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Blog series by bkseitz updated 02-16-2017 03:26 PM 25 parts 29958 reads 45 comments total

Part 1: Shop Air

10-10-2015 02:26 PM by bkseitz | 2 comments »

Nearing the finish up upgrading workshop with a compressed air system. Got a Husky 33 Gallon air compressor with (2) 50 ft. hoses last year thinking that would do while I figured out plumbing the shop. The past few months I’ve been installing hose reels and using the Rapidair garage air system to plumb out the area. Bought two kits and a couple of extra outlets. I’ve only one branch with two outlets left before its complete. How I design it has allowed me to use sections of t...

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Part 2: Compressed Air System & Electrical

10-20-2015 06:33 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Finished the compressed air system last weekend. Now I’ve got outlets within a few steps all around the workshop. The Rapidair system I purchased has been working out great. Now I can just blow floor dust and dirt away. When I get the dust collector system design and installed it should be easy to blow all the floor dust to a floor sweep dust collector. Now just one last connection to make for the electrical drop reels and electrical upgrades will be complete :-)

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Part 3: Band Saw

12-03-2015 06:24 PM by bkseitz | 5 comments »

After driving myself really crazy this year I finally broke down and purchased a Band Saw. I had been looking at everything from a Rigid 14 to Laguna 14LTE to a Grizzly 17. However all through the process I kept wondering what would I do with the thing. 99.999% of the projects I’ve done are using table saw, drill press, planer, jointer. And on rare instance a jig saw. What gives me angst goes back a few years ago when I started building a corner of my barn into a workshop. ...

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Part 4: Band Saw Assembly

12-31-2015 01:15 AM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Started assembling my Craftsman 14” Band Saw today. Aside from a broken minor plastic part discovered during unpacking everything seems to be going together easily. Instructions are reasonably laid out. A few items I would have worded differently and added better illustrations. Left assembly in process for tonight. Still have table to bolt to trunnion and tune the saw. Not the fanciest saw on the block, but I think it will do as a starter or possibly for several years if my need...

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Part 5: Band Saw Assembly Part 2

01-02-2016 10:01 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Finished assembling and tuning saw yesterday. Runs nice. Now just need to move around benches to locate the saw where I need it. Then its onto dust collection system build. —Purchases nano filter from Wynn as 2nd to last component of the basic system. Should be a interesting project

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Part 6: Shop Evolution: Shop Tour

01-03-2016 01:48 PM by bkseitz | 4 comments »

Here is a short history tour of the evolution of my workshop. Its still by no means complete and if others are correct it will always be an evolving project. I started out using a small portion of a steel barn which was mainly used as a storage building to be both auto-shop, farm workshop, and woodshop. As you can see it was/is a clutter magnet. Over the past several years I’ve purchased several work benches and cabinets from Sears and Home Depot. This was for both stora...

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Part 7: Air Quality: Dust Collection and Air Filtration

01-06-2016 12:49 AM by bkseitz | 4 comments »

The past month I’ve been having a great email conversation with Dick Wynn (Wynn Environmental) as I continue to develop my design for my dust collection system. Rather than the typical HF modification kit that replaces the filter bag with a large canister, I’ve chosen to eliminate much of the standard hardware only using the blower and substituting a Oneida Super Dust Deputy and a Wynn 9L300NANO filter. This should give me a straighter airflow and better performance. Add...

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Part 8: Wall Track

01-21-2016 10:01 PM by bkseitz | 1 comment »

Added more wall track during a lunch break today. Focused mainly on getting automotive section completed so I can separate automotive from woodworking tools. Now I have an area dedicated to sharpening and maintaining tools Still to finish is the rough cut, drill press and measurement workstation areas This weekend is back to electrical work: troubleshoot lighting bank, install Outside Motion Sensor LED & Overhead LED lights and Heat lamps for the Goat Bar...

