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Blog series by bandit571 updated 07-13-2017 01:52 AM 9 parts 11149 reads 13 comments total

Part 1: Start up

06-29-2017 12:08 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Well ths may be a long blog, or just a teaser…Brought home a stack of “Good” lumber from a recent Road Trip. Helpped clean out a friend’s scrap pile.. Thinking this stack is mostly Cherry, Well, there was a 6/4 slab in there, somewhere. Did a bit of resaw work on the bandsaw.. Blade wanted to wander around a bit,,we have ways.. In fact, I used three planes. Each set a little differently. Jumbo Jack was set very coarse, the 0-7 not so much, then ...

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Part 2: Leg work..

06-29-2017 12:29 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Ok, lunch is over….spent the afternoon doing mortises to match the tenons.. The “Usual Suspects” were found hiding in plain sight.. At least they won’t roll off onto the floor. Clamped a leg blank to the bench, marked out where the mortise was needed. Chisels to chop it out… Dry fit. I trimmed a little off the end of the tenon, too. Rotate the blank 90 degrees, chop out the next mortise, and do another dry fit… Again, trim a little off...

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Part 3: Back leg work, a glue up or two..

06-30-2017 11:52 AM by bandit571 | 4 comments »

Ok, Dungeon Shop is kind of a stuffy place to work, no air movement, unless you count me walking around. Got a few “helpers” set up.. Had an empty bottle I could refill with water.. Set up a fan to get things cooler…..around where I will be working.. Mainly sitting on this. I had a couple extra long pipe clamps in the shop…too long. Tried to cut them down from 6’ to 4’....pipe cutter broke. Hey, we have those hacksaws just hanging around. G...

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Part 4: More leg work, glue ups, dry fits...

07-02-2017 01:13 PM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

trying to get something done….had too many irons in the fire, bound to forget something…. Cross stretcher has been planed smooth, and a bead cut on all four corners. Bought a set of carving knives, just to clean the beads up. I removed the glued up side from the clamps, decided to “pin” the joints. Drilled a few holes.. A little glue into the hole, and drive a dowel through.. Coping saw to trim the excess dowel, block plane to smooth things out. Se...

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Part 5: Assembly time

07-04-2017 04:22 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Ok, got side #2 out of the clamps….needed a few things down… Bead work was done on the outside corner of the last leg…the one I forgot to do. Was a bit trickier to do it now..first was sitting on the bench,,,,second one? Amazing what a shop stool can do…Next was more pins.. Drill a hole, drive a pin with a spot of glue. coping saw to trim, planes to smooth things out.. Since I had the cross stretcher cut to size, I used it to lay out a socket or two…...

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Part 6: Road trip,and a glue up

07-07-2017 08:40 PM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Reached the point I needed a Planer… way am I hand planing 5/4 down to 3/4”.....Have a friend that has my old Delta 12” planer….soooo, load up the van… And head out on the road….hang a left at the old Family Cemetery site.. Corner of the old 1822 Homestead. They later built one of the first Methodist Churches in the area.. This was the site of Olive Chapel. They long since moved into town. About 2 miles from here, pull into the fellow ...

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Part 7: Dovetails, just dovetails

07-09-2017 04:38 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Have four corners to do. Gave a hint in the last blog… This is Corner #1…..maple doesn’t like saws any more than Cherry does, it appears. I usually do pins first on these through dovetails.. Handsaw to cut, just an old Disston No. 4….. Then some chisel work.. I chop in from one face of the board, leaving a tab for support, then flip the board over… Chop out the waste.. Once they look good, I use these pins, and a sharp pencil, to trace out wh...

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Part 8: glue ups, and some lid work

07-10-2017 09:34 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Took a while, was fighting things like it was a Monday….Grooves were made…..but needed adjusted.. Tried the 1/4” cutter….skates on the plane wouldn’t close up enough…..will fix at a later date. I put a slightly wider cutter in. Was a bit rough to recut some of the grooves. Got all four done. Needed to plane the poplar panels down a bit….they were sawn Riff….meaning one edge was thicker than the other… At least Poplar is easy t...

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Part 9: Lid work, hinges, PIP

07-13-2017 01:52 AM by bandit571 | 0 comments »

Ok, I went back down and planed every edge.. Glued on the Book Rest..Fans…gotta have them ON..Cleaned up the dovetails… Fitted a gap filler for the bottom.. And got things ready for hinges….Bookrest was even planed smooth.. I also used this same Stanley, Made in England #4c to clean the dovetails up. Didn’t do too badly on the figured wood… Did I mention how I hate doing hinges?Have to dig out a space for the hinge to set in (on a beveled edge...

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