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Blog series by Zuki updated 03-21-2010 09:57 PM 11 parts 21137 reads 50 comments total

Part 1: The Beginning

04-22-2009 02:43 AM by Zuki | 2 comments »

I have not been posting any projects in a while, so I thought I would start 2009 with a greenhouse. I’m sure I can cross post to GT and HR . . . however I will do it here first. We had looked at purchasing one, however the good ones are really expensive and the cheaper ones (while not much cheaper) have quality issues. We already had several raised garden beds from last year as a base so we decided on building a poly sheathed greenhouse to cover the raised beds. The two in the picture...

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Part 2: The Middle

05-02-2009 12:47 AM by Zuki | 3 comments »

Tonight I built the back wall for the greenhouse. When measuring for the top plate I had to subtract the measurements for the two outside walls. I didn’t realize this until I had it all put together…At least I never cut it to short in the beginning. Here I am holding up the new back wall with the two side walls in the background. Oh…I still have to install the braces. FYI I am using screws for all of the construction. I hate nails.

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Part 3: Its Going Up (Pic heavy)

05-02-2009 12:49 AM by Zuki | 5 comments »

Yesterday afternoon I finished off the front wall of the greenhouse and we installed the walls into the raised beds. The bottom 8” of the walls (that would go into the box and in the soil, we wrapped the wood in plastic so as to avoid rot. DW dug the trenches. The fit was a little tight, which I expected. I was expecting things to be a little out of square as I used ripped 2×4s, but surprisingly it was not too bad. Enjoy the pics.

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Part 4: Details and Topping it off

05-02-2009 12:50 AM by Zuki | 2 comments »

Got back at the greenhouse yesterday evening. There were a couple of details on the structure that needed finishing. On the rear, down near the ground, between the two boxes I had to add a bracket so that the poly could attach. No biggie. I had to add a small “extension” to the box in front to cover up the leg of door frame. I needed this as the boxes were not the same width and in order to keep the symmetry one of the legs had to go outside of the planter box. I managed to find s...

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Part 5: Its coming along

05-05-2009 01:41 AM by Zuki | 5 comments »

Over the last couple of days we have made some progress on the greenhouse. I finished framing the roof, made the vents, trucked some nice crushed stone into the “walkway” and coated all the wood in a mixture of sunflower oil, activated charcoal and iron oxide (from LV). DW helped (did most) with the staining. Next is to apply the plastic to the top and bottom, connect the two and make the door. I was thinking about using lag bolts to keep the roof and sides together, but tonight I dec...

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Part 6: Another busy evening

05-06-2009 02:22 AM by Zuki | 5 comments »

I started by drilling holes through the top plate of the walls. When we install the roof I will redrill the holes through the roof frame so that I can bolt it all together. We unrolled the poly around the greenhouse and cut it. We then unfolded it and started attaching. Here I am marking it with a Sharpie so that we will have 6’ overlap on the top plate. Going around the sides. This is definitely a 2 person job. DW has taken a break to take a pic. I’m marking again. ...

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Part 7: Another late one (lots-o- pics)

05-08-2009 01:40 AM by Zuki | 2 comments »

I started this evening’s work right after supper attaching the hinges to the vents. I picked up a couple of pair of cabinet door hinges for $2 a set. I had to do a little chisel work so that they would fit properly. Once again here is the finished roof frame off the floor for easy access. I later regret having it off the floor or at least not having it clamped to the stands. Here I am attaching the plastic to the front. Using the clamps again to hold the plastic ...

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Part 8: Installing the roof

05-08-2009 02:34 AM by Zuki | 8 comments »

Installment #7 was actually done yesterday . . . I just blogged it tonight. This is what we did tonight. It was a little windy and drizzly tonight, however we were determined to get the roof on. I started by attaching two blocks on each side of the roof on the inside. Once the roof is up on the frame these blocks would guide the roof back along the sides. The theory is that it would prevent the roof from sliding off to either side. Theory did actually work in this case. Bolti...

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Part 9: The Door

05-11-2009 12:56 AM by Zuki | 5 comments »

Well today the weather forecast said it was going to be 1C with lots of RDF (rain, drizzle and fog). And that is what we got. Did this inclement weather deter me from building the door . . . heck no. Did it deter me from installing it . . . heck yes. I spent about two hours building the door. Hope you enjoy the pics. We had a canning rack in the upstairs of the garage and DW thought it would be a good idea to put it in the greenhouse as someplace to place her seedlings. Two screws he...

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Part 10: Doh and Dough

05-12-2009 01:45 AM by Zuki | 6 comments »

Last night I was reading some Sherlock Holmes after DW and I watched a movie and something struck me. No it wasn’t DW wanting me to turn out the light . . . it was the fact that the latch for the door was an in-swing and the hinges were an out-swing. Doh !! I definitely needed Sherlock and Dr Watson to help me figure this one out. After work this evening I started by attaching a couple of screws to test fit the door. The next thee pics you may remember from my last installmen...

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Part 11: Surviving the winter

03-21-2010 09:57 PM by Zuki | 7 comments »

Here are a few pics of the greenhouse after the winter. Everything held together quite well. We have VERY windy winters so I used tie-down straps on each corner anchored to rebar to keep it from blowing away. The straps will be coming off soon.

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