A Shaker Style Table, 2022 version

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Blog series by bandit571 updated 05-12-2022 12:45 PM 13 parts 8018 reads 13 comments total

Part 1: Start up

04-27-2022 09:50 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Bought a few planks of Ash for $9…..four at 7/8” x 5-1/2” x 77” and one at 7/8” x 5-1/2” x 48” with a live edge. Needed to haul the 4 longer planks to the shop, and figure where to cut what…. Maybe cut 2 boards up for the table’s top….the other for the legs, and the last one.. Save for the aprons and a drawer front….with these sitting on my tablesaw, will have to do the cutting to lengths elsewhere… Make a mar...

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Part 2: Top needs jointed and glued up

04-28-2022 02:00 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Clamped the first board into the leg vise,,,,add a clamp.. So things stay put. Since everybody is always saying how good one of these planes is… And since the board is only 24” long…I’d thought I would give it a try….It has issues, with wanting to lean….and is hard to balance. Cuts find. That steel yardstick? makes a nice straight edge to check for gaps…or high spots…Set this plane aside, and got out a real Jointer plane… ...

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Part 3: Legs, just..legs

04-29-2022 02:10 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

First, I need to rip some blanks about 20” or so long. I had the 2 cut-offs from the top’s planks,,, Yep, 20” just missed the split ends….one fell apart while I sawed the scrap off…and, just in case…I cut a 20” long section out of plank #3,,,again, just missing the bad end….Had to use the D-100 again….hadn’t moved the table top just yet… Was easier with the handsaw, anyway. Now that the tablesaw is cleared off…...

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Part 4: taper the legs

04-30-2022 02:05 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

I guess to be considered “Shaker Style”....legs need to have tapers done…so Lay out a cut line. Trying for a 1” square foot….then line up with the stop line at the top…Next…remove the waste. Norm Abram made a jig for his tablesaw….older way was with a powered jointer…still older would be to use a hand plane, start at the foot, and work back towards the top….. I don’t have the jig anymore, and do not have a jointer ...

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Part 5: Working on that top

05-02-2022 02:32 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

When last seen, it was just 4 planks glued up.. Time has come to clean it up…and trim it down to size… Between a coarse belt on the sander, and this Stanley No. 6c….goal was to clean off the dried glue lines, and level a few ridges…Then trim one end square.. If I can’t take this to the tablesaw….a vintage saw and the rip fence can be used, instead…, the other end Had a blank for the bread board ends…was too short, but will help...

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Part 6: Working on that top,part 2

05-03-2022 01:02 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Ok…Top is back out of the clamps…needs the glue joints cleaned and leveled up.. Areas with the big dried glue lines got sanded down….other high spot got the No. 6c treatment…on both faces. Once the underside was reasonably flat and smooth….added a little something extra…. Seems I do have a Branding iron, to mark my Projects with….takes a while to heat the BIG brass up… Comes in it’s own fancy box, too.. Once that is done, an...

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Part 7: Tenons next

05-04-2022 02:13 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

There are 3 aprons…the 4th (front) will be a drawer. Aprons needed a tenon on each end… Set up the tablesaw…yes, the tablesaw… For both the height of the blade, and the location of the rip fence…idea is to make a series of passes, with the rip fence as a “stop”... I do use the mitre gauge…I start out on the end of the board, and work towards the fence.. Rotate the board until both ends have a tenon formed…..then, not moving t...

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Part 8: Mortises, lots of them

05-04-2022 08:57 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

I guess the socket a dovetail’s tail goes into could also be called mortise? Lunch was going to be way late, DoorDash foul-up….spent 2 hours in the shop, today….mainly beating on chisels, and trying to get saws to work… Had 2 sticks to work on….once they were cut down to the correct length… One will get stubby little tenons on each end…the other will get dovetail “tails” on each end After trying the bandsaw to see how well it cut...

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Part 9: Doing a little assembly

05-07-2022 01:31 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Time to knock apart that dry fit…clean a few things up, and a bit of a glue up Things that needed cleaned up? Areas like this on the tenons…and pare a bit on the tenons for a better fit..A bit of glue on a tenon..both ends One side glued up…then.. wasn’t quite done with either of these 2…such milling on the tablesaw produced a pair of runners for the drawer to slide….and they needed installed.. First one…had issues…this is after t...

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Part 10: Drawer build, part 1

05-08-2022 05:28 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Had aGulley-washer roll through…which sometimes means… That the Dungeon Creek will rise…this is also where the table base was sitting. Yep, Got it’s feet wet. Removed all the clamps, set the top and the base on the tablesaw, for now..Tried the drawer front for size…not quite…needed jointed down a bit.. As there was a “high spot” in the middle… High spot is now on the floor…test the fit, again.. I think that will do....

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Part 11: dados, and a dry fit

05-09-2022 01:48 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Had to figure a way to hold the drawer side still, while milling a dado.. A stop block and a pair of clamps…score across, then handsaw down to depth….and use the stanley 45 to get roughly to depth…there was an issue with the 45 wanting to tilt a bit… Used the Stanley 71-1/2 to level things up….couple dry fits…to get the back to size..was to wide in both directions..finally.. Checked for square.. I thought I had a plywood panel on hand….jus...

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Part 12: Monday, busy Monday

05-10-2022 02:31 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Normally, the shop is closed on Mondays…but..decided to take a chance, anyway..first, I figure IF I merely cleaned the place up a bit…that wouldn’t count as “work”. Bench was getting a bit messy… Hmmm, took a bit… but a lot of this stuff needed to be put away, as I wasn’t using these things, anyway…so I did have to get out a couple items.. Because the drawer sides needed drilled and counter sinks done...3 screws to hold the drawe...

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Part 13: Assembly of the table

05-12-2022 12:45 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Into a table..Drawer came out of the clamps…was cleaned up, and a knob screwed and glued in place,,test fit into the opening… Top was seen by this… To mill a bevel all the way around, on the underside… Then the base was attached to the top… Any left over pencil marks removed,,,BEFORE a coat of Amber Shellac could get brushed… Drawer was done separately… Once everything was dry.. Will rub this down with 0000 steel wool, later…...

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