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Part 9: Shop Remodel -continued reorganinzation

01-28-2016 01:43 AM by bkseitz | 3 comments »

Not much time the past week. Had a minor accident working outside that took me out for most of the weekend and week. However, did have some time to do some minor relocating of machines, cleanup and hanging some more wall track. The basics for a sharpening and welding station in automotive shop. Automotive parts and special tools section of automotive shop. Eventual home for router and sanding stations Views down the main walkway of the shop ...

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Part 10: Shop Reorganinzation

01-28-2016 09:37 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

No pics today regarding progress. Took a quick break from work to install (4) more husky wall tracks, then sort screws and nails on one of the workbenches. Not a big accomplishment but I’ve got one bench cleared and fasteners that were thrown on the bench put away. Shop may yet get in some sense of organization

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Part 11: Shop Reorganinzation

01-31-2016 04:54 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

1/29/16 No pics today regarding progress. Took a quick break from work to install (4) more husky wall tracks, then sort screws and nails on one of the workbenches. Not a big accomplishment but I’ve got one bench cleared and fasteners that were thrown on the bench put away. Shop may yet get in some sense of organization. 1/30/16 More of the same today, just sorting and putting hardware away. Got lots of hardware to sort through. Looking at the Granberg Chain Saw mill this afterno...

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Part 12: Band Saw: Fence Upgrade

01-31-2016 05:20 PM by bkseitz | 4 comments »

Started looking into buying a Fence for newly acquired Craftsman Band Saw. The way most are and the table for the saw requires disassembly of the fence rails to change blades. While I’m not likely to change blades often it still looks to be a bother. Considering a combination of a Kreg Fence and hanging it cantilever style on stand-off spacers to the left of the blade. That way I have an opening to take the blade out without having to remove the fence. Figure if I need to add a f...

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Part 13: More reorganinzation

02-11-2016 11:53 PM by bkseitz | 2 comments »

Band Saw and Lath area coming together nicely. Still have more track wall to install and some overhead shelves. Temporarily moved all the sanders next to biscuit and dowel cutting tools while I brainstorm the sanding/downdraft table I’ll be building this summer. Hand tool workbench cleaning up nice, but think I’ll be moving chisels and planes to under homemade workbench with twin screw tail vice. Chemicals and safety equipment cabinets have stayed in plac...

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Part 14: Shop Reorganinzation continued

02-13-2016 10:06 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

A few productive hours in the shop this morning. Hung up some more items on track wall brackets I purchased yesterday. Plus some more power strips mounted on walls above work benches and another on my table saw outfeed table which is rapidly becoming another workbench and assembly table. Other great news. Local Home Depot came through with Vacuum Adapter for my Battery Powered Corner Cat Sander. Now if they find the rest of the Husky Track Wall I need (~ 30) I’ll be satisfied. D...

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Part 15: Band Saw Fence

02-19-2016 07:05 PM by bkseitz | 2 comments »

Looking at YouTube this morning, found an interesting approach to Band Saw fence. I haven’t been happy with the few I’ve found on the market. All of them seem to be either a mess of clamping or bolting the fence rail such that the cover up the blade slot on my Craftsman 14” table. That means unbolting the thing every time I need to change a blade. ugh! AmericanWoodworker Channle had a video on a Universal Bandsaw Fence . This was actually a combination extension ab...

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Part 16: Shop Organization Shopping trip

03-04-2016 02:53 PM by bkseitz | 7 comments »

Made a run to Rockler on way home from work yesterday. Spent way too much time looking at the toys: Worksharp system, M.POWER CRB7 MK3 7-In-1 Router Jig, etc. Too easy to get caught up with all the possibilities. Got back down to the business I went there for. Purchase some 4” Casters for DownDraft/Sanding Table Build, some additional miter guides for Band Saw Fence build, DustRight 21’ x 4” hose for dust collection project, and a table saw insert to make a 3/4” ...

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Part 17: Rockler Demo and Unexpected Shopping trip

03-07-2016 04:06 PM by bkseitz | 7 comments »

Took a break from working this weekend—cool project at my day job—to go to a series of demos/classes at my ( local? ) Rockler Store in Tukwila, WA. I guess local is in the eyes of the beholder; Its about 50 miles away. I had put a reminder in my cellphone calendar several months ago, but only had it alert me “the day of” not the prior day. Fortunately I’m an early riser. Off I went. They had two great demos. Turning and Making Raised Panels. I was really ...

