Pine Auger bit box

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Blog series by bandit571 updated 10-28-2016 12:06 AM 7 parts 7864 reads 26 comments total

Part 1: Starting up, slowly.

10-13-2016 04:48 AM by bandit571 | 4 comments »

Ok, the current bit box is way too small, someone has been buying way too many bits….Soo, I need a new box to hold over 30 (!) auger bits, and related bits. Have a 1×6 chunk of Pine. Why not Oak? Well, the Tannic acid in oak will react to steel/iron objects. Even if I would add a finish to the parts, wear will expose enough bare Oak to start the reaction. Pine is a nice, safe storage wood. At least for iron objects. Laid out a few lines to cut the 1×6 down to ...

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Part 2: Finger Joints!

10-13-2016 11:35 PM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

GrandBRATS were being just that ….BRATS. Decided to try to hide in the shop for most of the day…...would have worked, too…..but I got “ratted out” by the Shop Cat. He kept banging on the door to the Dungeon Shop, until somebody let him in…....Drat. Well, I checked the four sides, found one was a bit out of flat. Not from warping, just the dummy running the bandsaw. Clamped the offending part to the bench, and plane things flatter.. Corners w...

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Part 3: Holder #1, test drive

10-18-2016 12:04 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Not too sure I like how it is going. Played hooky today, tomorrow I find out about my version of Big Ben’s Knee. Got pretty worn out trying to get ONE holder done. Block was short in length by..~1/8-1/4”....have that fixed. These are the bits I am trying to build a holder for….and, These are the drills I thought I’d use to make the holder.. First hole wasn’t that great. I tried holding the block at a 45 degree angle in the vise. Bit followed th...

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Part 4: Page two.

10-20-2016 01:56 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Since this is supposed to open like a large book. Back page has been finished up. I placed a blank in the clamps this morning for the second page. Added the outsides on the bottom page.. Only need three pieces, this time. Page one did need some slots made, though.. Because there needed to be a way to lift a bit up out of the holder. Backsaw to define the slot. chisel to chop it out.. Then marked the side pieces for height, and saw them to size. Had to keep track of which se...

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Part 5: Updates..

10-24-2016 02:24 AM by bandit571 | 3 comments »

Been busy at times, other times I been playing Hooky from the shop. Just to catch up as to where I’m at on this project… Holder #2 was glued up, and the blanks for two others as well… Have those out of the clamps now. Sanded down, and hinges installed.. Next holder has been cut to size, and flattened out. But when I got the rest of the bits out, I found I had a few more than I thought. Both holders are full, and I still have all of those bit? The BIG a...

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Part 6: Page #3 in the clamps....finally

10-25-2016 02:03 AM by bandit571 | 2 comments »

Well, some fellow named Gumption finally found where I was hiding out, so, off to the shop I went. I had that Stanley #45 set up as a “Hollows” plane. Yes, Stanley made cutters like this…...IF you can find, and even afford them. Anyway, started milling the rest of the grooves… Groove #2…fighting the grain, still Groove #3….I needed the cam rest, as I was out in the middle of nowhere. I was also no longer fighting the grain. Had to turn the bl...

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Part 7: Lid work

10-28-2016 12:06 AM by bandit571 | 11 comments »

The blank came out of the clamps today. Marked it for the size of the box, trying to get as much of an old knot cut off as I could. One part of the blank was a bit fatter than the other.. Sanding that down would have taken too much time and sandpaper.. we have ways.. After drilling a pair of new dog holes, on a center line from the vise…I used a Stanley #5c with a cambered iron. Going across the grain, didn’t take all that long to get close to flat. Then turn the bla...

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