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Blog series by bandit571 updated 10-09-2018 11:51 PM 29 parts 21705 reads 57 comments total

Part 1: What the boss wanted...

09-07-2018 11:19 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Ok…We have a local store..sells close-outs and other items…and some furniture stuff. Boss saw a cabinet she liked..and brought home an ad for it… Hmmm…ok, and she wants me to build a version? Because it isn’t the right size….went to the store, with camera and a tape measure in hand..had to go back across the freshly sealed parking lot, to get a pen and paper…this is what I found… only stands 36” tall? length is what she w...

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Part 2: Starting up

09-07-2018 11:47 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Ok, these were hauled to the shop…took a couple trips.. All five needed to be cut down to around 41” long..leaves a bit to trim on the ends when done.. Marked out a cut line, trying to get the “best” of the board IN the 41”...the rest will be on stand-by for smaller parts Worked my way down the stack…each board was set up on a pair of scrap pine boards, and the a clamp to hold them all still, while I cut the excess wood off…. As much ...

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Part 3: 1st panel glued up

09-08-2018 12:05 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Just couldn’t stay out of the shop, that day ( paid for it the next..OW!) so after supper, I went back to the shop.. Instead of that huge #8…went with the lighter #7c….got an edge on one 1×6 jointed, test with the filler strip for gaps. Mark both as to where they will meet…worked the second 1×6 straight…only worked on one edge, for now. Got to where all three would sit still, without clamps or glue…more markings. One 1×6 stayed put...

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Part 4: Panel #2 is in the clamps....

09-08-2018 12:31 AM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Ok, this morning, the computer was having “issues”....tried a few restarts…then a few scans….decided to head for the shop, until the dang thing is ready for work…..the computer, that is…. Ok, in order to work on #2 panel..#1 had to get out of the way. Clamps came off…nothing creaked, nor cracked…good sign? Lowere the panel a bit and clamped it to the side of the bench. Jack and jointer went to work..goal was to joint the outside edges...

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Part 5: Side panels are done

09-09-2018 12:07 AM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Panel #2 came out of the clamps today. Jointed one edge straight…then got the idea to clamp panel #1 to Panel #2 And joint the edges til they matched…that was the plan….however.. With the other sides even..had this much to remove…more than “Just a little off the top”...wasn’t ready to push the No.7c THAT much… out an older jack plane, and roughed things down a bit.. Just to get things close.. For the other two planes to finish ...

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Part 6: We have Plan, and one frame done

09-10-2018 04:07 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

paper was used today….started in last night, needed measurements to start the frame building… Made a front view, to show where the parts were going to be…then, this morning the rest of the plan was drawn up This is the top frame, the bottom frame will get one more rail, for the center foot to attach to. Hauled the Pine 1×2s to the shop…and set up the smaller mitresaw.. To cut four long stiles, and 9 rails.. Then cut tenons on the rails.. Had some s...

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Part 7: Bottom frame and the dividers

09-11-2018 03:15 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Monday..normally the shop is closed. However, sitting around the house doing nothing gets BORING…makes a great motivator to get something done. Too wet for yard work….might as well head to the shop..Bottom frame needed built. I have a way of cutting mortises on the ends of a board..I use the tenon to lay out for the mortise Then I use a backsaw at an angle, to saw as much as I can….even dragging the toe back out of the cut a few times Then a mortise chisel tha...

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Part 8: Dividers are done, and installed

09-12-2018 03:50 AM by bandit571 | 4 comments »

Had a morning road trip, and Lunch…did a bit of shopping for the shop.. Hand broom and dust pan set, since the last set got broken…gets rough in the shop, somedays. hauled two boxes to the shop, along with the clean up tools, and the camera…took two trips.. One box has the Stanley #45. That mallet? It is the red handled rawhide one I had been using lately. Taped up to keeps things clean. Handle for a better grip, head so it doesn’t “peel” anym...

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Part 9: Face frames, a start is made

09-13-2018 12:34 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

While waiting on this computer to wake up, and repair itself (never did….) decided to haul the rest of the Ash 1×6s on hand to the shop…. Would have been nice to just glue these three up into the top of the case….like everything else this morning, there were “issues” going on. Issue #1 Issue #2.. Kind of hard to glue up a panel with these involved. Third plank had a couple knots along one edge…Well, I could cut these down into parts fo...

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Part 10: A tale of three tasks to do

09-14-2018 02:35 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

I set myself three jobs to do today…the second end panel needed a rebate made, to house the plywood back. Once that was done ( task #1) I could install both end panels onto the “mainframes”, and get rid of the clamps holding things together. (Task #2) and finally, needed to build a pair of frames to use with a drawer, and install those (task#3)........Got the rebate milled.. Unclamped the panel, set it in the leg vise, use the Wards (Stanley)#78 to plane the rebate&...

