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Another new shop - third time's the charm? #5: Why Does My Shop Smell Like Turkey?

12-09-2019 08:00 PM by DrPuk2U | 0 comments »

This is the fifth in a series of posts. I intended to post as I went but the work was HARD and it was often all I could do to get the work on the shop done. Documenting? Sure, later… So now the shop is largely done (haha) and I’ll try to document how I got here. So by now the shop was looking good. Framing, electrical, insulation, walls, paint and even flooring. However, the house we live in is much smaller than our previous (huge) house in Illinois (6200 sq. ft, 800 sq. ft attic an...

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"Hobbit Holes in MyWorld" --by RusticWoodArt #69: My Zone of Wood Art

03-23-2010 08:35 AM by frank | 8 comments »

My Zone of Wood Art ….art is the interpretation of what is before you, and therefore needs no-out-side influence to make it more then it is in this moment. The problem that many have with art is that it is all-ways regulated to some other plane of our existence, out-side the time-work of where we are now. Because the many see art as so ‘other’, these many lost souls to the world of art, will in-deed all-ways be seeking for art as if it is some-thing that is found in the so ...

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Craftsman Bungalow Restoration #20: Madness and The Deck

04-11-2009 05:34 PM by gizmodyne | 22 comments »

Home Tour MadnessIn two weeks (April 26) our house is going to be featured on the neighborhood home tour. Over 1000 people will be walking through…. gulp. I have a to-do list longer than my arm. I’ll give you more details on that later. Item 50: Build DeckPreviously we had a crummy set of dilapidated stairs leading to our back door. After some poorly planned landscaping we ended up with a dirt circle. Seen behind me in this picture. On the upside it was a good place ...

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Are we ready yet?

09-03-2008 04:14 AM by TheKingsTreasures | 1 comment »

We have been working real hard trying to get ready for the craft show coming up on Friday. I made a bunch of signs and Terry made benches to take but today he called me at work and said that we were not going to have anything left to take to the show. He sold 3 signs, a table and 4 benches already this week. I only have 2 days left to try and catch up. Maybe I’ll just have to take orders like I did last time but I was trying to have a good selection of different signs to choose from. I ...

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"Hobbit Holes in MyWorld" --by RusticWoodArt #10: "Rived Quercus alba"

05-16-2008 01:53 PM by frank | 4 comments »

Rived Quercus alba wood is rived, so a tree shows forth one’s inner strength, by his//her own choosing is man cleaved, by the criticism he//she creates…. —-show me a tree that hides from on-coming winds, and i will show you a man already wrapped in cerecloth, while i marvel at the hands of the mighty oak held high, i but stand in awe of that one who’s genetic dna creates within a critique of scars…. —-the trees i have known are gentle giants...

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"Breaking Forth as Maple" --by RusticWoodArt

04-08-2008 02:07 PM by frank | 2 comments »

Breaking Forth as Maple ....and so out of the ground i arose, sugar maple beauty of be-holden sweetness, orange and garnet shellac with brushed on effect, all burnished with hands tuned to fine steel wool…. Thank you.GODSPEED,FrankRusticWoodArt [email protected]:// —” smart, work safe, and live, to work the wood….”

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Chainsaw Carving and Other Stuff

01-16-2008 04:02 AM by CedarFreakCarl | 9 comments »

Good evening! I took these at Woodfest 2007 which the local woodworking store (Woodzone) put on back during the summer. I thought the chainsaw carving guy was pretty good. I’ve also included some pictures of a bandsaw mill and some of that vendors wares. Enjoy!!!

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The Best of 'Wood Art" #5: "Upcoming Awards Event and Multipurposing Some Wood" -- by RusticWoodArt

12-09-2007 05:31 PM by frank | 14 comments »

Upcoming Awards Event and Multipurposing Some Wood First of all if you’ve not been reading my series on the upcoming and ongoing ”LJ Woodworking Awards – Winter 2008” then you might want to click here and read what a lot of LJ’s have all-ready been reading about now and discussing since Debbie announced the ”Upcoming Awards Event” in the November eMag. Having said all that I thought I would get my series ongoing some more and post some more pict...

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"Slabbin' at Wood" #4: "More Safety, Chainsaw....Broadax" --by RusticWoodArt

09-26-2007 03:17 PM by frank | 5 comments »

More Safety, Chainsaw….Broadax Well that’s it….LOL ....I’m not able to blog my story I had thought to put in here this morning, since I was looking through the forums and I saw a question asked about; “If you where a hand plane?”! This got my mind to turning and so where I was going to go with “Slabbin’ at Wood” is out the door for today. Also let me say that I need to go and set up some photo jigs, so that I can also take some pi...

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Our Shop #1: Basic Layout

07-11-2007 06:36 PM by Lee A. Jesberger | 24 comments »

When designing the shop I tried to anticipate the type of work we would be doing. Looking back, I wasn’t even close. However, in spite of that, the work flow is very much the same for many woodworking projects. Our shop is laid out considering that work flow. Our entrance door is where we unload both sheet goods and solid lumber. We stack the lumber on stickers, prior to use, and the plywood is placed on a drywall cart. We place lumber on the chop saw station, which ...

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