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Of Tool Cabinets, Chewing Gum and Sealng Wax #18: Squares, Squares and more Squares...

04-01-2020 12:55 AM by Bill Berklich | 2 comments »

OK, I’m not a galoot. I use hand tools to augment my power tools. While the quite whisper of a sharp plane on pine like the silent fall of heavy snow is wondrous, the screaming song of an 6 inch jointer and instant piles of wood shavings fits me better. That said I do like a well made tool. Earlier I rehandled a Two Cherries backsaw and honestly I like it better than my Veritas Dovetail saw – more on that later. It got me to thinking about other tools I could make. And then...

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Greene & Greene Thorsen Sideboard #8: Carcass Assembly

03-17-2020 10:02 PM by TungOil | 2 comments »

With all of the carcass components cut and sanded, I begin assembly of the case components. I do the glue-up in stages, working on sub-assemblies of the carcass one at a time. First I glue up each pair of front and back legs with the associated rails and panels. Once those four sub-assemblies are completed, I glue up the center (drawer) section, then finally add the outer (door) sections to complete the carcass. Before I begin the glue-up of the leg sub-assemblies, I cut the holes for...

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How I built a Nakashima inspired live edge coffee table

03-15-2020 06:10 PM by BenhamDesign | 0 comments »

This build was inspired by one of my favorite furniture designers, George Nakashima. It is a live edge walnut slab that is joined to a walnut base using through tenons.The base is assembled using a complex bridle joint. You can watch how I built it YouTube Video or read about it below Building a Live Edge Slab Coffee TableToday I’m building this Nakashima inspired walnut live edge table.Let’s get right into it, I’ve already milled and ripped the legs to their final dimensions, and...

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Greene & Greene Thorsen Sideboard #7: Cloud Lifts and Square Plugs

03-13-2020 04:52 PM by TungOil | 3 comments »

With my panel veneering completed, I move on to the detail work for the carcass. Most of the edges get a 1/8” round over, so I handle those on the router table. Most of the rounding work can be completed with a standard router bit, but the slots in the lower stretchers are too narrow for the pilot bearing on a standard bit. For those, I switch to a special bit with a very small pilot bearing, as seen in this image. The cloud lifts and slots on the lower stretchers require ...

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Greene & Greene Thorsen Sideboard #6: Veneering the Panels

12-30-2019 05:33 PM by TungOil | 12 comments »

With the majority of the joinery completed, I move on to making the veneered panels. I use a vacuum press to attach the 1/16” sapele veneer to the Baltic birch cores. The veneer is arranged in a book match pattern. To assure a tight fit between the veneers, I first pull them together with a stretchy blue tape on the back side. The elastic nature of the tape helps pull the joint tight. Once taped and tight, I flip the veneers over and apply a strip of veneer tape down the center o...

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Greene & Greene Thorsen Sideboard #5: Mortising

12-21-2019 02:48 AM by TungOil | 9 comments »

With the rough material preparation complete, I work on bringing the stock to final dimensions and cutting the mortises. I start by flattening one face of each part on the jointer, then square up one adjacent edge. The opposite face is planed parallel and then the part is cut to width on the table saw. To clean up any saw marks left by the table saw, I make a final pass on the jointer. This sideboard is like a 3D puzzle. I mark the parts carefully to be sure I keep them correctly ori...

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Converting a Garage into a Wood Shop + #3: Adding Wood Storage to Garage!

11-30-2019 06:03 AM by CaptainKlutz | 0 comments »

Today’s blog is about storing wood in garage with limited space. I completed this work about a week ago. Since area above the garage doors is already designated as ‘attic’ space for house hold items in blog post #2, that space is gone. Only option is to use a wall rack. Bought a pair of 48” tall 6 shelf lumber racks from Woodcraft on sale ~15 years ago, and like everything else that old in my shop; they have been used in 3 different homes, and now get installed...

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Building a Semi Elliptical table with a gilded silverleaf top

11-21-2019 11:56 PM by BenhamDesign | 6 comments »

This was a fun build that stretched many of my skills. Figuring out all the angles to produce the segmented edge along the top, was a lot of fun. The gilding process for the silver leaf is something I plan on exploring more textures and colors in the future, and using the spokeshave to shape the legs was awesome. Definitely an underutilized tool in my shop. The table is made from African Mahogany. The top is gilded with silver leaf, and then a patina was applied with sulfur potash to ad...

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Wood Finishing #1: Varnish vs Polyurethane

09-20-2019 03:48 PM by John Smith | 3 comments »

Varnish vs. Polyurethane Before we dig into the details, let’s talk about why we need different finishes for outdoor applications. Any wood that is used outside is going to be exposed to a wide range of climate conditions, as well as a good dose of damaging UV rays. These elements serve to break down the finish over time. Furthermore, changes in humidity cause the wood to expand and contract, and a standard indoor finish (such as polyurethane) would simply crack and deteriorate under these...

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Krenov Cabinet #2: Dry fit of base

09-13-2019 01:03 AM by Kaelin Quigley | 3 comments »

Here is the legs and aprons joined with biscuits. Nothing is glued up nor square though. Aprons 3 1/4” wide and 9 1/8” and 18” long

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