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Part 11: Short day IN the shop

09-15-2018 11:27 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Had trouble getting any sleep the night before. Mostly in this computer chair…. Remember back in High School Industrial Arts Class, where you had to build certain wood joints to pass a test?Half Lap…was suppose to be an easy one….lay things out, back saw to cut the waste away….easy as 1,2,3…right? Hmmmm..One ( after the layouts) Need to remember to cut on the waste side of the lines..Two.. Same saw, just a rip cut, this time…and, IF things we...

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Part 12: Up date to the Project..

09-18-2018 01:08 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Couple hours here, a couple there….Left side of the frame needed tuned up…to match the right side.. Got these joints fitting a little better….. Takes most of these tools, to fit the joints up….lot of flattening to do… The next trip to the shop..left side was tuned up. Both of the middle rails/stiles were also done…which left the curved center piece to do. Three nails, and a thin piece of plywood, mark out a fair curve…then cut that on the...

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Part 13: Late start, frame glue up

09-19-2018 12:10 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Waited until after lunch to start in on this…mess. Searched all through the house, and the shop…looking for c clamps of any sort….I think they may be related to pencils…both seem to ran away and hide. Managed to track down a pile of the critters.. Even cut a few cauls….might need a couple? And made sure there was enough glue…hate to run out in the middle of things ( brand new bottle sitting off to the side, just in case…Ok..first item..the bo...

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Part 14: Making the top, part 1

09-19-2018 12:31 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Can’t work at the bench, right…I can cleaned of the top of the case, haul three planks to the shop… First two, I could carry in one trip…they are also the shortest of the three…60-61” Plank #3 was a bit longer.. Needed to rip one of the planks of about 1-1/2” wide strip…. There were two like this one. Could not reach my go-to saw… SKIL 6” saw….however, I do have another such Vintage saw.. Craftsman 7-1...

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Part 15: Door parts

09-20-2018 01:08 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Had two work sessions in the shop, today….along with running errands for the Boss…..First up….all those clamps had to be removed..slowly. last thing i wanted to hear was a “CRACK”...last clamp finally came off…Found out just how heavy this frame is! Managed to get it over to the case…and clamped it to one end…case is a hair out of square…. Plan now is to screw one end into place where it is supposed to go….and work towards t...

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Part 16: a top gets glued up

09-21-2018 10:34 AM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Going to be a big one, tooHad the three blanks about the right size..edges needed some work, though.. Plane is a Stanley No. 8….10 pounds..24” long…planks are 57-3/4” long. Far end is jammed into the bench’s Crochet..there is barely enough room between the near end, and the washer behind me. One edge jointed, then another, check for gaps.. Wider of these two will be the “front” edge of the top…had both edges to joint…made a lot o...

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Part 17: A bit of assembly, and other weird stuff

09-22-2018 02:20 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

A “Smart Phone” goes stupid…Computer goes on a brain fart trip ( computer LSD??) Order and PAY for a single heater insert, and two show up at the house? Doctor’s office visit….once one of THOSE days….. There was a bit of woodworking done as well, though. Took a couple trips to the shop, to get set up, and do a bit of assembly…..Couple drills needed to go downstairs, a E-Cord reel needed to go along with them. And the Camera.. Cord reel, b...

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Part 18: A "normal" Saturday in the shop?

09-23-2018 05:12 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Twas a time, long ago..when I could put in 8-12 hour days in the shop on a Saturday. methinks those days are behind me… it seems 4 hours at a stretch is pushing it…6 hours and I have to rest a day. Oh well, here we go Flattened the top a bit. Worked my way “down”..from a No. 8 jointer plane….through the No. 7c…to.. This little guy. A No. 3c…to clean up places the other big guys missed….or tore out. Once that was done… ...

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Part 19: Tenons and mortises, and a short day

09-24-2018 09:23 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Was still sore from the day before. Tenons were done, at least on the rails for this door…hope the other door is easier….Needed to notch the top and board rails’s tenons a bit. Called a Haunched Tenon. Since the stiles have that groove, the little “tab” will fill that, and still leave a bit of a tenon…Next, get set up to chop a few mortises….need a jig.. Just three pieces of scrap pine….Spaced for a slip fit.. Mallet to bang the p...

