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My Secret Magic Mix :)

12-05-2007 03:12 AM by Don Kondra | 32 comments »

If you dread the finishing part of a project as I used to, perhaps I can persuade you to give this mix/technique a try. The idea of using an oil combined with a film forming finish is not new; this is simply the one I have settled on after experimenting with a number of different products. An ideal finish should be easy to apply, enhance the grain and figure of the wood and provide a reasonable level of protection from normal wear and tear. The soft hand rubbed glow is a bonus. If yo...

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Vega Fence Modification

12-04-2007 02:13 AM by Blake | 21 comments »

I don’t know if anybody has a Vega table saw fence out there… I got mine used and really like it. It is not one of the big names for after-market fences but it is a good, accurate T-square style fence. It’s only design problem is that to tighten it you push the front knob down, (like most fences) but on the Vega this motion would tend to lift the rear end of the fence off of the table. Vega’s solution to this was to attach a clip on the back of the fence which reach...

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Rare Earth Magnets Around The Shop

12-04-2007 01:43 AM by Blake | 6 comments »

I find handy uses for rare earth magnets all over my shop. I just thought I would share this as a tip. Here are some of the places I use them: My table saw fence has a magnet embedded in the plywood top I made and it keeps a ruler handy: These magnets keeps blades and an alen wrench handy on my scroll saw base: A wrench for my jointer and a push block are magneted to the jointer base: Another ruler magnited to the top of my radial arm saw: The three sizes of...

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Parts For Tools

12-03-2007 09:13 PM by Blake | 2 comments »

I just wanted to let everyone know, in case they don’t already. At our Used Tool Store we sometimes need to make repairs on tools in order to resell them. When we need parts we go to Tool Parts Direct ( This is the best way that we have found to get parts for tools. If you go to the website and type in the brand and model number you will get a blown-apart schematic of almost any tool ever made. (Click on the schematic for a full sized view). There is also a parts...

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Tip for putting sawdust to good use. (make firestarters!)

12-03-2007 04:56 PM by itsme_timd | 7 comments »

Hi All, Here’s a tip to use the sawdust that you accumulate. It has to be mostly ‘pure’ sawdust for this project. My wife makes candles and after pouring batches she has some leftover wax – usually colored and scented. We toss all that together and when it gets to be a decent amount we can make our own firestarters. It’s prettty simple and there are naturally variations. But essentially you melt the wax and add sawdust until you get a sludge consist...

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Laymans description of the most common tools

12-03-2007 03:22 AM by Liam | 10 comments »

*copied from the web Explanation of Common Tools: DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flatmetal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest andflings your beer across the room, splattering it against thatfreshly-stained heirloom piece you were drying. WIRE WHEEL: Cleans paint off bolts and then throws them somewhere underthe workbench with the speed of light. Also removes fingerprints andhard-earned guitar calluses from fingers in abou...

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Consider Buying Used Tools

11-28-2007 11:52 PM by Blake | 20 comments »

Buying used tools is an under-looked option for low-budget woodworkers. First of all, I should tell you that I work in a used tool store. So this issue is close to my heart because it is not only a hobby for me but also what brings home the bacon. Every day at work I inspect, research, appraise, test, buy, clean, fix, restore and then re-sell used tools. But before I was an employee of the Used Tool Store I was a customer. The Used Tools Store happens to be across the street from the...

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How to cut a straight line

11-25-2007 04:05 AM by Harold | 16 comments »

This method may seem somewhat unusual but with time it will result in perfect cut. I begin by warming 2 cups of water to approximately 110 degrees. To this you will add 2/3 cup of sugar and stir until dissolved. To the sugar water solution add 1 ½ tablespoons of a dry active yeast. Sprinkle the yeast into the water and then let it sit until the yeast begins to foam, this is referred to as “proofing your yeast”Once the yeast has “proofed” you will add 1 ½ teaspoons of salt and ¼ cup of vegeta...

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worksharp tool sharpener - first impressions segment 2

11-05-2007 09:07 PM by Bob #2 | 20 comments »

I realized that I needed decent way to hang on to the correct angle on the worksharp. I began looking for a tool holder to use with it but alas, there were none available and Lee Valley’s holder would not work with this sharpener. Here’s what I came up with: I bought an extra ($10.00) hand held jig rather than make one as time is not my best friend. Next I stripped the roller assembly off the holder. I got a suitable piece of UHMW and marked it out for milling on the r...

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