also want to make a cover for the back of the contractor saw to improve dust collection. just tell me what you think and what you wo...

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Garage Workshop Transformation #2: The Ultimate Tool Stand

07-19-2010 04:15 PM by John Steffen | 7 comments »

As evidenced in my first post in this series, I have a severe lack of organization in my garage/shop. Two weekends ago I threw up some shelves with my ‘chop saw’ (that’s for you Don) so we could get my soon-to-be wife’s side of the garage organized. That was a quick and easy project, and we (mostly she) got that part of the garage in tiptop shape. Well last weekend she wanted me to start cleaning my side (two thirds) of the garage. We’re getting married in Se...

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Table Saw/Router Work Station #2: Table top is ready but the question now is how....

03-02-2010 10:22 PM by Josh | 17 comments »

Slowly but surely I’m making progress on this workstation. Most of the workstations I’ve seen on here are broken into three cabinets. A left, a center (which is usally just a stand for a table saw) and then a right cabinet. I like the design of these workstations a lot because they give you that extra support on the left and ride side of the saw but one of the things that I don’t like about my little table saw is that it doesn’t provide me with very much room before o...

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Air Compressor Station #2: Shelves

01-29-2010 07:35 AM by David Craig | 15 comments »

I was able to work on this a little more today. Time was somewhat stretched but I was able to put the shelves on. I still have to add a hose holder, handles, and the tires but its getting there. I am a horrible klutz at times and try to keep the floor as litter free as possible. The last thing I need is a tool that rests on the floor, complete with 50 feet of hose to trip over. This gives me a place to store my nailers, nails, little compressor doo-dads, and a place to set tools, t...

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