A Project for March

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Blog series by bandit571 updated 03-16-2021 01:47 PM 9 parts 4058 reads 7 comments total

Part 1: Back story, and a start up.

03-06-2021 02:09 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Had a stack of “Leftovers” from the last project….mainly Ash.. Thought about resawing all this down….keeping the better parts at 1/2” thick….but.. Not going to be easy… Figured I could set the rip fence to 2-1/2”.. And avoid the worst of the defects… (Firewood) The 1×2s ? Hmmm, may take some careful cutting….Reset the tablesaw….Zero Clearance Overly, fence 1/2” away from the blade…..blade a...

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Part 2: Panel building, 2 done, 2 to go

03-06-2021 11:59 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Well, that stack of 1 sorted out…worst of the batch went into the scrap can….the better looking ones were all trimmed to the same length… Then a bit of jointer work, to get the edges ready for glue… Set this aside for a few days….selected 2 more boards… Longest 2 I could find. I did a little work on them, to get them ready for a glue up…edges jointed.. Kept checking for any gaps. Finally.. This will become the back panel of ...

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Part 3: Sides are done..

03-07-2021 04:32 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Even found enough for a single drawer front. Got the sides glued up… Side #1 and.. Side #2….while these waited on the glue to get dried…Lid was cleaned up.. From this mess to… Same face. Same with the panel for the back of the box… Was even able to use a smooth plane on it… Just waiting on the glue to cure, on these 2 sides.. While looking through the rest of the stock, to find a piece for above the drawer front(s)... I found the...

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Part 4: Last sides done, things trimmed for size

03-08-2021 08:58 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

These two.. Are out of the clamps… Handsome, ain’t they? Checked to see IF they match up to each other… of course, they don’t….we have ways… Place them in the vise together, Millers Falls No. 11 Junior Jack to plane until they DO match….so, how do the match up with the back panel? As usual….Mark a line, joint down to that line, check with a straight edge.. Ok…need to trim the back and sides…and for square.. Firs...

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Part 5: Dovetail time

03-10-2021 05:57 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

First, I needed to lay out all the parts as to what goes where…. 2 sides, a back, a front and a drawer front….was trying to wrap the grain around all four sides, and even the front of the drawer…right side? Close? Left Side? A bit better….Single Brain Cell Sketch Up Plane decided there will be through dovetails on the corners, needed to get the toys out for that sort of thing.. Things to do layouts with, a saw, and a mallet to drive a few chisels… ...

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Part 6: Rebate, and some grooves

03-11-2021 04:26 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Floor of the compartment sits in a rebate in front of the box..set up the Stanley 45 for that job… Took longer to set up, than to actually do this….next…reset the 45 again.As the other 3 sides need a groove to match….longer rods, to reach over into the middle….use the just ploughed rebate to set the distance… Set the jig up.Plough a 1/4” wide groove… The router plane is there, to level the bottom of the groove. had issues with the two...

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Part 7: Clamps, on and off, and back on,again

03-13-2021 02:00 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

getting a bit of an “update” spread over the past 2 days….Day #1…. had a cheap paint brush handy…spread the glue in and around all the dovetails, and one rebate…then that forest of clamps shows up… About all I could do then…was just let it sit overnight….This morning was also Laundry Detail…0900hrs sharp. Load up the washer, unload the clamps.. Work on cleaning up the corner joints…will address the front of the plywo...

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Part 8: Build a drawer

03-14-2021 02:03 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Laundry Detail this afternoon…meant about 3 hours in the shop, while the Laundry got done… Last glue up was removed from the clamps… Not too bad? Means I can better size the parts to the drawer. Front needed a trim on the ends, and a swipe or two along an edge….same with the 2 sides. Already had one corner dovetailed… So, now I needed to get the other end dovetailed…Same as before..Lay out the pins, first.. Saw the lines… Cut a k...

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Part 9: Almost done

03-16-2021 01:47 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Set up a sander, to remove burn marks, and overlong dovetails… Made sure this table was square to the platten,,,, Burn marks on the lid are gone. Clamps on the drawer are too. Sanded the corners smooth, all four of them, and tried a dry fit into the case… Didn’t want to shove it all the way in…in case it gets stuck….there was an issue, though….bottom of the drawer was a bit too long…needed trimmed down a bit…we have ways.. Juni...

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