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Blog series by bandit571 updated 08-02-2019 03:42 AM 22 parts 14351 reads 33 comments total

Part 1: Start up, plans, and lumber

06-29-2019 06:25 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

This is what I have now,,, Been around for a while….need something with more drawer space, and a better “hutch”...Picked up a load of 1×6 Ash… Then made a little sketch…. Figured I can make a hutch once the desk itself is made….Single Brain Cell Sketch Up then made a paper Plan.. Sides were laid out as frame & raised panel…need 3 sides made ( there have already been a few changes in those measurements, too) and a drawer unit that ...

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Part 2: feeling groovy..

06-29-2019 08:48 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

needed a BUNCH of grooves milled….normally that would be a job for the Stanley 45…..except when boards are a tad narrow…36 grooves is a lot of work. Reset the rip fence and the blade height….1/4” or so between the fence and the blade…. Which left a small ribbon down the center. #45, without the fence, was used to clean the bottom of each groove..1/4” cutter. depth stop at 1/4”....took a bit…next task was tenons, on the ends of the...

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Part 3: late night, problem corrected..

06-30-2019 01:32 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Well, last night, after a long day of Garage sales and other errands…snuck down stairs to the shop. Decided to joint the rough edges of the rest of the blanks for the raised panels…. One edge done, times 11….while doing the other edges, 2 blanks at a time… Noticed that some edges were not lined up, and some blanks were wider than the others…set up the rip fence, run the edges through….now, all 11 are the same width…all edges parallel…good...

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Part 4: raise a panel?

06-30-2019 04:27 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Many ways exist…and I tried a bunch of them….router tables…..table saws…hand planes…..then watched how paul Sellers did his…..thought I could also just use a old Stanley No. 4…...well, i changed a few details, along the way…first, i cut a blank to size….and figure which face looked the best….Then mark a “stop line” about 1” in from the end.. I had also jointed the edges straight and smooth…they were a bit r...

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Part 5: Mortises, glue ups...side #1 done..

07-03-2019 05:28 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

6 panels were raised…should be enough for a little bit….need to chop 20 mortises, into 4 stiles…and fit things to fit first layout didn’t go as planned….used two rails and one panel, to work my way done one stile…test fit the entire side looks good, right? Not… “Mission-creep”? 2 marks are where the tenon was supposed to go….grabbed a second stile.. And re-marked where the tenons actually are….set the mis-marked st...

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Part 6: Side #3 clamped up, start of the webframes

07-05-2019 04:30 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Lets see, was a bit jumbled up, yesterday….too many errands to be run, right when I am trying to work…but needed 10 mortises chopped, and a pair of feet milled… Check for fit as I went along.. Since 2 raised panels were already done. Panel #3 had issues.. A knot and some splits going on….use this for the rebate side, other side? I think this will bevel well enough… Some of the rails were a bit …rough….planed those smooth….dry...

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Part 7: "a 3 hour tour..?"

07-06-2019 03:07 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Between errands, and a trip to the Blue Borg ( Lowes) for some lumber… Needed 3 more 1×2 x 6’ and that 1×4 x 4’ The 1×4 is for later…needed to cut 9 more stiles…to go with the 5 I already had.. Already had enough rails. Had to rip all the parts to width…as soon were a tad wider than others.. Ok, 10 stiles needed a 1/4” wide, by 1/2” deep groove milled….Was easier to do on the tablesaw… Then, to attach ...

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Part 8: A little assembly, another design change

07-07-2019 02:42 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Spent a little time in the shop….had kickers to get ready to install..Since the screws I had on hand were only 1” long, used a counter bore with a pilot hole. Then glue and screws.. Had also sanded the glue joints on the frames. kicker does not “guide” anything, merely keeps a drawer from tipping down, if you pull the drawer out a bit too far. I try to center them, and even check that they are straight with a square….but, location is by MK1 Eyeball. 4...

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Part 9: Knee well unit build

07-09-2019 06:21 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

I did get a stash of parts milled up.. 2 front stiles, two rear stiles (one of Pine), 4 rails, and the pieces for the center divider….I also got an ugly 4/4×4 plank to the shop.. rough sawn, had a large knot. Needed this cut into a couple parts, 28” long, for now… They also need to be 2” wide…set the rip fence for 2-1/4” width…run both blanks through, reset the fence to 2”, more of less…and run each through, with the freshly...

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Part 10: A little assembly work, and a top glue up..

07-13-2019 02:24 AM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Was time to joint the three parts of the base….drawer unit, knee well unit, and the leg unit…Pilot holes were drilled in the knee well unit.. But, needed something different, so I wouldn’t have screws going into a couple raised panels…so So the bottom frame is connected to stiles, instead… Used a 2” spacer, to keep things lined up…Got what screws I could.. Leg unit is connected to the knee well unit….which is then connected to the d...

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Part 11: Top cleaned up, and installed

07-14-2019 01:10 PM by bandit571 | 4 comments »

Sounds simple and easy enough to do? Remove the clamps from the glued up top….only sounds was from a couple of the cawls…creak. Laid the top onto the desk….and scraped away the dried glue….we have ways.. Stanley #70 scraper. Was made to remove painted on shipping labels, from wooden crates. Works great for dried glue, price tags, bar codes they print onto the wood…. Couple of clamps to keep things from walking away….between a beltsander, and a ...

