Charles Neil build along mahogany lowboy "series"

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Blog series by a1Jim updated 12-21-2010 06:57 AM 19 parts 169806 reads 491 comments total

Part 1: week

03-19-2010 07:49 AM by a1Jim | 19 comments »

About three weeks ago, I let everyone know that Charles Neil had invited me to build a mahogany lowboy in my shop, following him along as he builds a mahogany lowboy on his, “Mastering Woodworking” series subscription webisode. He will furnish all the material, patterns and know-how. Charles has started his webisode and is now into his third week, having covered how to get started on veneering, and great details on making cabriole legs and how to plan the morticing and now putti...

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Part 2: ,The kit

03-21-2010 08:02 PM by a1Jim | 21 comments »

Hey, Friends and Neighbors! I know I promised the opening of the packages Charles sent a couple days ago. Sorry for the delay.I opened all three of those big, heavy packages that Charles Neil was so nice and generous to send . In a way, it’s a kit with all the patterns and with each piece of wood labeled for its’ specific use. All of the wood had 1/4” ply wrapped around it to protect it from damage in shipping. It’s ...

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Part 3: In The begining

04-26-2010 05:39 AM by a1Jim | 19 comments »

It’s been some time since Charles Neil invited me to build a lowboy along with him, as he builds his lowboy on his series,” Mastering Woodworking”, and his subscribtion webisode. He not only invited me to build the lowboy, but shipped me all of the wonderful maghogany to build it, along with the patterns. Now that I’m just getting started, I printed the patterns from his website, (even though he sent me a pattern), to start the way you might want to begin th...

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Part 4: week

05-03-2010 02:00 AM by a1Jim | 26 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #4 Hey folks, welcome back! I want to stop and thank Charles Neil for the invitation to build this lowboy and for furnishing the material for the build, plus patterns and of course, know-how and even a lot of pre-milling of the material. Thanks Charles! A point I’d like to make is that I haven’t made a lowboy before and then, only a smaller version on what might be called a cabriole leg. I have made a few pieces of furniture that incorpo...

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Part 5: week

05-10-2010 02:39 AM by a1Jim | 12 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #5 Last week, we progressed on our lowboy project and the making of our cabriole leg, where we roughed in our foot and pad on the lathe. A couple of points I’d like to make about turning the foot, is that when placed in the lathe, the blank is mounted in the lathe, off-center, so you need to check the clearance on the lathe on more than one side, due to the fact that one side of the blank is much closer to the lathe, than of the other side. Another is...

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Part 6: week

05-16-2010 05:45 AM by a1Jim | 24 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #6 Let’s address some points regarding shaping the legs. When watching Charles, he showed a number of ways to shape the legs and the process included a number of different tools and techniques. The approaches I have taken include some of those tools and Charles’ techniques and some are my own experiments, to see what worked best for me. Ultimately, whatever works for you and gets the end results… that’s the best for you as long as it’s s...

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Part 7: week

05-22-2010 12:56 AM by a1Jim | 21 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #7 Hey, ladies and gents! Last week, on the lowboy project, we had shaped one leg and had gone through the initial shaping, step by step. After working and re-working the legs to be nearly finished, I find in this week’s webisode that I should have left the area, from the knees up, roughed in (as Charles said in an earlier webisode), due to the upcoming st...

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Part 8: week

05-27-2010 01:11 AM by a1Jim | 21 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, episode #8 Ok gang, we have our legs and they’re mortised and tenoned. The next step is to cut out the front, back and side panels. Before I go further, let’s review some basics, going back to the beginning. #1. Select wood with the figure you want, check its quality and moisture content. Thanks Charles. #2. Let wood acclimate to its new environment, for as long as possible. (It’s been 6 weeks). #3. Double check the dimensions before rough cutting an...

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Part 9: week

05-30-2010 11:05 PM by a1Jim | 20 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #9 Back in episode #6, when Nell was about to be run over by the train…I kid! When I left you last time, I had just cut the tenons and was in the process of fitting them to the mortises on the legs. I continue with a little more cleaning up of the tenons with the pattern makers file and check the leg mortises for proper depth. I continue with the fitting of the mortise and tenon, being careful not to force the tenons, and make sure there ...

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Part 10: week

05-31-2010 02:48 AM by a1Jim | 31 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, # 10I’m now ready to start the scroll board. I begin by using the pattern of the scroll board Charles sent along with the wood he furnished . Guess what? I looked all around my shop for more than an hour, moving things, and picking up things. I went to some locations three times, but no pattern. My only alternative was to go to the “Mastering Woodworking “ website and print the PDF file, and I did, but in checking the printed PDF, I found the printed pattern d...

