Chester Drawers build

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Blog series by bandit571 updated 03-04-2019 02:58 PM 13 parts 8255 reads 26 comments total

Part 1: A plan is made

02-18-2019 03:15 PM by bandit571 | 6 comments »

Long time ago, back about Norm Abram’s second season…..Had a 2-1/2 car garage shop…doing all the usual projects for sale….came a request for a chest of drawers…..had never done one, before. Took a few days to figure things out, but delivered a 3 drawer unit. More orders came in, word of mouth sales. Needed a system to make chest of drawers quickly…. So, what this blog will be about, will be how those chest of drawers were made back then. Back th...

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Part 2: Corner posts milled

02-18-2019 09:30 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Well, since all the webframes are done, now.. Bottom frame gets two “kickers”, more to prevent a foot from kicking in the bottom of the face face…Hauled one 2×4 x 8’ to the shop…one at a time is easier to carry, and get down the steps to the shop..laid it on the saw, for now. Measured in from each end 43”, and made a couple marks Then moved everything I needed over to the bench, THEN the 2×4…made a couple cuts.. Then set the first...

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Part 3: Rails are milled

02-20-2019 03:34 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Took two trips, but both 1×4 x 8’ boards were hauled to the shop. Looked both over, trying to find two clear sections 26” long. They will be the top and bottom of the face frame. Set those aside.. According to the plans, the rails need to be 13-1/2” long…Decided to cut what I could to that length,,,some stuff went right into the burn pile….Need two pieces at 2-1/4” wide…ripped those….and two at 3” width…ripped thoseR...

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Part 4: details, router, assembly

02-21-2019 02:32 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Ok, snowbound today. So, after Lunch, went to the shop, to get a few tasks done. Corner posts needed a couple rebates cleaned up, mainly in the corners,,,have a cleaner.. next, was the feet details….otherwise they look too “blocky”....olden days, I would just strike a line from the bottom rail to 1” from the outside edge…maybe something a little less plain? needed a way to trace a curve.. Hey, it works, makes a nice easy to cut curve.. Cut this out...

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Part 5: ready for a little assembly?

02-21-2019 11:57 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Time to put some of this mess into a case….set out a few tools.. One for pilot holes, and one to counter sink those holes…two pilot holes per end on the frames.. Then counter sink. got both ends of each frame done this way. Added a bead of glue, and a couple screws.. Line the frame up with the lay out lines….flush with the back’s rebate.. So the back panel can attach without any bulges….kept at it, until one side was assembled.. Then the tricky...

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Part 6: Add a back to the case

02-23-2019 04:35 PM by bandit571 | 4 comments »

Ok, after a LONG road trip, yesterday, and way too much sitting around waiting on other people…finally got back home….was after 3pm before I even thought about shop time….I did get the clamps off the case, and set it on the floor.. Set this aside for a bit. Hauled a plywood panel to the shop…was almost too big for the stairway….let alone the shop....There is actually 3 parts that need to be cut out of this…2 drawer bottom panels (later, when I build the...

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Part 7: face frame is done

02-24-2019 04:50 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Yesterday was a bit of hurry up, and wait…..needed a “Plan B” to set the case on, where I cut do a bit of chopping..First, needed to cut the rest of the rails to length….was a problem All the saws but the bandsaw were buried….had a “spare”, though… I could also reach the D8 panel saw in the til….Mitre box is by GEM…when done, I can fold it up, and stash it back in the tool chest…. All five rails, ready for the doveta...

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Part 8: Top is glued up...

02-25-2019 08:19 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

had “fun” hauling that 1×10 x 8’ to the shop….Kitchen ceiling is 7’.....header near the bottom of the Dungeon’s stairs is 5’...then find a spot to cut the plank down a bit…. Made the case into a sawtable….top will be going there, anyway. Looked over the board, needed two pieces 28-1/2” long,,,without too many defects…first section wasn’t too bad… Marked it, and cut it off. Then a short section… ...

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Part 9: Top installed, started on drawers

02-26-2019 03:08 AM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Monday, or no Monday…was bored sitting around the house…decided to at least remove the clamps off the top and clear the bench... Set the top panel back on the bench, figured out which was the better face, and left it laying on the bench…beads of dried glue were removed. Corner blocks were given slotted holes…. Not sure HOW I got this up there…centered…flush with the back of the top….4 screws installed…and then set it back down on it’...

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Part 10: Drawer Building 101, first drawer

02-27-2019 07:37 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

rather than use a saw to do these dovetails….went with a router….but, with a slight twist….as I do NOT have a dovetail jig anymore, don’t even have the collar. So..I measured a “stop line”.. This is where the router base needs to stop…have tried a batten…battens move, however.. Vise doesn’t. Router is set up for depth.. From here, everything is freehanded…spacings are by eye.. Then remove from the vise, and make a kni...

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Part 11: 3 drawer prep, and a jig

03-02-2019 03:21 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Was house sitting for most of the day….until about Suppertime. Started to haul a few 1×8s to the shop…one at a time…and cross cut the good, from the bad spots, and the ugly spots….Bad ones were large knots, causing a board to warp…cut those out….the ugly ones? Just no way I can trust or use something like this….First two 1×8 x 8’ boards were cut up,, left me with a few blanks for the drawer fronts… A few blanks for drawer...

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Part 12: milled 3 drawers, assembled one

03-03-2019 04:56 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Bright and early this morning…at least for me….Switched out router bits, and set the depth…where to clamp three drawer fronts at, to run the router? Hmmm….might work…will have to switch ends to get the clamped areas done.. Didn’t take that long, and I had three drawer fronts ready for the next steps… Plan was to get everything done on the fronts, all three of them, before doing the sides…so made a jig….can hold the fronts in pl...

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Part 13: Drawers done, and a PIP

03-04-2019 02:58 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Ok…issues with the drawer not wanting to close all the way…..seems the back of the drawer was a hair too wide…was finally able to repair the beltsander’s plug, so the beltsander was used to narrow the back of the drawer…drawer slid right in.. So…the other two drawer backs got an 1/8” removed in length. Plywood panels had been bought…and cut to size, almost…had to remove that 1/8” off of them as well…new box of 1-5/8”...

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