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Part 12: Drawer start up..

07-15-2019 01:33 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Took 2 people to get the desk down off my tablesaw, yesterday. Took a couple trips up and down the stairs, hauling planks of 1×6 pine (3) and an Ash 1×6 ( best looking one of the lot) and other items…. Had work for the saw…cut enough blanks for the 4 main drawers…. Yes, there are 6 blanks of Ash sitting there….I picked out the 4 best… As for the other two? They had an issue with a knot… I doubt IF I want this in a drawer front. ...

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Part 13: 2 drawers done...more to do..

07-18-2019 04:38 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

catch up time… a little more done…Drawer dovetails…router without a jig? Lay out 2 stop lines, one for the dovetails, one for the router…. Router stop line is flush with the top of the vise’s jaws….depth of cut is 1/2”. Remember, safety first… MK1 eyeball to guide the cuts….a bit rough.. We have ways.. Couple of chisels for clean up….then use the pins to layout the tails…bandsaw to make a few cuts… ...

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Part 14: Build a drawer

07-18-2019 05:05 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Ok, most of the parts are ready? Well, the sides needed just a few more things done..Cleaned the dados, so the backs fit all the way in… Just happened to have the right width chisel, for that. Pilot holes for screws to attach the sides to the back.. Even the drill was “Vintage”....then flip the sides over, and do a countersink… Why change bits, just change drill and all…there is a bevel to the bottom corner.. Makes inserting a drawer into it’...

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Part 15: Fit a drawer

07-20-2019 04:31 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Ok, stained the fronts of 2 drawers. and a test fit of the handles… The way the desk was sitting, made it hard to fit drawers…so I slid it over here…drawers now fit…but. There was an issue with the raised panels intruding into the drawer’s space..can’t remove any of it, so..I planed the sides of the drawers down, until they fit…weapon of choice? Until I got too close to the screws at the back…then a beltsander finished up…Make a ...

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Part 16: More drawers to do

07-22-2019 12:38 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Got the clamps off of Drawer #3 and #4, this morning while the shop was still cool…Had to clean the sides up a bit.. Jack plane to get it close….then.. A #3 sized smooth plane to smooth things out…worked on both drawers…had an issue as to what one goes where… Got that straightened out. All edges got sanded, then the fronts got a coat of stain, and their handles installed.. Will do, for now..( I marked the inside of each drawer, as to which went where...

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Part 17: Last drawer, top worked on, stain...

07-23-2019 04:42 PM by bandit571 | 6 comments »

Ok, bought the last bit of plywood for the last drawer. Was looking to buy just a 2’x2’ square of 1/4” plywood….looked at the stuff Lowes had….more like a pinup picture, not a flat one in the lot. looked at the 5mm Luann 2’ x 4’ panels,,,,dollar more, but at least it was flat….got it home.. Shame to use this for a drawer bottom? used the bottom right corner…will save the rest for something that shows..Right hand drawer is out of t...

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Part 18: A PIP, and a Hutch start

07-24-2019 10:16 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Ok…PIP time for the main part of the desk…. From the front… And the top….2 coats of Amber Shellac….needs buffed out a bit… But wait, there’s more…. This desk also gets a hutch of sorts…as a place to better stash the tower… And maybe a whole lot more “stuff” This is the old hutch…stuff piled up everywhere. Need to bring the tower down closer to the top of the desk…and raise the monitor up o...

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Part 19: Hutch plans, and a start up

07-28-2019 12:45 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Moose and Squirrel have delivered a “Plan” to the shop…despite Boris and Natasha’s best efforts to steal it…so.. We have Plan….not much of a cut list, though… Yeah..ok…have a 4/4×8 plank for the top of the Hutch…but, it has “issues” So, today…I cut the top for length….and jointed the good edge…had a curve right in the middle of about 1/8” This will be the “back edge” of the...

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Part 20: dado work...and some assembly

07-29-2019 02:29 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Ok, for some dumb reason, I skipped lunch today…hauled a few items to the shop…set up that router…was a bit too deep….wanted it closer to 3/8”. Can’t do these dado on the bench, needed a way to hold things just long enough for one dado, slide the board a bit, and do the next….so.. Pine “pad” under the clamp. Gives me room to lay out and run the router…Layout. dado is narrower than the board using it. Also needed to know whe...

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Part 21: we have a glue up

07-30-2019 04:02 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

First,clamps came off everything ( and nothing fell apart…)I bought a package of brass screws…among other items goal here was to add a couple screw into each glue joint. Drill a few pilot holes, countersink the holes a bit, wax the screws and drive them home, then sand each side…. As I don’t trust just glue for these joints. ( and I only snapped one screw head off..) Cubby Hole Assembly was then clamped in place…this is where that hammer came in…...

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Part 22: hutch done, finish is on, almost done

08-02-2019 03:42 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

except for hauling this thing out of the shop to where it will call “home”...Hutch came out of the clamps, sanded things down, added screws in the top… Just in case someone wants to pick up the desk by the top of the hutch….ran the round-over bit around a bit, and set the hutch on the desk… While I figure out how to get everything stained…everything that will show… Took a while, let this sit until the stain dried. Got to thinking..( dangero...

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