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Blog series by bandit571 updated 04-04-2020 01:09 AM 12 parts 6939 reads 10 comments total

Part 1: Start of a plan, and a mess

03-14-2020 12:20 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Things are getting messy, dis-organized, and just needs something better,,, This entire area needs a “facelift” from the left side’s messy pile.. All the way to the right.. Lines show the limits I can go to. IF a door would swing open on a new cabinet…it has to clear the plane til. This side, nears to clear the drill press handles…. I can go until the ceiling joists, about 48” above the benchtop. And 36” in width….maybe. De...

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Part 2: Sorting has begun, slowly....

03-18-2020 12:46 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Did a face plant Sunday….nose and right shoulder hit the floor…hard, I don’t bounce, like I used to. Monday shop was closed, while I healed up a bit.. Today? Culled the herd a bit… Went through all of the Yankee screwdrivers….The #133H ones went into a drawer. Checked out each one of the 135s, the 130s….if it had an issue, into the drawer….if no issues were found?....and these were the ones that are “perfect”....springs work, ch...

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Part 3: Thinning the herd

03-20-2020 11:00 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

And a few rehabs along the way…Thinned down the Yankees.. Rest are in storage, for now…Squares? Keeping a full set…along with 3 combo squares… Along with just 8 braces. Road Trip today, just had to get out of the house for a bit…..went to Menard’s….and bought a bit of Pine Lumber Might not be enough..but 10pc @ 1×10 x 4’.....should be a start. There are a few 1×4s under that stack.. Couple of 3 footers, and a couple...

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Part 4: A solid, glued up back, for a start..

03-22-2020 03:43 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Went through the stack of ten 1×10 x 4’ planks…trying to get 4 “pick of the litters” and haul them to the shop. Goal was to joint the edges, and glue up a panel for the back of the case…..nned to attach racks and things to hold tools in….a 1/4” thick plywood panel just wouldn’t do…. Happen to stand one 4 footer straightup, in the location the new Tool “shed” will go…....something didn’t look quite right&#...

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Part 5: 1 out of the clamps, 2 back in..

03-23-2020 02:16 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Almost like the “1 step forward, 2 steps back?”? Not quite…At least the back panel came out decently… Hmmm, left a pile of c clamps on my bench…Ok, put these away, for now…need the bench space. There was a problem with the two 1×4s I WAS going to use Worse.. Also needed a better 1×10….off to Lowes, and pick out a decent 1×4 x 6’, and a 1×10 x 6’ Then set layout work.. Top and bottom panels but into ...

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Part 6: A little assembly

03-24-2020 04:02 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Ok, last two glued up panels are out of the clamps.. These will be the top and bottom of the case. Decided to go ahead with the assembly. Needed a way to keep the back panel from falling over.. Had to spin the back around, as I’ll be working from the “outside” of the case….a big, old c clamp did the trick…Then figure out which panel to attach first…and how to do it…. First I drilled a bunch of pilot holes. The “fun” was holdi...

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Part 7: Load it up !

03-26-2020 06:58 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Ok…took a few days, and moved a few things around… Used to be a red, plastic shelf with a few screwdrivers hanging there…and a couple boxes were moved….hmm. How about a tour of the cabinet….still have two doors to build, but… Red shelf is filling up…I salvaged the rack from the old drill til, as well.. Upper right hand corner… Bottom right corner…thinking I could store a plane along the bottom edge… Bottom left corn...

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Part 8: Build a door

03-28-2020 07:01 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

First, I need a glue up done…two 1×10s hauled to the shop. trimmed down from 4’ to 36-1/8” long, then clamped up and the edges jointed. Then glue the two together, into a panel… needed a few cauls… Should have seen the knots on the ends I cut off.. Let this mess sit a day…had to go out and buy some new 1×4s, anyway…last two were a bit too bowed up…So, took the clamps off.. 2 of the 3 new 1×4 x 6’ boards were hau...

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Part 9: rack for some chisels, door#2 started..

03-30-2020 04:34 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Taking things a bit slow, lately….taking it easy on the right hand….so had a stash of extra chisels.. Along with a few everyday users….some of the “extras” can go back in the rack along the back of the tool well…about 7 needed a new home, though. Dug around in the scrap pile….wanting a couple strips. 2 that were a bit on the thicker side, and one thin one. One of the thicker strips was cut down to about the right length, to fit inside a d...

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Part 10: Clamps came off, build-a-door #2, and other stuff

03-31-2020 08:27 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

All clamps came off. 1×4s hauled to the shop…supplies laid out, even found a full box of 2” long, coarse thread screws…. So, laid the 1×4 x 6’ down on the mitre box…find the center…should leave 2 pieces at 36” long…in theory I can’t hold the saw in a “death grip”...makes sawing go better…also use the entire length…not just more teeth, it keeps the wear on just the middle section of the saw to a min...

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Part 11: We have hinges!

04-02-2020 04:00 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Got to the point I just had to get out of the house..can only stay cooped up so long. So, mail a box out, then head to Lowes for a bit…even had the van’s window down a bit….enjoyed the fresh air, as it were…. Anyway, bought 2 hinges. 30” long. With TINY screws…We have ways… Had some 1” screws I could add in, about every 4th screw. Had the driver for the screws, another with a VIX bit… Needed a way to set the doors open, while...

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Part 12: Plugs done, latches installed, stain applied

04-04-2020 01:09 AM by bandit571 | 4 comments »

Update on that plug cutter, needed sharpened…and a skinny board for the vise on the drill press. was having trouble cutting the plugs.. Once they were made, a small screwdriver could pop them out, dab of glue on the narrow end, and tap into place.. let the glue set a bit. Chisel and a tap with the hammer to trim the plugs down…block plane to smooth things out.Sharpened the cutter, today.. And made the last 11 plugs. made a road trip to Lowes, and picked up the latche...

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