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Quarter Round Display Shelf #5: My ROS gave up the ghost!

06-30-2009 08:39 PM by sIKE | 5 comments »

I have everything together now (pictures to follow) and was working on the finish sanding phase and my trusty ole PC 333 Type 4 ROS quit on me. This project has presented mutiple challenges but this is the first tool that it has claimed. Argh, off to the orange box to get me a replacement. First stop though is a look though the reviews here on LJ’s of course!

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Grumbles from the shop #11: Buy American?

04-27-2010 12:15 AM by dennis mitchell | 10 comments »

Just got another buy American (insert Local for my foreign buddies) Email from someone I know who just buys the cheapest crap. I figure if half the folks who believe in “Buy American”, bought American, one quarter of the time, and an eighth of the time it was of decent quality, woodworking would pay a good wage and I’d have a real job!

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In The Shop #1: Dust is getting to be a problem

06-12-2010 02:17 AM by live4ever | 16 comments »

<dustcollectionrant> The amount of time I spend running my two shopvacs (did I say two? yes I did) is getting to be ridiculous. The bandsaw, tablesaw, and router put out a lot of dust and chips (duh). Today I routed a 3/4” groove in 30” long MDF for some T-track and everything to the left of my router table was covered in powder. My cabinet saw, though it spews most of the dust out the back and into a neat little pile under my workbench/outfeed table, makes a lot of it. ...

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Techniques & Methods #4: The Infamous Dovetails Scribed Line

07-23-2010 04:34 PM by PurpLev | 23 comments »

I keep seeing these posts pop up more often than not about the scribed line for dovetails, should you leave them on? should you scrap/sand them off? Some say it tells the joint was hand made, Others rightfully so say that the piece itself tells that it was hand made…. Should you make them with a scriber? Or a pencil? A pencil line is easier to remove, but harder to line up to as you are relying on eye sight, Whereas a scribed line with a knife is a no brainer since you just rest your...

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Video Woodworkers I Watch #19: Are there any left? (rant)

03-21-2018 06:47 PM by Dave Rutan | 8 comments »

Lately I’ve been paring down the YouTube woodworks that I regularly watch. It seems that many of the ones I enjoyed have either decided to showcase their CNC’s, go into blacksmithing, go long format, or just vlog instead of build projects. Some have realized that you can’t get rich doing videos and have pretty much given up. The few that I watch with any loyalty are Steve Ramsey (when he pits out a project video), Matthias Wandel and mostly John Heisz. I like John’s...

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Why Norm's power tool cabinetry revolution is happening...

04-15-2008 03:59 PM by flink | 7 comments »

Well, I’ve been searching and looking high and low. Mainly for chisels and handplanes. I was looking for decent everyday tools, not collectibles. I didn’t want to spend a lot money since that would take away from the money I need for wood. I started my search on ebay, progressed to various forum site member ads, watched craiglist, checked auction sites, newspaper classifieds. Then I began looking for new items in catalogs/websites/stores. The prices I found for old tools wer...

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You did what with a plane???

02-26-2008 04:36 AM by Tom Adamski | 11 comments »

I’ll say sorry for this rant up front so you can stop reading this and go onto more interesting things if you wish…I was reading a blog that was on another website… (don’t wory, i started here and somehow surffed to this guy’s website. I won’t mention his name as I don’t want to give him the press. (Bad publicity is still publicity) But I will post the segment that riled me… Oh and of course my reply. Please click you back button now if you a...

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caveat emptor

05-24-2015 02:19 PM by Lazy_K | 5 comments »

Hi, there will be 2 posts today:I was just viewing a video of making a tool called a “chair devil” or “go devil”. I am restraining myself with great effort not to post to that cabinetmaker that he is wrong!!! wrong , wrong, wrong. Which brings me to a rant (here); The internet is a wonderful thing! anyone can post anything, anytime. The internet is a horrible thing! anyone can post anything, anytime. There are a lot of really great instructional videos out there....

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One Man's Furniture is Another Man's Pizza?

02-11-2011 02:13 AM by HungryTermite | 11 comments »

I work as a design engineer and every once in a while someone will build a mockup at home and bring it in to illustrate a point they are trying to make about a design. The other day someone came in with a crudely made wooden mockup made up of what looked like poplar stained to look like walnut. Knowing that people use poplar as a walnut look-a-like and thinking to myself that it seemed like a lot of trouble to go through for a mockup that didn’t even have tight fitting or square joint...

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Darn kids! Get off my lawn!

03-04-2010 04:20 AM by MakingScraps | 7 comments »

Warning Let me preface this post by saying that I am not normally a negative person. In fact I am probably one of the more easygoing people you will ever meet. But certain aspects have started my blood boiling and despite my relatively young age I feel like I need to don my old coot cap and rant a little (no offense to any old coots who happen across this). I should also warn you that I am a Neanderthal woodworker since I don’t have any room for heavy machinery. Don’t get m...

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