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Part 20: More mortises, and a few panels

09-26-2018 04:12 AM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Another day closer to this thing being …..done. Laid the second stile against the first one, square to mark where the matching mortises will be…bad sign, that is not a shadow in there. I made a curved chisel last year, to help clean the bottoms of mortises,,,,today, it chose to snap the first 1/8” off….grrrrrr. Got the next one done, without breaking anything else.. Got the middle one done, turned things around, and chopped the last two…dry fit, th...

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Part 21: Panels are done, glue up made, next?

09-27-2018 03:41 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

There are two things that making a raised panel with hand planes produces…...lots of sweat, and.. This is about average for one panel….heart monitor was having trouble staying stuck to me. Managed to get the last of the panels made, and fitted….then spread some glue around.. While this in not going to be a new workbench….I can get some use out of it. Frees up space on the bench.. Hmmm…in theory? Rather than do 1/2 blind dovetails on the drawer f...

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Part 22: Door hung, drawer started..

09-28-2018 03:24 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Well, spent 3 hours of shop time yesterday. Seems to be about average amount of time I can spend in the shop at a stretch. Long time ago, an 8-12 hour stertch was being done. Them days are long gone. Anyway, the door glue up came out of the clamps yesterday…needed a bit of trimming to fit.. Both edges had a slight bow to them…Stanley #6c flattened that out. one end was a bit out of square, trimmed that , as well. Hinges…was having issues with the cordless dr...

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Part 23: Drawer get glued up..

09-29-2018 10:08 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Ok, yesterday’s shop time was split up a bit…..first half was grooves and dados…second half was drawer assembly.. One of the elements to this project involve this little heater insert.. Giving it a test drive. Electric Fireplace insert…Just like the “Prototype” Those “Drawers” were fakes… So, design was changed a bit. case grew another 6” in height, and 4” in length…keeping the 16” in depth. The fa...

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Part 24: Sanding, milling, roasting..

10-01-2018 04:46 PM by bandit571 | 5 comments »

Ok…shelf is in.. That missing piece on the drawer’s front is replaced….a back, of sorts, was added behind the drawer.. Open area below that is fore cables and cords to come through, from there on down is for air flow to the heater. Last night, after the Big Parade downtown, did a bit of sanding…cleaned up the drawer’s dovetails and the repaired corner.. May add a bead around the drawer..will see after this is upstairs. Far end of the top was cut to...

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Part 25: seven hours in the shop?

10-03-2018 06:05 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Plus a road trip to get a couple 1×12s for shelves..and a quart of stain….might take today off….kind of sore. Ok, this is going to be a LONG post….I started at 10:00 am and finished the main part by 4:00pm….then the road trip, then another hour in the shop….picture heavy day, too… On the way to the Dungeon Shop, looked out the backdoor of the house….NOT ready for leaves to be turning…. Cleared the benchtop off, then cleaned out th...

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Part 26: Lazy day?

10-04-2018 02:27 PM by bandit571 | 1 comment »

Well, after that LONG Tuesday work session….decided to stay out of the shop, yesterday….... Last night….got tired of looking at the two 1×12s that were still sitting in the kitchen (why?) so I thought i would just haul those to the shop…Boss wanted the dryer checked, as well….what could go wrong with this plan? Two boards..about 4 bf a piece….Home Depot wanted $8.96 + tax a piece…Dug around until I found these two keepers….meh̷...

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Part 27: Door #2 done

10-05-2018 01:08 AM by bandit571 | 5 comments »

Started in just after Lunch….about 12:20 pm, or so…..quitting time was about 3:30 or so…First up? Had the last of the plugs to install... Maybe tomorrow, I can plane these down flush? Next, long grain bevels needed done..after I cleaned the floor up..had issues walking around on all those shavings….started out with a clean floor.. I was using a Millers Falls No.14 Jack plane for the long grain work….was a bit heavy..changed over to the smaller No. 11…...

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Part 28: PIP time?

10-06-2018 02:18 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Weather was ugly outside….sun would peek out, the goes and hides while the next rain cloud comes by. Pulled up to the house today…van load of groceries, and a replacement TV…soon as we started to unload the started to rain..hard. Finally get everything into the house, and THEN the sun comes out…grrr Decided to see IF the door was ready to install….carefully removed the clamps…no creaks, no loud cracking noises..Placed the door in the leg vise...

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Part 29: Final PIP..

10-09-2018 11:51 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Before this thing is brought upstairs, insert and backs installed, and posted as a Project… Sanding was done. Then a coat of this stain was brushed on…I thought about using these latches for the doors.. As they match the rest of the hardware…. Was then informed by a Design Guru, that such latches are CHEAP, and the look sucks? One on every corner…..Let the stain dry a while…..happened to remember I had a wee bit of Walnut scrap sitting around. Firs...

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