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Part 11: week

06-07-2010 07:33 AM by a1Jim | 33 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #11 When I left you, back in installment # 8, I had just finished cutting out and installing the scroll board. The next step is to mill out the drawer dividers. First, make sure that both sides of the scroll board measure an equal distance, down from the top of the legs. After clamping the scroll board where it belongs, I then cut out a scrap piece of MDF, to be used as a spacer and clamp it in place. Now I’m ready to check out where the lower divi...

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Part 12: week

06-12-2010 11:43 PM by a1Jim | 29 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #12 When I left you last time, I’d just finished with installing the drawer dividers. Now, I finish the top rail dovetails by cleaning the sockets with a chisel, until the top of the dovetail is flush with the top.Now I need to trim the top even with the top of the legs. It’s time to turn my attention to the side scrolls. I start by printing out the PDF that Charles provides for subscribers of his “Mastering Woodworking” series. After g...

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Part 13: week

06-21-2010 04:51 AM by a1Jim | 25 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, # 13 At our last episode, we were at the ranch and Skip and Marty were…….?! When I left you, I’d just completed gluing and pegging the lowboy together. Now, I measure and cut the material for the drawer shelves, in this case, made from poplar. After cutting all the material, I lay the sections of wood out and draw a line across the material where the biscuits are to be placed in the dust shelves material. To make things easier, I take out my bench hook...

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Part 14: week

07-25-2010 12:24 AM by a1Jim | 54 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, #14 Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay. I’m afraid it’s called life’s little distractions. I’m back at the lowboy, if there’s anyone still interested?A partial recap, plus update.When I left off, I was getting ready to make the drawers. I got a good start and then disaster struck.. my clamps slipped and I wiped out what I thought was the only poplar I had left, plus I was a little short on mahogany for the drawer fronts. Ultimately, I found some thick p...

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Part 15: week

08-01-2010 09:42 PM by a1Jim | 22 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, # 15When we left off in the last installment, we had the drawers together and we had sanded the inside and started to sand the outside. Continuing on, I used a number of different sanders to sand the outside of the drawers. I own a number of belt sanders, so to speed up the process I have three belt sanders with three different grits of sand paper to sand just the outside sides. I use them very carefully as a belt sander can wipe-out a project quicker t...

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Part 16: week

08-07-2010 05:36 AM by a1Jim | 24 comments »

Charles Neil lowboy build-along, # 16Hey friends, when I left you last time, we were ready to sand the case. I started by putting wedges in the drawers, to keep them in place while sanding. First I sanded the whole front of the lowboy case and drawers to make them all even for the installing of the drawer fronts. After checking the front with a straight edge at many different angles to make sure the drawers ,legs and case were dead flat, I then moved on to both sides and the back. This was a ...

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Part 17: week

08-13-2010 05:30 AM by a1Jim | 33 comments »

Charles Neil mahogany lowboy build-along, #17Now I’m at the point where it’s time to install the drawer fronts. Charles has a unique approach to drawers and drawer fronts. His approach that I’ve used on this project includes having the front of the drawers being made of the same species of wood that the drawer fronts are made. To start the process I take a small combination square and mark a pencil mark a ¼” away from each corner of the drawer openings. Now I measure the dista...

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Part 18: week

12-14-2010 04:18 AM by a1Jim | 21 comments »

Charles Neil mahogany lowboy build-along, #18On a planet far, far away, long, long ago this A-1 guy was building a lowboy. He was given the wood and blow-by-blow instruction how to build it and was reporting to the land of LJ about how it was going. Then this invader, called LIFE stopped the whole process and only after a long battle, did the A-1 guy get back to the castle to continue the lowboy adventure.Now that my sanity has (briefly) returned… LOL, I’ll get on with the show, since a numb...

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Part 19: week

12-21-2010 06:57 AM by a1Jim | 36 comments »

This part of my blog covers installing lock and hardware. I start by taking the lock and putting it on the inside of the top drawer and then press firmly to make a small dent in the drawer back where the lock pin sticks out. I use my marking gauge to mark the same distance away from the edge of the drawer to carry the mark where the pin marked it on the inside. I place the lock escutcheon on the outside of the drawer and center it to check to see how well it lines up with wh...

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