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Part 18: Continued Focus on Dust Collection

03-26-2016 07:11 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Little physical progress this past month, but got a lot done on the design side. I continue to focus on collection end of DC system. Got, though in retrospect I could have made, a small house and cord holder from Rockler. Laney Shaughnessy had a video on how to build you own, I discovered after I purchased one. Well maybe next time :-) I had previously purchased a Universal Small Port Hose Kit from Rockler. It works great with my small power tools -reason for purchasing the Hose and C...

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Part 19: Micro-Jig Caddy and Shop Manuals

04-03-2016 02:12 AM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Spent this morning walking the farm, fixing fences, then off to the shoo for a little more de-clutter activity and a few small projects (sorry not pictures this weekend): - Added t-Track tie-downs to my Kreg K4 set-up, so I can just lock it down to the assembly bench track: No more clamping :-) - Added a dust collection system to the K4. A mixture of Rockler Small Port Hose Kit, DustRight 4” to 2 1/2” adapter, 4” DustRight Quick Disconnect, Dust Right® 4” Expan...

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Part 20: Micro-Jig Gripper Caddy Pictures

04-03-2016 09:50 PM by bkseitz | 2 comments »

Not real fancy, but it works and is conveniently located so I won’t forget to grab a push-block :-)

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Part 21: Rockler Universal Dust Port to Kreg K4 Pockethole Jig

07-22-2016 01:36 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Hooked my Rockler universal dust port hose to my current Ridged 1HP DC via an adapter and 4” flex hose Stumpy Nubs may have a point; I get a lot of build up in the 4” hose and I can see the flow is very restricted at the 2” hose end. When I pull off the adapter the chips disappear from 4” clear pipe like magic. So the restriction via from the stepdown and the jig itself are creating a super low velocity. After talking with my friends over at Rockler in Tukwila, they informed me t...

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Part 22: Band Saw Fence

09-04-2016 04:45 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Purchased a Kreg Band Saw Fence on Friday for my 14” Craftsman. Spent last few day’s figuring out how-to attach so I can remove blades without disassembling the fence each time. Think I’ve got it. 1/2” square tube rail as a stand off for the guiderail and a quick disconnect knob for outboard facing bolt. This should allow the blade to be easily slipped between guiderail and table, yet maintain alignment of guiderail. Will post pictures once completed and tested

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Part 23: Band Saw Fence Build

09-09-2016 12:26 PM by bkseitz | 0 comments »

Looking forward to this weekend. I’ve a few hours before I take my dog to the Vet to work on some short projects. First on the list is Band Saw Fence build. Purchased the 1” square aluminum tubing Wednesday in prep for Saturday’s build out. Sketched out the minor mod I’ll be making to the Kreg Fence—I’ll loose about an inch of fence length but gain the ability to change blades without having to disassemble the fence each time.

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Part 24: Band Saw Fence Part 2

09-25-2016 11:14 PM by bkseitz | 1 comment »

Finished modified install of Kreg Band Saw Fence to my Craftsman 14” BS. Tried it out with good results :-) Originally I was going to build a extended table on top, but that would have lost me an inch of cutting height which was already close. A compromise for getting a really low priced BS. So far this unit seems to cover all of my needs++ But I’m only starting out with it. The issue I had with most after market fences is that they all bolted to the table such that I...

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Part 25: Kaisen Foam: Door and Latch Kit

02-16-2017 03:26 PM by bkseitz | 1 comment »

I’m a big fan of the Rigid Modular Tool box series. I use these tool boxes mainly to organize my Ryobi ONE+ tools into grab and go kits for projects around the town. I’ve a few other Battery tools hung for easier access, such as drills. But most of my woodshop are either hand tools or power tools, so portability for out of shop work trumped in-shop convenience. The a couple of weeks ago I had gotten some kaizen foam to organize my shop(s) better. First off was my measur...

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